A Publication Of The Crawford Farms Homeowners Association by wuyunyi


									                          Crawford Farms
                                              “A Great Place to Live”
                              A publication of the Crawford Farms Homeowners Association, Inc.

                           October/November 2007
An Open Letter From the HOA
Advisory Committee
                                                         no members. The chairperson moved away and the
This article is meant as an open letter to you the       sole remaining member could not step up and
homeowner in our great community. Crawford Farms         assume the duties. There were only 2 members on
is a unique and vibrant entity made possible by the      the committee, the chairperson and one other, when
combined efforts of the caring homeowners.               there should have been at least 5. The net result is
Unfortunately that vibrancy and caring attitude has      that now there will be no Fall Festival and we all will
waned perilously and is in danger of collapsing.         be the poorer for not having it.

The Homeowner’s Advisory Committee is charged            Likewise the Landscape Committee has been
with making recommendations to the Board of              essentially defunct due to absence of members. Two
Directors on pertinent issues affecting our community.   members of the Homeowner’s advisory committee
We are also charged with overseeing the efforts of       have volunteered to take on the additional time
our community management company, which is               consuming demands of designing and planning the
currently Premier Communities Management                 landscape work that needs to be done this autumn.
Company. We review and recommend to the Board of         This will be the first time in over 2 years that any
Directors approval or disapproval of requests for        significant work has been done. Admittedly we did not
funding of the various community projects. We also       plant last year due to the severe drought but that is
provide oversight to the various committees formed       no longer the case. We have a lot of work to catch up
for the community as a whole such as Landscaping,        on.
Pool and Social. These are but 3 of the many that we
can have and are provided for in the CCRs that we all    At the annual meeting in January we asked if anyone
agreed to. The other standing committees have done       would step up and serve. We placed sign-up sheets
a great job and we deeply appreciate and thank all of    on the tables. Many people gave us their names and
them for their dedication and hard work.                 phone numbers. When we called them they were:
                                                         “too busy”, “changed my mind”, and so forth. It was
The 3 committees I mentioned above are some of           disheartening to hear one excuse after another.
those that are necessary for the functioning of the
beauty, harmony and recreational aspects here in         We recently appointed a new Chairperson for the
Crawford Farms. As of this writing the Social            Pool Committee. She has some great ideas for
Committee has been disbanded and the Fall Festival       improving the pool service to the community.
has been cancelled. The reason is simple. There are      However the biggest problem we have is controlling
                                                         access to the pool. It is supposed to be only for the
Address                                                  residents. However, in some cases either you or your

                                                                     continued on page 3, LETTER

October / November 2007                                                                                page 1
Manager’s Report
by Mandy Craig, Association Manager

Fall is around the corner and so is cooler weather!      Emergency Phone Number:
Please remember to fertilize one last time to keep        If you see an irrigation problem or dangerous
your lawn prepared for next spring! If you ever have     landscaping problem, please call 1-866-424-8072 ex.
any questions or concerns you may contact Mandy          350. State your name, phone number and the exact
Craig, Association Manager at (682) 747-5444 or e-       location of the problem, including the name of
mail mandy.craig@premiercommunities.net.                 Crawford Farms. (Messages are monitored 24/7 and
                                                         you will receive a call back for prompt confirmation of
Want to change or upgrade your property?                 the report)
Please be reminded that in order to make any
exterior changes or improvements to your home you        All of the residents of the Crawford Farms want to
need to submit an application to the HOA. It is          preserve and increase their property values. It is the
imperative that you submit an application and have it    achievement of the efforts contributed by all members
approved for your file with the Association. The Board   doing a great job adhering to the deed restrictions,
of Directors is very knowledgeable on the CC&R’s         supporting their Board of Directors and Committees that
and is very active and supportive of the residents in    makes Crawford Farms one of the most desired places
the community.                                           in which to live. The Members of Crawford Farms are
                                                         very proud of the integrity of and being a monument
Pool Update:                                             community in the City of Fort Worth.
Should you see any suspicious activity please call the
Fort Worth Police Department!                            As a team working together, we will maintain the values
                                                         and integrity of the community!
Property Violations:
Crawford Farms has some extraordinary
homeowners that take extreme pride in the
maintenance of their homes! There were only 132
property violations written in the July/August! Thanks
for all your hard work and continued support of the
growth of the community!                                                                 IN THE MIDDLE
                                                                                           of a major life change
Resale Certificates:
Remember, to order the required resale certificate
                                                               WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE?
when you are selling your home. To order a Resale            If you’re between jobs, in school, or starting your own business,
Certificate, please visit www.premiercommunities.net.           don’t sweat it. I have plans from Assurant Health designed
                                                              with your needs in mind. To find out more about short term,
                                                                  student or individual medical coverage, call me today.

