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International Inc is based on the Capital Partners


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 capital partners   — investment banking

1.    Romania’s leading independent
      Investment Banking Adviser

2. Established in 2005
3. Real Estate and EU Financing
   17 Professionals working in M&A, Corporate Finance,

4. Over 100 transactions closed todate ...
5. ... worth more than 1,500,000,000 Euro
6. Financial Adviser of the Year in Romania
                                              capital partners   — investment banking

04 – 05 About Us
        Presentation / Short history / Our Partners / Credentials

06 – 07 Partners
        Doru Lionachescu / Andrei Diaconescu / Victor Capitanu / Vlad Busila

06 – 08 Team
06 – 09 M&A International
10 – 11 Mergers & Acquisitions
12 – 13 Corporate Finance
14 – 15 EU Financing
16 – 17 Real Estate
18 – 19 Selected Closed Deals

 capital partners    — investment banking

About Us


•	 OVER	1,500,000,000	EURO	DEALS	CLOSED


Capital Partners is Romania’s leading independent   BT Asigurari to Groupama of France, the sale of
investment banking adviser, founded, owned and      Ejobs to Tiger Fund of US, the sale of Eurisko to
managed by four Romanian ex-bankers: Doru           world leader CB Richard Ellis, the acquisition of
Lionachescu, Andrei Diaconescu, Victor Capitanu     Romenergo by Nauru Holdings - one of the largest
and Vlad Busila. The Partners have an aggregated    transactions in private energy in Romania- , or
25 years of corporate banking and capital markets   the sale of a minority stake in Internetcorp to 3TS
experience accumulated in Romania, with ING         Capital Partners.
Bank, Citibank, EFG Eurobank and Alpha Bank.
                                                    On top of this, Capital Partners arranged several
Since inception, Capital Partners advised on        hundred millions Euro of corporate financings
transactions amounting to more than EUR             for its customers, one of the more recent deals
1.5 billion successfully closed across its main     being the EUR 140 million financing arranged
business lines: M&A, Corporate Finance and Real     for Romstrade, the largest private financing for
Estate Acquisitions & Financing.                    an infrastructure project in Romania yet. A more
                                                    comprehensive list of our Business Credentials is
Short history                                       posted under the Deals header of the site.
Capital Partners managed to position itself since   Our deal pipeline for 2010-2011 includes M&A,
inception as a reliable, responsive and efficient   Corporate Finance and Real Estate transactions
supplier of valuable investment banking advice      in excess of one billion Euro across several
and financing intermediation. During 2005-2009,     industries and sectors, both buy and sell side.
Capital Partners successfully closed more than
EUR 1.5 billion of transactions, such as the sale
of Mindbank to ATEbank of Greece, the sale of

                                                            capital partners   — investment banking

Financial	Adviser	of	the	
Year	in	Romania

Our Partners                                            Credentials
During the ordinary course of its business              For an independent coverage of our activity please
Capital Partners works closely with most of the         go to local financial publications websites:
commercial banks present in Romania (Unicredit          www.zf.ro
Tiriac, Piraeus Bank, Volksbank, National Bank of       www.themoneychannel.ro
Greece, EFG Eurobank, Alpha Bank, Raiffeisen,           www.moneyexpress.ro
BCR-Erste) or with offshore financial institutions      www.standard.ro
showing a strong interest in the country (Deutsche      www.wall-street.ro
Bank, UBS, WestLB, Credit Suisse, Charlemagne           www.businessmagazin.ro
Capital, various private equity and hedge funds).
                                                        Regular updates are also posted on
Our company is the Romanian member of the               our websites:
world’s largest M&A alliance, M&A International Inc     www.capitalpartners.ro
(www.mergers.net), offering the unparalleled            www.investmentbanking.ro
resources of over 600 professionals in 43 M&A           www.fonduriUE.eu
advisory and investment banking firms operating
in 41 countries. All members of M&A International
Inc are closely linked in a global alliance to advise
clients on acquisitions, divestitures, funding and
joint ventures. In 2009, its members closed 224
transactions worth $ 20.4 billion.

capital partners   — investment banking

                                          Before starting Capital Partners, Doru
                                          Lionachescu, 47, one of the most reputed
                                          Romanian bankers, spent almost 11 years
                                          in various managerial positions with leading
                                          international banks: ING Bank, Citibank
                                          (Vicepresident) and EFG Eurobank-Bancpost
                                          (Deputy CEO) Romania’s 5th largest commercial
                                          bank. At the beginning of the 90’s, Doru
                                          Lionachescu started and run Romania’s leading
                                          financial publication Capital, as Deputy Chief

                                          He holds a joint Executive MBA degree from
                                          University of Washington Seattle and the
                                          Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest
                                          (ASEBUSS) and he is an MSc in Electronics and
                                          Telecommunication. A more comprehensive CV

             Doru	                        of Mr. Lionachescu is available on line at www.
                                          capitalpartners.ro, while a short version has been
                                          posted by Who’s Who Romania. Mr. Lionachescu

      Lionachescu                         is an active presence in the Romanian financial
                                          media being frequently interviewed on various
                                          topics, also in his capacity as member of the
                                          Romanian Private Government, an official forum of
                               PARTNER    the local business leaders.

