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Canggu currently offer the best place for your vacation getaways.
Canggu has beautiful rice fields, wonderful beach with big waves from
the Indian Ocean.
Canggu Your Vacation

The island of Bali is not a big island        The island of Bali is so beautiful with many
compare to the other islands on Indonesia     breathtaking rice terraces, beautiful looking
archipelago. The island of Bali lies on the   white sandy beach and also wonderful
equator between the island of Java and the    volcanoes. The island of Bali is not like other
island of Lombok in the east. Bali somewhat   island in Indonesia, it developed the world of its
in between highly populated island and        own from its culture and from its beautiful
lower populated island which has slower       panorama.
pace of life. The life around the island is
culturally evolving around the Gods and

                                              Featured Canggu Villa
                                              Villa Maridadi Canggu is 5 bedrooms villa located in a tranquil setting
                                              just thirty minutes from Seminyak. Built beside the rice fields, the property is
                                              blessed with panoramic views of the sweeping coastline and distant volcanoes.
   Canggu Your Vacation Destination

One of the beautiful panorama lies on the
Canggu village which located just a short
drive from the highly developed tourism are                                                                   BETTER
of Kuta. Canggu currently offer the best
place for your vacation getaways. Canggu
                                              Many frequent visitor of the island eventually built their
                                              own homes on the island which later turn into tourism
has beautiful rice fields, wonderful beach    accommodation. Now visitors from around the world
                                              enjoy their vacation on these beautiful private villas.
                                                                                                           On Bali Private
with big waves from the Indian ocean.
Canggu offer a more relaxed atmosphere
                                              The cost for renting private villas compare with the
                                              total cost of having your vacation on hotels will be
compare to Kuta or Seminyak. There are        lower but gives more privacy.
many private villas around Canggu which
could be your vacation destination.           Bali villas Network acknowledge these private villas
                                              and becoming one of the companies in Bali which
                                              managed private villas for short term rental in Bali.
                                              Choose your holiday in Bali in one of the private villas
                                              in Canggu, whether you need a single bedroom for a
                                              romantic holiday or more room for your entire family,
                                              the Bali Villas Network will provide them for you.
                                              Their extensive knowledge of private villa rental will
                                              give the satisfaction you may look for on your holiday.      Our Canggu Villas are
                                                                                                           perfect for singles,
                                                                                                           couples, family and
                                                                                                           friends. Your privacy
                                                                                                           is assured at our
                                                                                                           range of selected Bali
                                                                                                           villas. Make your Bali
                                                                                                           Villa Rental today to
                                                                                                           avoid disappointment.
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