                                                                                                 Chad Haynes, Agent, CPCU
                                                                                                 4118 Keller Hicks Road
                                                                                                 Keller, TX 76244-1750
Looking for Motorcycle Riders                                                                    Bus: 817-741-0007
                                                                                                 Office Hours
who would like to get together                                                                   Mon - Friday 8:30 - 5:30, Saturday 9:00 - 12 noon
for weekend rides, charity events etc. All Types of                                              Afterhour appointments available

Motorcycles welcome. If interested please contact:
                                                           See a local State Farm agent for more
                                                           details on coverage, costs, restrictions,
Scott Mills                                                and renewability. Assurant Health
                                                           products are underwritten and issued
10773 Traymore Dr.                                         by Time Insurance Company,
                                                           Milwaukee, WI, which is financially
Village of Crawford Farms                                  responsible for these products. No
                                                           member of the State Farm family of
817-713-6633 cell                                          companies is financially responsible
                                                           for these products. Assurant, Assurant
817-431-2636 hm                                            Health and Time Insurance Company
                                                           are not affiliates of State Farm.
smills4464@aol.com                                                 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company • Bloomington, IL • statefarm.com®
                                                           P064001                                                                                     02/06

page 2                                                                    visit us at: www.CrawfordFarmsHOA.com
LETTER, continued from FRONT page                          Would you like to get involved
                                                           in the community?
children are allowing access to non-residents. This
                                                           Do you have some time you are willing to dedicate to
has resulted in greater costs to you because your
                                                           keeping Crawford Farms “A Great Place to Live.” If
homeowners due’s are used to pay for the cleanup.
                                                           so, this message is for you.
We had to hire a porter service 5 days a week at
considerable expense to clean up the pool. The pool        We have an opening on the Advisory Committee
was closed for many days due to someone                    (AC). What is the AC and what do they do?
defecating in the restrooms and smearing it on the
walls and floor! Someone else, or the same person,         The purpose of the committee is to serve as advisors
was responsible for throwing feces in the pool. We         to the Board of Directors. They coordinate with and
have to report each incident to the City of Fort Worth.    gathering input from existing committees and
The city requires certain sanitary measures that have      individual homeowners on issues affecting them
to be accomplished. If this sort of thing doesn’t stop     personally and the community as a whole. Ultimately,
we may be forced to close the pool permanently.            the committee is to protect and preserve the property
                                                           values for the entire community. Additionally, the
Another issue that is quite disturbing is the failure of   committee servers to assist in the transitioning form
some of you to pay your dues on time. When you             the Developer Board to a Homeowner Board.
don’t do that there are collection fees that are added
to the dues increasing your net cost. If you don’t pay     The responsibilities of the committee are as follows:
the full amount including the late fees then we bill you   Understand the association’s governing documents
for the remainder and add an additional collection         and applicable state and local laws
fee! There are at least 44 homeowners who owe us           Hold regular meetings with the various committees
less than $100. Some only owe the sum of $8.00,            and the community members to discuss needs,
that’s eight bucks! Others owe $16 or $24. Why won’t       issues and concerns
you pay up and get your name off the delinquent list?
                                                           • Balance the needs of the community with those of
Folks, this is stupid. Pay your dues.
                                                              the individual homeowner
                                                           Encourage and foster neighborliness and community
We delayed the due date for 2007 as a courtesy to
                                                           Report activities to and work at the direction of the
you because we had to raise the dues, and in
                                                           Board of Directors
deference to the Holiday Season. Many of you took
                                                           Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on
advantage of that and delayed paying even beyond
                                                           issues impacting the community
the March 31 late date. Beginning next January the
HOA Dues of $396 will be due and payable on                Job requirements:
January 1. A late fee will be assessed on January 31.      Must have internet access and the ability of open and
There will be no grace period.                             read attachments
                                                           Attend and participate in regularly scheduled monthly
We cannot do it all by ourselves. Some of the current      meeting
members of the committees have been serving for            No personal agendas allowed, just the betterment of
several years and would like to be relieved. Won’t you     the community
help? Step up, volunteer, help us serve this               Respect all members’ opinions and input, and the
community and we can be the kind of place we all           Confidentiality of the committee’s business
want to live in.                                           Must be a HOA member in good standing (all
                                                           assessments paid, no CC&R violations)
For further information on the various committees          So if you are interested, here is what you need to do.
consult this newsletter. You can also check out our        Go to the Crawford Farms website. http://
website at: www.crawfordfarmshoa.com.                      crawfordfarmshoa.com Click HOA Committees

