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									                            Megan McCormick Boyd
                           WEBSITE • MEGANMCCOR MICKBOYD.COM

   To be accepted to a Master of Music Program to further my conducting skills and musicianship

   Boston University                              September 2001 – May 2005                       Boston, MA
   Bachelor of Music – Music Education and Voice Performance
        Overall GPA 3.67, Graduated Magna Cum Laude
        Earned Dean’s List status for eight semesters, including five at the distinction level

   Durham School of the Arts                  July 2009 – Present                        Durham, NC
   Choral Director
     Directed choruses for sixth grade, intermediate middle school, advanced middle school, beginning

       ninth grade women, intermediate high school women, and advanced mixed
   Millbrook High School                        August 2006 – June 2009                    Raleigh, NC
   Choral Director
     Directed beginning mixed chorus, intermediate women’s chorus, and advanced mixed chorus to

        students in the ninth through twelfth grade
     Taught Advanced Placement Music Theory where 78% of students who took the Advanced

        Placement Exam passed with a score of 3 or higher
     Consistently received superior ratings at North Carolina High School Choral Festival

     Invited to National and International Chorus Festivals each school year

     Performed at the 2009 Inauguration of North Carolina’s Governor, Beverly Perdue

     Participated in workshops with noted choral conductors Anton Armstrong, Lynn Gackle, Weston

        Noble, and André Thomas
     Earned first place with Women’s Chamber Chorus at the 2009 Heritage Festival of Gold and

        performed at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
     Increased choral program enrollment by 100% in a three year span

     Served as vocal director for the spring musicals State Fair, The Wiz, and Annie

     Conducted pit orchestra for the spring musicals The Wiz, and Annie

     Choreographed dance numbers for the spring musical, State Fair

     Served on the Millbrook Learning Community Leadership Committee to develop and implement

        school improvement plan
   Horton Middle School                       August 2005 – May 2006                        Pittsboro, NC
   Music Teacher
     Taught fifth and sixth grade general music and directed seventh and eighth grade chorus

     Founded a fifth grade chorus and initiated a collaborative concert with the Pittsboro Elementary

       School fourth grade chorus
     Received superior rating with eighth grade chorus at North Carolina Middle School Choral Festival
    Concert Singers of Cary                    September 2006 – Present                          Cary, NC
    Guest Conductor/Soloist
      Served as soloist for various symphonic chorus and chamber chorus performances

      Served as a rehearsal conductor for chamber chorus in musical director’s absence

    University of Michigan                     July 2009                            Ann Arbor, MI
    Summer Choral Conducting Symposium Student
       Studied choral conducting techniques and methods under Jerry Blackstone, Paul Rardin, Pearl

        Shangkuan, and Julie Skadsem

    Neil Semer Vocal Institute                July 2007                             Coesfeld, Germany
    Summer Student
       Studied vocal technique and body alignment work under Neil Semer and Roberta Cunningham

    Duke University Vespers Ensemble            August 2005 – May 2006                      Durham, NC
    Guest Conductor/Soloist
      Served as soloist for weekly services and spring performance

      Served as a guest conductor for rehearsals and performances in Duke University Chapel

    Boston Children’s Chorus                  August 2004 – May 2005                         Boston, MA
    Teaching Fellow
       Ran warm-ups, sectional rehearsals, and assisted with administrative duties under musical director

        Darren Dailey

    Boston University                         June 2004                                        Boston, MA
    Advanced Choral Conducting Summer Student
      Studied choral conducting techniques and methods under Ann Howard Jones

    Chautauqua Institute                        June 2003 – August 2003                   Chautauqua, NY
    Music Counselor
      Planned lessons and activities for children ages five through eighteen

      Choreographed dance numbers for annual talent show

  Who’s Who Among America’s Women
     Elected for personal and professional excellence

     Member of 2008 edition

  Golden Key Honors Society
     Elected for academic excellence by ranking in top 15% of class year

  National Society of Collegiate Scholars
     Elected for academic excellence by maintaining a 3.4 GPA and top 20% of class year

  Pi Kappa Lambda
     Elected for scholarly achievement and musicianship by ranking in top 20% of class year

