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                                                     Bulk Carrier Register                                                10
                                                     Chemical Tanker Register                                             10
                                                     Container Intelligence Monthly                                        9
                                                     Container Intelligence Quarterly                                     11
                                                     Containership Register                                               10
                                                     Dry Bulk Trade Outlook                                                9
                                                     Gas Carrier Register                                                 10
                                                     Ice Class Tanker Sector Report 2006                                  11
                                                     KG Shipping & Finance                                                11
                                                     LNG Trade and Transport 2005                                         11
                                                     Offshore Vessel Register                                             10

    Welcome to this brand new edition of the
    CRSL 2006 catalogue. Clarkson Research
    Services Ltd (CRSL) is an exciting new
    company formed by merging Clarkson
    Research with Oilfield Publications Ltd          A-Z Offshore Support Vessels of the World                            20
    (OPL). The two companies are ideally
                                                     Anchor Handling Tugs & Supply Vessels of the World                   20
    matched since both are leaders in their
                                                     Cable Lay & Maintenance Vessels of the World                         18
    respective fields, Clarksons specialising
                                                     Construction Vessels of the World                                    18
    in shipping information and OPL in
                                                     Dredging News Online                                                 15
    offshore publications, maps and
                                                     Dredgers of the World                                                19
                                                     Mobile Drilling Units of the World                                   21
    The new group has brought together               Mobile Production Systems of the World                               21
    databases covering the world merchant            North Sea Field Development Guide                                    16
    fleet (73,000 ships), the offshore fleet         Offshore Drilling & Production Concepts of the World                 22
    (14,000 structures) and over 25,000              Offshore Shipping Online                                             15
    commercial timeseries such as prices,
    freight rates, shipbuilding statistics etc. In
    addition to this unrivalled database, much
    of which is available on line through            maps
    Shipping Intelligence Network (SIN), our
    enthusiastic research teams provide              Australasia Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map                    34
    detailed publications and consultancy            Brazil Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map                         31
    covering the liner, tanker, dry bulk,            Canada and North Atlantic Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map      34
    shipbuilding, offshore, ship finance and         Caspian Sea Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map                    32
    marine engineering sectors.                      CD Map Collection                                                    33
                                                     European Renewable Energy Resources Map                              35
    We now have a wider range of sales               GIS Mapping                                                          33
    offices (UK, Houston and Shanghai) and           Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Activity and Lease Map                      29
    CRSL, the leading independent shipping           Middle East & North Africa Oil & Gas Activity and Concessions Map    30
    and offshore information provider,               North Sea & Atlantic Margins Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map   27
    operates under ISO 9001:2000 quality             North Sea Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map                      27
    systems. As always, if you have a query or
    need more information on any of the listed
    products, then please don't hesitate to call
    our sales departments where our
    experienced sales staff are waiting to
    answer your query:-                              Abandonment of Offshore Oil & Gas Fields                             40
                                                     Clarkson Desk Diary                                                  44
    UK Tel: +44 (0) 20 7334 3134                     Engineers' Design Guide to Deepwater Fibre Moorings                  41
    USA Tel: +1 (713) 334 8970                       Essential Guide to Chartering and the Dry Freight Market             41
                                                     Floating Structures: A Guide for Design and Analysis                 39
    Martin Stopford
                                                     Guide to European Renewable Energy Resources                         35
    Managing Director
                                                     Guidelines for Marine Operations                                     40
                                                     Handbook for ROV Pilot/Technicians                                   37
    March 2006
                                                     Handbook of Offshore Surveying Volumes 1 & 2                         36
                                                     Handbook for ROV Supervisors                                         37                                     Introduction to Diving Operations Offshore                           39

                                                                                 NEW TITLES
Oil & Tanker Trade Outlook                                                   9   Bulk Carrier Register 2006       10
Reefer Register                                                            10    Chemical Tanker Register 2006    10
Research Services                                                          12    Containership Register 2006      10
Shipping Data Service                                                      14    Gas Carrier Register 2006        10
Ship Sector Reports                                                        11    Ice Class Tanker Sector
Shipbuilding Forecast Club                                                 13       Report 2006                   11
Shipping Intelligence Network                                              4-5   LNG Trade and Transport 2005     11
Shipping Intelligence Weekly                                                 8   Offshore Vessel Register 2006    10
Shipping Review & Outlook                                                    8   Reefer Register 2006             10
Tanker Register                                                            10    Tanker Register 2006             10
World Fleet Register                                                       6-7
World Shipyard Monitor                                                       9

Offshore Shipbuilders and Fabrication Yards of the World                    19   Cable Lay & Maintenance
Online Databases                                                            23      Vessels of the World       18
Remotely Operated Vehicles of the World                                     18   Construction Vessels
Single Point Moorings of the World                                          21      of the World               18
Survey Vessels of the World                                                 19   Dredgers of the World         19
Tugs of the World                                                           20   Remotely Operated Vehicles
Wallcharts                                                               24-25      of the World               18
World Deepwater Atlas                                                       22   Survey Vessels of the World   19
World Offshore Field Development Guides...                                       World Offshore Field Development
         Volume 1: Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa                      16       Guides - Volume 5: Russia  16
         Volume 2: Asia, India, Australasia, Far East                      17
         Volume 3: The Americas                                            17
         Volume 4: Caspian Region                                          17
         Volume 5: Russia                                                  16

                                                                                 European Renewable Energy
                                                                                    Resources Map                  35
                                                                                 Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas
Norway Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map                               34       Activity and Lease Map         29
Russian States Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map                       26    North Sea Oil & Gas Activity and
South America Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map                        31       Concession Map                 27
South East Asia Oil & Gas Activity and Concessions Map                     30    Russian States Oil & Gas Activity
West Africa Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map                          28       and Concession Map             26
World Deepwater Oil & Gas Activity and Exploration Map                     28    West Africa Oil & Gas Activity
World LNG Infrastructure Map                                               33       and Concession Map             28
World Oil & Gas Resources Map                                              32    World Deepwater Oil & Gas
                                                                                    Activity and Exploration Map 28

Introduction to Marine Drilling                                           38     Guide to European Renewable
Introduction to Offshore Maintenance                                      39        Energy Resources            35
Introduction to Offshore Safety and Survival                              38     Handbook of Offshore Surveying
Introduction to Oil & Gas Joint Ventures                                  40        Volumes 1 & 2               35
Introduction to ROV Operations                                            37     Clarkson Desk Diary            44
Maritime Economics                                                        41     North Sea Desk Diary           44
North Sea Desk Diary                                                      44     North Sea Pocket Diary         44
North Sea Pocket Diary                                                    44     World Oil & Gas Desk Diary     44
Offshore Engineering                                                      39
Oilfield Seamanship Series                                               42-43
Personalised Products                                                     45
Practical Introduction to Anchor Handling and Supply Vessel Operations    36
Supply Ship Operations                                                    38
World Oil & Gas Desk Diary                                                44

            Shipping Intelligence Network @
                Clarksons powerful web-based information system is the most
             comprehensive source of data on shipping and the shipping markets.
                                                      Just look what you get!
                   PUBLICATIONS                               Use the FLEET, OWNERS & ORDERBOOK
                                                              buttons for all fleet data - ship details, owners,
    As soon as they are ready Clarkson Research               fixtures, contracts, orderboom, deliveries, sales
    Publications are posted to “Shipping Intelligence

    It includes the ground breaking:
    I Shipping Intelligence Weekly
    + our 4 monthly market reviews:
    I World Shipyard Monitor
    I Dry Bulk Trade Outlook
    I Oil & Tankers Trades Outlook
    I Container Intelligence Monthly
     + our half yearly report:
    I Shipping Review & Outlook.

    Hot from the press in downloadable formats; take
    the whole publication, just one or a few pages.
    An alert can signal when a new periodical is posted
    and there is also an archive for you to browse.
    This alone makes Shipping Intelligence Network
    one of the best buys available in the shipping
    market.                                                            TIME SERIES & GRAPHS
                                                              Thousands of spreadsheets, updated weekly and
                                                              downloadable into Excel, each with an associated
                                                              graph that can be cut and paste into documents and
                                                              presentations. Search for your information by:

                                                              I Ship type (and sub-type).

                                                              I Market. Spot, timecharter, newbuilding, second-
                                                              hand, demolition.

                                                              I Content. Rates earnings, prices etc.
                                                                                                                   Sample screen images taken from the SIN site
                                                              There's more than enough there to keep any analyst

        Access to Clarkson Research's regular
    PUBLICATIONS. Weekly, monthly and half yearly
      reports on all the major marketing sectors.

    All the ships, all their details, all 27,000 of them,
    together with sales history and, for tankers, extensive
    fixture information. But there is also much more:

    I Vessel peer group analysis; typical characteristics
    of similar size/age ships - dimensions, flag, class,
                                                              Use TIMESERIES/GRAPHS to search for and
    ownership, builder.
                                                              download any of the thousands of spreadsheets and
                                                              associated graphs into your own work
    I Ship Sales database by period and ship type (9
    main and 45 sub-types) plus peer group analysis
    and value profile.                                              SOMETHING FOR NOTHING
    I Contracts, Orderbook, Deliveries, Demolition.           I Reports on 16 market sectors, including -
    Each by period, ship type, owner, builder, plus           tankers, bulkers, containers, gas, chemical, short
    break-up location.                                        sea, newbuilding sale & purchase, demolition,
                                                              bunkers - updated daily with graphs.
    I Owner (and Builders). Existing fleet for ship types
    by number, size and age. Plus a list of associated        I Latest articles from Clarkson Research
    owners/builders to the main entry.                        Publications.

    I Tanker Fixtures. All reported fixtures by 5 vessel      I Links to some 4,000 maritime websites and 11,000
    size groups, spot & period, clean & dirty, route etc.     industry contacts.

                   SIN is the fast way to get
Shipping Intelligence Network @
   Log in - it's easy to do - and now we've made it even simpler
         and faster to use, with added data and features.
              Look what it can do for you!

                    Shipping Intelligence Network gives you access to 100,000 pages of data - a source of
                    information about the shipping industry whose range and depth is unsurpassed. Whatever your
                    role in the shipping industry you will find a wealth of information to support your business,
                    whether you are an owner, a shipper, a trader, a charterer, a builder, a breaker, an equipment
                    manufacturer, any other ship supplier, a banker, a financier, an insurer, a lawyer, a regulator, in
                    the media. There is information for everyone. What we have done is applied common sense
                    and new technology to the old science of information flow.

                    A fast access menu directs you to the important parts of the site and allows you to get to exactly
                    the information you want with a couple of clicks - it's not rocket science.

                    And, we have added new data and new features to existing data, all of which are accessible
                    with a couple of clicks.

                    New data includes:
                    I Published Tables: Over 300 tables of instant fleet statistics
                    I Fleet Data: The addition of more specialist types (e.g. shuttle tankers)
                    I Tanker & Dry Bulk Fixtures: Query the data directly

                    New features include:
                    I Fleet Register: Top Yards or Flags by ship type
                    I Owner Register: Top 50 Owners by ship type or country
                    I Timeseries: Choose and combine your own bundle of timeseries in one spreadsheet.

                    In addition there are our regular publications (including an archive), a graphics library plus free
                    access to our Markets page with its latest reports on over 20 different market sectors with
                    graphics, feature articles and fleet news and links to thousands of maritime web-sites and
                    industry contacts.

                    Don't just take our word for it - give it a try, thousands of others have.

                    Log on, become a member by providing your details, get a free trial (password from our sales
                    department) or subscribe immediately. Find out why it is so popular.

                    Shipping Intelligence Network is the industry's best web-based information supplier. Your own
                    research department on-line, refreshed daily. A licence for its use is available on subscription

                                                             price to                        Price to
                                                             £UK                             $US

                              Single user                    £1,100                          $ 2,200
                              2-4 person site                £1,940                          $ 3,880
                              5-10 person site               £2,475                          $ 4,950
                              Full site                      £2,750                          $ 5,500
                              World-wide                     £5,775                          $11,550

your maritime information
           Clarkson's Ship Register - a POWERFUL database
           that you install on your computer from a CD ROM
                   to extract data and analyse it fast
    The Clarkson's Ship Register CD provides access to data on the     WHAT YOU GET WITH THE
    world merchant fleet. The database has two screens:                           Clarksons Ship
    I The Summary Screen (below) contains the main operations:                      Register CD
                   I Search (left),                                    I The most widely used CD in the shipping
                   I Register Selection (middle)                       market, with over 3,000 distributed annually
                                                                       to individual customers.
                   I Analysis (right).
    I The Details Screen (bottom) contains up to 100 fields of data    I Standard Edition; World merchant fleet
                                                                       with full technical details for each ship.
    about each ship, the format designed to suit each ship type, and a Quarterly updates, and an on-line update
    note pad for pasting and saving additional text or messages.       option.
    The efficient system makes it ideal for chartering departments,    I Professional Edition: World Fleet plus
                                                                       Orderbook, Demolition, Sale & Purchase,
    bankers, shipping companies, shipbrokers, consultants and anyone Owners. Quarterly update plus free on line
    who accesses and analyses maritime data.                           update (if required) for the most up to date

                                                                               I Fast Search Engine: Type the name, ex-
                                                                               name or part name (e.g. it contains
                                                                               “Express”). Click “Find” and a list appears.
                                                                               Click the ship you are interested in and a
                                                                               full screen of details appears.
                                                                               I Sub Registers: Interested in a particular
                                                                               type? View a sub-register e.g. Suezmaxes or
                                                                               heavy lift ships (there are over 70 ship types
                                                                               to choose from!) by just clicking the button.
                                                                               I Quick-Sort: The ship list in the database
                                                                               grid can be sorted on any field with two
                                                                               clicks of the sort icon at the top of the
                                                                               I Powerful Database Functions: Get a list
                                                                               of ships matching specific criteria (e.g. 10-
                                                                               10.5 metres draft). Up to 100 fields to
                                                                               choose from by selecting the criteria from a
                                                                               I Analyse a list of ships: Produce a
                                                                               size/age table in seconds. Specify the size
                                                                               intervals on each axis.

                                                                               I Export: Export the list or size/age table to
                                                                               a spreadsheet or as a comma delimited file.
                                                                               I Powerful Print Functions: Print output at
                                                                               the press of a button . Add your personal
                                                                               details, the date, heading, page numbers
                                                                               etc., so it can be used in a report without
                                                                               more editing. It is amazingly easy.

       CD-Standard Edition                            CD Professional Edition                               CD Fleet Professional
I The Clarkson Register CD provides a             I The Clarksons Professional CD has all             I The Fleet Professional CD has all the
powerful database on your own computer.           the features of the Standard Edition, plus          features, functionality and flexibility of the
This makes it ideal for analysis and to           four extra databases: Orderbook, Owners,            CD Professional Edition but allows you to
answer those "quick look-ups". Ideal for          S&P and Demolition. It also includes on-line        focus on the fleet of your choice.
notebooks!                                        update as standard.                                 I Your fleet can be chosen from any of the
I It is easy to install. Insert the CD, select    I These extra databases are incredibly              main register areas (Tanker, Chemical
set up and follow the instructions. The           useful. In just two clicks you can extract the      Tanker, Gas, Offshore, Bulk, Containership
programme and all the data are installed on       VLCC orderbook, sort it by yard or delivery         or Reefer). The CD will contain all the
your hard drive, about 150-200 megabytes          date, and print it out or save to an Excel file.    relevant information for that fleet plus
of disk space. It can be completely               The Demolition database provides a unique           databases of the Orderbook, Owners, S&P
uninstalled and leaves no stray files to          way of reviewing demolition data. Or it is          and Demolition for the particular ship type.
clutter up your machine.                          easy to review recent sales of particular           I Full export functionality is provided and
I Once installed the CD provides click            ship types, with all the print and export           quarterly e-mail or on-line updating is
button access to details of 27,000 ships.         capabilities on offer.                              available. Subscription also comes with a
Users can make searches on criteria such          I This is an invaluable tool for the                free Register book of the CD.
as deadweight, year of build, draft, speed        professional who needs comprehensive
etc. Just click the criteria button and type in   data, anywhere, any time. You will be
a range of values. The programme extracts         amazed by the feeling of pure power as you
the data that meets the criteria and you click    perform tasks.
a button to print or export to Excel. It's
                                                  9 main registers and 74 sub-registers               Your fleet choice (incl. orderbook, owners, S&P
9 main registers and 74 sub-registers             Up to 50 fields of data                             and demolition databases), with full export
Up to 50 fields of data                           “Click Button” analysis functions fully             functionality and quarterly e-mail or on-line
“Click Button” analysis functions fully           networkable (site licence included in the           updating. Plus a free register book of the CD.
networkable (site licence included in the         price)
price)                                            Quarterly updates                                   Tanker Fleet CD              £470       $940
Quarterly updates                                 Orderbook Information                               Bulk Carrier Fleet CD        £470       $940
                                                  Demolition Data                                     Gas Carrier Fleet CD         £470       $940
Price: £650/$1,300/€975                           Ship Sales                                          Chemical Tanker Fleet CD     £470       $940
Prices include postage & packing
                                                  Enhanced export capability                          Reefer Fleet CD              £470       $940
Product Order No: CDROM                                                                                          Containership Fleet CD       £470       $940
                                                  Price: £1,200/$2,400/€1,800                         Offshore SV Fleet CD         £470       $940
                                                  Prices include postage & packing
                                                                                                      Quarterly Email Updates      £420       $840
                                                  Product Order No: CDPRO
                                                                                Prices include postage & packing

                                                  NEW: On Line Update System
I Subscribers to the Register CD can now have on-line updates, ensuring that they always have the latest data.
I When the Register loads it automatically checks the central server to see if there are any updates. If there are users have the option to
download and install them.
I On-line updates are included with the Professional Register CD and available as an option with the Standard Register CD

                             Don't Forget - CD Registers Make You More Productive
There is no point in having data if you can't use it. To make you more productive, we built a system which lets almost anyone do complex
database operations! To prove how much time you can save one of our analysts completed the tasks listed below using The Clarkson
Register CD whilst another used the Clarkson Register Books (for tasks 1-3) and a database programme (for tasks 4-6). The CD ROM
took 2 minutes compared with 39 minutes. Time is precious so please don't waste it. Invest in a CD!

                                        TIME TAKEN (minutes)                                  Book      CD
                                        1. Find details of a ship                             0.08      0.03
                                        2. List & print fleet of 6 ships                      3.00      0.83
                                        3. Owner's telephone number                           0.12      0.20
                                        4. Size/age table for open hatch bulkers              30.00     0.41
                                        5. Handymaxes with 40 ton lift                        3.00      0.50
                                        6. D/Hull Aframax Tankers                             3.20      0.75
                                        Total time taken                                      39.40     2.72

                                                       Technical Specification
I Fast Delphi front-end: using Clarkson technology developed over 7 years for speed and reliability
I Standard Edition Data Coverage: 27,000 ships with over 70 sub-registers covering specialised groups of ships with which you may
wish to work e.g. ULCCs, Open Hatch Bulkers, with custom screens for each ship type.
I Ship Data: 60 fields of numerical data about each ship, with up to 100 additional fields about the history of the ship in the form of text
I Professional Edition Data Coverage: as above plus orderbook, demolition, ship sales, owner fleet data.
I Updates: Quarterly CD update. Daily on line updating service included with Professional Edition and as an extra for Standard Edition.
I Note Facility: users add their own text & data to a ship. Store S&P reports, e-mails, letters or customer information. This stays with
the ship, even when you update the database, or the ship changes its name.
I Data Compilation System: ISO 9001:2000 accredited
I Ship Type Coverage: 9 main types matching Clarkson Registers and over 70 sub-registers
I Full Uninstall feature leaves no unwanted files on your hard disk
I Network Compatibility: Can be used on a network (subject to licensing agreement). CRS IT staff will work with your IT department to
install it on your company server. The system occupies about 200 Mb disk space.

             The Top Rated* Shipping Report, keeping busy
                  executives in touch with the market.
    “Shipping Intelligence Weekly” was designed to            Contents
    bring you a truly up to date report of developments       I Crude Tanker Markets
    across the whole range of shipping markets. Using         I Product Market
    information provided by the Clarksons team of over        I VLCC Fixtures
    150 brokers and research staff, this report crams         I Dry Bulk Markets
    more than 500 statistical series and 21 graphs into a     I Bunker Prices
    unique “at a glance” format. Read it in minutes!          I Gas/Chemical Markets
                                                              I Container Market
    I The report monitors freight rates on 38 tanker          I Short Sea Market
    routes and 31 dry cargo routes. In addition to the        I Offshore Market
    usual Worldscale and $/ton measurements,                  I Second-hand Prices
    “Shipping Intelligence Weekly” reports all spot           I S&P Report/Analysis
    freight rates in timecharter equivalent ($,000/day)       I Recent Ship Sales
    providing a much clearer account of what ships are        I Timecharter Market
    earning. Other values include second-hand ship            I Deliveries & Scrap
    prices, newbuilding prices and scrap prices.              I Newbuilding Prices
    Specialist markets covered include Gas, Chemicals,        I Demolition Sales
    Container, MPP Short Sea and Offshore vessels.
                     ,                                        I Economic Indicators
    I “Shipping Intelligence Weekly” is despatched “hot       I Ship Demand Trends
    off the press” every Friday (by post and Email)           I World Fleet
    ensuring that you receive the most up to date             I Analysis Article
    information - for your desk, for your briefcase or just
    to browse through on the aeroplane. It is designed        * In an independent market research survey,
    for busy decision makers who must have all the facts      covering 13 top shipping publications, SIW was
    at their fingertips, with the minimum of effort. We       given the highest rating by almost twice as many
    believe that is what it does.                             respondents as any other publication. So if you have
    I “Shipping Intelligence Weekly” also contains a          not tried SIW, why not take a free trail subscription
    handy summary of ship demand indicators. These            and convince yourself that this is the fastest way to
    include the latest statistics about the world economy,    keep in touch!
    for both OECD economies and the newly emerging
    industrial nations in Asia. Ship demand indicators                Annual subscriptions consisting
    show monthly trends for oil and dry bulk                               of 50 weekly issues
    I “Shipping Intelligence Weekly” does not include          Price Europe: £565/$1,130/€850
    lengthy articles. Text can be read at a glance and         Price Worldwide: £585/$1,170/€880
    consists of bullet points on each market segment           Prices include postage & packing
    (Written by a specialist in that area) and a 550 word      ISSN: 1358-8028
    back page feature article.
                                                               Product Order No: SIW

             Six monthly review of market trends and future
             outlook for 21 segments of the shipping market
    “Shipping Review & Outlook” was designed to               I Reefer Market
    complement “Shipping Intelligence Weekly”. Every          I Newbuildings
    six months in Spring and Autumn we step back from         I Sale & Purchase Market
    the day-to-day market and review longer term trends.      I Demolition Market
    The report combines a clear review of market
    fundamentals with a detailed insight into                 I Statistical Database: The final part of
    developments in each market. “Shipping Review &           the report contains statistical tables
    Outlook” is laid out in three main sections which         designed to provide a sufficiently long time
    reflect this objective.                                   series (usually 10 years but in some cases up to
                                                              30 years) to allow users to carry out analysis or
    I Market Fundamentals: The first                          prepare graphics.
    section is devoted to reviewing the macro-
    economic trends in the market. This is where              The 80 statistical tables cover: world trade and
    we analyse developments in supply and                     economic data; freight rates, earnings &
    demand in the tanker, bulk carrier and                    prices; fleet contracting, deliveries, scrapping
    containership markets. We review                          and losses; analyses of the fleets by size, age,
    developments in the world economy, trends in              development, year of build, flag and ownership.
    ship demand and the growth of supply. Finally             Lists of newbuilding contracts, second-hand
    we draw our conclusions about where the                   and scrap sales. All of these tables are also
    market is in the shipping market cycle (using             available on diskette.
    the shipping cyclometer) and the prospects for
    the future.