                                                                       continued on page 5, COMMUNITY

October / November 2007                                                                                 page 3
Crawford Farms Annual                                  From the Pool Committee
Holiday Lighting Contest                               Happy Fall!

We had fabulous entries                                We introduce Kattie Debth as the new pool
last year, let’s make this                             committee chair. Just as a reminder to everyone that
year even better!                                      the pool is now closed for the season. With planning
Your house must be                                     for the upcoming year already beginning we are now
entered in order to win.                               considering new ideas for next season. If you have
                                                       any ideas or requests for consideration please
Categories include Best                                contact Kattie Debth by email at kdebth@gmail.com
Theme, Best Overall                                    or by phone at 817-371-
Lighting, Best Entryway                                1302. Some ideas are;
 and Best Winter Wonderland Block/Group (4 or more     Better Lighting, Security,
houses together).                                      and Pest Control. We
                                                       need committee
Email the entry form to lisa.webb06@yahoo.com          members!!
or mail the entry form to 10600 Crawford Farms
Drive.                                                 Do you want your opinion
                                                       to matter?
            Entry forms will be accepted               Then contact us to join
          December 1-7 (by email or mail).             the pool committee so we
      All entries MUST be in by December 7.            can
      Judging will be Saturday, December 8             hear your voice.
             and Sunday, December 9.
       Questions? Lisa Webb, 817-741-4600.

     Holiday Lighting Contest                          Captain Ron’s Lawns &
         Entry Form 2007
                                                       Landscaping, Inc.

**** List all addresses for BLOCK entries. Underline
YOUR home.

Phone                                                  Let us take over the Lawn Maintenance and
_____________________________________________          Landscape Remodeling Duties for you!
                             “Your Neighbor and
Category (you may enter all categories, no limit)
_____ Theme
                            your Realtor”
_____ Overall Lighting                                                            Ron & Debbie Kerwin
_____ Entryway
_____ Block****                                         We appreciate your                    817-485-7890
Return by Friday, Dec. 7 to lisa.webb06@yahoo.com       business. May God Bless      www.captainronslawn.com
or 10600 Crawford Farms Drive.                          You and Yours.          Insured for your Protection!
page 4                                                          visit us at: www.CrawfordFarmsHOA.com
COMMUNITY, continued from page 3                         Crawford Farms Neighborhood
                                                         Traffic Management Committee
locate the Advisory Committee address
                                                         Tired of cars speeding in front of your house?
advisory@crawfordfarmshoa.com and send us an email
                                                         Worried that your kids are in danger every time they
with the following information:
                                                         cross the street? Each day we see more homes
                                                         completed and occupied. Soon our neighborhood will
                                                         be complete. It’s time to organize a Crawford Farms
                                                         committee to work with the City of Fort Worth on a
                                                         traffic management plan for our neighborhood.
                                                         Speeding and parking have been the leading safety
Phone Number
                                                         problems in Crawford Farms. Lots of you have asked
                                                         for speed bumps, signs and traffic patrols to
Email Address
                                                         discourage speeding. Here’s your chance to have a
                                                         say in how we make our streets safer. We need
Why do you want to serve on the AC?
                                                         around 10 volunteers to serve on the committee. The
                                                         Fort Worth Traffic Engineering staff will provide
What qualification do you have to serve on the AC?
                                                         advice and support to the committee. We’ll need to
                                                         build neighborhood consensus and submit the final
Why would you make a good AC member?
                                                         plan to the Traffic Engineering department for
                                                         approval. If you are interested in serving on the
We will review the applicants and conduct
                                                         committee, please email
interviews at a later date. All applications should be
                                                         safety@crawfordfarmshoa.com. For more information,
received by October 15, 2007.
                                                         see the City of Fort Worth TP & W webpage http://
                                                         www.fortworthgov.org/tpw/info, “Serving You” then
                                                         “Traffic Issues”.

