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									Mauldin High School Newsletter
                                               avs’ Corral                 August, 2008                             Volume 8, Issue 1
                                                 The Principal View
    First Day of School
                                                 Ann Miller, Principal
        TUESDAY,                                 Welcome Back !
    AUGUST 19, 2008
                                     The summer is quickly coming to a close and we are busy planning for a smooth start to the
                                     2008-2009 school year. I have actively been communicating with students and parents to
 Mauldin High School
                                     develop a plan to implement a few changes this school year. I feel the students and parents will
       PTSA                          be pleased to accept the changes with open arms. This year, we will implement a parking system
  us/mauldinh/ptsa/                  that will allow Juniors and Seniors to purchase parking decals in advance on August 12 in the
      ptsa.asp                       Mauldin High School atrium. The Senior decals will be sold from 8:30- 12:00 and the Junior
                                     decals will be sold from 12:30-4:00. The Juniors and Seniors will also be given the opportunity
 Mauldin High School                 to drop off applications for decals in the front office August 19 through August 29 before school.
 701 E. Butler Road                  These decals will be available for students to pick up each afternoon. Beginning September 2,
 Mauldin, SC 29662                   parking permits will be offered to Sophomores through a strict application process. Parking
   (864) 355-6500                    permits will be awarded based on each student’s performance during the 2007-2008 school
                                     year. Students will be considered based on academic standing, good citizenship, and need. This
      School Mascot                  will reward our Sophomores for good behavior and good study habits during the prior school year.
         Maverick                    All students applying for a parking decal must:
       School Colors                          Complete a Parking Application
      Orange & White                          Attach a Copy of their Driver’s License
                                              Attach a Copy of their Car Insurance
                                              Attach a Copy of the Car Registration
  Inside this issue:                          Submit $35.00 Parking Fee
Guidance Department             2-5 I hope this will help alleviate the current issues we are having with students being dropped off in
Student Fees                        restricted locations.
Open House
Important Phone #’s              6 Gate 1: Student Parking Lot
Student ID’s
Daily Class Schedule                All students must have a parking decal to enter the student lot. No parents are allowed in the student lot
Attendance Information              before, during, or after school hours. The student lot may be used for event parking in the evenings only.
Student Dress Code               7
                                    Gate 2: Faculty Parking and Front Office
Agendas/Books/Lockers               Students and parents are restricted from entering the front gate for student drop off. The front entrance is
New Student Registration         8 an “entrance only” location in the morning and an “exit only” location in the afternoon. All visitors are
Yearbook Photos
Wall of Pride Bricks
                                    asked to park and sign in when using the front entrance to avoid ticketing.
Health Room Information          9 Gate 4: Student Drop-Off
School Store
Extracurricular Activities           If you are a parent needing to drop a child off in the morning or pick a child up in the afternoon, you must
Newsletter                           use the parent loop in the back of the school. You may access the loop through the side gate located on
PTSA Information                     Corn Road.
Volunteers Needed               11
PTSA Board Members
Word from PTSA
Volunteer Coffee                12
Stay Informed                                              New Students and Freshman Orientation
PTSA Membership
Dates to Remember               13                               Thursday, August 14, 2008
                                                                    6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Booster Club Membership Blitz   14      A welcome for all 9th graders, new students and parents hosted by PTSA! Student Council
MAVS Golf Tournament                    will be on hand to give tours of the building. Most 9th grade teachers will be available as
PTSA Board Meetings             15
Spanish Liaison                         will the principal, assistant principals and guidance staff. ID pictures may be taken,
Reflections Contest             16      yearbooks may be preordered, PTSA will be selling Agendas, and the MAVS Booster
Important Yearbook Info         17      Club will be selling spirit wear. Informative handouts and maps will also be available. If
Teacher Cadet Conference        18      you are unable to attend, do not worry, everything can be done the first day of school.
                        GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT NEWS
                                 Welcome to Mauldin High School
The Guidance Department welcomes you to a fresh start in high school. Please know that we are devoted to assisting you
plan for your future. We look forward to working with you individually and through classroom guidance activities. Once
again, counselors will establish one-on-one appointments to help each student/parent plan for graduation and college
admissions requirements. Our career specialists will work with our 9th and 10th graders on exploring career pathways. Our
classroom guidance programs will be implemented to assist with important issues relevant to students. Our goal is to meet
the needs of all of our students. We wish you a successful and productive school year!

                Important Notes                                                Senior Early Dismissal Reminder
           Regarding Schedule Changes                                        Seniors who have applied for a permanent early
Thank you for your cooperation during the course selection process for the   dismissal are reminded that early dismissals are not
2008-2009 school year. Students will receive copies of schedules in the      guaranteed. Student course requests and course
mail in early August. Since students have been given ample opportunity to    availability determine the time of the early dismissal.
request course changes during the registration process, schedule changes     In some cases, students may have to remain at school
will be granted under very limited circumstances. These circumstances are:
                                                                             later than requested in order to take certain classes due
1. Data entry error that is supported by a copy of the original course       to the time the classes are offered.
request form.
2. A cancelled course or schedule conflict warrants the selection of a       Guidance Advisory Committee
new class.                                                                   The Guidance Advisory Committee was established to provide
3. A student has been inappropriately placed in a course s/he has            input into the overall guidance program. The committee is
previously passed.                                                           comprised of administrators, counselors, teachers, parents,
4. A student is assigned to the same teacher and subject that the            and students who meet periodically throughout the school
student previously did not pass. A change under this circumstance may        year. If you would like to serve on this year’s committee,
occur only if space is available.                                            please email Chuck Childs at
If one or more of the above reasons apply, the student/parent may
request a schedule change once schedules are distributed. Schedule                       Attention Seniors
change request forms will be available outside of the guidance office on            College Application Process
Mondays and Tuesdays between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30. Requests
for changes must be submitted to the guidance office by August                  Some colleges have their online applications up and
13th . Counselors will make adjustments if the circumstance warrants            running. Students may apply online as early as they
and will work from the submitted forms. Counselors will contact the             wish. Ms. Smith will begin accepting and processing
student/parent as needed based on the information on the form.                  applications for secondary school reports in September. The
Appointments and phone calls are not necessary and will only slow               arrival of the transcript does not effect the students
down the process. All students will receive another copy of their               application date which is initiated when the online
schedules on the first day of school which will reflect approved changes.       application is submitted and will not in any way slow
Due to the anticipated volume of requests, students will not be notified        down the students consideration for application. Mrs.
during the summer if the request is approved or denied. Please                  Smith, our senior counselor, will visit English classes
remember that schedules will not be changed to accommodate                      prior to processing secondary school reports to give
requests for specific teachers or circumstances beyond what are                 students detailed information about the application
listed above.                                                                   process. At that time, students will also receive a copy
                                                                                of their transcripts with updated GPAs and class ranks.

