Christmas Fruit and Nut Cake: Delicious Recipe to Enjoy at Christmas by abhinandanets


									Christmas Fruit and Nut Cake: Delicious Recipe to Enjoy at Christmas

Christmas cakes are definitely excellent desserts for the people during Christmas party. They are not
only eye-catching, but also enjoyable. For some of the families, making the delicious fruit cakes is a
part of their tradition. Thus, enjoy this festive season by making different types of cakes.
Christmas is a festival of happiness and joy. It is a great occasion where everyone calls for parties
and celebrations. Christians specially wait for this time so that they can celebrate. Not only
Christians, this festive season is celebrated by people all over the globe. The decorations, the carols,
and lovely gifts make this festival quite special for the people.

It is certainly a good idea to celebrate Christmas Fruit and Nut Cake. People in different parts of
world prepare delicious food to celebrate Christmas. Some of them even celebrate this festival with
a glass of brandy. The fruit log on the fruit and nut cake make it completely irresistible. The festival
of Christmas becomes amazing with such delicious cake.

If you want to make this cake, then you must know that it requires several days. Firstly, you should
prepare the fruits and nuts. The next step is to soak them in alcohol for about 2 to 3 days. Apart
from alcohol, brandy can also be used. However, if you are against the consumption of alcohol, you
can also use fruit juice. Once the fruits and nuts are prepared, you should prepare a batter.

The next step is to mix the batter with fruits and nuts. Then this mixture is allowed to bake for some
time. Always prefer a low temperature for baking the fruit cake. While baking the cake, always
keep a water container in the oven. This will prevent your cake from drying. One thing should be
noted that when you take out the cake from oven, it should be cooled properly prior consuming it.

Apart from fruit and nut cake, you can also celebrate this day with prune and walnut cake. This cake
is known to be one of the heaviest cakes which can be served. Many people consider it a great
dessert especially on the day of Christmas.

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