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					                                    Region 4A MRC

                        Progress Report for October 2010

Communities Covered by MRC:
         Acton                     Lincoln                      Sudbury
         Ashland                   Littleton                    Walpole
         Bedford                   Marlborough                  Waltham
         Boxborough                Maynard                      Wayland
         Carlisle                  Medfield                     Weston
         Concord                   Millis                       Wilmington
         Dover                     Natick                       Winchester
         Framingham                Norfolk                      Woburn
         Holliston                 Sharon                       Wrentham
         Hopkinton                 Sherborn
         Hudson                    Southborough
         Lexington                 Stow

Contact Name:         Liisa Jackson, Region 4A Coordinator
Date Submitted:       09-15-2010

MRC Membership
Current Active Volunteers: 4,570

Categories of Volunteers:

Physicians                                532                      Physician Assistants 24
Nurse Practitioners                       45                                     Nurses 1195
Pharmacists                               58                                   Dentists 45
Veterinarians                             93                 Mental Health Professionals 224
EMS Professionals                         235                    Respiratory Therapists 11
Other Public Health/Medical               623                 Non-Public Health/Medical 1,483

Increase/Decrease from Previous Report: + 12

MRC Recruitment & Training Activities

10-12-10 Immunization Techniques Training, Natick
10-19-10 Children during Disaster-Psychological Effects Walpole
10-26-10 Family preparedness Holliston

Orientation or Recruitment Meetings Held:
We have used the H1N1 hot washes for recruitment of new MRC volunteers.
Most of Region 4A MRC training is open to the public to recruit more MRC volunteers:

Date: 10-01-10

MRC Activities and improvements:

We are working to develop our data base and to expand the capabilities of the vaccine
registration system and have and have started building our fall training schedule please
see the web-page for classes

Shelter Simulation class:

We have developed a Sheltering Simulation class has been used drill local sheltering
plans by reviewing and holding the training at the shelter location in the communities
that hold the training and this will give that community an opportunity to drill their
sheltering plans and to train volunteers by actually walking through and simulating the
shelter in that community.

Region 4A web-page improvements:

We have really beefed up our MRC web-page we have set up a registration system for
residents that are eligible for the seasonal flu vaccine can pre-register for it on the web-
page, this has saved the overall time that the health departments are spending pre-
registering people who can receive the vaccine. We have made many improvements to
the registration system and it has been very instrumental in keeping the flow of the
clinics at a steady pace and reducing surges during the clinics. Please take advantage
of this web-based registration system for your fall flu clinics.

We have developed a Deployment tool for the web-page and it worked very well during
the water distribution deployment.

MA responds system:

The state wide data base, Region 4A MRC signed the MOU with DPH; any town in the
region can participate in the program but is not required to do so.

This link explains the product from Collaborative Fusion to set up the new database,
Mass Responds.

Date: 10-01-10
Region 4A H1N1 Sheltering Team:

We have recruited over 380 MRC volunteers that are willing to help out state wide with
the shelter operations during the spring floods we have compiled a list of additional staff
that can assist inside and outside of their communities, it is worked very well during this
recent deployment. We will use this team to drill our new sheltering class simulation a
regional shelter.

Local Reports:

                                     October Newsletter
                                 Littleton Volunteer Corps

The Emergency Dispensation Site Walk through Drill on October 21st was a success
and milestone for our MRC. The purpose was to work out the basic kinks in the set up,
paper flow, and treatment logistics. We practiced how we would organize, process and
begin to treat fellow residents. This drill was in preparation for a full drill next spring.

Thank you, to all the volunteers and Town Officials who attended and made the drill

Gary Austin, Peter Cassinar, Tom Carlson, Joan Castagneto, Beverly Cyr, Louis Curley,
Brian DiGiovanni, Chesca Fox, Kathy Gehly, Matthew King, Joe Knox, Cheryl
Lichtenberg, Alex McCurdy, Natalie Rothwell and Ron Thornton

News and Updates:

MRC Trailer: ‘Thank you’ to Fire Chief Steve Carter, who purchased a beautiful trailer
for our emergency response needs. The trailer will hold all of our sheltering and clinic
set up material. Stop by the Fire Station and take a look!

What’s next?