    I Market Sector Analysis: This section
    provides an insight into 21 different markets
    with a concise report of developments during
    the year and current expectations, including:

    I Crude Tankers; VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax.
    I Products Tankers                                                Annual subscriptions consisting
    I Chemical Tankers                                                    of 2 half-yearly issues
    I The Offshore Market
    I The Bunker Market                                        Price Europe: £355/$710/€535
    I Gas Carriers; LNG, LPG                                   Price Worldwide: £370/$740/€555
    I Dry Bulk Carriers; Capesize, Panamax,                    Prices include postage & packing
                                                               ISSN: 1360-8061
    I Container Market,
    I General Cargo/MPP Market                                 Product Order No: SRO3
    I Ro-Ro Market                                   

 “Dry Bulk Outlook” provides the one quick and easy way to keep up-to-date with
    the supply and demand for the whole dry bulk market on a monthly basis.
The dry bulk trades may be complex, but it is risky
to ignore the detail. The “Dry Bulk Trade Outlook”
lets busy executives keep up with the details and the
latest trends. The broad sweep of industries that use
the dry bulk market are brought together in this
authoritative monthly publication. It contains
information on all the major dry bulk trades, with
tables, graphs and commentary on the latest trends
and forecasts for the trades. 20 minor bulk trades are          Annual subscriptions consisting
also covered to provide a full picture of the industry.              of 12 monthly issues
The fleet that services these trades and its
orderbook are profiled in a series of tables split into   Price Europe: £460/$920/€690
20 size categories. Plus there is a monthly               Price Worldwide: £470/$940/€705
commodity article that focuses on the trade outlook.      Prices include postage & packing
                                                          ISSN: 1361-3189
                                                          Product Order No: DBT

      “Oil & Tanker Trades Outlook” is the “in depth” report that will help you
             understand what is going on in the tanker market and why.
“Oil & Tanker Trades Outlook” brings together the
tanker and the oil markets in a comprehensive
publication that gives the ship owner the opportunity
to see the oil market from his point of view and how
it impacts upon his business. It provides a rare
opportunity to get a monthly update on both markets
in one publication. It is quick, easy and
comprehensive. Unique “at a glance” sections cover
each of the main markets (VLCC, Suezmax,                        Annual subscriptions consisting
Aframax, Panamax & Products) in a double page                        of 12 monthly issues
spread covering the freight market, spot demand
and supply, tonnage balance and other fleet and           Price Europe: £460/$920/€690
market activity. This is supported by in depth tables     Price Worldwide: £470/$940/€705
on oil supply, demand, trade, arbitrage, refinery
throughput, stocks and tanker safety issues.              Prices include postage & packing
                                                          ISSN: 1363-9617
                                                          Product Order No: OT

    “Container Intelligence Monthly” keeps you in touch with the fundamentals
              of the containership business, quickly and efficiently.
“Container Intelligence Monthly” is designed to
keep you up to date with the container shipping
business. We summarise the major stories affecting
the container market, while carefully designed “at a
glance” tables and graphs harness the powers of
statistics in the most efficient way. Over 300 time
series and 25 graphs, updated monthly, provide the
practical businessman with a “global picture” of this
fast changing sector. Unique fleet monitoring and               Annual subscriptions consisting
forecasts cover both fully cellular containerships and
                                                                     of 12 monthly issues
other container carrying vessels that still account for
a significant part of the liner transport market;         Price Europe: £460/$920/€690
container trades and port throughput; the companies       Price Worldwide: £470/$940/€705
and the shipping markets. Plus “Container
                                                          Prices include postage & packing
Commentary” a monthly article analysing a key
aspect of the market.                                     ISSN: 1467-0488
                                                          Product Order No: CIM

“World Shipyard Monitor”, the shipbuilding report the shipyards use! Essential for
shipping investors, equipment manufacturers and forecasters who need the facts.
“World Shipping Monitor” is the comprehensive
source of infomation about shipyards, shipbuilding
and ship supply:
   Analysis: Orderbook, contacting & Deliveries by
Ship Type, Country/Region, with long series by No.,
Dwt, CGT; Prices, Investment & Key Ratios; Shipyard
Capacity, Output & Orderbooks; Vessels Lost &
Scrapped, Fleet Forecasts.
   ShipYard Orderbook Monitor: For each yard,                   Annual subscriptions consisting
ships on order by type with owner & delivery.
                                                                     of 12 monthly issues
   ShipType Orderbook Monitor: 37 ship sectors;
listed by delivery date with owner & builder, plus        Price Europe: £510/$1,020/€765
reference tablesand graph.                                Price Worldwide: £535/$1,070/€805
                                                          Prices include postage & packing
                                                          ISSN: 1358-8788
                                                          Product Order No: WSM

                                     Clarksons Registers - “Off the Shelf” access to
                                   the information commercial shipping people need
     The Clarksons Registers have over 40+ years become industry standards, known for the quality of their content and production. They are a primary source of fleet
     and ownership information for all shipping market practitioners and observers alike. As Lloyds List put it:

                             “These registers are reference books par excellence for all professionals...the amount of factual and statistical
                             information provided about each vessel is all that anyone would need to know for a whole range of purposes”

     A Great New Partnership….

     The Registers are presented in an attractive colour livery and handy A5 size format, which makes them look good on your shelf but small enough to fit in your briefcase.

     Plus, to make your life even easier, each Register is accompanied by a Clarkson Fleet CD. Full data about the fleet and its ownership and the speed and ease of use
     for which the Clarkson Fleet CD's are noted. Built-in capability enables you to search, analyse and download exactly the information you want in seconds.

     I Available in 7 unique volumes, each covering one sector of the multi-faceted shipping industry
     I Latest editions NOW AVAILABLE:
                 Tanker Register (46th Edition)
                 Bulk Carrier Register (38th Edition)
                 Gas Carrier Register (41st Edition)
                 Chemical Tanker Register (14th Edition)
                 Reefer Register (12th Edition)
                 Containership Register (8th Edition)
                 Offshore Vessel Register (28th Edition)
     Each register contains:
     I All the relevant vessels plus separate listings of specialised vessel types.
     I A separate section listing owners with their fleet, address and contact details.
     I A comprehensive set of tables, graphs and listings providing a one-off analysis of the fleet and its ownership.

     Interested? Samples and a price list can be download from

     6,229 vessels, 790 on order.               2,744 vessels, 532 on order.               8,811 vessels, 1,803 on order.           4,126 vessels, 1,112 on order.
     1,376 owners                               927 owners                                 1,970 owners                             753 owners
     Pages: 974                                 Pages: 472                                 Pages: 1,125                             Pages: 720
     Price Europe: £219/$438/€330               Price Europe: £219/$438/€330               Price Europe: £219/$438/€330             Price Europe: £219/$438/€330
     Price Worldwide:                           Price Worldwide:                           Price Worldwide:                         Price Worldwide:
     £224/$448/€336                             £224/$448/€336                             £224/$448/€336                           £224/$448/€336
     Prices include post & packing              Prices include post & packing              Prices include post & packing            Prices include post & packing
     ISBN: 1-903352-49-5                        ISBN: 1-903352-50-9                        ISBN: 1-903352-51-7                      ISBN: 1-903352-51-7

                        1,085 vessels, 291 on order.                1,245 vessels, 13 on order.                  4,025 vessels, 269 on order.
                        394 owners                                  456 owners                                   897 owners
                        Pages: 247                                  Pages: 284                                   Pages: 625
                        Price Europe: £219/$438/€330                Price Europe: £219/$438/€330                 Price Europe: £219/$438/€330
                        Price Worldwide:                            Price Worldwide:                             Price Worldwide:
                        £224/$448/€336                              £224/$448/€336                               £224/$448/€336
                        Prices include post & packing               Prices include post & packing                Prices include post & packing
                        ISBN: 1-903352-53-3                         ISBN: 1-903352-54-1                          ISBN: 1-903352-55-X

                        Regular Reports                                          Ad-hoc Reports
LNG Trade & Transport                                   Our ad-hoc reports provide cheap, basic “no frills” reports on specific ship types
An annual report that provides a definitive             comprising a “bundle” of information (tables, time series, graphics) intended to
overview of the ships, orderbook, trades and            allow decision makers to absorb the facts as quickly as possible and develop
markets for the rapidly growing LNG                     their own additional research. Each report has a comprehensive statistical
shipping business. Published by Clarkson                appendix comprising 50 or more tables of data covering demand, fleet, sale &
Research Services and sponsored by                      purchase and charter market developments. We provide a brief overview and
leading industry participants the report                some general observations about trends, but for the most part it is left to the
includes details of:                                    reader to make up his own mind about the market's direction. They are
Importers and exporters, Contracts, Plant               available in hard copy by post or from our web-shop (
and terminal infrastructure, The fleet and
orderebook, Vessel owners and builders,                 I Intermediate Containerships (Aug, 2004)
LNG and vessel trading patterns, Voyage                 I LPG Carriers > 20,000cbm (May 2004)
histories by ships/routes                               I Panamax Bulkers (Sep 2003)
                                                        I Small Containerships (May 2003)
 Price Europe: £865/$1,730/€1,300
                                                        I Aframax Tankers (May 2003)
 Price Worldwide: £865/$1,730/€1,300                    I MR Product Tankers (Feb 2003)
 Price includes postage & packing                       I Suezmax Tankers (January 2003)
 Product Order No: LNGTT/05                             I Capesize Bulkers (Sep 2002)
 ISBN: 1-903352-48-7                                    I VLCC Investment Survey (2001)

                                                        If you have an interest in any particular sector we would be happy to listen to
Container Intelligence Quarterly                        proposals for new reports.
The Container Intelligence Quarterly
informs of everything you need to know                  Tankers in Transition
about the container trades, container                   A generic title for a series of reports (4 to date) that deal with the regulatory
shipping, the markets, the companies and                environment of the tanker industry and its response to it, most notably in relation
their future. Its succinct executive                    to the phase-out of single hull tankers. The reports consider each of the main
summary, forecasts, analysis, comment,                  sectors of the tanker market including their record of incidents and the market's
tables and graphs are designed to tell you              response to phase-out. New issues such as Heavy Oils or Continuous
how the industry is changing and where it               Assessment are reported on as they arise. Previous reports were:
is heading on a quarterly basis.                        I IMO Regulation 13G and Beyond, June, 2001
                                                        I The Response to Regulation 13G, September, 2002
                                                        I New Regulations, New Investment Opportunities, August 2003
                                                        I The End of the 70's Fleet, September 2004
 Price Europe: £995/$1,990/€1,495
 Price Worldwide: £1,000/$2,000/€1,500
 Price includes postage & packing
                                                                              Database Service
                                                        Much of our research work is based on an extensive network of databases
 Product Order No: CIQ
                                                        maintained in house. The CRS fleet database currently covers a world cargo
 ISSN: 1478-9779                                        fleet of approximately 30,000 vessels and is growing. The commercial databases
                                                        cover a range of subjects including fixture data, vessel rates & prices and
                                                        extensive trade data.
Ice Class Tanker Report
An annual report covering the growing                   For clients who maintain their own information system we now offer the “Mini-
market for ice class tankers and essential for          Database” Service. A whole range of data packages are available and can be
anyone involved in or contemplating entry               ordered on a subscription basis. For an annual subscription clients receive
into the ice-class market. Key topics:                  regular updates to their database by e-mail, CD or diskette.
Demand growth from the Baltic, North
Russian and Sakhalin regions; Fleet Register            Time Series Data Packages
of existing ice class vessels; Orderbook. An            If you need to do some analysis on a particular market sector but don't have the
analysis of fleet growth potential by ice class         data, don't worry because we have created one-off packages of information that
notation, size, builder, owner etc plus prices;         you are most likely to need, at a price you can afford, for various market sectors
Maps, capacity analysis, overview of ice                and they can be delivered on spreadsheet via E-mail. Choose your sector
class notation.
                                                        Each standard package could contain 1 time series on:
                                                        1. Freight Rates and/or Earnings and/or Time Charter Rates;
 Price Europe: £400/$800/€600
                                                        2. Bunker Prices;
 Price Worldwide: £410/$820/€615
                                                        3. Newbuilding, Second-hand and Demolition prices;
 Price includes postage & packing                       4. Fleet & Orderbook data monthly;
 Product Order No: ICE                                  5. Annual fleet data covering fleet, deliveries, scrapping, contracting,
                                                           orderbook and losses;
                                                        6. Latest size/age tables.
                                                        7. Basic demand data. Economic growth.
KG Shipping & Finance 2005                              Each package will comprise some 25-30 relevant time series. The exact number
This annual report explains in great detail the         and length of time series varies according to the data and vessel type and may
workings of the German KG system, a key source of       be weekly, monthly or annual.
ship finance. It considers the rules applying to the
system, the KG funded fleet in particular the           Fleet Data Packages
containership fleet and the main players in the         Standard fields direct from the fleet databases, in a format compatible with your
market, especially the equity houses.                   current software, on diskette, CD or via E-mail. Annual subscription, with
The KG System, Analysis of the KG Funded Fleet, The     quarterly updates. Please ask about greater frequency and/or on-line updates.
Containership Shipping Sector, The KG Equity            Ask about the many ship types covered.
Houses, Appendices including KG Fleet List.
A revised version of this report will be published in   Need to know more...
2006 with updates of developments in this key market.   Visit our on-line shop at Find a comprehensive list of time series,
                                                        read about the data sources, down-load sample pages and order individual time
 Price Europe: £350/$700/€525                           series as required.
 Price Worldwide: £370/$740/€555
                                                        Why not take a trial to Shipping Intelligence Network (, our
 Price includes postage & packing
                                                        on-line subscription data supply system. It houses thousands of time series.
 Product Order No: KGF
 ISBN: 1-903352-39-8                                    Call or e-mail our sales office at the numbers shown on page 46.

                            Research Services for companies that
                      believe good information leads to better decisions
                                                               Research at your Command
     Clarksons Research Service is designed to provide you with that research department you always wanted, with the staff and information to keep you well informed,
     but without the overhead. What you get is a cost effective supply of fast and accurate market information when you want it. It is about responding to those daily
     practical questions which company decision-makers need answering, not about massive consultancy projects, although we can do those as well.

     The Research Services Team comprises highly qualified staff with in depth knowledge of Clarkson Research data and publications and experience of responding to
     client requests and deadlines with well presented reports.

           The Clarkson Shipping                              Services and IT - it has access to unrivalled                  Selected Client Base
                                                              information resources, including an extensive           I Banks
             Research Services                                database run under ISO 9001:2000 quality systems, a     Bank of Ireland, JBIC, Lloyds TSB, NIB Capital,
                 Team…...                                     bright and enthusiastic research team tracking all      Fortis, UBS Warburg, Merrill Lynch, Bank of
                                                              the shipping markets and the commercial                 Scotland, Mitsui Sumitumo, ING
     …...offers clients the personal support of a             knowledge of over 200 shipbrokers across the            I Rating Agencies
     professional shipping research department. They          Clarkson Group.                                         Standard & Poors, Moody's, Fitch
     will do one-off jobs or can be retained on a “service
                                                                                                                      I Bond Issuers
     contract” basis. The services offered include:           Clarkson Research has a strict policy of editorial      Ambac, MBIA
                                                              independence and confidentiality. We value a close      I Ship Owners
     I Reports: Our analysts will provide market              working relationship with Clarkson broking divisions    Frontline, Latvian Shipping, Arklow, CP Ships, CSAV,
     reports on any of the 39 ship types we follow,           who recognise and accept the need for research to       NSCSA, OMI, Teekay, OSG, Exmar, Finaval, AP
     including analysis of supply/demand trends, review       be carried out independently and in strict              Moeller, Soponata, AET
     of sector trends and market outlooks.                    confidence.                                             I Charterers
                                                                                                                      Shell, BP Hellenic Petroleum, Rio Tinto, Corus,
     I Retainer Services: We provide regularly                The Consultancy Team operates under a similar           Australian Wheat Board, Tate & Lyle
     updated reports tailored to client's requirements.       code of independence and confidentiality, while         I NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations)
     The service may also include briefing lectures, data     bringing together the diverse skills of the Clarksons   OCIMF, IMO.
     feeds and a selection of standard products at special    Group in a more tailored and client specific way.       I Bunker & Lubes Suppliers
     prices.                                                  The team has carried out a wide range of                BP Marine
                                                              consultancy work in recent years for a spectrum of      I Shipyards
     I Financial Markets Support Service: CRS has a           different clients, as outlined in the boxes.            Daewoo, Samsung, Volharding, Constanta, HHI,
     long established record of providing information and
                                                                                                                      Odense Steel Shipyard, Brodosplit.
     support to companies raising funds in public             Consultancy work can range from short briefing          I Engine Builders & Suppliers
     markets or keeping investors briefed.                    papers, pilot studies and presentations to major        Wartsila, MAK Caterpillar,
                                                              strategic reviews, support in preparing IPOs and        Hamworthy, Kelvin Hughes, Aalborg, York Marine,
     I Consultancy Studies: We provide studies for            securitisations and detailed sector analysis. We can    Skoda Steel, Doosan.
     planning purposes tailored to client's specific          closely design our consultancy work to the needs        I Ports
     requirements e.g. newbuilding forecasts, market          and pocket of our clients.                              Port of Soknha, Port of Hamburg.
     sector reports, fleet projections and sector analyses.

     I Databases: For clients who need an up to date
                                                              Our team would be happy to prepare a formal                     Recent Assignments
                                                              proposal, outlining fees and timescale, should your     I Chinese Shipbuilding Study for leading shipyard
     database we provide a regular e-mail service,            company be interested in utilising the resources of     I Various “Industry Sections” of prospectus
     sending up-to-date tables on a daily, weekly or          Clarkson Research. For extended projects, the team      documents
     monthly basis, so that the latest data is always         can also be hired on a man hours basis.                 I Shipping Report Workshop for European
                                                                                                                      Competition Commission
                                                              We would be happy to provide samples of our             I Specialised Shipping Risk Assessment Study for a
     For more details on the above services, call Sales at    consultancy work or meet anyone interested in           Shipping Bank
     the number below and ask for Research Services.          learning more about the team's capabilities.            I Freight rate differential study for a Oil Major
     Tel: +44 (0) 20 7334 3439
                                                                                                                      I Marketing study for major container port
                                                              A copy of our standard terms and conditions can be      I Study of Aframax Atlantic Basin Market
     Clarkson Research has the largest shipping               downloaded from our web-site at:                        I Strategic review of fleet renewal and investment
     research team in the world. Operating through four                                         options for a tanker company;
     sections - Statistics, Market Research, Client
                                                                                                                      I Investigation into the feasibility of a phosphate
                                                                                                                      rock COA opportunity;
                                                                                                                      I Report into long term shipbuilding engine
                                                                                                                      requirement, with focus on the development of
                                                                                                                      I Report on the future supply and demand of
                                                                                                                      chemical ships
                                                                                                                      I Report on the future supply and demand of ice
                                                                                                                      class ships;
                                                                                                                      I Investigation into Vessel Movements in the
                                                                                                                      Arabian Gulf;
                                                                                                                      I Pilot study on the Asphalt and Bitumen market;
                                                                                                                      I Assistance with a securitisation and support for
                                                                                                                      rating agencies;
                                                                                                                      I Strategic Review of a Container Line,
                                                                                                                      I Assistance with viability study for $150 million
                                                                                                                      container terminal;
                                                                                                                      I Evaluation of bulk carrier investment project;
                                                                                                                      I Shipping market information for U.S. securities
                                                                                                                      I Market reports for shipping debt syndications;
                                                                                                                      I LNG carrier and Containership long term asset
                                                                                                                      valuations for banks and building societies.

                                                       The Shipbuilding Forecast Club
The “Shipbuilding Forecast Club” is a highly rated successful multi-client service that provides forecasts, seminars and regular market intelligence. Members
already include many of the largest yards and marine equipment suppliers, both in Europe and the Far East. The service draws upon the shipyard, shipbuilding and
demolition databases maintained and regularly updated by Clarkson Research and its team of professional analysts.

