Should baby drink water or fruit juice is such a frequently asked question that it also
surfaced in our realdietsolutionkit.com. So, what's best?
Babies drink mainly milk for the first year of life. But, that quickly becomes boring.

So the next question is: When baby is allowed to drink other things, what should you
give him? Is juice okay or should it rather be water and milk?
The debate over juice and water has resurfaced in the last few years. Some
researchers are looking for a link between juice drinking and obesity among children.
Young people are consuming excess calories through liquid refreshment and adding
unnecessary pounds.
But let us look at the facts first before jumping to a conclusion.


Fruit juices provide valuable nutrients for baby's diet. These nutrients include vitamin
C, foliate, vitamin B6, iron, potassium, and magnesium. The majority of these
essential nutrients are found in 100% fruit juice.
Parents should read the labels on all juice they are considering for their little one.
Unless it says 100% fruit juice, it only contains five to twenty-five percent fruit juice
per bottle. The other 75 -90 percent is composed of mostly sugar.
Not exactly healthy for your baby is it?
Even 100% juice should be diluted in a 1:1 ratio for baby. This cuts the amount of
sugar content which could ultimately affect developing teeth.
Babies should drink twelve or less ounces of juice per day. The younger they are, the
less juice they need to drink.


The same nutrients provided by juice can also come from pureed fruits without the
extra sugar and additives. This is a much healthier way to get your baby the
vitamins and nutrients their growing body needs without all the extra junk it doesn't.


The human body is composed of ninety percent water and our blood includes a
component of water. Drinking water is like giving our body an internal shower.
Increased hydration clears the skin and gives it a healthy glow too. Babies urinate
regularly when there is adequate water in the body and therefore you can use this as
a sign of whether or not your little one is receiving enough water.


Water is always needed by the body. For babies, their breast milk and formula
contains plenty of water. If you are out and the weather is warm, giving baby a
bottle of water is one way to help keep them cool and refreshed. Extreme heat can
cause milk to sour on baby's stomach and therefore extremely high temperatures
should be avoided whenever possible to keep baby's tummy from becoming upset.
As long as baby is feeding regularly, they are getting enough water. When solid
foods are introduced, a four ounce bottle of water twice a day will supplement the
solid food intake. Keep in mind, water is thinner than formula so encourage baby to
drink slower to avoid choking.
You can help by giving baby his or her water after feeding so they don't gulp it down
due to hunger.

Okay, so what is our conclusion? Should baby drink water or juice?
There are those that say fruit juices are not good for kids. But studies do not
conclusively prove this opinion.
One hundred percent juice is okay for baby but should be combined with water. As
long as an excess of juice is not drank, baby gets the nutrients without the extra
sugar or weight gain and benefits from both juice and water.

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