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									Mobile Apps Developers Can Help Online Businesses to Sustain and
Grow in 24x7-Connected Digital World
Before we discuss about whether you should have a mobile-friendly website or not, let’s have a look
at recent stats:

      One third of mobile device users across the world access websites while on the go.
      Around one-fifth of Americans resort to their smart phones for browsing the internet.
      Tablets are used more than desktops and laptops for shopping online.
      More than 50 percent of the local searches are made on smart phones when on the move.
      Integration of social media with mobile websites boosts traffic and improves the search engine
       page ranking of the website.

All these facts show that it’s high time that you should go mobile in every way possible. In today’s
hectic and fast paced lifestyle, people barely have time to search required information, make
purchases or payments using their desktop. They look for quick and handy solutions that can flawlessly
integrate in their daily living which they can access anywhere and at anytime. In such a situation,
mobile optimized websites and mobile applications give them an instant access to anything and
everything they want improving their experience and satisfaction. It makes an absolute sense to have
mobile website and apps for businesses to connect and engage their audience.

However, if you’re still thinking whether you should jump start your mobile website development
project or not, the answer is plain ‘yes’. No matter what industry you operate in and what level you
conduct business at, it is a good idea, in fact, it has become a basic standard without a doubt.
Without wasting more time, start looking for a development company that can do the job for you. If
you decide to outsource, offshore outsourcing is an ideal decision. The benefit is that you can get the
work done at much lesser price as compared to the amount you spend on recruiting in-house.

If you already have a mobile website, the next step is to opt for mobile application development so
that you can connect with your target audience through their most personal device which is of course
their smart phone. It’s no secret that mobile apps are very much used nowadays to inform,
communicate and connect with the customers. But whether you need to have them for your business
depends on your target audience and your priorities. You might be doing great business even without
mobile apps but giving them augmented experience can certainly help you in retaining for longer
period. Zero in their interests and preferences and align with their needs and requirements with a
unique mobile experience. This will give you an edge over your competitors making you more popular
amongst the customers.

However, if you are already operating in a highly competitive environment where mobile apps have
become a standard, you will have to come out with innovative applications to offer an enhanced and
out-of-this-world experience to your customers. In such a scenario, you need a continuous support of a
highly specialized and expert team. You can either consider hiring in-house or outsourcing the job.
The former involves a high investment of money, time and effort and moreover having experts in-
house doesn’t guarantee your success.

But when you choose to outsource the task, you eliminate the risk of failure as you will get innovative
apps in a short span of time. As mobile apps development companies are specialists in this field, they
are able to cater all your specific needs. Besides outsourcing is a more economical option as compared
to hiring in-house.

So, hire mobile apps developers offshore for all your needs. You can join hands with a company
having headquarters in US and a development facility in India. This gives you dual advantage of local
communication and difference in the scale of economies. .

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