; Grants to Pay Off Student Loans
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Grants to Pay Off Student Loans


How to pay off student loans through grants.

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									Grants to Pay
Off Student

Sources for Grants
 the US federal government
 the government of the state in which you
 the college you attend
 non-profit or private organization

Federal Pell Grants
   Who’s eligible? Undergraduates.
   Details: Pell Grants are only given to undergraduate
    students without bachelors or professional degrees, and
    can sometimes be granted to those enrolled in post-
    baccalaureate teacher certification programs.
   Amount: Maximum of $5,550 for the 2012-2013 cycle, but
    differs from year to year; depends on:
          Financial need
          Tuition fees
          Student status (i.e. full-time or part-time)
   Stipulation: only allowed to receive Pell Grants for 12

                        Complete List at

Federal Supplemental Educational
Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
   Who’s eligible? Undergraduates with exceptional financial need.
   Details: The FSEOG is given by the financial aid department of each
    respective university, and is considered “campus-based’
    aid. However, not every university participates in this program.
   Amount: $100 - $4000 per year, dependent upon:
          Financial need
          Time of application
          Whether applicant has obtained other aid
          Fund availability at school
   Stipulation: early is better; each school has its own set of
    deadlines. Grants must be distributed at least twice a year.

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Teacher Education Assistance for College and
Higher Education (TEACH) Grant
   Who’s eligible? Students who take the requisite coursework in a
    TEACH-Grant eligible program, meet certain academic criteria,
    and intend on becoming teachers.
   Details: Students who receive this grant must agree to teach in a
    high-need field, at a school that serves low-income families, and
    teach four complete academic years.
   Amount: up to $4000 per year.
   Stipulations: All recipients must sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to
    Service, which means complying with the above requirements. If
    the service obligation is not met, TEACH Grant funds will be turned
    into a direct unsubsidized loan, to be paid back to the US
    Department of Education, with interest.

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Iraq-Afghanistan Service Grant
   Who’s eligible? Students who have a parent or guardian whose
    death was a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan
   Details: those who were excluded from Federal Pell Grant
    contention on the basis of Expected Family Contribution, but
    otherwise are eligible for the Pell Grant
   Parent or guardian that died while in service in Iraq are qualifiers for
    the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.
   Amount: maximum of $5550 in 2012-2013.
   Stipulation: parent or guardian was a member of the US armed
    forces and died as a result of being in Iraq or Afghanistan post-9/11,
    and the applicant was under 24 years old and enrolled in college
    at the time of the parents or guardian’s death.

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State Specific Grants

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