9th – 11th Graders: Each student will receive an unofficial copy of his or her transcript at the time of the distribution of the
first nine weeks progress reports. The updated GPA and class rank will be available at the time of distribution.
12th Graders – Students will receive a transcript through classroom meetings with Mrs. Smith in early September.

  2008-2009 Grade Reporting Dates                                                      Guidance Webpage
                     Progress Reports        Report Cards            Be sure to visit the Mauldin High School Guidance
  1 Quarter            September 18            October 30            Webpage for important information, announcements,
  2nd Quarter           December 1             January 21            college and scholarship information, as well as Mrs.
  3rd Quarter           February 19             March 31             Smith’s scholarship bulletins! Visit regularly at: http:/
  4th Quarter             May 4              June 8 (mailed)

Parent Portal: InTouch with Student Information
The parent portal provides parents with access to student records on the internet or by phone. With an activated user account and
password, you can review your child’s information at any time. Information that is accessible on the portal includes attendance,
grades, class schedules, emergency contacts, discipline, and general student demographic information.
How to Activate Your User Account
Once School Starts, a parent or legal guardian can come to the office during regular office hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ) to
pick up your user account information. You will need to show your driver’s license or other acceptable photo ID in order to
receive set-up instructions. Only the parent or legal guardian will be given the account information. Account IDs for new
students enrolling during the summer will not be available until after school starts in the fall. A demonstration of the Parent
Portal is on the district’s website at:
For internet access go to:
For phone access call: 355-3071 and enter school code 814 when prompted.
Note to Parents
If you see information that needs to be updated, please submit corrections in writing to the Guidance Office. Please include a
way for us to contact you if we have questions.

Exit Examination (High School Assessment Program-HSAP)
As mandated by state law, in addition to the 24 unit requirement, all students are required to pass the High School Assessment
Program (HSAP) in order to receive a South Carolina High School Diploma. For additional information regarding HSAP visit
the state department’s website at: Online tutorials are available to
Mauldin High School students at: . Username:mauldinh; Password:
HSAP will be administered according to the following schedule:
October 28-30 – HSAP will be administered to any student who has taken the test previously but has not passed one or more
portions. Additionally, any student who is repeating 9th grade, or any new student to the state of South Carolina who is
beyond the second year of initial enrollment in ninth grade will be allowed to take the fall administration.
April 21-23 – In addition to the groups listed above, first time 10th graders will take the spring administration of HSAP.

End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP)
The Education Accountability Act of 1998 requires the development of end-of-course examinations in gateway or benchmark
courses. The program is called End-of-Course-Examination Program (EOCEP). Additional information about the EOCEP
may be found at the state department’s website at :
The examinations count 20 percent of the students’ final grade in each gateway or benchmark course. Courses that require and
end-of-course exam include Algebra 1/Algebra 1 Part B, English 1, Physical Science, and US History to include all honors
and AP courses where offered. Online tutorials are available to Mauldin High School students at: . Username:mauldinh; Password: mavericks.
May 18 – 22 – End-of-Course exams will be administered to students in the classes listed above.

                       2008–2009 ACT Test Dates
    For the United States, U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada
                                                                                        Register for the ACT online at: http://
       Test Date          Registration Deadline          (Late Fee Required)  

   September 13, 2008*         August 12, 2008            August 13 – 22, 2008
                                                                                         Also, visit the ACT website for test
                                                                                        prep information and other helpful
     October 25, 2008        September 19, 2008      September 20 – October 3, 2008     resources at
    December 13, 2008         November 7, 2008           November 8 – 20, 2008
    February 7, 2009**         January 6, 2009            January 7 – 16, 2009          Please note: all progress report, report
       April 4, 2009          February 27, 2009       February 28 – March 13, 2009
                                                                                        card, and testing dates are subject to
      June 13, 2009              May 8, 2009                May 9 – 22, 2009

PSAT Information and Dates
Mauldin High School will offer the PSAT to all 10th graders and interested 11th graders on October 15, 2008. The PSAT is only given one
time per school year. All 10th graders will automatically be scheduled to take the test free of charge. 11th graders may take the test for a fee
of $13. 11th graders are encouraged to take the PSAT in order to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship Program. For practice
questions and more information and about the PSAT go to:
August 27 – Deadline for the College Board to receive a request for accommodations due to a documented disability. (For more
information visit: See your guidance counselor for applications.
To be eligible for accommodations, you must:
1. have a disability that necessitates testing accommodations,
2. have documentation on file at your school that supports the need for requested accommodations and meets the Guidelines for
     Documentation, and
3. receive and use the requested accommodations, due to the disability, for school-based tests.
There are 7 categories of information that are part of the Guidelines (the Instructions include broader discussion of the categories. They are:
1. state the specific disability, as diagnosed;
2. be current (in most cases, the evaluation and diagnostic testing should have taken place within 5 years of the request for accommodations);
3. provide relevant educational, developmental, and medical history;
4. describe the comprehensive testing and techniques used to arrive at the diagnosis (including test results with subtest scores
    [standard or scaled scores] for all tests) — see the Diagnosis and Functional Limitations for a listing of frequently used tests and what
    they measure;
5. describe the functional limitations (i.e., the limitations to learning impacted due to the diagnosed disability);
6. describe the specific accommodations being requested on College Board tests;
7. establish the professional credentials of the evaluator (e.g., licensure; certification; area of specialization).
September 15 – 19 - Mauldin High School PSAT Registration for 11th Graders (10th Graders do not need to register.) Announcements
will be made. September 19th is the absolute deadline for 11th graders to register and pay the $13 fee. All 10th graders will
automatically be registered and given the test on October 15th. (Closer to the time of the test administration, students will receive
notification of the specific times and room locations where testing will occur.)