                                                                     Valet service
                                                                  at self-park rates.
                                                                   Switch to State Farm and you could save big with one

                                                                    of our many discounts. Hurry in (but don’t speed).

                                                                                                    Clint Goin CLU, Agent
                                                                                                    7420 N Beach, Suite 234
                                                                                                    Fort Worth, TX 76137-1506
                                                                                                    Bus: 817-485-5660

                                                          P060402 1/06
                                                         P0XXXXX12/06    State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company – Bloomington, IL

October / November 2007                                                                                                                                  page 5
Safety Committee/                                        Just a reminder for Parents
Neighborhood Crime Watch/                                Fort Worth Curfew
Code Blue News
Vehicle Burglaries – There were several vehicle          What are the Hours
burglaries in Crawford Farms during August. Please       of coverage?
keep your vehicles locked (preferably in a locked
garage). Remember to take your valuables inside,
even during the day. Outdoor lights discourage           • The curfew is in
criminals. And please, report anything suspicious to     effect after 11 p.m.
the police. Some burglars were caught because alert      Sunday through
neighbors called 9-1-1. Code Blue volunteers and         Thursday.
police are increasing their patrols, but they can’t be
                                                                • Just after midnight, at 12:01 a.m., Saturday
Parking Problems - We’ve had several complaints                 and Sunday.
about vehicles parked on the streets. While we can’t
ban parking on public streets, we strongly encourage            • The curfew ends at 6 a.m. seven days a
residents to park in their garages and driveways.               week.
There’s been a lot of near misses and some
damaged vehicles in the past month because drivers       When is the Teen Curfew Violated?
couldn’t see especially around vehicles parked on
street corners. It’s really difficult for school buses
and emergency vehicles to navigate our                          • When a minor remains in any public place
neighborhood with so many obstacles. Please keep                or on the premises of any establishment
the lanes clear and park safely.                                within the city during curfew hours.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Status – We’re
making progress towards our goal of signing up a                • When a parent or guardian of a minor
block captain and co-captain for each street. We                knowingly permits the minor to violate the
need captains for Ashmont Lane, Astor Drive, Astor              curfew ordinance.
Ridge, Chloe Lane, Drexmore Avenue, Dustin Drive,
Greenwood Way, Ivy Court, Macy Lane, Paintbrush
Drive, Vintage Drive (West), Waverly Lane. Here’s               • When the owner, operator, or any
your chance to keep informed & get involved. Please             employee of an establishment knowingly
contact Wayne Gerlach                                           allows a minor to remain at the establishment
(wayne@thegerlachfamily.com) if you’re interested or            during curfewhours
if you’d like more information.

page 6                                                             visit us at: www.CrawfordFarmsHOA.com
Local Events:

Boo at the
Zoo                                                                 B. G.
October 25 -                                                        SQUIRREL
October 30, 2007
6 - 8:30 p.m.                                                       RUN
Tricks, treats and                                                  Breeze through
everything neat                                                     the Garden on
will be at the Fort                                                 the 5K or 10K course, or sprint with the kids on the
Worth Zoo. Live                                                     1K. Clowns, face painting, historical Texas Rangers
shows - lots of fun! www.fortworthzoo.com                           and lots of other activities for the whole family. Fee:
                                                                    $18/person, $15 before November 4, $20/person on
                                                                    the day of the race. Check out their website:
FALL FESTIVAL IN THE                                                www.bgsquirrel.com

