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									Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
Facultad de Humanidades
Departamento de Pedagogía
Docente: Lic. Juan Francisco Guzmán
Inglés I                                                   Unit Goals
                                                           Greetings and good
Lesson 1 Welcome!                                          bye.

Exercise 1 TPTR02

Conversation: Now introduce yourself to your classmates.

                                                           I’m ______

Exercise 2 TPTR06

Yoko: Hi Len. How Are you?

Len: Fine, thanks. And you?

Yoko: I’m fine.
Exercise 3. Vocabulary: More greetings. Listen and Practice. TPTR08

                         Good             Good             Good
                        Morning       Afternoon           Evening
Exercise 4. Conversation Now greet your classmates. TPTR09

                                                                       Responses:   TPTR10

                                                                       I’m fine.
     How are you?                                                      Not bad
     How’s everything?                                                 So-so
     How’s it going?

                                                Exercise 4.   TPTR11

                                               Emily: Good-bye, Charlotte
                                               Charlotte: Good-bye, Emily
                                               Emily: See you tomorrow.
                                               Charlotte: Ok. See you!

Exercise 5. Conversation: Now say good bye to your classmates.
                                                      Now I can…
                                                      Introduce myself.

                                                      Greet people.

                                                      Say good bye.


A: Hi, I´m ________.                 A: Hi, Larry. How are you?
B: Hello, ________, I’m ________     B: ______ thanks, and ____?
A: Nice to ______ you.               A: I’m fine.
B: Nice to meet you, ______.

 8:00 a.m.              2:00 p.m.    A: Good bye Ana,
                                     B: Good bye Lucy.
                                     A: See _____ tomorrow.
Good___________    Good___________   B: Ok. ______ you.

  7:00 p.m.                                      Ways to say good-bye:
                                                 Good bye
Good___________                                  Bye-Bye
                                                 See you later
                                                 See you tomorrow
                                                 See you…
                                                 Take care.
                                                 Good night.
 Lesson 2: What do you do?
Exercise 1 TPTR14

       1      a student
                                  2 a teacher
                                                                                  4 a writer

                                                          3 an athlete

5 an actor                        6 A pilot                                       8 an engineer

                                                            7   a doctor

                                                          11 a flight attendant   12 a singer
9 an architect                    10 a nurse

Exercise 2. Listening comprehension. Listen for the vocabulary. Check      the occupation you
hear. TPTR15

1 a nurse           an actor                          4 a student            a teacher

2 a teacher         a writer                          5 an architect         a singer

3 a doctor          an engineer
Grammar Section: Be: singular
statements                                          NEGATIVE
AFFIRMATIVE                                         I am not Tim. / I’m not tim.
I am Tony / I´m Tony                                You are not an architect. / You’re not an architect.
You are an engineer. / You’re an engineer           He is not a student. / He’s not a student.
He is a teacher. / He’s a teacher                   She is not a doctor. / She’s not a doctor.
She is a nurse. / She’s a nurse.

                                                                                             I am – I’m
                                                                                             He is – He’s
     Exercise 3. Write the article a /an                                                     She is – She’s

 Articles a/ an      1 ____architect         2 ____ writer            3 ____ nurse

 a teacher
 an actor            4 ____ student          5 ____ engineer          6 _____ athlete

         Denzel Washington             Gabriel García        Gaby Moreno             Michael Phelps
               Actor                     Márquez                Singer                  Athlete
     Exercise 4. Read the names and occupations. Then write about each person. Write
     affirmative and negative sentences.

        1.   Denzel Washington. __He’s an actor. He’s not a singer______________________
        2. Gabriel García Márquez _____________________________________________________
        3. Gaby Moreno _____________________________________________________________
        4. Michael Phelps ____________________________________________________________

             Exercise 5. Conversation: Talk about what you do. TPTR16

     Exercise:                                            Example:
     Man: What do you do?                                 A: What do you do?
     Woman: I’m an architect. And you?                    B: I’m ________. And You?
     Man: I’m a banker                                    A: I’m __________.


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