     Nominated and elected by Boston University faculty members
  Works Conducted in Performance
  Agay, Denes                      Old Irish Blessing                       SATB
  Aguiar, Ernani                   Salmo 150                                SATB
  Allaway, Ben                     Sun’s a Risin’                           SATB
  Althouse, Jay                    Down By the Riverside                    SAB
                                   Shenandoah                               SAB
  Ames, Jeffery L.                 Let Everything that Hath Breath          SATB
  Bach, Johan Sebastian            Bist du bei mir                          Unison
                                   Wir eilen mit schwachen                  SA
  Bach, P.D.Q.                     Throw the Yule Log On                    SATB
  Barnes, Richard                  Rhythm of Life                           SAB
  Barnum, Eric William             Dreams of Thee                           SAB
  Bartholomew, Marshall            What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor   TTBB
  Bermel, Derek                    Kpanlongo                                SATB
  Bestor, Kurt                     Prayer of the Children                   SATB
  Brahms, Johannes                 How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place         SATB
  Britten, Benjamin                Fancie                                   Unison
  Brunner, David L.                I Am in Need of Music                    SATB
  Burton, Daniel                   Come Live With Me and Be My Love         SAB
  Butler, Eugene                   Winter Galaxy                            SSA
  Chatman, Stephen                 The Scout                                SAB
  Chilcott, Bob                    The Gift to Be Simple                    SSA
  Childs, David N.                 I Am Not Yours                           SSAA
                                   Weep no More                             SSAA
                                   Where Dwells the Soul of My Love         SATB
  Clausen, René                    All That Hath Life and Breath            SATB
                                   Psalm 100                                SSA
                                   Set Me as a Seal                         SATB
  Collins, Drew                    The Silver Creek Lullaby                 SSA
  Copland, Aaron                   Ching a Ring Chaw                        SA
                                   Old American Songs II                    SAB
                                   Zion’s Walls                             SATB
  Courtney, Vicki Tucker           Kyrie                                    SAB
  Culloton, Matthew                Famine Song                              SATB
  Daley, Eleanor                   In Remembrance                           SATB
  Davison, Dan                     Follow the Drinking Gourd                SAB
                                   Shout for Joy!                           SATB
  Dengler, Lee                     These Things Shall Never Die             SSA
  Des Prez, Josquin                El Grillo                                SATB
  Dickau, David                    If Music be the Food of Love             SATB
                                   O My Luve’s Like a Red, Red Rose         SATB
Dilworth, Rollo           Follow the Drinking Gourd                   SA
                          I Want Jesus to Walk with Me                SATB
                          Jonah!                                      SSA
                          Jordan’s Angels                             SSA
Edenroth, Anders          Chili Con Carne                             SSA
Emerson, Roger            Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel               SAB
Fine, Irving              Father William                              SSA
Gawthrop, Daniel E.       Sing a Mighty Song                          SATB
                          Sing Me to Heaven                           SATB
Gilpin, Greg              A Branch of May                             SAB
                          I’m Going There                             SAB
Gray, Cynthia             How Can I Stop Singing My Song?             SAB
Gray, Ruth Morris         Ask Me No More                              SATB
Greenberg, Noah           Ríu, Ríu Chíu                               SATB
Halloran, Jack            Witness                                     SATB
Hampton, Keith            Praise His Holy Name                        SATB
                          True Light                                  SATB
Handel, George Frideric   See the Conquering Hero Comes               SAB
Hatfield, Stephen         La Lluvia                                   SATB
Hayes, Mark               Go Down Moses                               SSA
Hogan, Moses              I’m Gonna Sing ‘til the Spirit              SATB
                          Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho            SATB
                          Music Down in My Soul                       SSAA
                          Walk Together Children                      SATB
                          We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace   SATB
Holmes, Martha            Rumjana                                     SSA
Jacobson, Joshua          Dodi Li                                     SATB
Jacobson, Maurice         The Handsome Butcher                        SAB
Johnson, Victor C.        Deo Dicamus Gratias                         SAB
                          We are the Music Makers                     SATB
Kern, Philip              Sing, Sing, Sing                            SATB
Kesselman, Lee R.         Hush-a-Ba Birdie                            SATB
Koepke, Allen             Dance on My Heart                           SSA
Lakschevitz, Eduardo      Sambelelê                                   SSA
Lang, Rupert              Sanctus                                     SSA
Laurdisen, Morten         La Rose Complète                            SATB
Leavitt, John             River in Judea                              SAB
Leck, Henry               South African Suite                         SAB
                             Gabi, Gabi
Leek, Stephen             Ngana                                       SATB
Lightfoot, Mary Lynn                 Festival Hosanna                     SAB
Marshall, Christopher                Minoi, Minoi                         SATB
Martin, Joseph M.                    The Awakening                        SATB
Martini, Il Padre G. B.              Domine, Ad Adjuvandum Me Festina     SATB
McClure, Glenn                       Kyrie                                SATB
Mendelssohn, Felix                   Lift Thine Eyes                      SSA
Miller, Cristi Cary                  Musica Dei                           SSA
Moore, Undine S.                     Daniel, Daniel Servant of the Lord   SATB
Morley, Thomas                       Now is the Month of Maying           SSA
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus             Gloria in excelsis deo               SATB
                                     Laudate Dominium                     SATB
Mulholland, James Quitman            Heart! We Will Forget Him!           SSA
                                     If Love Should Count You Worthy      SATB
Nelson, Ron                          He’s Gone Away                       SSA
Nystedt, Knut                        I Will Greatly Rejoice               SATB
Orban, Gyorgy                        Daemon Irrepit Callidus              SATB
Page, Nick                           N’kosi Sikelel’i Afrika              TB
Papoulous, Jim and Francisco Nunez   Can You Hear                         SATB
Paranjoti, Victor                    Dravidian Dyrithramb                 SATB
Passereau, Pierre                    Il est bel e bon                     SATB
Patton, Beverly A.                   Exaudi! Laudate!                     SSA
Potter, Kenney                       Sinnuh Man                           SATB
Powell, Rosephanye                   Ascribe to the Lord                  SSAA
Printz, Brad                         Wade in the Water                    SAB
Rentz, Earlene                       Gaudeamus Hodie                      SAB
Riggs, Kenneth                       Snow                                 SAB
Robinson, Russell                    Je le vous diray                     SAB
Rutherford, Paris                    Autumn Leaves                        SATB
Rutter, John                         Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind          SATB
                                     O Clap Your Hands                    SATB
                                     The Lord Bless You and Keep You      SATB
Sametz, Steven                       Ne Sedi, Djemo!                      SATB
Schmid, Will                         Alleloia                             SAB
Schram, Ruth Elaine                  Alleluia We Sing                     SAB
Schultz, Donna Gartman               Banks of Doon                        SSA
Shaw, Kirby                          Clap Your Hands                      SAB
Shaw, Martin                         With a Voice of Singing              SATB
Shelton, Tom                         She Walks in Beauty                  SAB
Singh, Vijay                         Johnny Said No                       SSA
Smith, Gerald T.                     This is the Day                      SSA
Somers, Harry                        Feller from Fortune                  SATB
   Spevacek, Linda Steen               All Ye Who Music Love                    SAB
                                       American Folk Rhapsody                   SAB
                                       The Turtle Dove                          SAB
   Stonehill, Randy                    Shut De Dō                               SATB
   Stroope, Z. Randall                 Lamentations of Jeremiah                 SATB
                                       Luv Arumque                              SSA
                                       Omnia Sol                                SATB
                                       Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day   SATB
   Tate, Brian                         Kwaheri                                  SATB
   Thomas, André J.                    Goin’ up to Glory                        SATB
                                       Hold Fast to Dreams                      SATB
                                       I Hear America Singing                   SATB
   Thompson, Randall                   A Girl’s Garden                          SSA
                                       Alleluia                                 SATB
                                       Glory to God in the Highest              SATB
                                       The Last Words of David                  SATB
                                       The Paper Reeds by the Brooks            SATB
                                       The Road Not Taken                       SATB
                                       Velvet Shoes                             SA
                                       Woe Unto Them                            SATB
   Ticheli, Frank                      Earth Song                               SATB
   Varner, Joan C.                     When I am Silent                         SA
   Victoria, Tomas Luis de             O Magnum Mysterium                       SATB
   Vivaldi, Antonio                    Domine Fili                              SATB
   Walker, Gwyneth                     How Can I Keep From Singing?             SATB
                                       I Thank You God                          SSA
                                       I Will Be Earth                          SSA
   Willan, Healey                      Rise Up My Love                          SATB