Botanic Garden, Fort Worth Feast your eyes on the                   Park Glen
spectacular fall color of the Japanese Garden while
                                you and your family                 Turkey Trot
                                enjoy traditional                   1 Mile and 5 K Fun RUN -
                                Japanese dance,                     Presented by First Bank!
                                music, martial arts                 USAA Track and Field
                                demonstrations,                     Certified.
                                papermaking, Bonsai,                8 a.m., Thanksgiving
                                Ikebana, and tea                    Day! Start at the
                                ceremonies. Admission:              Alliance Methodist
                                Adults $4.00, Children              Church, 9700 Park Vista.
                                (4-12yrs.) $2.00, under             For more details, see www.parkglen.org.
                                4 free www.fwbg.org

 Please call us during business hours to find out about special seasonal promotions.
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                                       • Dependable Service • Convenient Financing
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       (817)249-6898                                                                         'DQD¶V 6WXGLR RI 'DQFH  6RXWKODNH
                                                                                              'DQD¶V 6WXGLR RI 'DQFH  .HOOHU
                                                                                                 7KH .HOOHU 3RLQWH  .HOOHU
 Installation- new home or upgrading your system, Trane has                                    5HJLVWHU WRGD\ IRU )$//
 a capacity, efficiency and price that will suit your needs.
 Maintenance - Have your system checked out by one of our
 maintenance experts. Small problems can become bigger
 problems as your system continues to run.
 Repair - Our skilled technicians have the know-how to
 diagnose, adjust or repair your system so that you are
 comfortable all year long.
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October / November 2007                                                                                                   page 7
                                Yard of the Month Winners

Yard of the month is up and running! The landscaping
committee picks a winning yard at the beginning of
each month. You are notified in person and receive a
$50.00 gift certificate from Calloway’s Nursery “Good
Neighbor” Program. The yard is voted on by the
committee based on color, tidiness and overall
appearance for that particular month. The winning
yard places a Crawford Farms Yard of the Month sign
and a Calloway’s Nursery sign in their yard for the
month. At the end of the month, a landscape
committee member will pick up the signs. If you are
interested in joining the landscape committee, contact

During the summer months we had a few individuals         August Yard of the Month
remove the yard of the month sign from the winning          The Serinaldi Family
yard and place it in another yard as a “joke.” We hope
this doesn’t happen again in our neighborhood. A
                                                               4308 Wexford
landscaping committee member will notify you in
person should your yard win.

Below you will see the winning yards from July,
August and September. They are also featured on the
Crawford Farms HOA website.

          Congratulations to all the winners!
           You could be next. Good luck!!!

                                                         September Yard of the Month
                                                            The McConnell Family
                                                         10521 Crawford Farms Drive

           July Yard of the Month
             The Harris Family
               4308 Old Kent
page 8                                                    visit us at: www.CrawfordFarmsHOA.com
Timely Tip for Fall Gardeners:                           Telephone, Cable, Internet
Fall Lawn Feeding                                        One Source Communications           817-745-3000
Research has proven that your fall lawn feeding in
                                                         Verizon                             800-483-4000
one of the most important
ones of the year! Your
lawn has just passed
                                                         Electricity and Gas
through the stressful                                    TXU                                 800-242-9113
summer months and
needs food to rebuild                                    Tri-County Electric                 817-379-4703
itself. Calloway’s                                       Atmos                               800-460-3030
Premium Lawn Food
supplies three sources of
nitrogen. The first source                               Drivers License                     817-294-1075
provides a quick shot of
nitrogen to give your lawn
a nice greening effect.                                  Water and Trash Pickup
The other two are
controlled-release to                                    City of Fort Worth                  817-871-8210
provide a consistent supply of nitrogen over the next
several months. The 21-5-10 formula also supplies
the needed nutrients to stimulate root development,      Fire Department (Non Emergency)     817-922-3000
make your grass hardier for the winter months and
provide food for next spring’s growth!
                                                         Police Department (Non Emergency)   817-335-4222
This is also the time to apply preemergents to control
those unseen broadleaf and grassy weed seeds to
prevent them from sprouting over winter and spring.
So, don’t kick back and settle into football season
quite yet-finish those last lawn chores and enjoy the    Fort Worth Star Telegram            817-335-4837
results next spring!