   Class Schedules
   Class Schedules will be mailed to your
   home in early August. If your address
   with the school is not correct, please
   contact the MHS registrar at 355-6655
   to correct it.
   Information will be included on
   how to correct any mistakes.
   Reminder: Any and all debts need
   to be cleared before August.

   Special Attendance Notice
   Do not schedule trips or vacations
   for school days or snow days.
   Students can miss no more than
   ten days in a full year class or 5
   days in a semester class.
   Permission to take exams early
   will not be approved. Please read
   the handbook (online) for rules.

                                                               2009 AP Exam schedule
  The 2009 AP Exams will be administered over two weeks in May: May 4 through 8 and May 11 through 15. Early
  testing or testing at times other than those published by the College Board is not permitted under any circumstances.

                                                                                     Week 2                Morning Session           Afternoon                Afternoon
 Week 1            Morning Session             Afternoon Session                                           8 a.m.*                   Session                  Session
                   8 a.m.*                     12 noon*                                                                              12 noon*                 2 p.m.

 Monday,           Government and              French Language**                     Monday,               Biology**                 Physics B**              Physics C:
 May 4             Politics: United States     Government and Politics:              May 11                Music Theory**            Physics C: Mechanics**   Electricity
                                               Comparative**                                                                                                  and
 Tuesday,          Computer Science A**        Statistics
 May 5             Computer Science AB**                                             Tuesday,              Chemistry**               Psychology
                   Spanish Language**                                                May 12                Environmental Science**

 Wednesday,        Calculus AB                 Chinese Language and Culture          Wednesday,            English Language**        Art History
 May 6             Calculus BC                                                       May 13                Italian Language and
 Thursday,         English Literature**        French Literature**
 May 7             German Language**           Japanese Language and                 Thursday,             Macroeconomics**          Microeconomics
                                               Culture**                             May 14                World History**

 Friday,           United States History       European History                      Friday,               Human Geography**         Latin Literature**
 May 8                                         Studio Art (portfolios due)           May 15                Spanish Literature**      Latin: Vergil**

SAT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines
 U.S. registration dates and deadlines
                                                                                                               Guidance Staff
  2008-09             Test                     U.S. Registration Deadlines
  Test Dates
                                                                                                               Office Phone- 355-6655
                                                                                                               Guidance Fax – 355-6645
                                               Regular                        Late
                                                                              (a fee applies)
                                                                                                               Susan Vance: Receptionist – 355-6655
  October 4,          SAT &                    September 9,                   September 16,                    Connie Allred: Registrar – 355-6502
  2008*               Subject Tests            2008                           2008
                                                                                                               Elaine Wofford: Counselor
  November            SAT &                    September 26,                  October 10,                      Grades 9-11 (A – Di) – 355-6520
  1, 2008             Subject Tests            2008                           2008
                                                                                                               Greshan Charlton: Counselor
  December            SAT &                    November 5, 2008               November 18,                     Grades 9-11 (Do – King) – 355-6522
  6, 2008             Subject Tests                                           2008
                                                                                                               Lu Bigalke: Counselor
                                                                                                               Grades 9-11 (Kipps – Rhodes) – 355-6523
  January             SAT &                    December 26,                   January 6,
  24, 2009            Subject Tests            2008                           2009                             Jennie Ray: Counselor
                                                                                                               Grades 9-11 (Rice – Z) – 355-6521
  March 14,           SAT only                 February 10, 2009              February 24,
  2009                                                                        2009                             Jane Smith: Counselor
                                                                                                               Grade 12 – 355-6524
  May 2,              SAT &                    March 31, 2009                 April 9, 2009
  2009                Subject Tests                                                                            Wendy Oates: Career Specialist – 355-6668

  June 6,             SAT &                    May 5, 2009                    May 15, 2009
                                                                                                               Robyn Pirovitz: Career Specialist – 355-6667
  2009                Subject Tests                                                                            Chuck Childs: Director – 355-6504
Important information for U.S. registration deadlines
 •     U.S. deadlines apply to students testing in the United States, U.S. Territories, and Puerto Rico.
 •     U.S. registration materials that are mailed must be postmarked by the U.S. deadlines.

