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									Making Agile Methodology Work For Your Company

Software development is a field that has been undergoing constant change and innovation. Perhaps the most
visible change in software process thinking that has come up in the last few years is the emergence of the word
“agile”. Today recurrent talks on “agile software methods” are on in the IT landscape and emphasis is given on
the ways to introduce agility into the development process, and on the means to resist the attempts of agile
followers that aim to modify the well-established activities.

The Agile Methodology is a new IT movement came into existence as a result of the attempts taken by several
people who dealt in software process back in the 1990’s. They wanted and were looking at a new approach
towards the software procedure. The majority of these ideas are not new and there are numerous people also
believed that any successful software has been set up that way for quite some time. There were certain views
that these ideas had been stuck up on and not taken much seriously, especially by the individuals who were
interested in the software process.

Every software development project needs to begin with the idea of offering high-end, working software to the
consumers as fast and cost-efficiently as possible. This apart, in this new age customer-driven market, there are
too many projects that still fail to respond to the ever-changing consumer requirements. In case an enterprise’s
development practice is not considered agile enough to respond appropriately, it is likely that the software is
going to be provided late than the usual time, over priced and without the required functionality.

Today eminent companies specializing in IT service management software have come up with an advanced
agile methodology that is based on the SCRUM technique. This helps the solution providers to extend
numerous tools that are required to execute Agile in a well disseminated development landscape. One crucial
fact that distinguishes an innovative Agile ALM Solution than a generic one, is its configurability that can be
configured to incorporate any organizational requirements. Some of the features of this solution are:

          Traceability relationships
          Versioning backlog Items
          Collaboration
          Automation
          Reporting

Regardless of the fact, whether you are new to Agile or already have been using SCRUM, hybrid methods/
programming, advanced Agile solution providers today offer a comprehensive range of customized solutions to
enterprises’ that helps them to implement and sustain Agile methodologies that are fit to practice.

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