In the Dog House Pet
Serving Crawford Farms
exclusively for over 3
years! Looking for
trustworthy to
love and care for
your pets while
you’re away? Do
your pets need a mid-
day break while you’re at work? I’ll
love your pets like my own! For
an in-home consultation please
contact Kelly Harris at 972-489-
8215 or kellycharris@verizon.net .
Referals available. $15 per day
for two daily visits (unlimited
number of pets). $130 per month
for one mid day break Monday -
Special-needs pets loved and
October / November 2007                                                                         page 9
Garbage and Recycling
Where to store the garbage, recycling and yard

City ordinance requires that carts be stored where       View a slide show of storage ideas for your
they can’t be seen from the public street when           garbage and recycling carts at
standing in front of a residence. Improper storage of    www.fortworthgov.org.
carts may result in a citation or fine. Depending on
your home, appropriate storage could be in the
garage, screened behind a solid fence, near a back
door or in a utility room.
Recycling carts come in a standard size of 64
gallons. Yard carts come in a standard size of 96
gallons. Depending on the size garbage cart you
order, it will measure:
32 gallon   24.25" long x 19.25" wide x 38.5" high
64 gallon   31.5" long x 27.5" wide x 41.75" high
96 gallon   34.5" long x 29.25" wide x 46.75" high
                                                         New Diet Drug Touches Off a
In an effort to make Fort Worth cleaner and more
attractive, be sure to remove your carts from the curb   Feeding Frenzy
and store them properly by midnightof your pickup
day.                                                      Boxes of Alli, the first FDA-sanctioned diet drug to be
                                                         sold without a prescription, are selling in huge
                                                         numbers, despite the fact that the pill comes with the
If you do not have a city-issued brown garbage cart,     potential for extremely unpleasant and
call 817-392-EASY (3279).                                embarrassing side effects.

                                                         The manufacturer has predicted
                                                         that 5 million to 6 million
                                                         Americans a year will buy
                                                         the drug (at almost $60
                                                         a box).

                                                         The GlaxoSmithKline drug,
                                                         which was introduced to the
                                                         market several years ago in a prescription-only form
                                                         called Xenical, blocks the absorption of about 25
                                                         percent of consumed fat. That would eliminate about
                                                         225 calories from a 3,000 calorie per day diet.

                                                         However, the drug can also result in loose stools and
                                                         gas with an oily discharge. The drug’s official website
                                                         states that, “It’s probably a smart idea to wear dark
                                                         pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to
                                                         work,” if you take the drug.

                                                         Los Angeles Times June 15, 2007

                                                         Sherba Cunnane, Nutritional Consultant

page 10                                                           visit us at: www.CrawfordFarmsHOA.com
School Bus Safety Resources

Here’s a link to some terrific resources to teach        proceed; or
kids about school bus safety. The link includes a
safety game, crossword puzzle and even poetry            3. The visual signal used by the bus (usually
to help kids learn                                       blinking lights) is turned off.
http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/people/outreach/                This rule applies to all roads that do not have
kidsPage/doom/bussafety/bckschool_safely/                driving medians or barriers. The rule applies to
index.html                                               roads with turning lanes (these are not
                                                         considered to be medians or barriers), and the
The general School Bus Rule: Undivided                   rule applies no matter how many lanes the road
Roads and Highways                                       has.
On undivided roads and highways (those without
medians or barriers in the middle), the general          a public service message from
rule is that if you are approaching a school bus         Bickerstaff, Heath, Smiley, Pollan, Kever &
that has stopped in the road, STOP! No matter            McDaniel, L.L.P.
which direction you are approaching the bus              Austin, Texas | 512.472.8021
from, you MUST stop until at least one or more of        in collaboration with
the following things have occurred:                      Austin Independent School District Partners in
1. The school bus resumes motion; or