                                                                         Mauldin High School
Class Dues                                                              Important Phone Numbers
Seniors & Juniors                $10.00
Sophomores & Freshmen            $ 5.00                                 Main Office              355-6500
Class dues are used to defray these types of expenses for
each grade:                                                             Guidance Office          355-6655
• Sending cards and flowers to students who are ill or who have         Attendance               355-6651
    deaths in their families                                            Media Center             355-6519
• Cost of mailings and materials to communicate information
    to parents and students such as schedules, report cards,
    transcripts, and letters from the principal
• Pep Rally Class Spirit Props
• Publication of Honor Rolls
• Curriculum Catalog
• Student/Parent Handbooks                                           For 1st year students there is no charge.
• Materials for Hall of Pride                                        An orange lanyard is included.
• Homecoming Activities                                              Replacement ID’s are $5. Students do
• Junior and Senior Prom/Senior picnic (Juniors and Seniors only)    not need to get a new ID each year.
• Miscellaneous Graduation Expenses (Seniors only)                   There are multiple opportunities to get
                                                                     a student ID: Beginning Wednesday,
The above services provided by the school for students and
                                                                     August 13th, picture ID’s will be made
parents have become so expensive that we must have help
                                                                     in the cafeteria. Hours are: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00.
to offer them. Costs of this nature continuously cut into
                                                                     New student ID’s will also be made at
monies needed to improve instruction, upgrade technology,
                                                                     orientation on Thursday, August 14th
and provide teacher in-service. Students must pay class
                                                                     and in the media center during the first
dues in order to purchase parking stickers and to participate
                                                                     week of school before (7:30-8:25a.m.)
in extracurricular activities.
                                                                     or after school (3:30-4p.m.), and during
Any monies that are left over are used to purchase a gift to         all lunches.
the school in the memory of that class.                              Beginning the second week of school,
Academic Fees                                                        ID’s will only be made before or after
Accounting $20.00 (Workbook)
AP Lang        $10.00 (Workbook)
AP Lit         $10.00 (Workbook)                                        Daily Class Schedule
Art II         $10.00 (supplies for special project)                8:20             Warning Bell
Art III        $10.00 (supplies for special project)                8:30 - 9:20      1st Period
English IV Honors $10.00 (Workbook)                                 9:26 - 10:22 2nd Period
Ind. Art       $10.85                                               10:22 - 11:12 3rd Period
These fees will need to paid to the student's respective teacher.   There are 3 lunch schedules: Please follow
                                                                    this schedule according to your assigned time.
                                                                                     4th Period
                                                                    11:18 - 12:42 A Lunch
                                                                    11:47 - 12:42 Class
                                                                    11:18 - 11:47 Class
                                                                    11:47 - 12:11 B Lunch
       Monday, August 25, 2008                                      12:15 - 12:42 Class
•   PTSA Meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.                                11:18 - 12:15 Class
•   Follow your student’s schedule                                  12:15 - 12:42 C Lunch
•   Meet the teachers                                               12:48-1:38       5th Period
•   Learn about the curriculum                                      1:44 - 2:34      6th Period
                                                                    2:40 - 3:30      7th Period

Students' parents should pay special attention to the attendance
guidelines. Credit for classes may depend on it! Attendance at         • Student dress and grooming must be neat and clean.
the high school level is counted differently than at the middle        • Shirts/Blouses should be an appropriate length. At
school level.                                                              no time should the student’s midriff be visible while
                                                                           standing, sitting, or participating in normal school
1. Class attendance is counted by each individual class. Your
                                                                           activities, e.g., raising hand.
child must be present for at least half of a class to be counted       •   Clothing that inappropriately exposes body parts is
present. Example: your child my have 5 absences in first period,           not permitted, including: low-cut shirts, tank tops,
2 in second, and none for the rest of the day.                             spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, and vests or
2. Students are allowed 10 absences in year long classes, 5                see-through or mesh garments worn without shirts.
absences in semester classes. Absences in excess of this may               Shoulder straps must be at least three inches wide.
result in loss of credit for the class.                                    Bra straps and bra sides must not be visible.
                                                                       •   Students shall not dress in such a way that partially
3. Teachers do not have to allow students to makeup work when              or totally exposes underclothing.
the absence was not a lawful excused absence. (Doctor, court,          •   Trousers/slacks/shorts must be worn at waist level.
sickness, bereavement, family illness, administrative approval).           Excessively baggy trousers and clothing are not
4. All parent notes, regardless of the reason, count against the 5         permitted. Clothing may not drag the floor.
day/10 day absence guideline. Absences are not excused to              •   Pajamas, night clothes, or lounging pants may not
makeup work just because a parent writes a note. (Depends on               be worn to school. Slippers and house shoes are
the reason; see guidelines in student handbook, or on the MHS              also not allowed.
website.)                                                              •   Skirts should fit and be in good taste and not be
                                                                           shorter than mid-thigh.
5. Always bring a doctor's note, if available.                         •   Shorts may be worn, however, they must be properly
6. Parents do not have to come into the school for early dismissals,       fitted and in good taste and may not be shorter than
but you must send a note with the time for dismissal and a                 mid-thigh. Biker shorts or athletic shorts of any
phone number where you can be reached. Your student must                   kind are not permitted.
drop off the note in the attendance office before 8:30. Someone        •   Hats, sunglasses, hair curlers, skullies, or do-rags
will call you to confirm. Your student may meet you outside at             may not be worn. Bandanas may not be worn and
the time of dismissal. Absolutely no phone, fax, or email early            will be confiscated. Confiscated bandanas will not
                                                                           be returned.
dismissals are allowed.
                                                                       •   Shoes or sandals must be worn. Flip-flops (shower-
7. No walk-in parent pickups for early dismissal after 3:00.               type shoes) and thong-type shoes are not permitted.
8. Students must check in with the attendance office if he/she         •   Clothing or jewelry is not permitted that displays
arrives after 9:00 a.m. Before 9:00, students should go straight           profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco,
to class. You are still tardy.                                             drug advertisements, or other inappropriate phrases
                                                                           or symbols.
9. If you know you are going to be absent for any reason that is       •   Hair of a non-human color is not permitted.
not a lawful absence, bring a note 5 days ahead of time and get        •   Extraneous articles hanging from clothing such as
a prearranged absence form from the attendance office. It will             chains are not permitted.
allow you to make up all missed work, but it still counts as an        •   Facial jewelry is permitted to be worn only on the
absence for the missed classes.                                            ears.
10. Always turn in excuse notes within 2 days of your return to        •   Torn clothing or clothing with holes may not be
school.                                                                    worn. Holes with patches should have clean
                                                                           edges without frays.
Remember, the number of absences count even if you have a              •   No frayed edges should be visible on clothing.
reason for being absent, unless it is confirmed by a doctor's note,        This includes frayed edges on jeans, skirts, and
court note, bereavement (3 days), or administrative approval.              shorts.

No make-up days have been scheduled for this year.                     * Time missed from classes due to dress code
Students are allocated 10 absences in year long courses                  infractions is unexcused. Students may be asked
and 5 in semester courses. There are no plans for any                    to sit in ISS while waiting on proper attire.
make-up days. ALL EXCUSE NOTES MUST BE TURNED IN                         Multiple offenses will result in suspension.