                                          Andrei Diaconescu, 36, has over 8 years of
                                          experience in commercial banking, period
                                          during which he has covered a wide range of
                                          positions, from main branch management to
                                          corporate banking. His experience comes from
                                          two international banks very active in the Balkans:
                                          Alpha Bank and Bancpost (EFG Eurobank) - the
                                          largest private banks in Greece.

                                          His most recent position before joining Capital
                                          Partners was Head of Large Corporate Division
                                          in Bancpost, coordinating the large-scale
                                          financings of the bank. His studies include
                                          an Executive MBA from Asebuss, Bucharest,
                                          Romania, jointly with Kennesaw State University,
                                          Coles College of Business, Atlanta, USA and
                                          degrees in International Law from University of

             Andrei	                      Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece and from Babes
                                          Boyai University, Cluj, Romania. Mr. Diaconescu
                                          is recognized as one of the best real estate

        Diaconescu                        financiers of Romania, his name being associated
                                          with many of the outstanding real estate projects
                                          of the country commissioned during
                                          the last 10 years.

                  capital partners    — investment banking

              Victor Capitanu, 32, has been actively involved
              in investment banking and corporate banking for
              almost 10 years. Before founding Capital Partners,
              he has worked for Alpha Bank and Bancpost (EFG
              Eurobank) – the largest private banks in Greece.

              As Partner of the leading independent investment
              banking company in Romania, Mr. Capitanu is
              in charge of principal investments and asset
              management for the group, but also originates and
              implements M&A and real estate deals, as well as
              large scale financings.

              Mr. Capitanu is a CFA chartholder
              (www.cfainstitute.org) since 2005 and holds a
              university degree in Finance and Banking from
              the Academy of Economic Studies, Romania.

              He was selected in 2007 as one of the top 100
              young successful managers of Romania by the
              prestigious publication Business Magazin (part of

Capitanu	     Ziarul Financiar media group).


              Vlad Busila, 31, has been actively involved in the
              banking system since 2002 while working in the
              Corporate Division of Alpha Bank. Since 2005 he
              is a Partner of Capital Partners.

              Mr. Busila is in charge of the Corporate Finance
              department inside the company, raising debt and
              equity for clients. He has graduated the Academy
              of Economics Studies in Bucharest with a major in
              Banking and Stock Markets.


capital partners     — investment banking

            Patricia                            Robert
             Dorner                             Ghelasi
              Director	                           Director	
    Corporate	Finance	                             Energy

            Cristina                           Andreea
          Lujanschi                             Mladin
              Head	of	                      Senior	Analyst	
      Business	Group	                          Mergers	&	
    Corporate	Finance                         Acquisitions

           Gabriela                          Alexandra
             Soare                                Dinu
              Head	of	
         EU	Financing                           Manager	

                Paul                            Adriana
               Ghita                               Han
              Analyst	                         Consultant	
           Mergers	&	                        EU	Financing

             Raluca                            Miruna
             Simion                           Buruiana
        Junior	Analyst	
    Corporate	Finance                              Analyst	

                                                         capital partners    — investment banking


M&A International Inc. is based on the fundamental principle of
leveraging our members’ resources, reach and relationships on a
global scale to achieve our clients’ goals. Our unique alliance, which
combines local market knowledge with professional discipline and
sector expertise, is truly committed to the success of our clients. No
longer do middle-market companies need to settle for second-rate
service. At M&A International Inc., firms are members because they
adhere to the highest standards of quality, integrity and
desire to succeed.
                                                     Attilio Arietti (Chairman, M&A International Inc.)

Founded in 1985, M&A International Inc. offers the   Our members themselves are entrepreneurs, who
unparalleled resources of over 600 professionals     know what it takes to succeed in business. They
in 43 M&A advisory and investment banking firms      understand the need to deliver genuine local
operating in 41 countries.                           expertise in combination with direct access to
                                                     international markets.
Our members advise primarily middle-market
companies on acquisitions, divestitures,             Using third party published data, M&A
fundraising and fairness opinions.                   International Inc. is ranked #1 in the number of
                                                     M&A deals completed in the global middle market
                                                     in 2009, closing 224 transactions valued
                                                     at $20.4 billion.

 capital partners    — investment banking

Mergers &
Capital Partners’ M&A Department delivers merger, acquisition and
divestiture services to growing mid-sized private companies and
their investors. We believe we embody the culture of a creative,
familiar, hands-on and relationship-driven firm.

