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									    Govt Pilot Secondary School
                          Wahdat colony Lhr
                               Question paper

   Paper: English                                                 Class: 9th

 Marks: 100                                            Total Time: 3 hours

Objective Type:-

Q.1 Fill in the blanks:                            Q.1 Marks: 20

   i.   __________is the greatest reformer of the world.
  ii.   Cleanliness is half the___________.
 iii.   Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) made education__________.
 iv.    He (P.B.U.H) reformed the people of___________.
  v.    He (P.B.U.H) disliked_________and__________.
 vi.    Ants and Wasps are____________.
vii.    The drones are____________bees.
viii.   Bees are live in_________.
 ix.    Bees collect__________from flowers.
  x.    ______rules the stars and sea.

Q.2 Write T for true and F for false.                  Q.2 Marks: 20

   i.   The bees do not live in groups.                    ___
  ii.   Rain does not fall into the sea.                   ___
 iii.   The Milky Way is a way made of milk.               ___
 iv.    Honey bees live in hives.                          ___
  v.    I pray to God before I sleep.                      ___
 vi.    Kindness is a great virtue.                        ___
vii.    “Inland” means not in the country.                 ___
viii.   E-mail has increase distance.                      ___
 ix.    The worker-bees sit idle.                          ___
  x.    Hazrat Khalid (R.A) Belongs to a Warrior family. ___

Q.3 Choose the best.                                Q.3 Marks: 20

   i.   Insects live in.
        a) group or colonies   b)towns or cities,    c)in population)
  ii.   I _____ Pakistani.
        a) in                   b)am                 c)can
 iii.   Choose a simple sentence.
        a) It is a chair        b)I am reading       c)Are you playing?
 iv.    Choose a correct tense.
        a) He is a girl         b)She is a boy       c)I am a boy/girl
  v.    Daffodils are.
        a) Fruits               b)Vegetables         c)Flowers
 vi.    The drones are _______bees.
        a) Male                 b)Females            c)Both (a) or (b)
vii.    The bees collect food from __________.
        a) Stones               b)hives              c)Flowers
viii.   We are sit ______a bench.
        a) On                   b)in                 c)up
 ix.    Before Islam peoples of Arabs were.
        a) Non-Muslims          b)Muslims            d)Both (a) or (b)
  x.    Abu-Bin-Adhem was a _________man.
        a) noble                b)pious              d)bad

Subjective Type:-
Q.4 Give Short answers.                               Q.4 Marks: 10

    a. Who is a reformer?
    b. Who are Drones?
    c. How can we avoids accidents?
    d. Why should we don’t eat uncovered food?
    e. Describe the process by which the bees
       gathered food?

Q.5 Write a Summary on Daffodils.                     Q.5 Marks: 10
Q.6 Write a paragraph on computer.             Q.6 Marks: 10

Q.7 Translate into Urdu of this paragraph.     Q.7 Marks: 10

“God gives dignity and makes high in rank those of you who believe, And
those who are given knowledge.”(The Holy Quran) “Seek knowledge even
though you have to travel to China.” God create the universe to serve as a
manifestation of His light. He brought into existence man and gave him the
will to choose between God and evil. Nothing in this universe created
without a purpose. Everything has a purpose and meaning in it for man to
understand and admire Allah.

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