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									Sample / Template/ Example of Release Letter / NOC Letter Format from
Current Company to Employee for Joining in a new Corporate in word/ .doc


01st Oct 2013

Neetu Singh
General Manager – Finance

14/1 India Gate

New Delhi – 124 545

Dear Neetu,

Sub: Relieving Letter

With reference to your resignation Letter dated 01.09.2013, The company hereby accepts the
same and relieves you from your duties and responsibilities with effect from 01st October

We also confirmed that you do not have any outstanding dues to us & you have returned
company’s training materials, Laptop, official documents, electronic storage media etc which
were under your possession.

A cheque for Rs. 250000.00 (Rupees Two Lacs Fifty Thousand) ( Cheque No 485484 dt
01.10.2013 ) towards your salary for the month of September 2013 & Final Settlement is
attached with this letter. Please acknowledge receipt of the same.

Your account with the company is hereby settled full and final.

We do not have any objection & you are free to join any organisation in or outside India.

Thank you, with best of luck

Warm Regards,

For Rocket Sales Ltd.

Anil Basu
General Manager - HRD

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