The Club has been running for 5 years and has hosted 8 very successful seminars to date. The aim of the Club is to provide market research, analysis and forecasts
for all those involved with the shipbuilding market: equipment suppliers, shipyards, owners and banks. The research results are very useful for strategic planning,
product and market planning, marketing planning, and budgetary planning. Current members of the club include shipyards, engine makers, class societies and
marine equipment suppliers. The club seminars are held in the Spring and Autumn of each year Membership of the Club will provide you with access to the
following range of services:

                             Our Services                                                                       Join The Club
Twice a year seminars at which is presented:                                        You can join the Club on different levels of engagement that suit your
I The current state of the market                                                   requirements and budget best. Please contact the Research Services section on
I Five year newbuilding forecasts
I Short term update and outlook                                                                                Tel: +44 (0) 20 7334 3439
I Current status and trends in selected markets
I Discussions and exchange of views                                                 to find out more about the club and its concept, to find out about forthcoming
                                                                                    seminar dates or to receive samples of the monthly report.
Five year newbuilding market forecast report
I Yearly contracting of newbuildings by ship type and size-range in number of       Membership is based on the attendance of 2-3 people from each member
  ships, CGT and value (US Dollars)                                                 organisation. Arrangements for subsidiary companies to attend the seminars
I Yearly deliveries of newbuildings as above                                        can also be made. We can also make arrangements for six-month trial
I Yearly contracting by major shipbuilder country                                   subscriptions
I Newbuilding price forecast by common type and size of cargo vessel and
  passenger ship                                                                    Our current members include:

Monthly follow ups that include:                                                    I ABB
I Contracting activity of the month, with a complete list of new orders, options
  and rumours                                                                       I Aalborg Industries
I Summary contracting by ship type and country                                      I Brodosplit Yard
I A review of market developments and sentiment.
I Development in currencies and interest                                            I Daewoo
                                                                                    I DNV
Sample Seminar Programme
                                                                                    I Hamworthy
12.00    Registration
12.15    Sandwich lunch                                                             I Hyundai H. I.
12.45    Market Trends                                                              I Doosan Engine
         Freight Market Overview                                                    I J P Sauer
14.15    Refreshments                                                               I MAK Caterpillar
14.30    The Newbuilding Forecast
                                                                                    I Odense Steel Shipyard
         The Newbuilding Forecast 2005-2010
15.30    Shipyard Focus                                                             I Samsung
         Regional Shipyard Development                                              I Skoda Steel
         Ownership Development
16.15    Broker Feedback                                                            I Sperry Marine
16.30    Sector in Focus                                                            I Teamtec
17.00    Panel Discussion
18.00    Drinks reception/Dinner                                                    I Wartsila
                                                                                    I York Marine

                                                               Shipbuilding Research
Clarkson Research is the leading provider of shipbuilding research and market intelligence. We supply our services to most of the major shipyards and
marine equipment companies. Our services include regular publications, data, market intelligence, and consultancy as well as the Shipbuilding Forecast

Clarkson Research maintains and regularly updates                                                               Consultancy
databases on shipyards, shipbuilding and                                                                        Clarkson Research has been involved in a range of
demolition, in addition to its 30,000+ ships                                                                    consultancy projects for shipyards, engine builders
database, providing the foremost information source                                                             and marine equipment suppliers. They include:
for anyone involved in the shipbuilding industry.                                                               I A review of long term shipbuilding trends
                                                                                                                I Long term engine demand
World Shipyard Monitor                                                                                          I Marketing study on the impact of establishing a
Clarkson's flagship publication on the shipbuilding                                                               joint venture in China
industry provides monthly data and analysis of the                                                              I Marketing reports for marine equipment
orderbook (4,663 vessels as at January 2006) by                                                                   suppliers and shipyards.
shipyard (351) and ship type (37). It also provides
up-to-date information on contracting (including                                                                Chinese Fleet & Shipbuilding
price trends and investment), deliveries and                                                                    As part of the ongoing improvement in our
scrapping plus short-term fleet forecasts.                                                                      databases, analysts in our Shanghai office have
                                                                                                                been upgrading our data on the fast-expanding
Database Services                                                                                               Chinese fleet and shipbuilding industry. Look out
If you cannot find what you want in World Shipyard                                                              for forthcoming publications which will look at these
Monitor, it may be available on-line via Shipping                                                               key developments in the fastest changing region of
Intelligence Network or on our Professional Register                                                            the shipping industry.
CD or we can provide a regular data feed from our
fleet, orderbook and shipyard databases. Contact us
for details.

     Clarkson Research has a long established record of providing information to the financial community; banks, insurance companies,
     rating agencies, bond issuers and owners wanting to raise finance through IPOs. We also have a strong background in providing the
     industry with ad-hoc and regular reports. All of this has been based on our unrivalled time series and ships details databases. These
     have also been brought together to supplement Clarksons sale and purchase brokers long history of providing ship valuations with an
     on-line service of ship valuations. The whole service is a significant resource for those involved in the finance of the shipping industry.

     SHIPVALUE.NET provides a unique, interactive service to keep track of your existing portfolio of vessels and to get values of
     individual ships. It is based upon matrices of strategic sizes and ages of each major ship type, on which are imposed market-related
     adjustments, as evidenced by recent ship sales reports, historical time series of ship values by type and size and a brief description of a
     particular ship from the Clarksons Ships Database (of 30,000+ ships). Values are therefore kept in line with market trends. The system
     is based around Clarksons databases of ship sales, ship values and ships details. Several levels of service are offered:
     I Price Guidance
     A service that provides values for generic ship types based on a specified ship type, size and age, along with a list of recent sales of that
     type. There is a bulk buy facility for regular users.
     I Portfolios
     The valuation of a portfolio of vessels, for an owner or a bank, for example, is more closely tailored to individual requirements. The value
     of individual ships is linked to our price guidance mechanism, and adjusted for specific factors identified with that ship which allows for
     continuous monitoring of both individual and portfolio valuations. The system provides links to recent sales of ships of a similar type. The
     client can sort the portfolio of ships on-line and assign ships to different groups, download the data to a separate spreadsheet and
     nominate vessels for addition/deletion.
     I Expert Valuation
     The traditional form of valuation, prepared on a ship by ship basis, with an in-depth investigation and a Valuation Certificate issued.
     I ISVP valuation
     In conjunction with other leading international brokers in the valuation field, an International Ship Value Panel 'ISVP' has been formed.
     Clients can elect to have a collective valuation that encompasses the opinions of all ISVP members.

     For further information go to

                                                 SUPPORT FOR RAISING CAPITAL
                                                 We have long been providers of information and support to companies raising funds in public markets.
                                                 Based on clearly agreed terms and conditions, we are able to offer:
                                                 I Industry analysis
                                                 I An unrivalled data source
                                                 I Due diligence
                                                 I A record of delivery
                                                 Our clients represent a roll call of some of the biggest and best names in shipping finance,
                                                 Banks: Bank of Ireland, JBIC, Lloyds TSB, NIB Capital, Fortis, UBS Warburg, Merrill Lynch, Bank of
                                                 Scotland, Mitsui Sumitumo. Rating Agencies: Standard & Poors, Moody's, Fitch Bond Issuers: Ambac,
                                                 Investment Banks: Merrill Lynch, UBS Warburg, plus a large number of prestigious shipowners and
     Photo by Dennis Flood   charterers.

     I KG Shipping & Finance 2005
     This annual report explains in great detail the workings of the German KG system, a key
     source of ship finance. It considers the rules applying to the system, the KG funded fleet in
     particular the containership fleet and the main players in the market, especially the equity
     The KG System, Analysis of the KG Funded Fleet, The Containership Shipping Sector, The KG
     Equity Houses, Appendices including KG Fleet List.
     A revised version of this report will be published in 2006 with updates of developments in this
     key market.

     I Shipping & The Public Markets 2006
     A new directory providing in depth coverage of public shipping companies, their fleets and
     their financials - individually and in aggregate. Available later this year.

     To find out more about how we can provide you with the information you need, please contact:
     Clarkson Research Services, St. Magnus House,
     3, Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6HE.
     tel: +44 (0) 20 7334 3134 fax: +44 (0) 20 7623 0539
     website: Shipping Intelligence Network (SIN):

Dredging News Online is a unique FREE                     Offshore Shipping Online is a FREE web news    is an E.C. funded web-site
publication for all those involved in the international   service for the oil, gas and marine offshore            that will work as a centralised information resource
dredging industry, ports and harbours and marine          community, which gives Clarkson Research Services       for North Sea Oil & Gas platform decommissioning
contracting. Published every two weeks, Dredging          the opportunity to share our 30 years experience in     activities, as well as potentially providing a wealth of
News Online is a truly international publication that     collecting and disseminating information to the         commercial opportunities for service providers in
addresses every aspect of dredging and related            industry. It is updated daily and divided into Region   the industry.
subjects such as Hydrographic Survey. It does so in       / Category / Vessel Type - so you will easily be able
a timely manner, bringing you the latest news from        to access the news that interests you most.
all around the world. Dredging News Online
provides daily updates on contracts and tenders,          Offshore Shipping Online features news in the
new technology, new vessels, research and                 following categories :
development, company news, project profiles and           News
more.                                                     Industry / Company News
                                                          Vessel & ROV News
                                                          New Publications
                                                          Contracts / Tenders & Rates
                                                          Conferences & Exhibitions
                                                          Legislation & Procedures
                                                          Equipment & Technology, etc.
                                                          Projects & Operations
                                                          News from Industry Associations
                                                          Yard News

                                                          The Archive provides full word search facilities
                                                          covering all previous issues of this important new
                                                          on-line information resource.                           Content
                                                                                                                  Fields and Platforms -
                                                                                                                  an electronic colour-coded map (GIS) of North West
                                                                                                                  Europe, showing hydrocarbon related structures and
                                                                                                                  their anticipated Cessation of Production (COP)
Content                                                                                                           dates.
                                                                                                                  Case Studies -
In addition to the regular industry news provided by                                                              details of decommissioned platforms and the
Dredging News Online, this web-site hosts a number                                                                companies involved in the process.
of facilities and FREE information resources for the                                                              Regulatory Framework -
worldwide Dredging industry.                                                                                      national and international ligislation and regulations.
                                                                                                                  Environmental (Meta) Data -
Dredging Equipment Register                                                                                       information concerning marine environmental
An online database providing equipment                                                                            samples and measurements around offshore
specifications and manufacturer details                                                                           platforms, and Environmental Impact Assessment
Dredgeline                                                                                                        Metasearch Engine - is a new online bibliographic                                                                      free search engine for selected web-sites of
reference database of publications on dredging. It is                                                             organisations from government, research and
published by VRSL on the MAGIS web-site to further        Content                                                 industry.
enhance this hugely popular information resource. It                                                              Business Directory -
has been created by co-operation between CEDA,            Offshore Shipping Online was launched in March          containing details of relevant companies, their
VBKO and IADC with much of the content from the           2000. Readership has already reached over 400,000       equipment and capabilities regarding
Delft University of Technology. The purpose of            hits per month - with an average of over 25 page        decommissioning.
Dredgeline is to improve access to the vast body of       impressions from each visitor, demonstrating the        Vessel Database -
knowledge existing worldwide in the fields of             depth and quality of the newsletter content.            subscription to a range of vessel registers containing
dredging and dredged material management. Much                                                                    detailed fact-sheets.
of this knowledge is found in “grey” literature such      The most significant source of new information is
as research reports and proceedings of various            potentially YOU - the readership. This is an ideal
conferences.                                              forum for Operators, Offshore Contractors, Vessel
Dredgeline lists more than 7,000 bibliographic            Owners and Equipment / Service Providers to             Advertising
citations, mostly with abstracts, of the relevant         publicise new information and developments to your
international literature. There is broad subject          customer base and prospective clients. Please send      There are many different advertising opportunities
coverage including dredging equipment and                 us your latest Press Releases.                          suitable for all types of companies. The standard
technology; dredged material management; land                                                                     format is an animated banner, featuring your
reclamation; sediment behaviour, contaminted              This service is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.                company logo, which drops down into a full page
sediments, environment; regulations, policy; etc.                                                                 advertisement containing a link to your web-site.
                                                          Apart from company press releases and our long-
                                                          standing relationships with many key contacts in the    Advertisers can choose sponsorship specific to a
                                                          industry, we use our own researchers in the UK,         relevant news category. The precise format and
                                                          USA, Netherlands, France & Norway. Our Editor           content of your advertisement is virtually 'free-form' -
                                                          also has over 16 years experience in compiling          you can either supply your own
                                                          periodicals for the marine, oil & gas industries.       pre-designed web pages or we will work
                                                                                                                  with you to produce an advertisement,
                                                                                                                  at no additional cost.

                                                                   For more details on
                                                                 the entire range of CRSL
                                                             products please visit our website
     Volume Five: Russia                                   The North Sea Field Development                         Volume One: Mediterranean,
                                                           Guide - 10th Edition                                    Middle East and Africa


     The first edition of Volume Five of the World Field   If you are looking for facts on what is happening       The latest edition of Volume One is all the more
     Development Guide Series, covering Russia will be     offshore on Europe's North West Continental Shelf,      important because its area of coverage, the
     available soon. In this new volume you will find      this book is the only reference you will need. The      Mediterranean, the Middle East and all of Africa has
     information on onshore and offshore field             North Sea Field Development Guide is the most           seen considerable activity during the intervening
     developments.                                         outstanding source of reference for any oil & gas       period especially offshore West Africa and for all
                                                           producing region.                                       Arab Nations. A quick look at the contents below
     Details of major oil and gas pipeline routes,                                                                 will give you an idea of its enormous data content.
     terminals and major ports are also included within    In this tenth edition you will find details on all      So if you need a background reference source for oil
     this new volume.                                      possible field development projects, plus data on       & gas exploration and production for any of the
                                                           subsea completions, pipelines, templates and            countries included in Volume One - look no further.
     The book is brought to life by the inclusion of       manifolds, offshore loading terminals and significant
     photographs, drawings and maps of the area.           wells/discoveries presented in one place, in tabular    Contents
                                                           form for each nation.                                    I Full field development, platform and production
     Contents                                                                                                       data for the following countries: Africa: Angola,
     I Offshore field developments and platform data,      All text and data is fully supported with photographs, Benin, Cameroon, The Congo, Equatorial Guinea,
     current and proposed for Sakhalin, Artic and Baltic   maps of field layouts and drawings.                      Gabon, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, Nigeria, South
     regions.                                                                                                       Africa, Sudan and Zaire. Mediterranean: Greece,
     I Offshore platform and production data.              Contents                                                 Italy, Libya, Spain, Tunisia and Yugoslavia. Middle
     I Onshore field developments and production data      I Full field development, platform and production East: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, Iran, Neutral Zone,
     including Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, Timan,    data for the following countries: Denmark, Holland,      Oman, Qatar, Ras al Khaimah, Saudi Arabia, and
     Pechora and Russian Caspian Regions.                  Germany, UK, Ireland, Norway and Poland.                 Sharjah
     I Field ownership, discovery dates, hydrocarbon       I Field Index: Alphabetical listings of fields with      I National exploration and production
     province.                                             field name, operator and national sector.                backgrounds - Full information on licensing and
     I Major oil and gas pipeline routes, current,         I Pipelines: Alphabetical listings of pipelines          exploration for each nation with data on historical,
     planned and proposed.                                 within named fields, giving operator, associated         current and potential development prospects.
     I Pipeline terminals and major ports.                 platform, status, pipeline field start and field finish, I Field Data - Full information on nearly 400 fields
                                                           length, product, type, installer.                        with ownership discovery dates, overall development
                                                           I Templates and manifolds: A-Z of fields by              concepts, characteristics, reserves, daily and peak
                                                           country, listing template and manifold references,       production
                                                           template purpose, status and design, fabricator, year I Platform Data - Full details on 1,200 platforms
                                                           of installation, weight, dimensions, slots, piles and    with specifications, installation dates, fabricators,
                                                           general remarks.                                         functions, transportation systems including pipe/flow
                                                           I Subsea completions: A-Z of fields by country,          lines, terminals and some 65 offshore loading
                                                           listing, field, operator, platform, number/designation, installations.
                                                           water depth, type, function, number of flowlines, year
                                                           installed, current status and remarks.
                                                           I Offshore Loading Terminals: A-Z of field by
                                                           country, listing operator, platform, designation, type,
                                                           I Significant wells: each country's most significant
                                                           well with well number, name and type. Operator,
                                                           field name, product, oil/gas output, APIo, choke, PSI,
                                                           total department (TD) of well, rig which drilled the
                                                           well, water depth, comment and status.
                         Pages:                                               Pages: 720                                              Pages: 402
               ON        Price: £195/$390/€295                       ON       Price: £395/$790/€595                          ON       Price: £195/$390/€295
              LINE       ISBN: 1-902157-72-9                        LINE      ISBN: 1-902157-63-X                           LINE      ISBN: 1-902157-48-6
                         Product Order No: WFDG/506                           Product Order No: NSDG/10                               Product Order No: WFDG/103

                  LINE         This symbol shown next to any title in this catalogue
                               indicates that the product is available on CD and online
Volume Two: Asia, India,                                  Volume Three: The Americas                                   Volume Four: Caspian Region
Australasia and The Far East

This important and unique information source              It has taken nearly two years to complete the                The first edition of Volume Four of the World Field
provides all the facts on offshore oil and gas            updating, checking and authentication of all the data        Development Guide Series, covering the Caspian
exploration and production for the Indian Sub-            for this fourth edition. It is part of an outstanding five   Region is now available. In this new volume you will
Continent, South East Asia, Australasia and the Far       volume set which provides unique coverage of field           find information on offshore field developments plus
East. It is the world's only reference to provide, in a   development and production offshore worldwide.               abbreviated information on coastal and onshore
single volume, details on Governmental policies, oil      This new edition gives you the facts on the                  fields.
and gas exploration and production licensing,             “Americas” with data on over 330 oil and gas fields
together with data on every field, its development        and more that 525 platforms, not including entries for       Full details of major on and offshore pipeline routes
history and 'milestone' dates and facts on every          some 6000 Gulf of Mexico platforms installed in              and terminals are also included within this new
producing installation (platforms, FPSOs, FSUs etc).      water depths of less than 150 metres.                        volume, together with a comprehensive directory of
A quick look at the contents details given below will                                                                  major operators, contractors and suppliers in the
show you just how comprehensive this new book is.         Every oil and gas producing nation is included;              Caspian Region.
What they can't show is the work that has gone into       Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador,
producing this new volume to update and verify            Mexico, Peru, Trinidad and the USA (including                Historical notes plus infrastructure data covering
every shred of the huge amount of data it contains, to    offshore Alaska, Gulf and Pacific coasts).                   major towns, ports and airports, precede the field
make it your indispensable reference for the region.                                                                   information for each country.
Contents                                                  I Field development, platform and production                 The book is brought to life by the inclusion of a wide
I Full field development, platform and production         data for: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile,                  range of photographs, drawings and maps of the
data for: Australia, Brunei, China, India, Indonesia,     Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Trinidad and                area.
Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Papua              USA.
New Guinea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and             I National exploration and production                        Contents
Vietnam.                                                  backgrounds - full information on licensing and              I Offshore field development, platform and
I National exploration and production                     exploration for each nation with data on historical,         production data for the following countries:
backgrounds - full information on licensing and           current and potential development prospects.                 Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and
exploration for each nation with data on historical,      I Field data - full information on over 330 fields           Turkmenistan.
current and potential development prospects.              with ownership, discovery dates, overall                     I Abbreviated coastal and onshore field data for the
I Field data - full information on over 300 fields        development concepts.                                        following countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran,
with ownership, discovery dates, overall                  I Platform data - full details on over 525 platforms         Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan.
development concepts, characteristics, reserves,          (with abbreviated data on a further 6000) with               I Major pipeline routes and pipeline terminals
daily and peak production.                                specifications, installation dates, fabricators,             I Directory of major operators, contractors and
I Platform data - full details on over 915 platforms      functions, transportation systems including pipe/flow        suppliers
with specifications, installation dates, fabricators,     lines, terminals and offshore loading installations.         I Historical notes and infrastructure data
functions, transportation systems including pipe/flow
lines, terminals and offshore loading installations.

