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									Heat Shrink Tubing:-
Welcome to the best Heat Shrink Terminations Kits producing company of India that is famous by its
name as Yamuna Power and quality and products also. This is an ISO Certified company and always
try to make the best quality cable accessories products. We are the best Cable Joints Kits manufacturers
and selling these products in almost 34 countries successfully. Our engineers are more experience in
Designing and manufacturing Kits for making Joints of Fiber Cables and other many Cable products
using their own developed technologies.

Yes it is true that Yamuna Power & Infrastructure Ltd. is the best Heat Shrink Tubing and Cable Joints
Kits manufacturers and exporters company of India since decades and make a milestone in this field.
We produce the latest and best Cable Joint Kits and many other electrical and power accessories
products, that are more essential for the joining of cables to maintain a long length. We are the best
company for Internal & External Electrification and offering Sub Stations & Transmission facility in
small and big Industries.

Here, you will find certified, tested and recognized Heat Shrink Tubing and Heat Shrink Terminations
Kits, therefore meeting all the requirements of many international quality. We possess a good network
for our services and products and thus satisfy all our clients with our efficiency towards our work and
commitment. Presently we products are used in a multitude of different applications and is being
demanded by many of our customers for its quality. We provide different kinds of cables viz ABC,
XLPE, PILC, PVC, EPR for outdoor as well as for indoor applications.

Yamuna Power & Infrastructure Ltd. is the only company in India to offer all types of Heat Shrink
Tubing and Cable Joint Kits, Systems od excellent quality. We Manufacture and Exports Heat Shrink
Tube and other electrical equipments on big level in all the India and other countries by our best
marketing strategy. We manufacture Heat Shrink Tubing using best quality wires and fiber also and our
products are more demanding in the foreign market and indian market also. There are wide range of
Heat Shrink Terminations Kits available today, which can be classified by the way they are applied

Our products are more demanding in the Indian market as well as in abroad.We are more professional
in producing Electrical products of best quality and success in maintaining our leadership in the Cable
Joints Kits,Heat Shrink Terminations Kits and Heat Shrink Tube Products. We maintain our step in
serving as a power equipments industry since 1973 and leads as a top company for quality kits and
accessories. We are also best Cable Joints Exporters in the power industry. For more query please visit
our website : http://www.yamunapower.com/products.asp or contact us at :Tel. : (91) 11 – 43577777 or
Fax : (91) 11 – 43577778 or mail us at : enquiry@yamunapower.com

Contact details:-
Yamuna Power & Infrastructure Ltd.
3/101 Kaushalaya Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016
Tel. : (91) 11 – 43577777
Fax : (91) 11 – 43577778

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