Executive Committee Meeting: Thursday, November 4th 7PM at Reuben Hoar Library.
We will be discussing the plans and details for the winter and spring. Please contact
me at: if you are interested in attending.

Pethingz Pet ID: On Saturday November 13th , 2-4PM at Pethingz on Great Road next to
Donelan’s Market we will feature a pet identification and pet emergency preparedness at
Pethingz in partnership with Boxborough Emergency Response Corps (ERC). If you would like
to help with this event please contact Ky Melhado at:

Date: 10-01-10
Psychological First Aid Course: Thursday December 2, 7PM in Kiva Room at LHS.
Please read course details below.

MRC Regional Trainings

Psychological First Aid Course Thursday December 2, 7PM in Kiva Room at LHS:
Littleton is offering a course open to all of ‘MRC Region 4A’ on how to handle the emotional
needs in the event of an emergency or disaster. This will be taught by one of our Executive
Committee Members, Charleen De Stefano, who serves on Massachusetts DMAT and has
responded to a number of large scale disasters. Charleen has served during the aftermath
of Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year.

Please take Incident Command Systems 700 or 100 online if you have not already done so.
Please get on to the MRC website listed below, or website and you can take the
course at your PC and get the certificate sent to your PC. Due to problems with sent in
final exams we will not be having this training as a class option this year. Take 700 first,
then 100:

For NIMS 700:

For ICS 100:

Enjoy the fall,

Ann Loree
Littleton Volunteer Corps/MRC and CERT

Natick MRC:

Hosted an Immunization Techniques Training for Flu vaccinators on October 12 at
Natick Town Hall, attended by 15 area MRC volunteers.

Held our Emergency Dispensing Site exercise on October 21 during our Family Flu
Clinic at Natick High School, one of our designated EDS sites. Administered Flu and
TdaP vaccine to 286 Natick residents.

28 medical and 33 non-medical MRC volunteers actively participated in Natick’s 5 flu
clinics during October.

Date: 10-01-10
Leila Mercer, Public Health Nurse
Natick Health Department/ MRC Coordinator

REGION 4A REPORT                    OCTOBER 2010

Maynard fest- October 9, 2010- This is a Town wide celebration with local stores,
vendors, churches and civic organizations from town all participating. Residents enjoy
the festivity, sales and information that is provided. MCC/MRC set up our MRC tent and
had volunteers present to share Emergency Preparedness information, advertise our
upcoming flu clinic and inform the public of our activities. We recruited 7 new
Seasonal Flu Clinic- October 23, 2010- We held our fourth Annual Seasonal Flu Clinic/
EDS Drill from 10-1P. A training meeting was held on October 19, to review procedures,
paper work and equipment This year we vaccinated 217 people ages 9 and over. Feed
back from the public was very positive.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Hilli, Chairperson

Framingham MRC Activities for October 2010

Oct 7               REPC meeting
Oct 12, 13, 14      ICS 300
Oct 19, 20, 21      MRC info table at Town Meeting
Oct 21              EC Meeting
Oct 22              Beyond Capacity: Medical Surge And Catastrophes
                    Seaport World Trade Center
Oct 25              MEMA tour
Oct 30              Dual site flu clinics for residents 6 months old and up
Ongoing             update data base
                    take member pictures for badges
                    flu vaccines for MRC members

Submitted by:
Laurie Courtney

Public Health Nurse
Framingham Board of Health

Woburn MRC assisted in the Senior Center Flu Clinic 10-26-2010, they also are
participating in the 11-10-2010 and 11-18-2010 flu clinics as well.

Karen DaCampo PHN Woburn

Date: 10-01-10
MRC Collaboration

Participation in Regional Coalition Meetings (Coalition name/date attended/Attendee):

Coalition EC and visioning workgroup meeting attend October 14th Liisa Jackson and
all the Members from the MRC Committee

Liisa Jackson, Sam Wong and Justin Snair presented the Vaccine registration system
that we have developed at the MHOA conference

Liisa Jackson has been invited to run a table top exercise simulating a regional shelter
operation at the HHS Region 1 and Region 2 conference in November

MSAR promotion activities: We promote MSAR when we do MRC Orientation and

Issues [this could include funding questions; liability; problems with collaboration; etc

This report is a compilation of the most up to date information provided by the local
health departments and the MRC Executive Committee and may not include all
activities within the Region.

Date: 10-01-10

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