2. You are signaled by the school bus driver to

Please be reminded not to park                           To Advertise in this Newsletter
                                                                    (817) 528-7570
over the right-of-way                                    crawfordfarmsnewsletter@yahoo.com
Please be reminded not to park over the right-of-way
(on sidewalk) in your driveway! Not only is this                   1,200 Distribution mailed
against HOA guidelines, but it is against City              SIX issue commitment – 15% Discount
Ordinance! There have been several complaints from                   25% color ad increase
neighbors within Crawford Farms in regards to not
                                       being able to
                                       walk on the             Deadlines:                  Delivery:
                                       sidewalks due           Nov. 15                     Dec. 15
                                       to the cars
                                       parking over
                                       them! Please                         Pricing:
                                       be courteous to                 2.25x3.25 - $40
                                       your neighbors                    3.5x4.5- $80
                                       whom wish to
                                                                        4.25x7 - $150
                                       utilize the
                                       sidewalks!                      Full Page - $290
October / November 2007                                                                           page 11
          Crawford Farms National Night Out 2007

    a neighborhood
    lemonade stand helped
    everyone keep cool.
    Lots of happy folks went
    home with prizes from
    the drawings. Check out

    winners. We have some
    talented young artists in
    the community!

                                    City of Fort Worth departments (Fire Department, Animal
                                    Control, Water Department, Transportation & Public Works,
                                    Waste Management, Emergency Service) supplied lots of
                                    information, brochures and freebies. The Alta Vista Animal
                                    Hospital offered information on pet health and locator chip
                                    On a lighter note, the skateboard demonstration by Syncline
                                    Skatepark was awesome!

 To the NCW, Code Blue and neighborhood volunteers:
 contributions to making Crawford Farms a great place to live. You volunteer your time to
 organize your Neighborhood Crime Watch block, go on code Blue patrol and help to protect your
 community. It took a lot of volunteers to plan, round up prizes and supplies, set-up, staff and
 clean-up. Thanks to all of the volunteers whose enthusiasm, commitment and energy helped to
 make Crawford Farms NNO 2007 such a wonderful event.

page 12                                                       visit us at: www.CrawfordFarmsHOA.com
                                                                 Over 150 residents turned out for NNO
                                                                 2007. Neighborhood Crime Watch and
                                                                 Code Blue volunteers explained what
                                                                 they do to help keep Crawford Farms a
                                                                 safe community as they stuffed goody
                                                                 bags, ran games for the kids and
                                                                 passed out water bottles.
                                                                 Neighborhood Crime Watch signed up
                                                                 33 new families and 2 new block

   Our Neighborhood Patrol Officer
   Tamy Towns and FWPD North
   Patrol Division officers discussed
   concerns with Crawford Farms
   residents. Officer Cruz Marquez
   came through with gun locks,
   crime prevention materials and a
   sample Neighborhood Crime
   Watch sign. The arrival of patrol
   officers on horseback at sunset
   was a terrific Cowtown addition
   to the event!

                              Pet Lovers
                          Dog walking, Pet Sitting,
                            Pooper Scooper, etc. I
                           love animals! Feed Fish
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        Bonded! Let me know if I can assist!

       Call the Pet Lover! 817-757-2292                                                         The Rayburn Agency
                                                                                                KIM RAYBURN
                                                                                                6650 North Beach Street, Ste. 100
                                                                                                Fort Worth, TX 76137
                                                                                                (817) 428-4040
                                                                                                Open Saturday 9-12 for your convenience

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October / November 2007                                                                                                                                 page 13
                    DON’T FRET IT.
                      SHRED IT!
            Fort Worth Shred Day. It’s FREE!
               Celebrate Texas Recycles Day by shredding unwanted documents.

          WHAT:    FREE SHREDDING OF PERSONAL DOCUMENTS (no business waste)
          WHEN:    Saturday, November 3, 2007, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Rain or shine!
          WHERE:   Vista Fibers of Fort Worth, 1100 NE 23rd St. (Mapsco 62M)
          WHO:     Fort Worth residents
          WHY:     Protect against identity theft and securely dispose of personal or
                   sensitive documents containing account numbers, birth certificates,
                   passwords, PINs, signatures and social security numbers.
                   Certificate of destruction will be provided.
          LIMIT:   10 boxes (about 500 pounds)

                                         Questions? Call

                                                                          Printed on recycled paper.


                                                               Registration for the
                                                               Fall/Spring Session!