 STUDENT AGENDAS                                          New Student Registration
                                                         Please call the Guidance Office for an
 Student    Agendas    are                                     appointment at 355-6655
 available in the school                              This is not necessary if you are a current
 store for $5.00. They are                            MHS student. This is for students who
                                                      have moved to the area and are not
 not required.                                        already enrolled in Greenville County
                                                      Schools. (If a student zoned to attend
                                                      Mauldin had planned to attend a magnet/
     Textbooks/Lockers                                charter school and changes his/her mind,
                                                      you must contact the guidance
                                                      department in order to enroll at Mauldin
        1st week of school:
•Textbooks will be distributed by                              Yearbook Photos
 class.                                                    Yearbook photos will be taken during the
•Lockers and locks will be                                 first week of school (Except Seniors).
 assigned by homeroom teachers.                    Preorders for Yearbooks will be sold at a cost of
                                                   $60.00 for underclassmen.

   Mauldin High School
   Students, Be sure to check out the latest additions to our
   Wall of Pride and let your family and friends know that
   you want to be remembered as well.
   It’s easy...just fill out the order form below and drop it off at the
   front office. Don’t order will be placed soon.
   Great way to honor your Senior, a special teacher or administrator too!
   Questions? Contact Pam Barefoot at 608-7400 or .
   Mauldin High School Wall of Pride Brick Request Form

   Address__________________________                                      Each Brick is $35
   ________________________________                                    Please fill out a separate
   Phone____________________________                                   form for each brick.
                                                                      Attach check made out
   Personalization: Limit 2 lines, please print                           to MHS PTSA.

   _______________________________                                            Thanks!


                                               Health Room Information
The health room hours are 8:15 until 3:45, Monday through Friday during the school year. Please feel free to call or e-mail the school nurses
with any questions at 355-6507, 355-6517, or 355-6518. Information can be faxed to the nurse at 355-6645.
Candace Baczurik -                              Sandra Wilhoit -
Barbara Harper -                                 Deborah Taylor -
Student Medical Emergency Forms
Your child will receive a packet during the first week of school that includes the Student Medical Emergency Form. Please complete, date and sign the
form, and return to the school nurse immediately. These forms will be kept on file in the health room. The nurse does not have the authority to enter
phone numbers or addresses on the computer. If your contact information is incorrect on the parent portal, please notify the guidance department.
For your child’s safety please remember:
No medication (including cough drops, antibiotic ointment, orajel, anti-itch creams) will be given without written Parental Permission. The
parent must supply medication and medical supplies. School nurses may not administer the first dose of any medication (student should be
monitored by parent for possible side effects following initial dose).
Any medication given every day for longer than two weeks must also have written Physician Authorization. Inhalers, insulin, and emergency
medications, such as Epi-Pens, must also have written Physician Authorization. If your child has authorization to carry an inhaler or an
Epi-Pen, it is recommended that a spare one be kept in the health room.
School nurses are legally required to administer only medications with FDA approval.
All prescription medication must be administered as labeled and over-the-counter medication may not exceed package directions.
All medication must be in the original container, and no expired medication will be given.
No medication containing aspirin (examples include Pepto Bismol and Excedrin Migraine) or PPA can be given at school without written Physician Authorization.
If your child forgets to take a morning dose of medication, school nurses are not allowed to give that dose at school. Parents may come to the
health room to give the missed dose.
Students with medication prescribed by a health care provider contained in the original packaging and appropriately labeled may carry these
medications, may self-monitor and may self-administer these medications only if written permission from the prescribing doctor and the
parent/legal guardian is submitted to the nurse. If there is evidence that unsupervised self-monitoring or self-medicating would seriously
jeopardize the safety of the student or others, the school district may refuse to allow the student to carry his/her medication.
Students carrying medication without proper authorization will be referred to an administrator.
Medication forms are available from the school nurse and can also be downloaded via the MHS website under student services, and also via
the district website.
Medications not picked up at the end of the school year will be destroyed and permission forms must be submitted for each school year.
Student Visits to the Health Room
A teacher or administrator pass is required when coming to the health room, except in the event of an emergency.
Every effort is made to keep students in school if at all possible; however, if it is determined that your child is too ill to remain in school, a
parent or legal guardian will be contacted for dismissal.
Please consider providing the school with medication if your child has frequent headaches, stomach upset or menstrual pain, as these are not
necessarily reasons for dismissal.
Students will be sent home with the following illnesses: active vomiting or diarrhea; a fever of 10l or above; any condition that may be
contagious; an injury or illness that requires further evaluation by a physician.
Elevator Pass/Special Privileges
In order to use the elevator due to a severe injury, a student must bring a physician note to the school nurse describing the injury and length of
time student will need to use the elevator. At that time a key and elevator pass will be given to the student. There is a $10 fine for lost keys.
Misuse of the elevator will be referred to an administrator.
A physician note must also be submitted to the school nurse for special privileges or exemption from PE due to illness or injury.
State Immunization Requirements
Hepatitis B – 3 doses
Polio – 3 doses with last dose after 4th birthday
DTP, DT, DTP-DtaP or Td – 3 doses with last dose after 4th birthday
MMR – 2 doses
An up-to-date SC Certificate of Immunization is required 30 days after starting school. Students not meeting immunization requirements will
not be allowed to remain in school. Out-of-state transfer students who meet SC immunization requirements will be issued a SC Certificate of
Immunization by the school nurse. The health department will administer vaccinations by appointment only. Their phone number is 282-4311.
Vision Screening
9th grade students are screened annually. Parents of students that require further evaluation by an eye doctor will be notified in writing. If your
child is in another grade and you would like to have their vision screened, please send a note to the nurse.
Hearing Screening
High school students are not routinely screened for hearing problems. If you feel there is a problem and would like to have your child’s
hearing screened, please send a note to the nurse.

