How Far Is the Wireless City From Us by JaneJia


									                  How Far Is the Wireless City From Us?
When asked about which cities in the world are covered with free wireless network,
the international summit for Community Wireless Network in D.C response that it is
not that simple, Cafes, airport and office buildings might have free wireless network,
but they are not necessarily part of larger effort. for example, in America, municipal
wireless has clashed with profit-minded service providers, which causes some bad
efforts such as scrapped plans, in some cities, the people are allowed to create
wireless hotspots wherever they are with inexpensive devices, so people can search
for their wireless signal easily in the city, to some people, they love to call their cities
as wireless cities.

However, how many wireless cities in the world now? What people should do if they
want to create wireless cities? it is reported that there are mainly ten cities Tokyo,
Seoul, Singapore City, Paris, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco as well as Sao Paulo
which is widely covered with free wireless signals, especially in recent years, as the
society develops and the technology improves, more and more cities in the world
plan to create wireless cities around them, for example , as the capital of China, most
areas in Beijing city have been covered with free wireless signals, and i believe the
future life in wireless cities will become more convenient and efficient.

Let's continue to review the above question: what should people do if they want to
create wireless city? Choosing the latest wireless routers are advisable choice. In my
opinion, then two key features that we should take into account: the first question is
that which speed can satisfy the people? The other is that how many users do this
router supports simultaneously? In fact, there are too many mobile devices which
conform to these two requests. When we check the latest mobile routers in the
market, Huawei B970B wireless router starts to pour into people's eyes. Huawei
B970B is a new wireless 3g router which supports 7.2Mbps download speed and
5.76Mbps upload speed, with the feature of supporting 3g bands of 900/2100MHz,
B970B wireless router is available to more than 90 percent operators such as
Vodafone, O2, 3, T-Mobile, AT&T in the world, the unlocked B970B wireless 3g router
can support 32 Wi-Fi users to get internet accesses. Especially at present, Huawei
B970B wireless router is involved in the business areas such as Accounting, Finance,
Legal and IT industry, and which is popular with some companies which regularly
have a team of employees.
In a word, it is possible that wireless cities are created if we have such good wireless
routers such as Huawei B970B wireless router , let us look forward to it together.

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