We apply our extensive knowledge of finance and        With a focus on superior analysis, breadth and
management consulting to structure the most            depth of coverage, and forward thinking, we
favorable terms, and always provide unbiased           create value for our buy and sell-side clients while
advice to ensure that our clients are comfortable      also consciously addressing the ethical dimension
with the transaction structures chosen, while          in deal development.
permanently driving to create lasting wealth for the
shareholders. We are particularly knowledgeable        In addition to demonstrating care and capacity
in the area of cross-border transactions, both         for critical thinking, our due diligence process
during cold or hot M&A markets. This enables           represents a structured search for risk, organized
us to proactively overcome obstacles unique to         inquiry and agile thinking. We address all
international transactions, such as regulatory         the details, anomalies, inconsistencies and
issues, cultural and legal system differences.         discontinuities associated with the financial and
                                                       legal structures, all under tight time pressure and
Our goal is to understand each client’s needs,         efforts by the parties to close the deal.
and give these companies and their investors the
tools and support needed for all stages of growth,
investment and transition.

                                                            capital partners   — investment banking

• Sell – Side Engagements: Our relationships            We are confident that our business is well-
with the decision makers at companies both              positioned to continue growing significantly in
in Romania and worldwide, and our extensive             the coming years, and believe we can best serve
resources to identify the appropriate strategic or      mid-sized companies with growing potential, and
financial acquirers, regardless of industry, enable     their investors, by continuing to enhance our core
us to deliver the right buyers and also value to our    competencies, as we strive to build excellence in
clients.                                                deal origination, structuring and execution.

• Buy – Side Engagements: Whether a client’s
goal is to increase market share, to focus or
diversify the firm, to use excess cash, or to exploit
strategic synergies, we put forth a dedicated
effort to seek, structure and successfully close

                                     We worked with Capital Partners as our
                                     advisor on a successful major divestment and
                                     consulted them on various other strategic
                                     topics since then. They have always made
                                     themselves available and have consistently
                                     delivered professionally, setting very high
                                     standards for the M&A advisory business in

                                     Horia Ciorcila
                                     Banca Transilvania

Contact: ciprian.ghetau@capitalpartners.ro                                                             11
 capital partners    — investment banking

Capital Partners offers several types of Corporate Finance services
to medium and large companies and private investors. We are
specialized in arranging and structuring of all forms of senior debt
facilities, project financing, syndicated loans, large scale refinancing,
subordinated debt and other forms of mezzanine financing.

We apply our extensive banking experience to      Our main areas of expertise in debt raising include,
provide our best advice to our clients in many    but are not limited to real estate, infrastructure
capacities including collateral and credit risk   or energy. Our involvement in these fields gives
analysis or debt restructuring.                   us not only truly specialist knowledge but also
                                                  in-depth market intelligence. This enables us to
                                                  enhance significantly the value of advice given to
                                                  our clients in these areas whether corporate or
                                                  private investors.

                                                         capital partners    — investment banking

We have developed strong relationships with most     Our simple philosophy is one of straight
of the local and international banks, investment     talking and no surprises and we offer a high
bankers, commercial credit companies,                level of commitment to our clients. Our valued
private equity and investment funds, and other       relationships with many blue chip companies
specialized lenders, that enable us to determine     demonstrate our expertise and commitment.
the best lender-match for our clients.

In the last 3 years the Corporate Finance
department raised over EUR 800 million for its

                                   During the last 10 years, the team from Capital
                                   Partners has been offering us professional
                                   financial consulting and I can honestly say that
                                   indeed they are our “partners” on which we can
                                   always rely on.

                                   Nimrod Ben Ami

Contact: vlad.busila@capitalpartners.ro                                                               13
 capital partners     — investment banking

European funds, as a financial instrument, open a quite new
business niche in Romania. In order to be able to access this
specific financial tool, one has to master on one hand the legislation
as well as the profound understanding of the different business
areas and on the other hand the expertise in European project
elaboration, implementation and management.

All the members of Capital Partners team have           The clients can be assisted both in the
the necessary background in economics, public           implementation and the management process,
acquisitions and project management in order to         lead by our certified project managers. Moreover,
offer the proper advisorvrvices.                        Capital Partners is eager to support each client in
                                                        obtaining the co-financing share and the working
The Capital Partners team is able to deliver            capital, through its Corporate Finance department.
the appropriate solutions for each business,
concerning the correct identification of the suitable
grants and the development of the European
project, regarding the elaboration of the feasibility
studies, business plans, environment projects and
the financing application forms.

                                                         capital partners    — investment banking

We are constantly concerned to evolve,               Our desideratum is always to be connected to
professionally speaking; therefore, we invest our    the events, show flexibility, to be dynamic on the
time in professional development, by participating   market and to achieve the proper skills that will
at training sessions and courses, specific to our    position us as leaders in EU financing.
business niche.