 Attention ALL Parents:
 District nurses will be auditing student immunization                     avs’ Corral Newsletter
 records using a new computer system throughout the school
 year. If there is a problem with a student's immunization       The deadline for the November, 2008
 record, a notice will be sent to the parent. Parents - it is
                                                                newsletter is Monday, October 13, 2008.
 very important that you contact your doctor or the health
 department to correct the problem by the due date so your      Please submit all articles for November,
 child may remain in school.                                           December, and January, to
 Candace Baczurik
 School Nurse
                                                                            Welcome Back!!
 Mauldin High School
                                                                Sherry Bonner
 Phone: 864-355-6507
                                                                PTSA Newsletter
 Fax: 864-355-6645

Poster Board, Pens, Pretzels, Propel and Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches. We’ve
got you covered at the MHS School Store! Slept too late and missed breakfast? We
have bagels, sausage biscuits, juice and Pop Tarts. Need a snack at lunch? We have
plenty to choose from. The school store is open before school and at all three lunch
           DID YOU KNOW
Parent Volunteers runs the school store. If you would like to help before school from
7:30-8:30 AM, please call Laura Ann at 201-3477. If you can help during lunch (11:00
-1:20 PM), contact Melonie Martinez at You can work from
every day to once a month. It’s fun and it’s a tremendous help to your child’s school.

Participation in Extracurricular Activities
Student participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege (not a right) that a student earns through
proper conduct and academic achievement. A student may be denied the privilege of participating in an
extracurricular activity and/or an event when the student's conduct is not consistent with District Policy;
the District's Behavior Code and/or academic standards; the conduct expectations and/or academic
standards of Mauldin High School; and/or the conduct expectations and/or academic standards of the
particular activity. Extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to, athletic teams, academic
clubs/teams, prom, graduation exercises, and attendance at any school function outside of the normal
school day.

               PTSA Information                 MAULDIN HIGH SCHOOL
           Available at the Following:          2008-2009 PTSA School Board
          National PTA            President              Cathy Moore
           State PTA            President Elect        OPEN
               Mauldin High PTSA              Treasurer              Patsy Culp   Secretary              Jane Courter
                                              Parliamentarian        Kay Hornaday
                                              School Store           Sandra Jones
                                                                     Laurann Walker
            Mauldin High School               Volunteers             Tina Delaney
                                              Asst. Volunteers       OPEN
                  Needs                       Membership             Karalee Brookie
                                                                     Renee Simon
                       YOU !!                 Programs               Janice Baddley
Volunteers make the difference when                                  Melanie Wessinger
                                              Newsletter             Sherry Bonner
 it comes to our children’s success!          Newsletter Facilitator OPEN
    Join in, and make a difference!           Grant Liaison          Diane Siegel
                                              Business Partners      Sandra Stone
                                              Teacher Appreciation Becky Herlong
         Want to Volunteer?                                          Marie Edwards
        Register on-line at                                          Mary Walsh
                                              Hospitality            Joy McKinney                                   Beatty Davis
Click on the PTSA link, then click on         Memory Bricks          Pam Barefoot
                                              Publicity              Connie Warden
the volunteer sign up form. Fill out          Reflections            Diane Meacham
 the volunteer form and have your             School Beautification Jan Pommenrenke
                                              Hispanic Liaison       Lucy Oelsner
child return the form to his/her 2nd          Sunshine               Rena Steele
           period teacher.                    Historian              Susan Hood
                                              SIC Liaison            Sherry Latimore
           Tina DeLaney                       Teacher Holiday        Gina Burton
                                                                     Ruth Hall
 Volunteer Coordinator 228-7225                                      Angela Gaines               Mav Dollars            Caroline Neely
                                              Legislative            Bonnie Wallin
                                              Lunch Vol. Scheduler Melonie Martinez
                                              Teacher Representative Rachel Turner
                                              Volunteer Data Entry Sandy Lawson
  Volunteers      who are interested in       Sam’s Shoppers         Christie Warren
  working the morning shift at the
  school store (7:30-8:30 a.m.), please       The MHS PTSA has openings for board
  contact Laurann Walker at 201-3477,         positions for the 2008-2009 school year.
  or email at        The openings are listed above. Please
                                              contact Cathy Moore at 234-1419, if you
                                              would like to volunteer for any of the
                                              “open” positions. We NEED YOU!

  From Your PTSA President                                 Keep up with “what’s happening”
  Cathy Moore                                                  at Mauldin High School
  Welcome back!                                          Check out Mauldin High Schools website:
  PTSA needs you. There are many different ways  
  to help the school. Please be involved with us as
  we work with all of the faculty, staff, students,      * Check out the PTSA link:
  and administration to make this a great year.          Just go MHS website and click the PTSA tab.
  An update on projects last year: the big project for   You can sign up to volunteer, buy a brick, or
  PTSA was to purchase additional promethean             join the PTSA! All online!
  boards for classrooms, while continuing to assist      * Subscribe to The Stampede, a weekly e-
  with technology needs. For the third year in a         newsletter from the high school. Sign up
  row, we added a mural to the school over the           through the MHS website. Scroll down to the
  summer. (Check out the new one in the school           bottom of the homepage to the “Get Stam-
  gym!) We also continued our classroom support          peded” ad and type in your email address and
  with Mini Grants to teachers and holiday gift          click on the subscribe button.
  cards for all staff. Teacher appreciation is another
  important role for PTSA as we sponsored a great        * Read Mauldin Highs column in the “School
  week for our teachers in May. We concluded the         News” section of the Tribune Times each
  year by thanking our custodial and cafeteria staff!    week (included with The Greenville News on
  Join, help make a difference!
                                                         * And of course, read your Mavs’ Corral

    Are cordially invited
       To attend the
      Volunteer Coffee
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
  Mauldin High School
      Media Center
        9:00 a.m.

Learn about all the volunteer opportunities
available for you to get involved and stay
informed at Mauldin High School.
Volunteer forms are included in the students
first day packet and are also available on
the MHS website, under PTSA. Completed
forms should be sent with your student and
given to the students’ 2nd period teacher.

