Software training – Why we need it? by psrinath


									In today‟s competitive world, one needs to be „better than most‟ in order to get a decent job and to survive
the same. Like a popular cola brand‟s ad says, this generation needs more.

Are you a graduate? Not enough. We need the post graduates. So you are a first class student? Not
enough. We need those with distinction.

You get the picture. In such a scenario, if recruitment firms and corporate biggies ask for more than just a
degree, it‟s quite understandable. This leads to a more pertinent issue – the need for software training for
students after the completion of their college education.

Every year thousands of students graduate from colleges. With the degree in their hand and negligible
hands-on experience of the field, are they ready to face the job market? Don‟t think so. They need more
knowledge, more practical know-how to compete in the employment race. Software training is one such
value addition to their profile that can give them an edge over other candidates.

Today we see numerous computer institutes coaxing the young crowd to enroll for the software
courses they offer. And the students are making a beeline to such institutes. This reflects the popularity
and demand for software training amongst students who have completed their graduation. Software
training enables the students to hone their skills, get more competent and work with little or no
supervision. In the IT field, for an employee to be able to work independently without much of hand-
holding means a lot.

It is safe to deduce that students who have undergone software training are open to learning and new
ideas. This willingness to learn and adapt works in favor of such employees. Not just that, trained
students save the companies a lot of money and time because they already have the required knowledge
and skills. Additionally, software training boosts the confidence levels in the student and enables him
perform with efficiency.

As known to the readers, software domain is an extremely dynamic one where new languages and soft
wares keep evolving almost every year. It becomes essential for the students to keep abreast with the latest
developments lest they be left behind in the competition. If you know three languages but are unaware of
the latest one, it might not fetch you that six figure salary package. It‟s not enough to be just an engineer;
you have to be a well-trained engineer. Do you know what it could mean to be a well-trained genius
engineer? Try this.
Apparently, Facebook bought FriendFeed

                                                                        for nearly $48 million. FriendFeed
is a start-up that “enables you to discover and discuss the interesting stuff your friends find on the web”.
So what did Facebook do with the start-up? Nothing. They just hired the 12 engineers from the start-up.
That works out to $4 million per engineer. Interesting, huh? What‟s more - Google and Facebook
apparently shell out extra $500L-$1M „just to retain a good software engineer‟. Need we say more?

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