Dana’s Studio of Dance 2                                          Now Open in
  4240 Heritage Trace Pkwy, Suite 500, Keller, Texas 76248
page 14                                                    visit us at: www.CrawfordFarmsHOA.com
                                                                                                                   ACC Use Only
                                                                                                              Rq. No.
Crawford Farms Owners Association - ACC
Property Modification Approval Request Form                                                                   Phase

As each of us bought our property in Crawford Farms, we agreed by our signatures to abide by the Declaration of
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (a.k.a. CCRs or Deed Restrictions). The Deed Restrictions protect our property
values by keeping the community a highly desirable place to live. ACC (Architectural Control Committee) approval
must be obtained prior to the start of your project. To avoid delay, make your request as complete as possible and type
or print legibly. Incomplete requests will be returned for additional information. Incorrect information or changes made
after approval invalidates approval. The ACC tries to assure that all changes to our properties conform to the
appropriate Deed Restrictions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.




      Phone(s)                                                                               Best time to call

      Proposed start date                                                   Proposed completion date

      Describe the nature of the project (attach pages as necessary)

      Location (attach sketch/drawing)

      Dimensions                                                            Distance from fences and easements

      Colors                                                                Shape



      Other (specify)

      IMPORTANT: Include plan view and elevation drawings (to scale) plus any other supporting documents indicating project's location
                        and its relationship to property lines, neighbors, construction, easements, etc.

      YES      NO    N/A
                              I/We have read the appropriate Deed Restrictions
                              I/We have obtained a City of Fort Worth building permit (attach copy)
                              This project will require A fence removal (if yes, inform Association Manager)
                              Completed project will be visible from the street

      Check any that                Corner lot
      apply:                        Iron park fencing                              Project already started/completed

      Homeowner's Signature                                                                          Date

      Signature constitutes permission for ACC members to inspect property and agreement to abide by ACC's decis

     Mail this request, along with all supporting
                                                                                     For additional information email or call:
     documents, drawings, photographs, etc. to:

     Premier Communities Management Co. OR PCMC                                                        Charles Wray
     Attention: Charles Wray                                                               Association Manager 682-286-1445
     3201 N E Loop 820 Suite 280                                                          charles.wray@premiercommunities.net
     Fort Worth Texas    76137                                                                      Fax 682-286-1442

October / November 2007                                                                                                              page 15
                                                                                           Other ACC Form R (rev 08/02) Supercedes all other forms
                                                                                 Francisco Chacon, M.D.
                                                                                                       Board Certified
                                                                                 Family Medicine
                                                                                 Treating Families
                                                                 From Children to Senior Adults
                                                                                        Fluent in Spanish
                                                                                 Accepting new patients, walk-ins
                                                                                   and most area health plans

                                                                                  Heritage Trace Pkwy

                                                                                                                HealthFirst Medical Group

                                                                 Old Denton Rd
                                                                                                                3529 Heritage Trace Parkway, Suite 137


                                                                                                                          Keller, Texas 76248

                                                                                         Beach St

     8-5 Monday-Friday                                                                                                                    Fax 817-741-7582
        8-12 Saturday                                                      820

ORTHODONTIST                                                                          Heritage Family EyeCare
 • Most insurance plans accepted
 • Affordable interest free payment plans                                                                                                             EyeCare
 • Board Certified orthodontist                                                                                                                         for
 • Top 100 Invisalign Doctor                                                                                                                        Your Entire
                                          www.SheilaBirth.com                                                                                         Family
 • Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

 • Voted Top Doctor by her peers for four
   consecutive years in Ft. Worth Magazine                                                                            Clear Vision     With a Personal Touch
 • Member of the American Association of
   Orthodontists                                                                                             Dr. Anjonette Colvin
                                                                                     Therapeutic Optometrist & Glaucoma Specialist
  5407 Basswood Blvd, Ste. 107
          Ft. Worth, TX 76137
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     (New patients only, Offer good towards   PLUS one Saturday                                      Pkwy
                                                                                                                                              Keller, Texas 76248
page 16                                                                                                     visit us at: www.CrawfordFarmsHOA.com
      comprehensive treatment only)                                                  N
                                                 Each Month                                         North Tarrant         Coupon cannot be combined with insurance.

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