                                          Mauldin High School
                                       PTSA Membership 2008 - 2009
  Adult(s) or Faculty Name
  Student(s) Name
  Member Address (include city and zip)

  Number of Adult Memberships                                                     @ $5 each = $
  Number of Student Memberships                                                   @ $5 each = $
  Number of MHS Faculty/Staff Memberships                                         @ $5 each = $
  Donation (Tax deductible, and all money remains at MHS)                                            $

  Total (Make check payable to Mauldin High PTSA)                                                    $

                    Membership cards will be delivered to the students’ second period class.
                           Thank you for supporting Mauldin High School PTSA!

  Student Name

  Student’s second period teacher

PTSA Membership
Joining Mauldin High School PTSA is a very important
way to support your school and all that PTSA stands
for. Here at Mauldin High, PTSA represents the               AUGUST
parents, teachers and students as members of the             12        New Teacher Brunch
oldest child advocacy group in the nation.                   13        Teacher Lunch - 1st day back for teachers
By joining PTSA you can be a vital part of this              14        “Meet the Mavs” - 9th grade orientation - 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
organization. Our goal is 100% membership for our            19        FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
school, but we need you to take action and join for          21        PTSA Board Meeting, 1:00 p.m. - Media Center
each parent and child that is associated with Mauldin        24        MAVS Membership Blitz, 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. /Cookout following
High School. Each year our teachers show their               25        OPEN HOUSE - PTSA Meeting - 6:30 p.m.
support by joining this organization. They know how          SEPTEMBER
important it is to take this small step to show this         01        Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
support. In appreciation of your $5.00 per membership        18        PTSA Board Meeting, 1:00 p.m. - Media Center
you will receive coupons from local businesses and if        18        Progress Reports
you join in the month of August you will be eligible for
other prizes we are drawing for. So when you receive         OCTOBER
this newsletter or see the Membership Form in the            13        Mauldin Golf Tournament - Holly Tree Country Club
student 1st Day Packet, please fill out all the member       16        PTSA Board Meeting, 1:00 p.m. - Media Center
information and send it back to the school promptly to       17        Teacher Workday - NO SCHOOL
be eligible for the August prize drawings. If you join the   20        Teacher Workday - NO SCHOOL
night of MHS Open House (August 25th), you will have         28 - 30   High School Exit Exam
a chance to win a gift certificate to a local restaurant.    30        Report Cards
Please show your Maverick pride and join now!                NOVEMBER
Karalee Brookie                                              04      Election Day - NO SCHOOL
Rene Simon                                                   20      PTSA Board Meeting, 1:00 p.m. - Media Center
PTSA Membership                                              26 - 28 Thanksgiving Break

                                                                                                                                         13 is now on Facebook!
As a better way to communicate with our athletes about sports
events and fundraising events, we have joined Facebook. Many of              MAVS Booster Club
the Mauldin athletes have already signed on as friends of the
site. Are you a 2008-09 Mauldin athlete?                                     Membership Blitz
Then look us up at, and hit friend request. Don’t
miss out!                                                                      Mark your calendars!!
         Facebook search: Go Mavs Mauldin High
                                                                             Sunday, August 24,2007
is the Mauldin High School sports website. The website is run by                   3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
parent volunteers. Each sport has a team page. The team pages are
created by parent volunteer “website reporters”. We are looking for       All Mauldin High Athletes are to attend
volunteers for the 2008-09 school year for the following team pages :
                                                                                 All Sports - All Seasons
JV Football
Girls Swim
Boys Swim
Girls Golf
Boys Golf
Boys Basketball (Varsity, JV, and C-team)
JV & Varsity Wrestling
Cheer Basketball                                                             MAVS BOOSTER CLUB 
JV Boys Lacrosse
                                                                           Membership Blitz Cookout! 
JV & Varsity Boys Soccer                                                We are looking for parents to donate baked 
You do not need to be a computer wizard to work on the site.            goods  and  chips  for  the  cook  out  after  the 
Just a love of the sport, some pictures, some team scores, and          membership blitz. If you have any questions, 
news. Training is available. If you would like to help out as a         please call Jeannie Klas at 963-3506.
website reporter for one of the teams listed above, please contact
Sandy Lawson (

                           IT’S TEE TIME                                                 PTSA Board Meetings
Our annual Mauldin MAVS Golf Tournament is scheduled and we’re waiting for              PTSA Board Meetings are scheduled on
the fun to begin. Mark your calendar for Monday, October 13, 2008. Go ahead             the third Thursday of every month. The
and gather up your winning team of golfers and/or select your favorite hole to          meeting time has changed to 1:00 p.m.
sponsor. The tournament will be held again this year at Holly Tree Country              Meetings are conducted in the Media
Club. The play will be Captains Choice with a 1:00pm Shot Gun Start. Entry              Center conference room.
Fee is $75 per player. Hole Sponsorships will be sold for $100 per hole. And as
always, we’ll have some great raffle prizes for you to win. For questions and                        August 21
contributions please contact: Joye Davis at 325-0443. Everyday on the golf                        September 18
course is a great day. Let’s plan to participate on October 13th for a guarantee of                  October 16
a great day.                                                                                       November 20
                                                                                                   December 18
                                                                                                     January 15
                                                                                                    February 19
                                                                                                      March 19
                                                                                                       April 16
                                                                                                       May 21

                                                                                      Remember to look for
                                                                                      “first day packets” given
                                                                                      to all students on the
                                                                                      first day of school.

                                                                                            Bienvenidos a
                                                                                          Mauldin High School
                                                                                      Para las personas que no hablan
                                                                                      Ingles Habra un traductor todas
                                                                                      las tardes desde las 12:00 pm
                                                                                      hasta las 3:30 pm en la oficina
                                                                                      Los paquetes con la informacion
                                                                                      para los estudiantes (student
                                                                                      packet) ya estan traducidos.
                                                                                      Si necesitan mas informacion
                                                                                      me pueden contactar al telefono
                                                                                      864-329-1930, mi nombre es
                                                                                      Lucy Oelsner.