                   Pages: 373                                                 Pages: 254                                                  Pages: 148
          ON       Price: £195/$390/€295                            ON        Price: £195/$390/€295                              ON       Price: £195/$390/€295
         LINE      ISBN: 1-902157-68-0                             LINE       ISBN: 1-902157-52-4                               LINE      ISBN: 1-902157-59-1
                   Product Order No. WFDG/202                                 Product Order No: WFDG/304                                  Product Order No: WFDG/405

 Buy the World Offshore Field Development Guide Set (Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) ...
 We appreciate that a number of our clients are likely to want a global overview and we have therefore
 evolved a special price for purchasers of the full five volume set which represents a saving of buying books
 Price: £725/$1,450/€1,090 (Five Volumes) Product Order No: WFDG/1,2,3,4,5
 The same cost saving policy is extended to purchasers of multiple volumes from the set.
 Any Two Volumes: £295/$590/€445 Product order number: WFDG/+ nos of volumes required
 Any Three Volumes: £435/$870/€655 Product order number: WFDG/+ nos of volumes required
 Any Four Volumes: £580/$1,160/€870 Product order number: WFDG/+ nos of volumes required

     Construction Vessels of the World                         Cable Lay and Maintenance                                 Remotely Operated Vehicles of the
     - 8th Edition                                             Vessels of the World - 3rd Edition                        World - 7th Edition







     Here it is, the eighth edition of the World's only        The offshore cable lay business has changed               The seventh edition of the book which is essential if
     register listing every class of vessel working on field   dramatically during the last ten years as fibre optics    you are involved or interested in the world of ROVs,
     development, construction and pipe and cable              have played an ever increasing and effective role in      is now available
     laying projects throughout the world.                     global communications.
                                                                                                                         There are not many books which have become
     In all, this unique book reviews in detail over 1,280     This register provides detailed information on more       legends, but this register is certainly one of them. In
     vessels and extends to 902 pages to provide, quite        than 105 vessels which make up today's fleet              the thirteen years since it was first published it's
     simply, the finest reference available for anyone         worldwide. In it you will find specifications and cable   grown with the industry it serves to become the
     involved or interested in the marine side of offshore     lay performance/storage data brought to life by a         standard reference work on the world's ROV fleet,
     operations.                                               wealth of general arrangement drawings and                the companies responsible for the vehicle operations
                                                               photographs for all vessels in service, plus all          and the suppliers of specialised equipment,
     For this new edition we have added numerous               newbuilds currently under construction and                products and technology that make ROVs so cost
     newbuilds and conversions and at the same time            conversion projects.                                      effective for so many of today's subsea operators.
     re-checked every item of data and updated this as
     necessary for all existing vessel entries.                Contents                                                  As you would expect you will find detailed
                                                               Typical data for each vessel includes:                    specifications and performance information for every
     Contents                                                  I General - name, owner, manager, charterer, year         vehicle in the world (there are over 450 in total), but
     Full details including ownership/management,                built, builder, type, classification, flag              there is much more. In this new 7th edition you will
     builder and launch date, conversion yard and              I Tonnage/Dimensions                                      find separate chapters listing builders, operating
     conversion date, classification, specifications,          I Capacities                                              companies, equipment manufacturers and even
     capacities, propulsion, accommodation and a wide          I Machinery                                               dedicated ROV support vessels. Each chapter has
     range of additional relevant operating data is            I Mooring/Positioning Systems                             its own index for straight forward data access and
     included for the following classes of vessels. Note,      I Cranes/Lifting Equipment                                each entry features full contact information making
     figures in brackets indicate the number of vessels of     I Cable Laying Equipment                                  the book also the best ever ROV industry directory. If
     this type included in the book.                           I Ploughing/Burial/Observation Equipment                  you want the ROV business at your fingertips - look
                                                               I Accommodation                                           no further.
     I Accommodation units (58)                                I Additional Data - speed, and consumption,
     I Cable lay ships (42)                                      navigation equipment etc                                Contents
     I Derrick crane barges/ships (129)                        I Illustrations                                           In all, entries are included for over 450 ROVs
     I Derrick/lay barges (52)                                                                                           featuring;
     I Dredgers/rock dumpers (189)                                                                                       I AUVs including UUVs and military vehicles
     I Heavy lift vessels (224)                                                                                          I Towed survey systems
     I Multi purpose support vessels/Diving support                                                                      I Tracked/towed and free-flying trenching systems
     vessels (189)                                                                                                       I Large/medium work class ROVs including custom
     I Pipe lay/pipe bury barges (60)                                                                                    builds, inspection, observation, search and survey
     I Pontoon barges (234)                                                                                              ROVs and light work vehicles
     I Transportation deck barges (78)                                                                                   I Approx 200 ROV operating companies
     I Well stimulation vessels (29)                                                                                     I Over 700 major equipment suppliers accessed via
                                                                                                                         a suppliers index broken into 17 product sections
                                                                                                                         I Owners and managers of over 150 dedicated ROV

                         Pages: 902                                                Pages: 100                                               Pages: 800 approx.
               ON        Price: £295/$590/€445                           ON        Price: £65/$130/€100                            ON       Price: £165/$330/€250
              LINE       ISBN: 1-902157-70-2                            LINE       ISBN: 1-902157-54-0                            LINE      ISBN: 1-902157-75-3
                         Product Order No: CVW/8                                   Product Order No: CLM/03                                 Product Order No: ROV/W/7

Survey Vessels of the World - 6th                            Dredgers of the World - 5th Edition Offshore Shipbuilders and Fabrication
Edition                                                                                          Yards of the World - 3rd Edition




Nowhere else can you find full technical details and         Now in its fifth edition, this well respected register is    Now available the third edition of the world's
performance characteristics of over 600 vessels that         becoming well known to all those involved in the             definitive reference source covering all shipbuilding
make up the world's survey vessel fleet. That is why         dredging industry. With the on-going assistance of           and fabrication sites with a proven work record for
'Survey Vessels of the World' has, over the past             the IADC and many of the world's best known                  offshore construction, fabrication and upgrades.
decade, become the number one reference on that              dredging contractors we have been able to compile
subject, and this new 6th edition further enhances           an even better register.                                     There have been some substantial changes to the
the book's international reputation. In it you'll find all   This fifth edition as you would expect is bigger and         construction and fabrication yard business during
the facts on seismic, hydrographic and ocean                 better than ever - more pages, more vessels and              the past two years with a worldwide trend for
research vessels operating worldwide. It is therefore        more specification and performance data than ever.           mergers and takeovers resulting in yard closures,
essential reading for anyone involved or interested in       We have spent the time since our last edition was            mothballing and in some cases changes in direction
oil & gas exploration, platform or drilling site             published checking, updating and expanding the               away from offshore industry work. Even so this
surveys, pipeline route and 'as layed' surveying,            huge data content so that when we say that this is the       edition contains information on nearly 100 more
coastal surveys and ocean research. A quick look at          definitive register, it is.                                  yards and fabrication facilities than the last edition
the contents detail listed, should be enough to                                                                           some 428 to be precise in 64 countries from Angola
convince you that if ocean surveying is part of your         Information included for each vessel                         to the USA. In all some 421 pages are devoted to
business, this book will be essential.                       I General - name, owner, marine manager, year                yard data (see contents listing) from Maj
                                                             built, type, classification, flag, call sign I Main          Brodogradillistie in Croatia to the Zhangzhou yard in
Contents                                                     Dimensions - LOA, breadth, depth, drafts (dredging,          the People's Republic of China. All this information
I 153 coastal and deepwater hydrographic survey              loaded and unloaded), GT, NT, DWT I Machinery                is supported by comprehensive alphabetical and
vessels                                                      and Power - main engine(s), available power (all             geographical indices plus a unique offshore
I 174 seismic survey vessels                                 modes of operation), performance I Dredging and              shipbuilders and fabrication yard directory with
I 282 deep ocean research vessels                            discharge equipment - dredging depths, capacities            addresses, contact numbers and names for every
Information on each survey vessel listed includes:           (dredging and discharge), shore delivery system (if          one of the 428 yard entries.
I General data - name, owner/operator, former                applicable), hopper capacity, pipe diameters
names, year built and/or converted, flag,                    I Accommodation (if applicable) I Mooring                    If you need the facts on where to build, retrofit or
classification, call sign I Dimensions/capacities            system I Additional data - this paragraph includes           convert for your next offshore project, this book will
including fuel consumption and speed                         details on every element of a dredger's specification        be simply indispensable.
I Propulsion and auxiliaries - main engines,                 or performance not listed under the main
thrusters and propeller details                              information headings.                                        Contents - International Coverage
I Deck areas and handling equipment                                                                                       Over 300 yard sites are included ranging from
I Survey facilities - including as applicable,               Dredger types included                                       10,000m to 11,000,000m employing from 95 to over
streamers, energy source, recording equipment                I 211 Backhoe, dipper, grab and clam shell                   11,305 personnel. Offshore work experience ranges
I Survey equipment including towed systems                   dredgers I 18 Barge unloading dredgers I 56                  from newbuilding, seismic survey and supply
I Accommodation                                              Bucket ladder dredgers I 319 Cutter suction                  vessels, through FPSOs and rigs, including relevant
I Additional data including navigation, positioning          dredgers including bucket wheel dredgers I 27                topside and subsea components to platform jackets
and communication systems.                                   Special equipment - agitation, water injection and           and topsides.
Directory of survey vessel owners:                           wormwheel dredgers                                           I Yard locations include: USA 90, UK 34, UAE 9,
I Full contact information including address, email,         I 27 Suction dredgers I 421 Trailing suction hopper          Singapore 13, Netherlands 18, People's Republic of
telephone and fax for over 200 survey vessel owners          dredgers                                                     China 24, Japan 24, Norway 32, Italy 11, Canada 8.
and operators worldwide.
Indices:                                                     Dredging News Online                                         I Yard Data
I Index of owners/operators with fleet lists                 Our commitment to your industry goes further than            Data for each yard includes the below together with
I Index of all vessels                                       every two years with Dredgers of the World, because          supporting photographs and drawings:
I Index of vessels by survey vessel type.                    we also publish up to date news on contracts,                I Company name, site location and access
                                                             tenders, vessels, projects and companies at                  I Personnel and manpower I Quaysides I Jetties
                                                                                      and Wharfage I Dry dock facilities I Yard space
                                                                                                                          and workshop areas I Craneage and lifting
                                                             We will offer a 25% discount to members of the IADC, CEDA,
                                                                                                                          capacities I Offshore work history I Future and
                                                             IAPH or The Institute of Civil Engineers.                    outgoing projects.

                    Pages: 458                                                     Pages: 800+                                                Pages: 421
          ON        Price: £195/$390/€295                               ON         Price: £155/$310/€235                            ON        Price: £225/$450/€340
         LINE       ISBN No: 1-902157-62-1                             LINE        ISBN No: 1-902157-69-9                          LINE       ISBN: 1-902157-43-5
                    Order No: SUR/W/6                                              Order No: DW/DAY/5                                         Product Order No. OSFW/3

     The A-Z of Offshore Support                               Tugs of the World - 3rd Edition                         Anchor Handling Tugs and Supply
     Vessels of the World - 3rd Edition                                                                                Vessels of the World - 11th Edition



                                                                E av so
      E W av so

                                                                 E av o
       E a so

                                                                  W a o
        W a o

                                                                   4t iilla n
          4t iilla n

                                                                    th b
           th ab

                                                                     h b
            h b

                                                                      ed le
              ed le

                                                                          di e

                                                                           it i
                  it i





     The complete register of over 5000 vessels                From the start we set out to produce the finest tug     If you need access to information on every vessel in
     involved in oil & gas exploration, field                  reference book ever, and this third edition surpasses   the world's fleet, then this 11th edition of the only
     development and production worldwide                      even that. We have worked almost continuously over      definitive register on the subject will be essential. In
                                                               the past 12 months to expand and update the book's      it you will find details on 3,590 ships, a complete
     This third edition presents basic data on every           huge data content - there are over 700 additional       directory covering their owners and managers, the
     vessel of the world's offshore support fleet. We've       vessel entries - we have checked, verified and          latest edition of Noble Denton's Towing Vessel
     developed this important new book to provide an           updated every piece of tug specification and            Register and the company's towing vessel
     invaluable primary source of reference for anyone         performance information.                                approvability scheme. Additionally, the book contains
     involved or interested in the marine elements of          We've also added to the book's already                  company fleet lists, listings of all vessels by former
     offshore exploration, field development and               comprehensive index sections to make access to          names with current names alongside, in case
     production. In all, you'll find preliminary information   data on every one of the 4,769 vessels included even    readers have missed important ownership changes,
     on more than 6000 vessels, with each entry clearly        quicker. You'll even find a Directory of tug owners     plus handy indices to assist in location and
     set out on landscape format pages. We believe this        listing 930 contact addresses.                          identification.
     new book will become effectively an essential overall
     'index' to your existing library of marine reference      Contents                                                You will see that we've paid a lot of attention to the
     sources - we hope that the new A-Z helps to provide       I Total number of tugs included 4,769                   presentation of the wealth of data this book contains.
     you with the facts that you need, faster and more         I Vessels built since beginning of 2003 under           This is especially true of the information given for
     accurately than ever before.                              construction - 205                                      each vessel which is grouped in easy to read
                                                               I New builds in 2003 - 174                              sections. General data includes flag, ownership,
     Contents                                                  I 2,996 tugs over 2,400bhp.                             builder and classification. The tonnage and
     6000 vessels of these types and classes                                                                           dimension section also includes important free deck
     I Accommodation vessels I Anchor handling tugs            Information on each tug listed includes                 measurements and deck cargo capacity. Machinery
     and supply vessels I Cable lay vessels (fibre optic)      I Name, year built, classification and flag             details, in addition to engine/thrusters data, includes
     I Cable lay vessels (multipurpose)                        I Bollard pull                                          bollard pull and information on manoeuvring /control
     I Derrick crane vessels I Derrick lay vessels             I Service and maximum speeds                            systems (ie joystick, dynpos etc).
     I Diving support vessels I Drill ships/drill barges       I Horsepower
     I Floating storage units I Hydrographic survey            I Home port                                             Other data sections for each ship cover capacities
     vessels I Jack-up mobile drilling units I Lifting         I Dimensions                                            (mud, cement, water etc), emergency systems (FiFi,
     vessels I Multi-purpose support vessels I Pipe lay        I Tonnage                                               classification, pumps, monitors etc), safety
     vessels I Pipe carriers I Pontoon and deck barges         I Machinery                                             equipment and oil recovery systems (if applicable).
     I Platform supply vessels I Research vessels              I Tank capacities
     I ROV support vessels I Salvage tugs                      I Winches and towing gear.                              Contents
     I Seismic survey vessels n Shuttle tankers                                                                        Over 3,500 (actual 3590) ships in total including:
     I Semi-submersible mobile drilling units I Supply         Extra data includes                                     I 256 Anchor Handling Tugs (AHTs)
     Vessels I Transportation vessels I Well stimulation       I Emergency intervention equipment,                     I 1272 Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels
     vessels                                                   communications equipment, safety aids and               (AHTSs)
                                                               accommodation.                                          I 971 Supply Vessels
     I Abbreviated specification data - We have used our                                                               I 469 Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs)
     considerable offshore marine publishing experience        Directory of tug owners                                 I 127 Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs)
     to assemble all the basic facts likely to be required     I Full contact information including addresses,         I 291 Standby vessels
     as a first point of reference for any vessel.             email, telephone and fax for 930 tug owners             I 195 Salvage Tugs.
     I Index of support vessels by type - The main                                                                     The new book also contains the latest edition of the
     vessel data section of the book lists some 6000           Indices                                                 Noble Denton Towing Vessel Register with details of
     vessels in name/alphabetical order.                       I Index of all tugs by name in alphabetical order       the approvability scheme.
                                                               I Index of all tugs by bhp
     I Directory of vessel owners, managers and                I Index of tugs by home port name
     operators - Ownership for each vessel is noted in the     I Index of owners/managers with tug fleet lists.
     main vessel data section.

                        Pages: 257                                                Pages: 812                                               Pages: 840
               ON       Price: £95/$190/€145                            ON        Price: £95/$190/€145                           ON        Price: £195/$390/€295
              LINE      ISBN No: 1-902157-66-4                         LINE       ISBN No: 1-902157-56-7                        LINE       ISBN: 1-902157-58-3
                        Product Order No: AZOSV/3                                 Product Order No: TW/3                                   Product Order No. AHTS/W/11

Mobile Production Systems of the                          Single Point Moorings of the                            Mobile Drilling Units of the World -
World - 6th Edition                                       World - 7th Edition                                     8th Edition

It's here, the latest edition of the world's definitive   Incorporating Floating Storage Units and                It's here, the latest edition of the world's definitive
register of Mobile Production Systems, and it's better    Shuttle Tankers                                         register of mobile drilling units, and it's better than
than ever. Over the years the floating mobile option      The Seventh edition of the OPL definitive reference     ever. For those not familiar with this important
for production of deepwater, remote or smaller fields     to Single Point Moorings is now available.              reference work, it is published every two years to
has become more and more popular. This important                                                                  provide a complete illustrated record of ownership,
reference book has chronicled this trend since the        In this edition you will find totally updated,          dimensions, specifications, equipment and
first edition was published 12 years ago.                 comprehensive specifications for over 580 single        performance data for every rig operating worldwide.
                                                          point moorings located worldwide including: ALPS,       As such, it has become the standard source of
In all, this edition provides fully updated               CALMs, SALMs and turrets. Also included are             reference for anyone with an interest in exploration,
specification, performance and field application data     specifications, plus performance data, for the worlds   field development, production and workover drilling.
for 150 FPSOs (new build and conversions),                fleet of floating storage units (FSUs) and shuttle      This, the eighth edition, provides more information
20 Jack-up conversions, 40 semi-sub conversions, 16       tankers, totalling over 170 vessels. A selection of     than ever, as a quick look at the contents will show.
SPARS, and 25 TLPs working on 175 fields world-           photographs and illustrations has been specially        We've also incorporated a range of handy indices to
wide. All this information, which extends to some 420     chosen for inclusion to bring the book to life.         help readers locate data quickly. Perhaps more
pages, is brought to life by hundreds of                                                                          importantly, we've included a complete Directory of
photographs, general arrangement drawings and             Contents                                                rig owners and managers to take you straight to
field location maps, to make the contents highly          SPM data including SALMs, CALMs, SALs,                  the heart of the business. If drilling is your business
readable.                                                 ALPs and turrets - details for 585 terminals are        then this new edition of Mobile Drilling Units of the
                                                          included with details for each one typically            World should always be close at hand.
Contents                                                  including:
This is the most comprehensive reference work of its      I Location (long and lat) I Field/terminal name         Contents
kind and typical data as applicable for the 251 units     I Water depth I Historical background                   We have illustrated several typical pages here so that
covered includes:                                         information including designer, builder,                you can get an idea of the layout, which includes
I Design criteria, current location/field and previous    commissioning contractor I Field and production         photographs and drawings and the high levels of
location/field                                            data and buoy/terminal function                         data included for each unit. Typically, information
I Owner and operator                                      I Buoy data including dimensions, draft, hoses          covers: ownership, classification, dimensions
I Designer and building or conversion yard                (loading and subsea), valves, products handled,         including drafts and displacements, drilling
I Main dimensions including weight, draughts and          loading/discharge rates, moorings, mooring              equipment, capacities, subsea systems, cranage,
displacements                                             arrangements for tankers with maximum acceptable        mooring or jacking systems, helideck and
I Process capacities with gas flaring rates, gas          DWT loading, load monitoring systems, Nav-aids          accommodation.
reinjection, produced water, water injection and          and much additional data.
general system descriptions                               FSUs and shuttle tanker data - details for 171          I Total number of drilling units included 741
I Mooring system with design, components,                 FSUs and tankers is included, with typical data for     I Jack-ups 404
winches, cables and anchors and control monitoring        each unit covering: I General information, name,        I Semi-submersibles 175
I Riser system with riser numbers/types and               owner, marine manager, operator, year built, design,    I Submersibles 7
available free slots                                      class, flag and call sign I Dimensions/tonnage,         I Drillships 45
I Storage capacities for crude oil with off loading       DWT, GRT, NRT, LOA, LBP depth, draft, hull type
                                                                                      ,                           I Drilling tenders 14
rates to tankers/pipelines                                I Tank capacities, fuel, water and crude                I Lake / swamp barges 96
I Operating parameters including water depths,            I Loading/offloading systems, mooring and
motion and production/discharge limits                    loading systems, import and export lines with flow      The Directory of rig owners and managers
I General facilities including craneage,                  rates, offloading systems I Moorings, positioning       includes full contact information (addresses, email,
accommodation, helideck capacity, communications,         systems, stability systems I Other data                 telephone, fax etc) for 182 owners and 153 managers
life saving and fire fighting systems                     including craneage, A-frames, helideck,                 worldwide.
I Regulatory details including classification,            accommodation, communication system, safety and
certification and approvals                               lifesaving features.
                                                          Indices - the book features a number of indices to
                                                          give readers fast access to the vast amount of data
                                                          contained within its pages I Geographical index of
                                                          all SPMs I Index of SPM engineers I Index of
                                                          terminals by design engineer and location.
                    Pages: 420                                               Pages: 420                                               Pages: 752
          ON        Price: £295/$590/€445                           ON       Price: £245/$490/€370                          ON        Price: £295/$590/€445
         LINE       ISBN: 1-902157-67-2                            LINE      ISBN No: 1-902157-60-5                        LINE       ISBN: 1-902157-64-8
                    Product Order No: MPS/W/6                                Product Order No: SPM/7                                  Product Order No: MDU/W/8

     Offshore Drilling & Production                           The World Deepwater Atlas - 4th Edition
     Concepts of the World - 6th Edition
                                                                                                   This is the fourth edition of the only atlas available to
                                                                                                   specifically focus on the world's deepwater oil & gas
                                                                                                   activity and development. Providing immediate
                                                                                                   visual access to every deepwater oil and gas play
                                                                                                   worldwide, this atlas shows every discovery and
                                                                                                   producing field located in water depths of 500
                                                                                                   metres and over. In 72 pages of activity and
                                                                                                   concession maps, all meticulously checked and
                                                                                                   updated, the atlas covers the world by country or
                                                                                                   region from the Americas in the West across to New
                                                                                                   Zealand in the East. Each page also features, as
                                                                                                   applicable, high detail inset maps of complex
                                                                                                   producing areas and handy location maps for easy
                                                                                                   regional identification of the main data shown. Also
                                                                                                   included is an important reference index listing all
                                                                                                   deepwater fields and discoveries by country and
                                                                                                   water depth.
                                                                                                   Without question, this unique A4 sized Atlas will be
                                                                                                   essential to anyone with an interest in today's
                                                                                                   deepwater production and the areas likely for
                                                                                                   tomorrow's exploration and field development

                                                                                                   Full page, double page spreads and inset maps
                                                                                                   cover the following areas;
                                                                                                   I North America - Canada, Nova Scotia,
                                                                                                   Newfoundland, USA Gulf of Mexico
                                                                                                   I North Atlantic - Greenland
                                                                                                   I Central America - Trinidad and Tobago,
     The sixth edition of Offshore Drilling and Production                                         Suriname, Guyana
     Concepts of the World is now available and                                                    I South America - Brazil, Argentina and British
     incorporates even more information on the fast                                                Falkland Islands
     moving offshore drilling and production technology                                            I Europe - UK Atlantic Margins, Norway, Spain and
     scene.                                                                                        Portugal
                                                                                                   I North West Africa - Morocco, Mauritania,
     The data contained within this book will provide                                              Senegal, Guinea Bissau
     engineers from field development and production                                               I The Mediterranean - Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Italy
     disciplines with a glance into the future. It has been                                        I Eastern Europe - The Caspian sea
     two years since the publication of the fifth edition                                          I Africa - Western Africa
     and this period has seen the evolution of some of the                                         I Indian Sub Continent - West and East India and
     most exciting concepts ever for the exploration, field                                        the Bay of Bengal
     development and production of oil and gas offshore -                                          I South East Asia - Philippines, Indonesia,
     and they are all included here.                                                               Vietnam
                                                                                                   I Australasia - Timor Sea, West and South Australia
     We have been in touch with oil companies,                                                     I New Zealand.
     engineering contractors and the world's foremost
     design engineering consultancies who, between
     them, have been responsible for over 285                                                      Pages: 72
     imaginative and cost effective concepts presented in                                          Price: £195/$390/€295
     this new edition. As usual, we have combined                                                  ISBN: 1-902157-65-6
     drawings, photographs and clearly presented text to                                           Product Order No: WDA/4
     bring each one of these concepts to life and so                                     
     provide an exceptional point of reference for anyone
     interested in the engineering directions the offshore                                         Examples of just three typical pages from over 70
     oil industry is likely to take over the years ahead.                                          pages in the Atlas.

