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									            Performance Appraisal Software to Reach Organization Goals

WorkGoal is a web based end to end solution that helps in streamlining and easing all
Human resource related operations.

The core reason for having a Performance Appraisal process is to examine employees'
performance, stimulate staff and improve company morale. Monitoring employee
performance requires routine documentation, which is achieved through completing a
performance appraisal form. When employees are aware that the company is mindful of
their performance and that they could be rewarded with merit bonus, perks and promotions,
they are motivated to work harder. Employees' self-esteem is improved when employees
obtain recognition or remuneration for their work.

An effective Performance Appraisal system curriculum will support the company in
achieving its goals and objectives. Not only will training needs be known and addressed
during a Performance Appraisal evaluation, but also latent talent in an employee can be
revealed as well. Through identifying these training requirements, staff can act upon their
jobs at the chief level and be in a better position to address consumers', associates' and
clients' concerns and queries. An intense staff is more likely to be upbeat, industrious and
resourceful, all of which helps give the company a competitive edge, from enhanced
customer associations to increased profits.

Areas to reflect on when reviewing the Performance Appraisal form using Performance
Appraisal software / system should include the grading scheme, to see that primary skills
and soft skills are estimated effectively, adequate space for employee comments and
categories that suitably address and quantify all of the employees' tasks and job
descriptions. Additionally, the form should include a potential aspiration segment and a self-
evaluation segment.

About the Submitter

WorkGoal is a comprehensive system that addresses areas of Performance management
software, Employee Attendance, Help Desk and Employee appraisal of an organization.
WorkGoal helps to optimize and streamline the Employee database of an Organization. It
helps in planning, tracking, assessment of productivity and also to voice Employee requests
to the Performance Appraisal System.

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