Contact: vlad.tudorie@capitalpartners.ro                                                             15
 capital partners    — investment banking

Real Estate

The real estate business is multi-disciplinary in its very nature,
requiring tax, finance, and financial analysis skills in addition to real
estate industry experience. At Capital Partners we have assembled
a team of experienced professionals that can provide all of these
resources in an orchestrated manner.

Real estate owners, lenders and investors are       Our range of services includes advisory for:
confronted by such diverse factors as complex
agency requirements, environmental regulations,     • Outright single asset or portfolio sale / purchase,
a myriad of compliance related issues, local
                                                    • Forward sale or purchase transactions,
market considerations, political and geographic
risk, changing capital markets, building design     • Equity participation in developments,
technologies, planning and construction
requirements, as well as fluctuating costs and      • A combination of the above.
market absorption rates. Any one of these factors
can significantly impact overall investment
performance. Through our understanding of the
real estate market, our independent advice, and
our expertise in managing processes we provide
our clients with assurance that they have secured
the best financial and strategic outcome
every time.

                                                           capital partners    — investment banking

We know there is no cookie cutter approach to          prepared to offer you highly trained professionals
real estate. Each transaction is as unique as the      who deal daily with either the buying or selling
people and property involved. That’s why the           side of real estate. In addition, our client care
Capital Partners advisory team offers a level of       coordinator and support personnel stand ready
specialization in each type of transaction that will   to handle the many details required to take a
better serve our clients and lessen their worries.     contract to closing. Real estate decisions are too
Just like you would consult a medical specialist       important to trust to a generalist.
for a specific type of health issue, our team is

                                     We have had the privilege of working with
                                     Capital Partners team for more than six
                                     years and we developed a strong and full of
                                     confidence relationship.

                                      Radu Lucianu
                                      Managing Director Romania
                                      CB Richard Ellis | Eurisko

Contact: patricia.koler@capitalpartners.ro                                                            17
 capital partners                 — investment banking

Selected Closed Deals
December 2009                             November 2009                           August 2009

      Acquisition of Parking Experts                  Acquisition of               Investment Loan for the Development
                                                  minority participation in            of a hydroeleric power plant.

                                                                                         FORUM DEVELOPMENT SRL
                                                                                                Financing Bank:

       Sole Advisor to the Sellers:              Sole Advisor to the Sellers:                   Financial Adviser:

                www.mergers.net                           www.mergers.net                         www.mergers.net

June 2009                                 March 2009                              March 2009

      Discounting Promissory Notes         Promissory Notes Purchase issued for    Investment Loan for the Development
                                               National Road Rehabilitation          of Telecom Infrastructure Project
                 Borrower:                        DN67 Bengesti-Sebes

              Financing Bank:                                                                   Financing Bank:
                                                        Financing Bank:

             Financial Adviser:                         Financial Adviser:                      Financial Adviser:

                www.mergers.net                           www.mergers.net                         www.mergers.net

November 2008                             August 2008                             March 2008

            Acquisition of 73% of            Senior Secured Term Loan Facility       Leasing Facility for Financing the
                                                       Re nancing                   Acquisition of Industrial Equipments
              ROMENERGO SA                    The “Northgate” Of ce Building
                                                           Borrower:                      ASHROICH ROMANIA SRL
                                                 CREATIV INVEST GRUP SRL

                     by                                 Financing Bank:
                                                                                                Financing Bank:
            Nauru Holdings Ltd

        Sole Advisor to the Buyer:                      Financial Adviser:
                                                                                                Financial Adviser:

                www.mergers.net                           www.mergers.net                         www.mergers.net

                                capital partners   — investment banking

February 2008   October 2007       July 2007

June 2007       November 2006      November 2006

July 2006       December 2005      November 2005

Industry League Table confirms Capital
Partners as Romania’s biggest independent
M&A Financial Adviser

                                                                        No. of     Value
                                                                        deals    (USD mn)

 1    Capital Partners                                                    3        20,32
 2    KBC Securities                                                      3        7,96
 3    Deloitte                                                            2        41,07
 4    Balkan Advisory Company                                             2        15,95
 5    Ernst & Young                                                       2        9,75
 6    Lazard and Co                                                       1       333,79
 7    BNP Paribas                                                         1       272,45
      Houlihan Lokey                                                      1       272,45
      PricewaterhouseCoopers                                              1       272,45

10 Finadvice                                                              1        9,75

      Top financial advisors in Romania, by deal count
      Source: DealWatch

Capital Partners                                     www.capitalpartners.ro
56 Dacia Blvd., Sector 2,
Bucharest Romania                                    www.investmentbanking.ro

T: (+40) 31 225 1000                                 www.mergers.ro
   (+40) 31 225 1001
F: (+40) 31 225 1002

E: office@capitalpartners.ro


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