                         Pages: 346
                ON       Price: £125/$250/€190
               LINE      ISBN: 1-902157-57-5
                         Product Order No. OPC/6

Any busy executive will testify that                Subscribers are given an unique ID      Vessel registers available online include:
there is nothing quite as empowering                and Password, which allows them to      Anchor Handling Tugs & Supply Vessels of the World
as having all the answers at your                   'surf' the databases from anywhere      Detailed specifications on more than 3,500 vessels including
                                                                                            AHTs, AHTSs, supply vessels, PSVs, pipe carriers, standby
fingertips. The Internet has                        they can get a connection to the Web.   vessels and salvage tugs - plus contact details for more than
                                                                                            900 Owners and Managers.
established itself as the ideal medium              By utilising the powerful querying      £295/$590/€445
for capturing the latest document                   options and structured reporting you
                                                                                            Mobile Production Systems of the World
based information. CRSL have taken                  can extract information more quickly    Every mobile production installation on every field
the initiative and now publish many of              and precisely than ever before.         worldwide, existing and proposed is covered in great detail.
                                                                                            Includes FPSOs, Jack-up conversions, Semi-sub
our Vessel Registers and World                      Prices stated are for 12 months         conversions, TLPs and SPARs.
Offshore Field Development Guide                    on-line database access.                £295/$590/€445

databases on our website.                                                                   Mobile Drilling Units of the World
                                                                                            This new edition contains specifications for jack-ups; semis;
                                                                                            drillships and lake/swamp barges. Full data on all
                                                                                            deepwater drilling, harsh environment and multi-functional
VESSEL REGISTERS                                                                            £295/$590/€445

                                                                                            Dredgers of the World
                                                                                            The first ever register to cover all classes of vessel in the
                                                                                            world's fleet is now in its fifth edition. Detailed specifications
                                                                                            of over 900 vessels, including schematic diagrams and
                                                                                            photographs can be sorted and retrieved with ease.

                                                                                            Survey Vessels of the World
                                                                                            There are over 615 vessels featured, with comprehensive
                                                                                            technical details, photographs and schematic diagrams. In
                                                                                            addition you will find full contact details for all the major
                                                                                            Owners and Operators.

                                                                                            Construction Vessels of the World
                                                                                            The latest edition of the industry's most popular fully
                                                                                            illustrated vessel register is now more valuable than ever
                                                                                            before. The contents now includes over 1200 vessels, and
                                                                                            even more Owners and Manager contact information.

                                                                                            Remotely Operated Vehicles of the World
                                                                                            The seventh edition of this complete reference work features
                                                                                            over 450 ROVs, over 700 manufacturers and suppliers of
                                                                                            associated products and services for over 150 ROV
                                                                                            operating companies.

                                                                                            World Field Development Guides available online

                                                                                            World Offshore Field Development Guides
                                                                                            These reference databases are updated every quarter,
                                                                                            providing unsurpassed detail on the world's offshore Oil &
Sample screen image taken from the Anchor Handling Tugs & Supply Vessels of the World.
                                                                                            Gas fields and production installations. Data includes
                                                                                            platforms, operator, block, status and concept information
WORLD OFFSHORE FIELD DEVELOPMENT GUIDES                                                     (timescales, production techniques and statistics, pipelines,
                                                                                            transportation, etc).
                                                                                            World Offshore Field Development Guides:
                                                                                            I Mediterranean, Middle East & Africa I Asia, India,
                                                                                            Australasia & Far East I North & South Americas
                                                                                            I The Gulf of Mexico I Caspian I Russia
                                                                                            The North Sea

                                                                                            OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE ONLINE

                                                                                            I A-Z of Offshore Support Vessels

                                                                                            I Drilling & Production Concepts

                                                                                            I Single Point Moorings of the World

                                                                                            I Tugs of the World

                                                                                                        For on-line Database
                                                                                                        demonstrations visit
                                                                                               and click on the 'Online Data'
                                                                                               button in the left-hand menu.
                                                                                              Select the 'vessel register title
                                                                                              required' then click the DEMO
                                                                                                   option within the text.
Sample screen image taken from the North Sea Field Development Guide.

     The CRSL Wallchart series....
     The CRSL wallchart series, conceived over nine
     years ago, has proved to be an outstanding success
     simply because each poster provides a definitive
     visual reference to a particular area of offshore oil &
     gas activity. It is almost impossible to describe the
     quality, detail and accuracy of these large format
     drawings, but suffice it to say that congratulations
     arrive from pleased users around the world on an
     almost daily basis. We have also given our
     permission for them to be reproduced in company
     literature, exhibition stands and reports - They are
     simply indispensable if you need well informed
     management and staff, especially if they are new to
     the offshore industry.

     Floating Production Systems £35/$70/€55
     Order No: FPS/WC. Size: 950mm x 1385mm

     This wallchart shows graphically the latest thinking
     on the subject from some of the biggest names in the
     game - MODEC, Bouygues Offshore, MinDoc, PGS
     Floating Production, Bluewater Floating Production
     Systems, Nortrans and Halter/Friede/Goldman. So if
     you are interested in deepwater producing trends
     and techniques, this wallchart, which comes with a
     detailed explanatory legend, will give you that vital
     look into the future.

     New Generation Underwater Vehicles                           Subsea Production £35/$70/€55                            Dredging £35/$70/€55
     £35/$70/€55                                                  Order No: SP/WC/2. Size: 990mm x 1385mm                  Order No: DR/WC. Size: 950mm x 1385mm
     Order No: NGUV/WC. Size: 950mm x 1385mm
                                                                  This wallchart shows all elements of subsea              Dredging covers a wide range of techniques and
     Featuring nine of the most up-to-date and technically        production, well heads, manifolds, flow/pipelines        vessels and all are shown clearly on this wallchart.
     advanced underwater systems, for Cable                       and risers from a unique 'seabed to surface' view        Also shown is rock and gravel dumping in
     Maintenance, AUV, Light Inspection, Heavy and                point. This also allows it to show clearly all vessels   connection with scour prevention for offshore
     Multifunctional workloads.                                   involved in production and production support            pipelines and production manifolds.

     Anchor Handling, Tugs & Supply Vessels                       Remotely Operated Vehicles £35/$70/€55                   Topside Construction £35/$70/€55
     £35/$70/€55                                                  Order No: ROV/WC. Size: 930mm x 1385mm                   Order No: TC/WC. Size: 980mm x 1305mm
     Order No: AHTS/WC. Size: 1000mm x 1390mm
                                                                  ROVs are routinely deployed during almost every          This is the only wallchart to show the construction of
     This wallchart has been a long time in preparation,          phase of exploration, field development and              topsides at the fabrication sites onshore, loadout and
     but here it is, available at last, the first ever complete   pipe/flowline laying. This wallchart shows vehicles      installation offshore. It also shows the various types
     visual guide to all types of anchor handling tugs,           of all sizes in action on a variety of tasks with        and sizes of topsides found in production operations
     anchor handling tug supply vessels, straight supply          considerable extra detail showing deployment             around the world, together with jacket fabrication
     vessels, platform suppliers, crew boats and salvage          systems and manipulators.                                and launch techniques.

Single Point Moorings £35/$70/€55                         New Generation Deepwater Drilling Units                       Abandonment and Decommissioning
Order No: SPM/WC. Size: 975mm x 1310mm                    £35/$70/€55                                                   £35/$70/€55
                                                          Order No: DDU/WC. Size: 950mm x 1385mm                        Order No: AD/WC Size: 900mm x 895mm
In this wallchart you'll see every type of SPM
installation, topside and subsea. From simple             For the first time, a fully illustrated wallchart featuring   All over the world ecological and environmental
loading buoys to turret moored storage tankers with       eight of the worlds most advanced designs of                  pressures, in addition to contractual licensing
moorings, risers, flowlines and pipelines to shore all    Deepwater Drilling Units on one poster.                       obligations, are requiring operators to address their
clearly visible.                                                                                                        commitment to the abandonment and
                                                                                                                        decommissioning of older producing installations.
                                                                                                                        This wallchart, one of 15 in this unique CRSL series,
                                                                                                                        presents graphically the latest thinking on the cost
                                                                                                                        effective removal of topsides and jackets. In all, ten
                                                                                                                        methods are shown and explained. This wallchart
                                                                                                                        first, will be of great value to anyone with an interest
                                                                                                                        in this subject which will require considerable
                                                                                                                        investment and ingenity over the years ahead. Units
                                                                                                                        and concepts shown are I The Master Mind
                                                                                                                        column stabilised single lift platform removal
                                                                                                                        concept I The heavy lift crane vessel Stanislav
                                                                                                                        Yudin I The twin marine lifter, lift barge I The
                                                                                                                        Versatruss catamaran barge I The Heerema H-851
                                                                                                                        lift barge I The Pieter Schelte catamaran I The
                                                                                                                        Rambiz twin hull lift vessel I The Asian Hercules
                                                                                                                        sheerleg crane I The Offshore Shuttle single lift
                                                                                                                        vessel I The Saipem 7000 semi-sub crane vessel.

Offshore Support Vessels £35/$70/€55                      Deepwater Mooring £35/$70/€55
Order No: OSV/WC. Size: 990mm x 1385mm                    Order No: DWM/WC. Size: 975mm x 1305mm

If you have ever been confused about the many             If you need to know about the techniques, materials,
different types of vessels engaged in the offshore        connections and anchors used for permanent
oilfields, then this wallchart will change all that. On   deepwater mooring spreads, this is the wallchart for
it you'll find every type and class of vessel from        you. All are clearly shown to realistic water depth
crane barges to stand-by ships, from diving support       scale, together with anchors of all types visible
vessels to seismic boats and more.                        embedded below the mudline.

                                                                                                                        Hydrographic Survey & Oceonography
                                                                                                                        Order No: HGS/WC. Size: 950mm x 1385mm

                                                                                                                        For the first time, a fully illustrated wallchart focusing
                                                                                                                        on all the major aspects of both Hydrographic
                                                                                                                        Survey and Oceanography, including; dedicated
                                                                                                                        coastal, medium and large Hydrographic Vessels in
                                                                                                                        operation; Underwater vehicles (AUV, ROV and
Mobile Offshore Drilling Units £35/$70/€55                Subsea Engineering £35/$70/€55                                Towfish); Surface and Sub-surface Observatories
Order No: MODU/WC. Size: 985mm x 1385mm                   Order No: SE/WC/2. Size: 990mm x 1385mm                       and Recording Equipment; Offshore Construction
                                                                                                                        and ROV Support; Subsea Mapping; Multibeam
Drillships, jack-ups and semi-subs of all types are       Actually see typical subsea engineering jobs taking           Sonars and Imaging; Acoustic and Transponder
shown here in drilling modes and in transit between       place with both diver and ROV intervention support.           Systems; Surface Drifters and Meteorological Buoys;
locations. There is no better way to familiarise          This wallchart puts you in the picture from spool             Wave and Nutrient Measurement; Positioning and
yourself with the 'tools of the exploration trade' than   piece deployment to pipeline repair.                          Communications; Current Profilers and Meters; and
this wallchart.                                                                                                         also Mine Detection.

   All of these wallcharts can be obtained as digital images for use in
   internal literature, presentations and exhibition stands.
   Price: £250 / $500 /€375 each
   Note: Each use of image should be acknowledged with “Courtesy of Clarkson Research Services Limited, UK”
   Note: VAT where applicable should be added to the prices quoted on this page (UK and Europe only).

     The Federation of Russian States Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map First Edition - 2005/06

                                          As major developments continue a pace in both the      I Northern Baltic Sea - With Primorsk being
                                          Barents Sea and Sakhalin Island regions, this new      Russia's export gateway to the West, this is the
                                          map is for you if you have any interest in this        Western limit to the map.
                                          region.                                                I The Black Sea - A major export link to the West,
                                                                                                 with the recently opened Bluestream Pipeline
                                          Produced to the same high standards as our other       I Sakhalin Island and The Sea of Okhotsk - This
                                          regional maps, this data has been fully researched     new hydrocarbon province is estimated to hold
                                          by a team of dedicated professionals.                  over 14 billion barrels of oil and 2800 billion cubic
                                                                                                 metres of gas. All six offshore areas designated for
                                          Contents                                               development are shown, including field locations
                                          I On and offshore data for the complete FSU            with platform location, new pipeline routes and Oil,
                                          region                                                 Gas and LNG export terminals. This region forms
                                          I Fields                                               the furthest Eastern limit of the map.
                                          I Concession and licence blocks                        I West Siberia - The majority of Russian oil
                                          I Current block ownership                              reserves lie in this region, with an estimated 450
                                          I Current, planned and proposed pipelines              named fields, of which 123 are developed. With the
                                          I Oil Refineries                                       approval for the start up of the North Vadelyp
                                          I Gas Processing Plants                                oilfield in the region, expected to reach a peak
                                          I LNG Plants                                           output of 18,000 barrels a day, from an expected
                                          I Marine Terminals                                     reserve of over 104 million barrels, interest in this
                                          I Export and supply                                    region is high.
                                          I Major cities and ports                               I The Northern Caspian Sea - Particular focus
                                          I Minimum and maximum expected ice flows.              has been given to the West Coast Caspian Sea,
                                                                                                 with new potential for the large Tsentralnoye
                                                                                                 oilfield. Several large discoveries have been made
                                          Areas of special interest on the map include:          offshore Russia in the Caspian Sea which are
                                          I The Barents and Pechora Seas - Expectations          shown on the map.
                                          for this region are huge. It is undoubtably the most
                                          challenging. These regions have inspired new
                                          exploration and development, particularly with the
                                          two largest projects - Shtokmanovskoye gas field
                                          and Prirazlomnoye oil field. Within the next three
                                          years Russia is planning to commence licensing a
                                          possible 22 blocks in the Russian Arctic. There are
                                          already 6 blocks open to offer in the Pechora Sea.                           Scale: 1:10,100,000
                                                                                                            ON         Size: 1365mm x 880mm
                                          I Ob Bay and Yamal Peninsula - With successful                    CD
                                          exploration drilling having now taken place, this                            Price: £140/$280/€210
                                          region is looking very positive for further                                  Product Order No: SAK/1
     Typical data taken from the map.     development.                                                       

North Sea Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map - 2006 Edition
Welcome to the new 28th edition of what is without doubt the most respected
regional map published for the North Sea exploration and production region. We
have now been publishing this map annually since the earliest days of the
company. Over this period we have 'fine tuned' its presentation to make certain
that every piece of data it contains, some of it stretching back to the earliest days
of gas drilling in the Southern North Sea, is clearer, easier to locate and accurate.
This new edition is no exception and will, once again, be essential for anyone
who needs the up to date facts on exploration, field development and production
for the whole North West European region.

New Data for 2006
I North Sea 23rd round blocks on offer
I Norway North Sea 19th round blocks on offer
I Ireland Rockall Basin Frontier round awards
I Denmark 2005 licence awards
I North Sea 23rd round awards
I Norway North Sea 18th round blocks awarded
I Faroe Islands 2nd round awards
I UK 12th round onshore awards.

General Content
I All new blocks awarded, on offer or nominated
I Well positions
I All oil and gas fields with platform locations symbol, fields no longer in
I Pipelines, both actual and proposed, with their associated terminals
I Water depths
I Locations of major cities, ports, supply bases and fabrication yards
I Subsea template and Manifold positions.

                          Scale: 1:1,000,000            Product Order No:
              CD          Size: 1745mm x 1250mm         NSM/06F - Folded
                          Price: £140/$280/€210         NSM/06R - Rolled


NOTE: Laminated copies are available at £240/$480/€360 + VAT if applicable.

Please quote Product Order No. NSM/06/L

North Sea & Atlantic Margins Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map - 2005 Edition

                                                                                   Typical data taken from the map and reproduced to actual size.
This is the eighth edition of the only map that takes you from Denmark at the           I UK North Sea 22nd round awards
eastern extremity of the North Sea right out beyond the Faroes, to the frontier         I Norway North Sea 2004 awards
blocks at the extremities of the continental margin. This means that it provides        I Faroe Islands 2nd round awards
you with a complete overview of all oil and gas exploration and production              I UK 12th round awards
activity offshore North West Europe. It has been completely updated using our           I International medians
new 'in-house' electronic mapping system.                                               I Oil & gas pipelines
                                                                                        I Oil & gas fields
Contents                                                                                I Terminals
I Concession areas currently held                                                       I Major cities, towns and supply bases
I Faroe Islands 2nd Round on offer                                                      I Production platform locations
I UK North Sea 23rd Round blocks on offer                                               I Well locations.
I Norway North Sea 2004 blocks on offer
I Norway 19th round blocks on offer                                                     Please specify “R” for rolled copies e.g. NS/AM/8/R
I Ireland Rockall Basin frontier round
I Norway 2004 awards                                                                                            Scale: 1:2,000,000
                                                                                                     ON         Size: 1265mm x 980mm
                                                                                                     CD         Price: £95/$190/€145
                                                                                                                Product Order No: NS/AM/8

     West Africa Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map - 2006 Edition
                                                                                     If you have an interest in exploration and production offshore in this important
                                                                                     and very busy region, then this map, without question, represents the best data
                                                                                     source available. We have been producing it for nearly 20 years, so this latest
                                                                                     in the line also puts a great deal of cumulative experience and a reputation for
                                                                                     authentic and up to date information at your disposal. This latest edition has
                                                                                     naturally been fully updated to include all new licence areas, exploration wells,

                                                                                     fields and pipelines, and we have put special emphasis on the area's
                                                                                     deepwater activity.
                                                                                     We have also added a number of inset maps which serve to expand the area of
                                                                                     coverage of the new map to Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea -
                                                                                     Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Mozambique (S. East Africa). All these
                                                                                     new inset maps acknowledge the important oil & gas potential for these

                                                                                     I On and offshore data for Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial
                                                                                     Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, (scale 1:1,000,000). South Africa and Mozambique
                                                                                     (scale 1:14,000,000). North West Africa, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Senegal, The
                                                                                     Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone; Liberia (scale 1:5,000,000) and Western
                                                                                     Sahara. Major detail insets between scale 1:1,000,000 and 1:4,000,000
                                                                                     I Fields
                                                                                     I Wells (using correct designation symbols)
                                                                                     I Pipelines
                                                                                     I Median lines
                                                                                     I Quadrants
                                                                                     I Blocks with numbers and operator names
                                                                                     I All taken acreage
                                                                                     I Open blocks
                                                                                     I Blocks on offer
                                                                                     I Water depth contours
                                                                                     I Major cities, ports, supply bases, fabrication centres
                                                                                     I Pipeline terminals
                                                                                     I FPSO locations.

                                                                                                              Scale: 1:1,000,000 (insets 1:500,000/1:250,000)
                                                                                                   ON         Size: 1385mm x 985mm
                                                                                                              Price: £140/$280/€210
                                                                                                              Product Order No: WAM/06

     World Deepwater Oil & Gas Activity and Exploration Map - 3rd Edition

     Typical data taken from the map.
     This third edition of our universally acclaimed map covering the
     world's deepwater activity has again been fully researched and
     updated in collaboration with Infield Systems Limited.

     This map will again be of major interest to planners who wish to
     spot locate particular activities and identify where further

     development can be found.

     I All deepwater concession blocks with operator status, number
     and taken/available acreage
     I Named and highlighted deepwater fields, production systems and               I Falkland Islands
     discoveries                                                                    I India - West and East Offshore
     I Well locations and designation                                               I New Zealand - North Island
     I Oil & Gas pipeline routes                                                    I North West Africa - Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau
     I Terminals                                                                    I Republic of South Africa
                                                                                    I South East Asia - Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia
     Major Areas of Interest                                                        I USA - Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
     I Australasia - Timor Sea, West Australia, South Australia                     I West Africa - Angola, Congo, Eq. Guinea, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria,
     I Brazil - Campos Basin, Santos Basin, Espirito-Santo Basin, Sergipe-Alagoas   Cameroon, Cabinda.
                                                                                                            Scale: 1:5,000,000
     I Canada - Sable Island                                                                     ON         Size: 1365mm x 880mm
     I Central Americas - Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica                                                 CD
                                                                                                            Price: £125/$250/€190
     I Europe - UK Atlantic Margins, Norway, The Mediterranean (Tunisia and
                                                                                                            Product Order No: WDM/3
     Egypt), Italy

The Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Activity and Lease Map - 10th Edition

                                                                                  The new tenth edition of the definitive “Gulf” map once again provides users
                                                                                  with a complete overview of every aspect of exploration, field development and
                                                                                  production for the whole area. As always, we checked and re-verified all existing
                                                                                  data whilst adding field, platform and pipeline data right out to the 3,000 metre
                                                                                  (10,000 foot) contour. In the past we have made great efforts to include every
                                                                                  named deepwater discovery, and this year is no exception. We have added all
                                                                                  new deepwater prospects and highlighted them with a locator symbol with the
                                                                                  prospect name alongside. This acknowledges the importance of the
                                                                                  discoveries, many of which will play a significant part in tomorrows Gulf of
                                                                                  Mexico production. If you need serious information at your fingertips, this
                                                                                  unique two part map set will be essential.