                    10 Arborland Way
              Greenville, South Carolina 29615
                    Ellen K. Goldman

                 All sessions are One-on-One
                  Currently Scheduling Sessions
     SAT October 4, November 1 or December 6                                            Theme: “WOW!...”
         ACT October 25 or December 13
                                                                            WHAT: Reflections is an arts recognition program
                                                                            sponsored by the PTA. Entries are first judged and
                One-on-One Tutoring                                         awarded at the school level and selected entries are then
                            ALL Subjects                                    judged at the Council, District and National PTA levels.
Math- Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Science- Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Marine Science      THEME: This year’s theme is “WOW!...”
English- 1, 2, 3 - All Levels - Language and Composition
Spanish- 1, 2, 3, 4                                                         CATEGORIES: Students are eligible to enter
History- Global Studies, World History, US History, Government/ Economics   new pieces of artwork inspired by the theme in
                                                                            the categories of literature, visual arts, musical
    High School Weekend Workshops                                           composition, photography, film/video production
 Carolina Academy for Educational Excellence will                           and dance choreography
   offer a wide variety of Weekend Workshops
        throughout the 2008-09 school year.
                                                                            WHEN/WHERE: Entries will be collected at
    The following are an example some of the                                MHS the week of October 27
            workshops we are planning:
               Research Paper Writing                                       RULES AND FORMS: Rules and forms will
   Reading Comprehension for the High Achiever                              be available beginning in September in the MHS
     SAT Vocabulary-High Intensity Boot Camp                                office or at the SC PTA web site at
          College Application Essay Writing
                         HSAP                                               AWARDS: Participants will attend an awards
     Study Skills: Text Annotation and Skimming
                                                                            banquet in the spring
  Check our website often for current information
                  and session dates.
                                                                                     FOR MORE INFORMATION:
        Groups are small, so register early!
                                                                                 Contact Diane Meacham at 281-0216
               For Additional Information Call:
                   Phone: 864-234-7984

Yearbook Senior Portrait:
     Piedmont Portrait will begin taking 2009 senior portraits
     Portraits were taken at MAULDIN HS on July 29, 30, 31, Aug. 4 and Aug 5
     Piedmont Portrait MUST take your portrait for it to be in the yearbook. You are not required
         to purchase from them.
     Dress: Drapes and Tuxedo (provided by Piedmont Portraits). You may have a change of
         clothes for your personal picture choice
     Sitting fee: 15.00 payable the day of Portrait sitting
     Make up Portraits will be ay Mauldin HS on Sept. 3 from 1 – 7pm
     Piedmont Portrait is locally owned by Keith Simpson in Travelers Rest, SC
     Phone: 834-4261

Senior Pages:
     •   Yearbook staff mailed forms in July to the address GUIDANCE had on file as of May 1.
     •   Deadline for purchase will be August 29th.
     •   Contact Mrs. Ward with any questions at

Senior Class Panoramic Picture:
     •   Class picture will be taken on Tuesday Sept. 16 at 8:30 am. Pictures envelopes will be
         available to purchase that day.

Underclassmen Yearbook Pictures:
     •    Yearbook pictures will be taken on:
          Thursday and Friday August 21 and 22 for underclassmen
          Tuesday September 16 will be the ONLY makeup day

Yearbook Sales:
     • Cost Seniors – 65.00
       Underclass – 60.00
     • Must pay for yearbook separate from other cost and fees
     • Any extras on yearbook day will be 75.00 CASH

     Yearbooks can be purchased at/through the following:
     August 25 - Open House (table in atrium)
     Look for order information in the Students “First Day Packet”
     Form can be downloaded from School Website
     Purchased at school from Mrs. Ward in B136 the weeks of
        August 25 – 29
        September 22 – 26
        October 27 – 31
        November 17 – 25

* Dec. 1 is when order count is due to Herff Jones.

                            Teacher Cadet Conference
Mauldin High School will host the first annual           Current Teaching Fellows and teachers from the
Greenville County Teacher Cadet Conference for all       community will lead 30-minute breakout sessions
of the cadets and cadet instructors in Greenville        where cadets will see the latest in technology in the
County Schools. The event will take place at             classroom, learn about special needs education,
Mauldin High School on Friday, October 17th from         experience creating lesson plans and construct
9am until 1:00 (lunch included). This conference is      hands-on activities for their future classrooms. This
designed to enlighten the cadets about the field of      conference provides a unique opportunity for current
education and to prepare them to receive the             and future teachers to connect within our community.
richest experience from the Teacher Cadet course.        The resources available at this conference will
Special speakers will include: Ann Marie Taylor,         encourage and inspire students to pursue a career in
2007-2008 SC Teacher of the Year and Jenna               education with ultimately a desire to return to
Hallman, 2008 - 2009 SC Teacher of the Year.             Greenville County to teach.
Greenville County School Superintendent, Phinnize        If anyone would like more information about the
Fisher will also be present to offer a formal greeting   conference, or if you would be willing to donate a fun
and to meet with cadets and their instructors. A         or educational item for door prizes, please contact
representative from CERRA (Center for Educator           Rachel Turner at or
Recruitment Retention and Advancement) will              Brett Vaughn at
present scholarship opportunities and information
about Teaching Fellows. University representatives
will also be present to share information about the
education programs at the college level.

                                                 Place Label Here

                                                                                                Greenville, SC 29616-0397
                                                                                                     P.O. Box 25397
Greenville, South Carolina
                                                                                                     District 1 PTA
      PERMIT # 94
 Non-Profit Organization                                                                         Mauldin High School

           Our Mission: The administration, faculty, and staff of Mauldin High School, in conjunction with the
           students, their families, and the community, shall provide every student the opportunity, challenge, and
           support to realize his or her educational potential and the ability to assume a productive role in a
           democratic society.

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