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									Toll Manufacturing with Custom
Businesses that wish to go into the cleaning chemicals business would be better off considering
toll manufacturing, a practice that has been increasingly becoming popular in the industry.
Custom Chemicals International (CCI), which started operations in 1985, offers a great option
for businesses that cannot afford the huge investments needed in producing cleaning chemicals
in a large scale setting.

Toll manufacturing proves to be a good choice for small scale businesses that are not financially
capable of putting up a facility for chemical manufacturing. The system works similar to an
outsourcing of services to another company to achieve cost reduction. If you are running a
company that needs to test small samples of cleaning chemicals for a target market, toll
manufacturing is a very good option to consider.

Custom Chemicals is one Cleaning Chemicals Brisbane company that is solely focused on toll
manufacturing. This focus helps it to keep improving products and support and not compete with
its clients. Clients are sure to be informed about what is happening in the industry. The sole
focus on toll manufacturing also helps the company to invest more to improve its operations.

As part of its support to clients, the company is also offering label creation and printing to some
of its clients. Other efforts are undertaken to make sure their clients succeed in the market.

The company manufactures cleaning solutions under the Custom Care brand and the CCI label,
but customers have the option to use their own label for the products. The company’s continued
commitment to product development resulted in the creation of the Bio-Green range of products,
which is targeted to the growing number of consumers clamouring for more environmentally
responsible products in the market. Among the company’s products are cleaning solutions for the
kitchen, toilet and bath, laundry and general housekeeping. The company also produces products
for vehicle detailing, animal care, guest amenities range and other miscellaneous cleaning

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