                                                                                  I All areas and leases with numbers and operator name abbreviation
                                                                                  I Oil and gas fields with field names (if applicable) in addition to area/lease
                                                                                  numbers I All deepwater discoveries and prospects shown with gold locator
                                                                                  dot with name alongside I Oil and gas pipelines with data on operator, product
                                                                                  transported, diameter and direction of flow I Location of all wells and
                                                                                  production platforms Water depth contours; 0-50m, 50-100m, 100-200m, 200-
                                                                                  500m, 500-1000m, 1000-1500mm, 1500-2000m, 2000-3000m I Shipping traffic
                                                                                  separation zones I Major cities, towns and terminals

                                                                                                           Scale: 1:600,000 overall - approx 9miles to 1 inch
                                                                                                ON         Size: 1385mm x 980mm each map
                                                                                               LINE        Price: £125/$250/€190 per two map set
                                                                                                           Product Order No: GOM/10
Typical data taken from the map and reproduced to actual size.                                   

The Gulf of Mexico Map - Single Sheet 3rd Edition

                                                                                                                                            Typical data taken
                                                                                                                                            from the map and
                                                                                                                                            reproduced to
                                                                                                                                            actual size.
Our two part Gulf of Mexico Map set has for many years provided the ultimate      I Location of all wells and production platforms
reference to oil & gas exploration in the region. Also available is this single   I Water depth contours; 0-50m, 50-100m, 100-200m, 200-500m, 500-1000m, 1000-
sheet edition, this map combines the mass of data that readers have become        1500mm, 1500-2000m, 2000-3000m
accustomed to with dimensions that make it easily portable for use at meetings    I Shipping traffic separation zones
or for wall mounting in the office. If you need the facts, here they are.         I Major cities, towns and terminals

I All areas and leases with numbers and operator name abbreviation
I Oil and gas fields with field names (if applicable) in addition to area/lease                         Scale: 1:2,000,000 overall - approx 12miles to 1 inch
numbers                                                                                       ON        Size: 1355mm x 820mm
I Oil and gas pipelines with data on operator, product transported, diameter                            Price: £95/$190/€145
and direction of flow                                                                                   Product Order No: GOMR/3

     South East Asia Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map - 2005 Edition

                                                                                                                   Typical data taken from the map and reproduced to
                                                                                                                   actual size.
     This map is the latest in a long line of CRSL activity and concession references        Contents
     for this region which span nearly twenty years. We have spent the time since the        I Areas covered: Andaman Sea, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Java, Kalimantan,
     last edition was published, checking updating and expanding the huge data               Kampuchea, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Natuna Sea, Philippines, Sumatra,
     content for each nations' oil and gas interests offshore, with special emphasis on      Thailand, Timor Gap and Vietnam.
     deepwater activity. If South East Asia, from China in the North to the Timor Gap        I Median lines, concession blocks/areas with operator names
     area in the South, is important to you, this is the one map that will be essential in   I Wells, fields, pipelines, terminals
     your day to day work.                                                                   I Water depths, base ports, towns and cities.

                               Scale: 1:2,000,000 (inset 1:500,000/1:250,000)
                    ON         Size: 1395mm x 995mm
                               Price: £195/$390/€295
                               Product Order No: SEA/05

     Middle East and North Africa Oil & Gas Activity and Concessions Map - 2005 Edition

     Typical data taken from the map and reproduced to
     actual size.

     The Middle East is at present one of the world's most dynamic regions and this          Oil & Gas Data
     new edition of CRSL's activity and concession map of the area covers every              Oil & Gas Fields I New and Proposed Pipelines I Well locations
     aspect of the on and offshore Middle East and North Africa region.                      I Concession areas, with block boundaries, showing blocks currently held
     Particular attention has been paid to the many developments offshore Egypt,             (with designated operator) and those on offer I Refineries and Major Terminals
     particularly in it's deeper waters, the resurgence of Libya as a major player and       I Port locations I Water depth bathymetry.
     the expansion of the North and South Pars areas.

     Contents                                                                                                        Scale: 1:4;025,000 (inset 1:1,000,000/1:500,000)
     Countries covered                                                                                    ON         Size: 1385mm x 975mm
     Oil and offshore data is included for I Abu Dhabi I Algeria I Bahrain                                           Price: £145/$290/€220
     I Egypt I Iraq I Iran I Jordan I Kuwait I Libya I The Lebanon I Oman                                            Product Order No: ME/NA/5
     I Qatar I Saudi Arabia I Syria I UAE.                                                                 

Offshore Brazil Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map - 2004 Edition
The third edition of the world's finest and most detailed map for this important
exploration and producing nation

It has been assembled using experience gained with the production of our South
America Map (see below) to provide everyone interested in Brazil's exploration and
production with a definitive detailed source of reference. This new map is published at
an overall scale of 1:3,000,000 with insets of key areas of interest at scales of 1:2,000,000
to highlight, in addition to the usual oil and gas data, Brazil's new concession block
awards and latest exploration drilling. If you need Brazil oil and gas data, this has to be
the map.

I 5th round awards and the 6th round blocks on offer
I On and offshore data for Brazil at scales of 1:3,000,000 and 1:2,000,000
I Fields
I Wells (using correct designation symbols)
I Pipelines
I License blocks with operator names
I Major cities/towns, ports, supply bases, fabrication centres
I Water depth contours.

Typical data taken from the map and reproduced to actual size.

                          Scale: 1:3,000,000 inset maps at 1:2,000,000
              ON          Size: 980mm x 1395mm
                          Price: £95/$190/€145
                          Product Order No: BRA/M/3

South America Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map 2003 - 4th Edition
                                                                                This, the current fourth edition of the only map to provide fully detailed activity and
                                                                                concession data for all Central and South American countries on a single sheet.
                                                                                Naturally both on and offshore data has been checked and updated, but for this new
                                                                                edition we've also fully revised the pipeline infrastructure and added much important
                                                                                new information. For example, this includes details on Brazil's 5th round 'cell' blocks on
                                                                                offer, plus new concession areas in Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad, the Falkland Islands
                                                                                and Peru, all of which are highly interesting areas for exploration. There is also a new
                                                                                inset map for Trinidad and Tobago, which will be of special use for monitoring current
                                                                                deepwater drilling activity in the area. The South American oil and gas scene is getting
                                                                                bigger by the year, and this new map will keep you in the picture.

                                                                                I On and offshore data for all Central and South American Continental countries at an
                                                                                overall scale of 1:8,000,000 with inset maps at 1:1,000,000
                                                                                I Fields
                                                                                I Wells (using correct designation symbols)
                                                                                I Pipelines
                                                                                I Median lines
                                                                                I Quadrants
                                                                                I Blocks with numbers and operator names
                                                                                I All taken acreage
                                                                                I Open blocks
                                                                                I Water depth contours
                                                                                I Major towns, cities, ports, supply bases, fabrication centres
                                                                                I Pipeline terminals
                                                                                I Refinery locations.

                                                                                                          Scale: 1:8,000,000 (insets at 1:1,000,000)
                                                                                                ON        Size: 995mm x 1395mm
                                                                                                          Price: £140/$280/€210
                                                                                                          Product Order No: SA/M/4

     Caspian Sea Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map 2004
     For seven years this has been the most important and useful map of the region and
     this new fourth edition continues this tradition. Naturally it has been fully updated,
     checked and revised in the light of new oil and gas exploration and production,
     notably taking into account activity in the North West, offshore Russia and ongoing
     developments on the Kashagan fields offshore Kazakhstan. We have also updated
     the regional inset maps to show all the latest oil and gas pipelines and
     developments in the Black Sea, Turkey and South Caspian region. The potential
     of the Caspian Sea as the largest oil and gas producing region outside the Middle
     East remains undisputed, but the whole area is a complex one for explorationists,
     to say nothing of its political eccentricities. This map is therefore essential for a
     better understanding of the whole area.

     Typical data taken from the map and reproduced to actual size.
     I On and offshore data for all the Republics bordering the Caspian Sea
     I Wells
     I Fields
     I Pipelines, existing and proposed
     I Median lines, licensed taken acreage with operator names
     I Open acreage
     I Potential oil/gas or condensate bearing structures shown by name using a
     separate colour key
     I Water depths in 20 metre contour increments
     I Major cities, ports and supply bases.
                               Scale: 1:1,000,000
                   ON          Size: 1395mm x 980mm
                               Price: £140/$280/€210
                               Product Order No: CAS/M/4

     Oil and Gas Resources of the World Map - 2003 Edition
                                                                                              This sixth edition of our ever popular world map is
                                                                                              without doubt the best yet. We've checked and
                                                                                              updated all existing data and added more inset maps
                                                                                              to provide you with an unequalled global reference
                                                                                              source - oilfields, gas fields, pipelines, concession
                                                                                              area outlines, refineries, terminals, continental margin
                                                                                              bathymetric data, all major cities, towns and bases and
                                                                                              25 high detail inset maps covering;
                                                                                              I Algeria & Libya
                                                                                              I Bass Strait
                                                                                              I Bohai Gulf (China)
                                                                                              I Bombay High
                                                                                              I Brazil
                                                                                              I Campeche (Mexico)
                                                                                              I Campos Basin
                                                                                              I Columbia, Venezuela & Trinidad
                                                                                              I Congo & Cabinda
                                                                                              I Cook Inlet, Alaska
                                                                                              I Gabon
                                                                                              I Gulf of Suez
                                                                                              I Gulf of Thailand
                                                                                              I Java Sea (Indonesia)
                                                                                              I Middle East
                                                                                              I Nigeria
                                                                                              I North Sea
                                                                                              I North Slope, Alaska
                                                                                              I NW Shelf Australia
                                                                                              I Offshore East Canada
                                                                                              I Sarawak & Brunei
                                                                                              I Tierra del Fuego
                                                                                              I Timor Gap
                                                                                              I Timor Sea
                                                                                              I US Gulf

                                                                                                                       Size: 1365mm x 880mm
                                                                                                            ON         Scale: 1:30,306,000
                                                                                                                       Price: £125/$250/€190
                                                                                                                       Product Order No: WM/6
      Typical data taken from the map and reproduced to actual size.

World LNG Infrastructure Map - 1st Edition

                                                                                                          Typical data taken from the map.

This new addition to CRSL's range of maps has been produced by taking data           I Number of trains per location
from our comprehensive database which contains all current and proposed              I Storage capacity at location
Liquefaction and Re-gasification plants worldwide, both onshore and offshore.        I Year of start up / expected start up
This will be of major use to planners who wish to spot locate where particular       I Export / import - destination / source
activities, and future developments can be found and monitored.
                                                                                     Inset maps
Contents                                                                             I Alaska I Bahamas I Venezuela I Peru I Bolivia I Algeria and Spain
I Location of existing LNG liquefaction and                                          I Egypt I Sakhalin Island I Timor Sea I US Gulf of Mexico I Japan
re-gasification plants - onshore and offshore                                        I Trinidad I Offshore Norway I The Middle East I North Wester I Australia
I Location of LNG liquefaction and re-gasification plants proposed and under         I Indonesia I India I The Philippines I Canada I Malaysia I W. Africa
I Current world gas transportation systems - onshore and offshore                                              Size: 1365mm x 880mm
I Import and export trade routes                                                                   CD
                                                                                                               Scale: 1:30,306,000
I Oil & gas fields in relation to the LNG supply                                                               Price: £95/$190/€145
I Current and proposed pipeline systems with specific locations of the LNG                                     Product Order No: WLNGM/1

CD Map Collection
Customer feedback and field research has led us to develop our valuable maps in a CD format. You can now view the details of our maps on a CD, with the ability to
'zoom in' and 'zoom out' of specific areas of interest, utilizing Adobe® Photoshop® or similar software.

                                                     After finding the area of interest, you can export the contents to MS PowerPoint, or MS Word for use in
                                                     presentations, proposals, or personal use tools. The CD maps will still detail the same valuable oil & gas
                                                     pipeline data, lease block details, wells, platforms, and locations of major cities and ports as our well known
                                                     wall maps. The maps that are available are ....

                                                     I West Africa I Norway I Brazil I Middle East/North Africa I Canada & North Atlantic I South East Asia
                                                     I South America I Caspian Sea I Australasia I Oil & Gas Resources of the World I World Deepwater Map
                                                     I North Sea and Atlantic Margins Map I Russia I World LNG Map

                                                     Price of each Map CD is £250/$500/€375. With this latest product, you will have the offshore map world at
                                                     your fingertips!

GIS Mapping Online                                                                   GIS Mapping on CD-ROM
Building on the success of our GIS Mapping products, CRSL have now                   GIS is the digital combination of location and attribute information for specific
developed an online product for quick and easy reference to our digital maps of      areas of the World. CRSL have utilised our experience in map production, allied
the North Sea and Atlantic margins, and the Gulf of Mexico. These online maps        to the comprehensive databases of Offshore Oil & Gas activity and construction
offer a simple yet powerful tool brought to your desktop. You can define your        to produce powerful digital map data-sets for the European Continental Shelf
map content, choosing the layers of information that you wish to display, zoom       and the Gulf of Mexico. These maps allow the user to identify and analyse
into any area and interrogate the map to bring you in-depth information              information regarding Platforms Wells Pipelines Fields Concession
regarding leases or licences, pipelines, platforms and fields. Use the powerful      areas Shipping Lanes and Bathymetry.
database facility to search the layers by entering search criteria into drop-down
boxes. The results can then be printed off for future reference. These maps are      The maps are updated every 6 months and can be purchased as 'read-only' data
updated every six months bringing you the latest information.                        with a viewer program on CD-ROM. Alternatively, users wishing to supplement
                                                                                     or modify the maps in their in-house GIS systems may choose to purchase the
                                                                                     information in 'layers'. These layers incorporate all the detail from our World
                                                                                     Offshore Field Development Guide databases, and can be produced for any
                                                                                     mainstream mapping system, in the clients preferred projection. Maps can then
                                                                                     be scaled, annotated, configured, exported and printed according to their
                                                                                     specific requirements.

 Prices start at £595/$1,190/€895 per year.                                           Prices start at £595/$1,190/€895 per year.
 See for further details.                                                See for further details.

     The Canada and North Atlantic Oil &
     Gas Activity and Concession Map -
     2000 Edition
     The stature of Canada as an offshore oil & gas producer is immense,
     not so much because of the volumes of production, (although these are
     impressive enough) but because of the technology involved. From the
     giant Hibernia Field project offshore Newfoundland in the East to the
     Arctic islands in the North, the record of innovative engineering in the
     face of unparalleled environmental harshness is unique.

     I Concession blocks with operator names, including relinquished and
     new “round” areas
     I Well locations, with numbers and/or names, using the 16 accepted
     identification symbols oil and gas fields
     I Pipelines, terminals and refinery locations
     I Water depths
     I Locations for major cities, ports, supply bases and fabrication yards.

                             Scale: 1:1,250,000
                  ON         Size: 1380mm x 980mm
                             Price: £65/$130/€100*
                             Product Order No: CAN/M/1

     *Reduced from: £145/$290/€220

     The Norway Oil & Gas Activity
     and Concession Map - 2002/03 Edition
     This is the eighth edition of the only activity and concession map to
     cover the whole of Norway's designated offshore area on a single
     From Spitzbergen to the North Sea's Central Graben area, this new
     map is an essential reference medium for anyone with an interest in
     exploration or production in Norwegian waters.
     Data for Norway and all adjoining nations is presented at an overall
     scale of 1:2,000,000 with inset maps at 1:1,000,000.

     I Licence blocks currently held with operator names
     I Licence blocks for UK 20th round and Norway 17th round currently
     on offer
     I Oil and Gas Fields
     I Platform Locations
     I Pipelines
     I Well locations
     I Terminals
     I Bathymetry
     I Median Lines
     I Major towns, ports and cities

                             Scale: 1:2,000,000 (insets 1:1,000,000)
                  ON         Size: 1390mm x 980mm
                             Price: £65/$130/€100*
                             Product Order No: NM/02

     *Reduced from: £125/$250/€190

     The Australasia Oil & Gas Activity
     and Concession Map 1998
     A definitive reference map that gives you all the
     facts on this exploration and production region
     I Basins covered: Carnarvon, Cooper Eromanga, Sirat Bowen,
     Grippsland, Bonaparte & Browse, Otway and Taranaki. Other on and
     offshore data includes
     I Well locations
     I Fields
     I Concession blocks or areas with operators names
     I Pipelines existing and routes for proposed lines
     I Water depths
     I Pipeline terminals and refineries
     I Cities, towns, ports, supply bases and fabrication centres.

                  ON         Size: 1390mm x 985mm
                  CD         Special Price: £65/$130/€100*
                             Product Order No: AA/M/1

     *Reduced from £125/$250/€190

2006 European Renewable Energy Resources Map
For the first time, a map that fully details the
Renewable Wind and Marine Energy Resources of
the European Union and European Economic area.
Using our proven cartographic experience in the
production of oil and gas activity maps we have
published this new map which has been
researched in conjunction with the Guide to
European Renewable Energy Resources.

I Area Covered - Armenia, Austria, Belgium,
Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eire, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Northern
Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,
Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland,
Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland and the UK.

Data Includes
I Main national transmission grids >380kV
I Substations/Converter stations
I Lease areas
I Marine Renewable Energy Projects
I Coastlines

I Onshore median lines
I Onshore/Offshore wind farm locations

I Onshore wind farm - proposed or planned
I Licence areas

I Bathymetry
I Major towns, cities and ports
I Wave / Tidal energy systems
I Other major offshore structures, including marine
renewable energy projects.
                                                                                                                               ON        Size: 1265mm x 980mm
                                                                                                                               CD        Price: £95/$190/€150
                                                                                                                                         Product Order No: ERM/1

The Guide to European Renewable Energy - 2nd Edition
Including: Onshore and offshore Wind Farms, Subsea Wave and Current Energy Systems

                                                           Many European governments are setting ambitious        Operational Interval, Number of Blades, Power
                                                           targets concerning the use of renewable energy over    Regulation, Braking System; Cut-in Wind Speed,
                                                           the next few decades. By 2010 wind power could be      Nominal Wind Speed, Stop Wind Speed; Tower
                                                           providing 5.5% of European electricity. Consequently   Manufacturer, Hub Height, Total Height, Tower
                                                           developers are now taking offshore wind energy very    Weight, Nacelle Weight, Rotor Weight, Total Weight
                                                           seriously in order to harness the huge potential for
                                                           generating power. Northern Europe has made the         Foundations - Foundation Installation Contractor,
                                                           most progress to date, initial projects have proven    Construction Vessel Operator, Manufacturer, Design,
                                                           very successful and the industry is on the brink of    Type, Grouting Contractor, Grout Type
                                                           major expansion. Plans are advancing for more sites
                                                           in Belgian, Danish, Dutch, German, Irish, Swedish      Transportation - Transportation Contractor,
                                                           and UK waters.                                         Transportation Vessels

                                                           This guide will provide an invaluable overview of      Cabling - Subsea Cable Supplier; Cable Vessels;
                                                           offshore wind energy projects to date; those under     Cable Vessel Operators; Landfall Contractor;
                                                           construction and currently being planned.              Landfall Equipment; Land Cable Supplier; Land
                                                           Information about sites, the companies involved in     Cable Installation Contractor; Land Cable
                                                           development and offshore support vessels employed      Installation Equipment
                                                           in the construction will be included.
                                                                                                                  Control Gear - Transformer; Switchgear;
                                                           Contents                                               Transformer Platform; Grid Connection.
                                                           I Countries covered: Belgium, Denmark, Finland,
                                                           France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Sweden,       Generators - Generator Type, Nominal Output,

                                                           The Netherlands and UK                                 Operational Data, Gearbox Type, Control System
                                                           I Onshore wind energy sites: over 800 sites

                                                           listed, including actual and proposed                  New sections will include:
                                                           I Offshore wind energy sites: over 100 sites

                                                           listed (actual and proposed/planned) with detailed     I Wave/Current Energy Systems - operational,
                                                           specifications where available                         concepts and research projects

Following the publication of the successful first          Site data includes:                                    I Construction Vessels - detailed specifications
edition of this guide in October 2003, CRSL has now        General Notes - Developer, Operator, Project           on vessels used for offshore windfarm installation
fully updated and re-issued this title. It is as concise   Manager, Location, Country, Co-ordinates, Status,
and, in many cases, greatly expanded to include            Approval Date, Start-up Date, Power Rating, Water      I Products and Services - Index of companies
new data sections, graphics and illustrations. Much        Depth, Seabed Conditions, Mean Wind Speed,             involved in the Renewable Energy industry together
of the additional information has resulted from the        Number of Turbines, Annual Production, Number of       with information about the products or services
positive feedback we have received from purchasers         Houses Supplied, Additional Information                available or provided.
of the first edition.
                                                           Survey Details
Additional research time has been given to an              Operator, Vessels Employed, Survey Details
expanded vessel section, detailing shallow water                                                                                     Pages: over 600
jackup vessels; wind farm web site addresses and           Turbine Details - Turbine Installation Contractor,               ON       Price: £125/$250/€190
products/services and supplies section; wave               Installation Vessels, Vessel Operator; Number of                LINE      ISBN: 1-902157-61-3
/current systems.                                          Turbines, Siting, Turbine Manufacturer, Model,                            Product Order No. ERER/2
                                                           Power; Rotor Diameter, Swept Area, Speed,                       

