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MRC_Progress_12-2008 by ajizai


									                                   Region 4A MRC

                       Progress Report for December 2008

Communities Covered by MRC:
       Acton                     Lexington                    Stow
       Ashland                   Lincoln                      Sudbury
       Bedford                   Littleton                    Walpole
       Boxborough                Marlborough                  Waltham
       Burlington                Maynard                      Wayland
       Carlisle                  Medfield                     Weston
       Concord                   Millis                       Wilmington
       Dover                     Natick                       Winchester
       Framingham                Norfolk                      Woburn
       Holliston                 Sharon                       Wrentham
       Hopkinton                 Sherborn
       Hudson                    Southborough

Contact Name:          Liisa Jackson, Region 4A Coordinator
Date Submitted:        1-06-2009

MRC Membership
Current Active Volunteers: 3,687

Categories of Volunteers:

Physicians                                   478          Physician Assistants 21
Nurse Practitioners                          39                             Nurses 951
Pharmacists                                  51                            Dentists 32
Veterinarians                                87    Mental Health Professionals 22
EMS Professionals                            232        Respiratory Therapists 7
Other Public Health/Medical 601                    Non-Public Health/Medical 1,166

Increase/Decrease from Previous Report: + 17

MRC Recruitment & Training Activities

Orientation or Recruitment Meetings Held:
Most of Region 4A MRC training is open to the public to recruit more MRC volunteers:

MA Region 4A Monthly Report                                                  [1-06-2009]
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2008-12-01 18:00:00
CPR with AED Ashland MA 8 students

2008-12-04 17:30:00
Behavioral Health Disaster Response: Part 2 held on Concord 22 students

2008-12-09 09:00:00
Psychological First Aid held in Hopkinton MA 21 students

2008-12-09 18:00:00
Basic First Aid held in Wrentham 6 students

2008-12-11 13:00:00
The Partnership for Effective Emergency Response (PEER) Training held in Acton 32 (I didn’t think
that many attended) students

The training data base link that we use to track the classes that volunteers take:

MRC Activities

MRC Activation/Deployment (Briefly describe circumstances, number of volunteers
activated, etc):

2008 Ice storm Deployment:

Walpole's Dr. Dorsey, who volunteered for four full shifts at the Fitchburg shelter, and Chad Radock from Senator
John Kerry's office
During the 2008 Ice Storm event in Worcester County the Region 4A MRC worked in
collaboration with the State ESF 8 desk, several MRC units, the American Red Cross,
and Shelter Directors for shelters located in Worcester, Fitchburg, Lowell, Tewskbury,

MA Region 4A Monthly Report                                                                          [1-06-2009]
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Holden, Westford, and several other communities within Region 4A. These partners
worked together to provide medical and non-medical volunteers to the shelters during this
12 day event.

All shelters and partners that we worked with did an admirable job meeting their mission
by supplying shelter, food and medical assistance to hundreds of displaced individuals
including many from Assisted Living Facilities.

There were many lessons learned, especially in the area of communication, and after a
through thorough debriefing that is highly anticipated, we believe a number of best
practices will be developed.

The volunteers should be acknowledged here, for their invaluable contribution to the
affected communities by providing them the staff to respond to this sheltering need.

Exercises & Drills (Briefly describe exercise/drill, who conducted it, number & role of
MRC participants):
2008-12-11 13:00:00
The Partnership for Effective Emergency Response (PEER) Training held in Acton 32 students

 ): Flu clinics were held using MRC volunteers while using the clinics to particpate the
EDS plans in these communities: Wayland The town of Wayland conducted their
influenza clinic as an EDS site and (add #) MRC volunteers participated.

Conferences/Presentations (local/state/national):

Other Miscellaneous Activities: Liisa Jackson MA Region 4A MRC Coordinator has
been invited to speak at the National Preparedness Summit in Dallas Texas in April 2009
to talk about how the partnership with the Boston Marathon came together. Add this in
the April report unless you’ve been preparing your presentation. Any other miscellaneous

MRC Collaboration

Participation in Regional Coalition Meetings (Coalition name/date attended/Attendee):

December 2nd Hopkinton MRC EC meeting
December 3rd Region 4A MRC EC meeting
December 4th interview with Alissa from MDPH about our Discussed MRC activities and
Boxborough EDS clinic with Alissa (last name), MDPH
December 5th presentation given to the lLeague of Women vVoters in Lexington and a
meeting met with the Lexington health Health Director and PHN
December 8th Meeting met with Lexington MRC EC ,and Lexington BOoH and Meeting
with Concord MRC
December 9th Psychological First Aid Training in Hopkinton and Mental Health Disaster
Response Planning team meeting in Ashland

MA Region 4A Monthly Report                                                          [1-06-2009]
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December 10th MRC conconference call, and Holliston MRC EC meeting, Boxborough
MRC EC meeting, 15 Sharon MRC members badged.
December 10th Boxborough MRC EC meeting
December 11th Region 4A EC meeting, Region 4A Coalition meeting and PEER training
December 12th though through December 22nd MRC deployment to staff shelters for the
2008 Ice storm, . Our MRC staffed shelters around the clock and the MRC command post
was running 16 hours a day.(It would be nice to have the towns and the # of Region 4A
volunteers listed.)
December 13th Lexington Flu mist clinic
December Lexington Updated their data base using photos
December Marlborough MRC EC meeting
December Natick MRC EC meeting
December Stow MRC EC meeting
December Ashland MRC EC meeting
December 23rd DPH con conference call
December 31st Ice Storm debriefing Debrief with Wendy Diotalevi for the deployment
Do you have the dates of the Marlborough, Natick, Stow, and Ashland EC meetings?

MSAR promotion activities: We promote MSAR when we do MRC Orientation and

Issues [this could include funding questions; liability; problems with collaboration; etc

MA Region 4A Monthly Report                                                     [1-06-2009]
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