     Handbook of Offshore Surveying:                         Handbook of Offshore Surveying:                     A Practical Introduction to Anchor
     Volume 1                                                Volume 2                                            Handling and Supply Vessel
     Preparation and Positioning                             Acquisition and Processing                          Operations - 1st Edition






     Description                                             Description                                         This book provides an insight into the equipment,
     Part 1: Projects                                        Part 1: Physics                                     operations and requirements onboard Anchor
     General                                                 I Underwater Acoustics - General, Frequency,        Handling and Supply Vessels; together with a basic
     I Dredging - General, Construction, Sand Mining,        Transducers, Noise and Interference, Detection      understanding of offshore operations.
     Environmental                                           Sound Velocity - Formulae, Raybending, Sound
     I Pipelay - General, Lay Operations, Inline             Velocity Probes                                     Captain Ritchie commences the introduction with
     Structures, As Laid, Trenching                          I Magnetism - General                               design and continues with ship handling and
     I Inspection Survey - Site Survey, Route Survey,        I Geophysics - General                              equipment. He also covers certification and marine
     Seismic, Geophysical                                                                                        compliance, offering guidance on record keeping
     I Installation - SPAR, Structure, Suction Piles         Part 2: Acquisition Systems                         and form filling.
     I Mobilisation - Equipment Selection, Installation,     I Mechanical Sounding - Lead Line and Sounding
     Interfacing, Calibration                                Pole                                                Sections cover a range of topics and are illustrated
                                                             I Singlebeam Echosounders - Working Installation,   with operational photographs; diagrams and data
     Part 2: Geodesy & Mathematics                           Calibration and Operation                           tables. The contents (192 pages, 170+ figures) are
     I Math - Units, General Math, Statistics                I Multichannel Echosounders - Working and           listed in order below:
     I Geodesy - Geoid, Horizontal Datums, Projections,      Processing
     Datum Transformation, Convergence                       I Multibeam Echosounders - Working, Installation,   Contents
     I Position Calculation - General, Angular, Distance,    Calibration, Operation and Processing               I Anchor Handling and Supply Vessel Design
     Range Bearing                                           I Scanning Profiler - Working and Processing        I Ship Handling
     I Co-ordinate Systems - Global, Local, Ship             LIDAR - Working and Processing                      I Anchor Handling Equipment
     Geometry                                                I Sub Bottom Profilers - Working, Installation,     I Anchor Handling Operations
     I Timing - Timing Systems, Latency                      Operation and Processing                            I Deep Water Anchor Handling Operations
                                                             I Side Scan Sonar - Working, Installation,          I Towing Equipment
     Part 3: Positioning Systems                             Calibration, Operation and Processing               I Towing Operations
     I GPS - Working, Installation, Operation, DGPS,         I Magnetometer - Working, Installation, Operation   I Cargo Operations
     RTK                                                     and Processing                                      I Supply Vessel Stability
     I Heading Sensors - Working, Installation,              I Pipe Tracker - Working, Installation and          I Dynamic Positioning Systems
     Calibration and Operation                               Operation                                           I Certification and Marine Compliance
     I Attitude Sensors - Working, Installation,             I Current Profilers - Working                       I ISM Code and Crew Competency
     Calibration and Operation                               I Geophysical Systems - General, Coring, CPT,       I Waste Management
     I Speed Sensors - Working, Installation and             Drilling                                            I ISPS Code
     Calibration                                             I Video Overlay - Working                           I Specific Training for Anchor Handling and Supply
     I LBL - Working, Installation, Calibration, Operation                                                       Vessel Operations
     I USBL - Working, Installation, Calibration,            Part 3: Processing                                  I Appendix A Rig Anchor Information
     Operation                                               I Linedata - Creating, Sounding Density             I Appendix B Soil Types and Holding Ground
     I Depth Sensors - Working                               I Tides - General, Prediction, Measuring Tide,      I References
     I Land Survey - General, Sensors, Operation             Vertical Datums, Processing                         I Key word index
                                                             I Validating - General, Manual, Automatic
                                                             I Reporting - General, Products

      Pages: 328                                              Pages: 325                                          Pages: 192
      Price: £95/$190/€145                                    Price: £95/$190/€145                                Price: £75/$150/€115
      ISBN: 1-902157-73-7                                     ISBN: 1-902157-74-5                                 ISBN: 1-902157-49-4
      Product Order No: HOSV1                                 Product Order No: HOSV2                             Product Order No. PI/AH                                                                

An Introduction to ROV                                     Handbook for ROV Supervisors                           Handbook for ROV Pilot
Operations                                                                                                        Technicians

This book has proved so popular that we have               Essential reading for anyone with an interest in ROV   This most popular book is now available in its
recently had to commission its first reprint, to satisfy   operations.                                            second edition, which has been fully revised to bring
the steady demand from readers who appreciate its                                                                 its huge information content up to date. Originally
clear easy to read format and the substantial amount       This outstanding new book has been written             produced as the result of over six years experience
of information it contains. Much of its contents,          specifically to help ROV Supervisors, those working    in providing training courses at Wray Castle College,
because the book's authors have first hand practical       in the ROV business and interested in career           this new edition covers the essential skills and
experience in the field, is simply not available           development and anyone employed by either the          knowledge that ROV Pilot/Technicians should, but all
elsewhere, so if the facts on ROV operations are           operator or contractor for whom the success of sub-    too often don't, have in order to perform satisfactorily.
important to you order your copy now - you won't be        contracted subsea operations are of vital              The book covers all types of ROVs and their
disappointed.                                              importance.                                            applications including: inspection, intervention,
                                                                                                                  construction, cable laying, MCM, ROTV and others.
Contents                                                   The author, Chris Bell, a chartered engineer with      In addition the description of piloting skills,
I Drilling operations, drilling rigs                       over 15 years experience as an ROV Supervisor and      photography, video and all the technical aspects are
I production systems                                       an extensive involvement in training initiatives has   included in a very practical and comprehensive way,
I support vessels                                          managed to set out in a clear, practical and helpful   enabling it to be used for 'on-the-job' training in
I diving operations                                        manner, facts which will help to improve the overall   appropriate situations. The book includes an
I ROV operations                                           level of competence in this complex and highly         appendix of useful technical data that is so often
I The ROV team                                             technical industry.                                    hard to find just when you need it, making it the kind
I safety                                                                                                          of book that will become an essential 'tool' for the
I rigging and cargo handling                               Contents                                               job. From the company point of view, the book offers
I electrical safety                                        I Management Principles                                an explanation of quality systems and their
I emergency procedures                                     I Leadership                                           importance, including an essential chapter on
I seamanship                                               I Teamwork                                             offshore safety, enabling it to bridge the gap between
I weather                                                  I Safety                                               onshore management and offshore personnel in
I underwater inspection                                    I Personnel Assessment                                 these important areas.
I corrosion/protection                                     I Communications, Documentation and Reporting
I marine growth                                            Requirements                                           Contents
I visual inspection                                        I Operational Considerations                           I Introduction
I NDT                                                      I Contingency Procedures                               I Offshore Safety
I commentaries and report writing                          I Wind, Wave, Tide and Current Prediction              I Types of ROV
I documentation                                            I Navigation, Positioning and DP Systems               I Offshore Structures
I report writing                                           I Computer Appreciation                                I ROV Applications
I ROV system overview                                      I Capabilities and Limitation of ROVs                  I ROV Electrical Systems
I electrical power systems                                 I New Developments.                                    I Use of Test Equipment
I vehicle electronics/hydraulics / sensors and                                                                    I ROV Hydraulic Systems
cameras                                                                                                           I High Pressure Hydraulic Fittings
I mobilisation and demobilisation                                                                                 I ROV Hook-up, Pre/Post Dive Checks
I system maintenance and procedures                                                                               I Electrical Maintenance
I hydraulic maintenance                                                                                           I Mechanical Maintenance
I electrical maintenance                                                                                          I Emergency Procedure
I navigation                                                                                                      I Communications
I surface navigation systems                                                                                      I Underwater Video
I subsurface navigation systems                                                                                   I Underwater Photography
I navigational effects of wind and currents                                                                       I Seamanship
I plus appendices covering sample logsheet, check                                                                 I Drag, Buoyancy & Navigation
lists, suggested additional reading, operating                                                                    I Piloting Skills and the Use of Sonar
companies and vehicles in current operation.                                                                      I Quality Assurance
                                                                                                                  I Exercises.

 Pages: 252                                                 Pages: 328                                             Pages: 360
 Price: £65/$130/€100                                       Price: £95/$190/€145                                   Price: £95/$190/€145
 ISBN: 1-870945-23-9                                        ISBN: 1-870945-94-8                                    ISBN: 1-870945-85-9
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     Supply Ship Operations                                    An Introduction to Marine Drilling                          An Introduction to Offshore Safety
     by Captain Vic Gibson                                                                                                 and Survival
     2nd Edition of the world's most popular and
     successful primer on the subject

     This new second edition has been on the cards for         If you need a better understanding of the offshore          This superb 150 page book provides the perfect
     sometime, because ever since copies of the first          drilling business - This is the only book you will          introduction to this complex and vital subject. Peter
     edition sold out, Captain Gibson has wanted to            need.                                                       Springett, who teaches offshore safety and survival
     upgrade, uprate and generally expand upon his                                                                         has been able to draw upon his unrivalled classroom
     earlier work. In fact hardly anything remains from        In 354 pages this book cuts through the jargon and          skills and up to the minute experience to assemble
     the first edition because literally every chapter is      myths to lay bare every facet of operations. From the       this new reference which will be invaluable to both
     new, as are the photographs and illustrative line         history of marine drilling to the glossary of terms it is   'old hands', and newcomers to the offshore industry.
     drawings. If you are interested in the supply ship or     essential reading.
     anchor handler, its evolution, its role in offshore                                                                   We have just updated and reprinted this exceptional
     exploration and production, its design and                Hundreds of photos and diagrams are used to                 reference book to take into account the latest safety
     capabilities, its operation and the future of the type,   illustrate all chapters which include: preparation for      legislation. Everyone venturing offshore or with
     this one book will tell you all there is to know.         drilling operations, offshore drilling platform types,      responsibility for offshore personnel should have a
                                                               rigs and their equipment, drilling operations, marine       copy.
     Contents                                                  operations, personnel and training procedures.
     I How it all started - the development of the                                                                         Contents
     supply vessel, a look at early operations, typical        Contents                                                    A quick look at the contents, detailed below will
     operational requirements I Oil and Gas Fields a           I The development of rotary drilling                        show you what we mean:
     basis introduction to seismic, drilling, production       I Preparations for drilling - the operator, the             I Aim and Objectives
     operations and producing installations (mobile and        contractor, costs the reservoir, exploration methods,       I Helicopter Operations - Helicopters in General,
     fixed) I Rigs a thorough introduction to mobile           site surveys                                                Pre-flight procedures, Embarkation and
     drilling units of all types I Ship handling               I Offshore platform types - drilling from fixed             Disembarkation. Inflight information. Inflight
     everything you'll ever need to know about vessel          platforms and mobile drilling units                         emergencies.
     manoeuvreing for all oil & gas support operations         I The offshore rig and its equipment - basic                I General Safety - Musters and Drills, Personal
     I Moving semi-submersibles from the basic                 components, the drill floor, derrick and drawworks,         Equipment, Types of Offshore Installation,
     principles to the recovery of back-up anchors             motion compensation, drilling and subsea                    Organisation Structures On & Offshore, Controlling
     I Moving jack-ups I Special anchor handling               equipment; the marine riser and well control.               and Monitoring Safety, Accommodation and the
     duties, use of the J-Hook, grapnel, deepwater work,       I Drilling operations - running the hole, drilling          Workplace
     changing wires, working with high holding power           ahead, tripping, running and cementing casing               I Working Safely - Permits to Work, Transportation
     anchors, use of chain, laying and pre-tensioning          I The drilling sequence, well testing, stimulation          of Hazardous Substances, Control of Substances
     permanent moorings                                        and plugging                                                Hazardous to Health
     I Towing, preparations, selection of lead tug, tow        I Marine operations - stability, rig moves and              I Fire-Fighting - Combustion and Classes of Fire,
     wire maintenance, slowing down, changing tows,            helicopter operations                                       Offshore Fire Risks, Portable Extinguishers and
     salvage and much more I Carriage of cargo,                I Personnel and training.                                   Fixed Installation, Breathing Apparatus
     manifests, cargo plans, servicing arrangements,                                                                       I Abandonment - Lifejackets and Immersion Suits,
     discharge offshore, bulk and oil based liquid mud,                                                                    Liferafts, Lifeboats
     tank cleaning, stability and running for shelter                                                                      I Cold Water Immersion and First Aid - Cold
     I Standby Vessels I Emergencies, everything                                                                           Shock, Hypothermia, The Principles of First Aid,
     from “man overboard” to broken bridge windows                                                                         Respiration and Resuscitation, Circulation, External
     I Miscellaneous activities I The future, likely                                                                       Cardiac Compression and CPR, Bleeding, Bones,
     marine support requirements, QA I Appendix and                                                                        Burns, Oil Cover and Shock
     index.                                                                                                                I Search and Rescue - Search and Rescue
                                                                                                                           Organisation, Distress Signals and Communications,
     This brief look at the contents cannot do the breadth                                                                 Helicopter Aided Evacuations, Transfer to Rescue
     and scope of this book justice, so if you'd like a copy                                                               Vessel
     of the full contents list before ordering, just ask.                                                                  I Appendices - Control Mechanisms for the
                                                                                                                           Offshore Industry, Piper Alpha and the Cullen Report
                                                                                                                           Recommendations, Other Significant Accidents.

      Pages: 199                                                Pages: 346                                                  Pages: 150
      Price: £85/$170/€130                                      Price: £75/$150/€115                                        Price: £95/$190/€145
      ISBN: 1-902157-10-9                                       ISBN: 1-902157-41-9                                         ISBN: 1-870945-38-7
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Floating Structures: a guide for                           Offshore Engineering: An                                   An Introduction to Offshore
design and analysis                                        Introduction - 2nd Edition: The                            Maintenance
                                                           offshore industry’s principle primer

                                                                                                                      An Introduction to Offshore Maintenance
                                                                                                                      This book provides the reader with unique access to
                                                                                                                      the fundamentals of this topical subject.

                                                                                                                      Main chapter headings include:
                                                                                                                      I Offshore maintenance
                                                                                                                      I Offshore inspection
                                                                                                                      I Offshore structural repair
                                                                                                                      I R & D in offshore maintainability and reliability
                                                                                                                      I Reliability and maintainability check lists
We've waited over two years, as have many of our           Here it is the new second edition of one of the            I Maintenance costs
subscribers, for this study to be completed and at         offshore industry's principle primers. It is not written   I Equipment and procurement
long last it has arrived. In hindsight it is easy to see   as a definitive manual but as an overall reference         I Maintainability during topside design
why it has taken so long to compile (no excuses just       and introduction to what is a relatively complex           I Current problems and solutions in offshore
humble apologies to all those who have had to wait         subject. Its aim is to provide a fuller overall            maintenance
so long for their orders to be fulfilled) but when you     appreciation of the offshore industry in                   I Case studies including inspection/maintenance
set loose 32 international sponsors and 22 authors         understandable terms and it is the success in this         philosophy and requirements for a subsea isolation
from seven major companies on a project of this            which is likely to make the book so popular with both      system, a planned pipeline inspection scheme,
complexity valued at over £400,000 ($680,000) it is        new recruits and experienced engineers when they           conversion of a platform from manned to unmanned
not, to put it mildly, likely to be completed overnight!   embark upon new fields of work.                            operation, optimisation of equipment sparing for a N.
Anyway it is here now and is the first comprehensive                                                                  Sea platform and aspects of emergency pipeline
reference guide that brings together the complex           Contents                                                   repair.
analytical techniques and detail design approaches         I Offshore Structures and Support Vessels -
                                                                                                                       Pages: 256
necessary for every type of floating structure from        offshore structures, support vessels, offshore
                                                                                                                       Price: £65/$130/€100
FPSOs to innovative spars and TLPs.                        installations description, fixed steel structures
                                                                                                                       ISBN: 1-870945-21-2
                                                                                                                       Product Order No: R&M/OPS
In two volumes and 1200 pages this sensational new         I The North Sea History and Legislation - the
reference covers:                                          North Sea, the story so far, oil and gas distribution,
I Floating production types and their suitability for      the safety case, statutory instruments, associated
different types of field applications                      information.                                               An Introduction to Diving
I The worldwide ocean environment with                     I Safety Systems - the safety case, fire-fighting          Operations Offshore
comprehensive weather parameter data                       equipment, life-saving appliances, navigational aids,
I Hydrodynamics and dynamics, wave frequency,              hazardous areas, emergency systems.
slowly varying high frequency and impulsive wave           I Piping Systems and Process Pressure
loads and responses.                                       Vessels - piping systems, process pressure vessels,
I Statics - stability and the ways in which                piping and pressure vessels design, piping systems
hydrostatics are included in various different types of    - construction.
dynamic analysis plus stability regulations                I Production - gas production, oil production,
I Dynamic response, spectral analysis techniques           enhanced oil recovery and oil drive mechanism.
and checking methods for dynamic analysis                  I Underwater Engineering - diving, underwater
I Structural analysis and the options available            surveys.
I Fatigue and fracture checking of structural steel        I The Well Component Parts - Christmas tree,
and concrete including TLPs                                surface wellhead.
I Position keeping using catenary moorings, taut           I Well Maintenance - wireline operations,
tether systems and DP                                      workover operations.
I Rigid steel and flexible risers analysis and design      I Appendices - structural steel, welding, non-
I Fabrication of steel and concrete “floaters”             destructive examination, units of measurement, table
I Actual analysis of semi-sub and ship-shaped              of line pipe dimensions.
production installations bringing together their
overall design methodology.                                                                                           This book provides the complete overview of today's
                                                                                                                      diving operations, techniques and equipment
                                                                                                                      I Background, physiology, physics, the underwater
                                                                                                                      environment, legislation, training and qualifications
                                                                                                                      I Air, mixed gas systems, bells and gas systems
                                                                                                                      I Procedures for air bounce, sat and ROV working
                                                                                                                      I Operational management, reporting and medicine.
                                                                                                                      A vital reference for anyone interested or involved in
                                                                                                                      offshore diving.
 Pages: 1150 in two volumes                                 Pages: 350                                                 Pages 288
 Price: £245/$490/€370                                      Price: £85/$170/€130                                       Price: £65/$130/€100
 ISBN No: 1-870553-35-7                                     ISBN: 1-85609-186-4                                        ISBN: 1-870945-33-6
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     Introduction to Oil & Gas Joint                             Guidelines for Marine Operations                           The Abandonment of Offshore Oil
     Ventures                                                                                                               & Gas Fields
     In the oil business the setting up of joint ventures, the
     choice of the right partners, the establishment of
     clear objectives, and the creation of the right
     management structure are of crucial importance.

     The following through of thought processes at each
     stage is the key to the success of the joint venture
     and each part of the guide aims to demonstrate this
     progression. In a way, this may sound obvious, but it
     should be stressed that the complexities of the joint
     venture activities are indeed daunting and require
     the correct handling of huge and diverse operations
     which are subject to ever-changing technical and
     technological factors, and are influenced by
     important economic, administrative and personnel
     aspects. Timing is of critical importance as correct
     co-ordination of all the relevant elements is required
     to ensure satisfactory progress.

     The current levels of joint venture management are
     the fruit of experience which has been costly to
     acquire. The joint venture management depends
     upon the advice of a range of experts in all the
     relevant disciplines and spheres, but difficult
     decisions have to be taken where the element of
     doubt has not been eliminated but reduced to the
     absolute minimum. This new book is no substitute
     for experience but will provide a vital reference
     source for anyone involved in oil and gas joint
     venturing.                                                  For years now the offshore industry has needed a           The abandonment and decommissioning of offshore
                                                                 readily available set of guidelines covering most of       oil and gas producing facilities has been a 'hot topic'
     Contents                                                    the more common types of offshore operations. This         for more than a few years now and yet, until this
     I General - Background, purpose, approach                   is simply because the more people that are aware of        book, no comprehensive reference on the subject
     (general and thought process), style of the venture         the constraints likely to be imposed by the necessity      has been published. This incredible work, the first
     structure.                                                  to insure projects, the smoother, more cost effective      of a series, has been assembled by Mike Corcoran,
     I Establishing the joint venture - Bidding                  and safer marine operations will run from start to         the leading authority in this field, to present an
     agreement, practical and preliminary considerations         finish. This new book has been written by London           overview of the regulatory framework within an
     (operatorship and confidentiality), bidding                 Offshore Consultants in the light of the company's         historical context. In this way it gives the reader the
     agreement (participating interests, identity of             experience as the Marine Insurance Warranty                perspective in which to interpret the intent and future
     operator, duration of agreement, area of mutual             Surveyors on about half of all of offshore installations   development of such regulations for the North Sea
     interest, supervision of operations, assignment to          worldwide. You'll find a detailed contents list below      and for areas further afield. We have listed the
     third parties). The application, licence fees, grant of     but if your company or personnel are involved in any       contents in full in the paragraphs below so you can
     licence and rights, Joint operating agreements              aspects of design, construction, installation or           see for yourself just how detailed and thorough this
     (scope, operating committee, programme, rights of           logistics for offshore operations then access to a         book is.
     partners, transfer of equity, withdrawal and default),      copy of this book will be extremely useful.
     unitisation agreements (enlargement/reduction of the                                                                   Contents
     unit area, tract participation, redetermination, costs      Contents                                                   I Background to the development of offshore
     and production adjustments, non-unit operations,            If you need further information on any item of the         oil and gas facilities, first platforms offshore Gulf
     cost sharing) unitisation across borders.                   contents of this book please call.                         of Mexico 1947, development of the North Sea oil
     I Joint Venture Management, Operations                      I Loadout - Planning of Operations, Loads and              and gas industry
     organisation, operator, operating committee, sub-           Analysis, Systems and Equipment, Operational               I Size of the North Sea physical infrastructure,
     committees, work groups, wider aspects (corporate,          Requirements.                                              types of platforms, facility function, how were they
     technology, financial), exploration (surveys, licences,     I Barge Transportation - Planning of Marine                built and installed, how are the assets managed, role
     drilling, improved technology, environment).                Operations, Determination of Loads and Motions,            of the government.
     Appraisal and conceptual development planning,              Grillage, Seafastenings and Cargo Design,                  I End of field producing life, outline basis for
     project planning and implementation (project                Operational Aspects, Requirements for Barges,              shutting in a field, abandonment basic options, what
     manager) and operating committee (design,                   Towing Arrangements, Requirements for Towing               will abandonment cost, and who pays, Government,
     schedule, contracting strategy). Production                 Vessels (Tugs).                                            operator, consumer and taxpayer, role of
     (operations facilities including use of FPSOs),             I Steel Jackets - Environmental Considerations,            Government to protect public interest, selection of
     pipelines, terminals and other responsibilities), Field     Stability, Strength, Load-Out, Towage, Launch,             options, international regulations to resolve conflict
     Management (reservoir, costs end of life), Personnel,       Upending and Positioning, On Bottom Stability.             between neighbouring states.
     Safety, Transportation by tanker (ownership, revenue        I Lifting - Planning of Marine Lifts, Loads and            I International regulations, The 1958 Geneva
     and costs). Transportation by pipeline (planning,           Analysis, Structures, Requirements for Lifting             Convention, 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, IMO
     viability and safety) Abandonment.                          Equipment, Crane and Crane Vessels.                        Regulations, London Dumping Convention,
     I Joint Venture agreements for associated                   I Gravity Base Structures - Stability and Motion           Oslo/Paris Conventions, Review of the Baltic Sea
     services - Tankers (contacts or time and voyage             Response, Strength, GBS Mooring Criteria, Float Out        Convention 1992, Barcelona Convention 1991, Kuwait
     charters, rights, legal aspects), Transportation of oil     of Base Structure, Towing Criteria, Water Ballast          Convention 1989.
     and gas by pipeline (agreements, terms, risks               System, Deck Mating, Installation.                         I Other Users of the Sea
     liabilities).                                               I Lift-Off, Transportation and Mating of                   I UK Regulations. The Petroleum Act 1987, House
     I Financing Economics, Tax, Safety, Insurances              Topsides - Stability and Motion Response,                  of Commons select Committee review of 1989,
     - Financing structures, risk allocation, farm-ins,          Structural Analysis, Equipment, Lift-Off, Towing           Intergovernmental Review of Policy 1994/95, DTI
     economics and analysis, tax (exploration and                Criteria.                                                  Guidance Notes issued 1995, Financial
     production) Insurance as economic control, placing          I Offshore Pipelines - Documentation, Warranty             provisions/security provisions, HSE Acts/Regulations
     business, typical packages.                                 Surveyor Attendance, Environmental Considerations,         I European Regulations I US Regulations I Other
     I Non-Operators Viewpoint - Monitoring,                     Surveys and Route Preparation, Pipeline                    National Regulations I Abandonment Options and
     auditing, benchmarking and achieving operatorship.          Construction, Towed Pipeline Installation, Pipeline        Regulations I How to demonstrate compliance with
                                                                 Crossings, Freespan Rectification, Trenching and           regulatory obligations (UKCS) I Execution of
                                                                 Backfilling, Tie-Ins, Shore Approach and Landfall,         Abandonment Liabilities.
                                                                 Testing and Commissioning.

      Pages: 292                                                  Pages: 185                                                 Pages: 406
      Price: £95/$190/€145                                        Price: £165/$330/€250                                      Price: £165/$330/€250
      ISBN: 1-870945-96-4                                         ISBN: 1-870945-95-6                                        ISBN: 1-870945-74-3
      Product Order No: OG/JV                                     Product Order No: G/MAR/OPS                                Product Order No: AOGF/1                                                                           

Engineers’ Design Guide to                                 The Essential Guide to Chartering                        Maritime Economics
Deepwater Fibre Moorings                                   and the Dry Freight Market

                                  with end of

A unique study which provides all you need to              “What a boon this book will be to a newcomer to the      “One of the best introductions to shipping market
know about fibre rope mooring systems                                                                               economics available”
                                                           chartering world”
                                                                                                                                           Seatrade Magazine
                                                                                  The Shipbroker
This unique reference is the result of a joint industry
project coordinated by Noble Denton in conjunction                                                                  This well established text, now in its second edition,
                                                           This book combines an analysis of market dynamics
with TTI and supported by a membership of over                                                                      provides a valuable introduction to the organisation
                                                           with a text on the practical aspects of fixing ships
thirty key contributors to this important 'leading edge'                                                            and workings of the global shipping industry by
                                                           (and avoiding mistakes!). A review of the structure of
technology. These include Oil Companies,                                                                            blending economic theory with operational
                                                           the market leads on to a discussion of the dangers
Classification Societies, Design Contractors, Rope                                                                  practicality. It meets the needs of both students and
                                                           for the inexperienced. Charter parties are explained
manufacturers, Installation Contractors and Fibre                                                                   professionals in businesses where a thorough
                                                           in detail, and the implications of new legislation and
producers. It provides vital practical guidance and                                                                 understanding of the shipping industry is essential.
                                                           the impact of e-business are discussed and
instructions on all issues that need to be considered
and the calculations necessary for the design and                                                                   Contents include:
analysis of fibre rope mooring systems.                                                                             I An over-view of the Shipping Market
                                                                                                                    I Shipping Supply
                                                           I The Ships
Contents                                                                                                            I Demand
                                                           I The Freight Market
Subjects covered include;                                                                                           I Market Cycles
                                                           I Chartering and Negotiating Guidelines
I rope material properties                                                                                          I Costs
                                                           I Charter Parties
I terminations                                                                                                      I Revenue & Financial Performance
                                                           I The Voyage Charter Party
I design criteria                                                                                                   I General Cargo
                                                           I The Time Charter Party
I moorings analysis method                                                                                          I Economics of Liner and Bulk Shipping
                                                           I Bills of Lading
I installation                                                                                                      I Ship Design
                                                           I Average and Protective Clauses
I certification                                                                                                     I Shipbuilding
                                                           I Appendices.
I discard criteria.                                                                                                 I Maritime Forecasting & Market Research
                                                                                                                    I 4 appendices of statistical detail.
A detail design practice document plus full
engineering commentary and worked examples
covering a variety of applications, water depths and
spreads is provided with appendices of yarns,
ropes, terminations and their manufacturers.

If you need to know about deepwater mooring then
this report, which has cost quarter of a million
pounds ($425,000) and taken 3 years to prepare, is

 Pages: 479 (plus updates)                                  Pages: 361                                               Pages: 562
 Price: £350/$700/€525                                      Price: £45/$90/€70                                       Price: £35/$70/€55
 ISBN: 1-902157-09-5                                        ISBN: 0-900291-97-4                                      ISBN: 0-415-153107
 Product Order No: NDA/EDG                                  Product Order No: EGCDF                                  Product Order No: ME02E                                                                        

     The Oilfield Seamanship Series...                         Fully updated and revised...
                                                               Oilfield Seamanship Series - Volume 9
     Seamanship is the practical application of expertise
     in the working of vessels and their equipment. The        Dynamic Positioning - 2nd Edition
     skills are acquired by practice rather than by the                                                                 'Dynamic Positioning' by David Bray, the ninth
     study of written material. Texts on seamanship can                                                                 volume in the Oilfield Seamanship series from CRSL
     only hope to describe the equipment, techniques                                                                    , is now available as a completely revised and
     and aims of any particular operation so that                                                                       updated second edition.
     personnel gain a basic understanding of what is
     being attempted. As skill level increases and more                                                                 The new edition reflects the many changes that have
     unusual or difficult operations are encountered the                                                                taken place within the industry during the past five
     seamanship text book should give sufficient                                                                        years, notably the diversification of DP techniques
     information and ideas on how a standard technique                                                                  into a wider range of offshore vessels, their functions
     might be modified or adapted to suit a particular set                                                              and applications. Technology too has moved ahead
     of circumstances.                                                                                                  apace during this period, and the new book reflects
                                                                                                                        this with the inclusion of the latest variants of position
     The Oilfield Seamanship series describes and                                                                       reference systems for dual frequency DGPS, relative
     explains the majority of standard techniques used in                                                               GPS including the “CyScan” laser and the latest “Hi
     marine operations of the offshore oilfield. The series                                                             PAP” technology from Simrad. Also included are
     concentrates on Towing, Anchor Handling, Barge                                                                     details of the new generation motion sensors, solid
     Mooring and Moving, the Operation of Jack-Up type                                                                  state compasses and multi-sensors. Other changes
     vessels afloat, the practice of stability control on                                                               for this new edition mean that most of the material
     semi-submersibles and ballast control techniques on                                                                has now been updated, including all sketches which
     such vessels.                                                                                                      have been re-drawn, and more screen views to
                                                                                                                        illustrate the functions and facilities of modern DP
     The series of books are organised such that                                                                        systems.
     particular volumes are relevant to personnel on
     specific vessel types.                                                                                             Since it was first published, 'Dynamic Positioning'
                                                                                                                        has become the industry's essential reference on the
     The books can be used as training manuals,                                                                         subject for offshore personnel who need to have to
     planning tools and reference works by operational                                                                  hand the facts about the design, installation,
     personnel but it is also hoped that they will be of use                                                            operation and maintenance of DP systems for all
     to all who have an interest in modern practical                                                                    types of vessels.
     seamanship as applied in the marine oil industry.
                                                                                   Pages: 322                           The overall contents of the new second edition
     Note: If you would like full details of the actual                                                                 remains the same and includes chapters covering
     contents of any of these volumes to assist in the                   ON        Price: £125/$250/€190
                                                                        LINE       ISBN No: 1-902157-44-3               DP systems, position reference systems, thrusters
     selection of the correct book for your purpose call                                                                and manoeuvring systems, power systems, DP
     020 7334 3134 in the UK or (713) 334 8970 in the                              Product Order No: OS/DP2
                                                                                                  operations and vessel types, system redundancy and
     USA, and ask.                                                                                                      watch keeping.

     Volume 1: Rescue Towing                                   Volume 2: Jack-up Moving                                 Volume 3: Anchor Handling

     A basic guide on the techniques, equipment and            A comprehensive text on the Jack-up barges when          This volume is of most use to Masters, Officers and
     problems involved in rendering towage services by         afloat, positioning and being moved from one work        others who operate the oilfields anchor handling
     oilfield tugs to the semi-submersibles, jack-up and       site to another. It is principally for use by Barge      vessels. It describes the most common anchor
     barges which they serve. It is a “first aid” manual not   Engineers, Barge Masters, Tow Masters and Marine         handling operations from the work boats viewpoint,
     a text on the practice of salvage towing work which       Superintendents operating such vessels and can           which is quite different from that of the barge or
     is a highly specialised field. It is of use to Tug        also be used by Warranty Surveyors, Marine               vessel that is being worked. A number of specialist
     Masters, Barge Masters, Tow Masters and marine            Advisors and others utilising these unique craft. Part   mooring operations are also described, again from
     operations staff who have responsibility or               2 describes the use of tugs when positioning jack-       the boats viewpoint.
     involvement in the movement of vessels within the         ups in a wide variety of circumstances.
     offshore oilfield.

      Pages: 114                                                Pages: 326                                               Pages: 314
      Price: £65/$130/€100                                      Price: £65/$130/€100                                     Price: £65/$130/€100
      ISBN: 1-870945-39-5                                       ISBN: 1-870945-41-7                                      ISBN: 1-870945-49-2
      Product Order No: OS/RT                                   Product Order No: OS/JM                                  Product Order No:OS/AH                                                                       

Volume 4: Towing                                          Volume 5: Barge Moving                                 Volume 6: Barge Mooring

Towing operations in the oilfield involve the             Barge Masters, Tow Masters, Marine Advisors, Rig       The deployment, retrieval and management of
movement of semi-submersibles, jack-ups and               Movers and others responsible for the planning,        spread mooring systems is a large subject and
barges as well as specialist work such as the pulling     organisation and execution of the movement of both     although a great deal of theoretical data is available,
of sub-sea ploughs and submerged pipeline                 semi-submersible vessels and other barge types will    only limited attempts have so far been made at
bundles. This volume is mainly for Masters and            find this volume contains most of the information      producing a text book which Master Mariners,
officers of the tugs involved as well as Tow Masters,     required to carry out such operations. It views such   Warranty Surveyors and others can use 'in the field'
Marine Advisors and Warranty Surveyors. This book         work from the 'barge' viewpoint and contains data on   to assist them in their work. This volume covers the
principally deals with the towing operation from the      towing vessel selection, conduct of towing             use of spread mooring systems from the barge point
tugs viewpoint. The 2nd part of Vol 2 Jack-Up             operations and contingency planning. Other             of view. It deals with both 'static' (drilling
Moving is included mainly to give personnel on the        sections deal with the loading of semi-submersible     unit/support ship) and 'mobile'
tugs some idea as to what is expected during the          cargo carriers, modular transport operations and       (pipelaying/trenching) mooring spreads.
positioning of such vessels.                              other specialist work.
 Pages: 510                                                Pages: 360                                             Pages: 728
 Price: £125/$250/€190                                     Price: £95/$190/€145                                   Price: £125/$250/€190
 ISBN: 1-870945-63-8                                       ISBN: 1-870945-71-9                                    ISBN: 1-870945-751
 Product Order No: OS/T                                    Product Order No: OS/BM                                Product Order No: OS/BMO                                                                     

Volume 7: Stability &                                     Volume 8: Towing Positioning &
Ballast Control                                           Hook-up for Offshore Production

                                                                                                                    sa ve
                                                                                                                     2 0%
                                                                                                                      when you
                                                                                                                    order the set

Barge Masters, Barge Engineers, Ballast Control           The Towmasters Handbook uses Captain Hancox's             You can save 20% if you
Room Operators and those ashore responsible for           considerable towing and installation experience
the loading and ballasting of both semi-submersibles      amassed on projects like Liuhua, Acquila, Maui B,
                                                                                                                    order all nine volumes. This
and jack-up units will find this volume of particular     Crawford, Brent, Tantawan, Chanterelle, Janice,           represents a saving
interest. It is designed to be used both as theoretical   Foinaven and many more, to bring the planning,
background on the principles of stability                 execution and techniques necessary for success to         of £183 on the published
management and as a guide to the operational daily        life. His down to earth nautical writing style            prices for individual
management of afloat stability on these specialist        supported by over 300 explanatory diagrams,
vessels.                                                  hundreds of 'action' on the job photographs,              volumes.
                                                          countless examples and tables takes the reader
                                                          through, in 600 pages, every phase of the operation
                                                          from pre-tow out planning to riser hook-up and first      The Oilfield Seamanship Set
                                                          oil.                                                      - 9 Volumes
 Pages: 674                                                Pages: 600
 Price: £125/$250/€190                                     Price: £125/$250/€190                                    Price: £732/$1464/€1100
 ISBN: 1-870945-76-X                                       ISBN: 1-902157-22-2                                      Product Order No. OS/SET
 Product Order No: OS/SBC/AO                               Product Order No: OS/TPH                                    

     The World Oil and Gas Desk Diary                       North Sea Desk Diary                                    The Clarkson Desk Diary

                   Typical page taken from the diary                      Typical page taken from the diary                       Typical page taken from the diary

     Page a day diary. Padded, red leather effect cover.    Page a day diary. Padded, black leather effect cover.   Page a day diary. Padded Blue, leather effect cover.
     Red marker ribbon. A4 size.                            Black marker ribbon. A4 size.                           Blue marker ribbon. A4 size.

     Comprising 36pp full colour World Atlas section        Comprising 36pp full colour North Sea Atlas             Comprising 36pp of key maps (in full colour) and
     covering:                                              extracted from the 1:1m scale wall map, covering:       data relating to the shipping industry covering:

     I Canada & North America                               I UK
     I The Gulf of Mexico 12pp section                      I The Netherlands
     I South America                                        I Denmark
     I Europe                                               I Ireland.
     I The Mediterranean
     I West Africa
     I Caspian Sea
     I South East Asia.

                                   Single Unit Cost 10-20                               21-50             51-100             100+
                                        £35.00      £30.00                              £28.00            £26.00             £25.00
                                        $63.00      $54.00                              $51.00            $48.00             $45.00
                                        €52.00      €45.00                              €42.00            €39.00             €37.00
     North Sea Pocket Diary
                                                             Personalised to your own requirements:

                                                             Additional options available:

                                                             Company logo gold embossed to front cover.
                                                             For gold company logo to the front cover, we have to make a 'block' from a
                                                             logo image supplied. (Blocks are kept in store for future use).
                                                             One off manufacture cost: Large £115/$230/€175 Med £60/$120/€90
                                                                                       Small £50/$100/€75
                                                             Cost for embossing logo onto each diary: £2/$4/€3 per diary

                                                             Over-blocking names and initials to the front cover.
                   Typical page taken from the diary         Names and initials can be added to the front cover in gold effect, positioned
                                                             in lower right hand corner.
     Comprising 16pp full colour North Sea atlas section,
     18pp Platform Data section, Major Exhibition Dates
                                                             Cost for set up and embossing each name: £2/$4/€3 per diary
     for 2007, week to view diary section, 16pp World
     Map and 8pp removable address book.                     Inserting company information pages.
     Black leather effect cover.                             Single leaf pages can be bound into the front of any diary, print must be
     Size 85mm x 170mm.                                      supplied by client.
                                                             Cost per diary: £2/$4/€3 per diary
      Unit                                                   Delivery
      Cost      10-20       21-50    51-100     100+         All prices given in this leaflet are exclusive of delivery.
     £15.00     £12.50      £12.00   £11.50     £11.00
     $27.00     $22.00      $21.00   $20.00     $19.00       VAT
     €23.00     €19.00      €18.00   €17.00     €16.00       All prices quoted exclude VAT which will be charged at the appropriate rate.

                                                          Obviously it's difficult to provide firm prices here
Personalised Maps, Atlases                                because every item is, by its very nature, a 'one off'
and Wallcharts                                            customised product.

                                                          In general terms though a personalised map
Most of the maps, wallcharts and atlases illustrated      featuring multiple colour illustrations plus customer
in this catalogue can be personalised to provide the      text and logos works out at around £25/$50/€40 per
most exclusive, useful and desirable company 'give        unit (based on the colour content and a minimum
away' items. Experience has shown that they are                                                                    The CRSL Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Activity and
                                                          quantity of 500 units) - not a lot when these maps       Lease Map - Single Sheet Edition personalised for
especially effective when produced to coincide with       and wallcharts are likely to keep your company
conferences and exhibitions.                                                                                       Allseas (see page 29).
                                                          name in front of the recipient for years.

                                  The CRSL North Sea
                                  Map (see page 27)
                                  displaying company
                                  details and calendar.

The CRSL Oil & Gas Resources of the World Map
(see page 32) displaying company details.

     If you need more information
                                                            5 Easy Ways to Order:
     on any of the titles listed please
     contact your nearest CRSL                                      
     office - we're here to help.
                                                                              UK +44 (0) 20 7334 3134
     Head Office                                                              USA +1 713 334 8970
     Clarkson Research Services Limited
     St Magnus House                    Post:                                 Please send an order form to any of the offices listed.
     3 Lower Thames Street
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     EC3R 6HE
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                                              Payment Methods
                                              A wide range of payment options are available to home and overseas purchasers.
     UK Representative Office                 These are as follows:-
     Clarkson Research Services Limited       Cheques Orders may be accompanied by a cheque payable to Clarkson Research
     15 The Homend                            Services.
     Ledbury                                  Overseas orderers, except those from the USA paying by dollar cheque, should
     Herefordshire                            note that this must be in Sterling and drawn on a UK Bank. Failure to comply with
                                              this may result in extra costs to cover clearance of up to £20/$30 per cheque.
     HR8 1BN
     Tel: +44 (0)1531 634561            Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Maestro). All products listed
     Fax: +44 (0)1531 633744            here can be purchased by credit card. Goods will be despatched against telephone, fax
     Email:              or E-mail orders. In each case purchasers must state clearly the type of card, its
                                              number, expiry date, three digit security code, the full name and address of the
                                              card holder and their telephone number.

     USA Representative Office                Bank Transfer (please add transfer charges to payment)
     New Address                              Orders with payment by Bank transfer can only be accepted if the following details are
     Clarkson Research Services Limited       Sum shown on Bank transfer £/$
     1333 West Loop South                     ...................................................................................................
     Suite 1525                               Company name appearing on Bank transfer:
     Houston TX 77027
     Tel: +1 713 334 8970               Payment should be made to:
     Fax: +1 713 334 8968                       Clarkson Research Services
     Email:                  The Bank of Scotland
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                                              For £ Sterling payments:                                                         For $ US payments:
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                                              All goods are despatched using surface mail services. If you require delivery via Airmail
                                              please tick the appropriate box on the order form opposite.

                                              Trade terms / bulk purchasing
                                              Special trade discounts are available to recognised map and booksellers on all CRSL
                                              products. These discounts are also available to company purchasers on grouped up or
                                              large scale orders. Please contact the order department for details.

                                              It is important to note that because of currency fluctuations and other reasons beyond our                             control prices quoted in this catalogue, whilst current
                                              at the time of publication, may be subject to alteration without notice.

Please note that prices may be subject to alterations without prior notice.
Please supply the following publications:

     Product Order Number                                                                                                                             Quanitiy                                 Cost                                   Total cost
                                                                                                                                                      required                                per item                                 per item

                                                                                                                                                               Sub Total
                                                                                                                                         Postage & Packing (Surface)
                                                                                                                                                        UK £10/$20/€15
                                                                                                                                                        EU £20/$40/€30
                                                                                                                                             Rest of World £30/$60/€45
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