  Carla LaFevre
        June 2009 – Present
        Greensboro, North Carolina
  Terry Rhodes
        Spring 2006 – Spring 2007
        Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  Frank Kelley
        Fall 2001 – Spring 2005
        Boston, Massachusetts
  Robert McIver
        Summer 2002, Summer 2004
        Rochester, New York
  Works Performed in Concert
  Bach, Johan Sebastian        Cantata 209 – Non sa che sia dolore
                               O kalter Männer Sinn from Easter Oratorio
                               Seele, deine Spezereien from Easter Oratorio
  Beethoven, Ludwig            Ich liebe dich
  Bizet, Georges               Adieux de l’hôtesse arabe
                               Chanson d’Avril
                               Ma vie a son secret
                               Ouvre ton Coeur
  Bolcom, William              George from Cabaret Songs
                               Lady Luck from Cabaret Songs
                               Satisfaction from Cabaret Songs
  Brahms, Johannes             Liebestreu
                               Meine liebe ist grün
  Britten, Benjamin            Spring Carol from Ceremony of Carols
                               That Yonge Child from Ceremony of Carols
  Copland, Aaron               4 early songs
                                   A Summer Vacation
                                   My Heart is in the East
                               Laurie's Song from The Tenderland
  Debussy, Claude              Beau Soir
  Einhorn, Richard             Voice of Joan from Voices of Light
  Fauré, Gabriel               Notre amour
  Franz, Robert                Frühlingsliebe
                               Herziges Schätzle Du
  Gershwin, George and Ira     Someone to Watch Over Me from Oh, Kay!
                               Summertime from Porgy and Bess
  Handel, George Frideric      Bel Piacere from Agrippina
                               Come and Trip it from L’Allegro
                               Mirth Admit Me
                               Va godendo from L'Allegro
  Haydn, Josef                 The Heavens are Telling from The Creation
  Loewe, Frederick             I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady
  McClure, Glenn               Santo from A Caribbean Mass
  Mendelssohn, Felix           Hexenlied
                               Neue Liebe
  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus     Ah! Fuggi il traditor! from Don Giovanni
                               Batti, Batti, o bel Masetto from Don Giovanni
                               Vado ma dove
  Poulenc, Francis             Hôtel
  Puccini, Giacomo             Quando m’en vo from La Bohème
  Rachmaninoff, Sergei         To the Children
  Schubert, Franz              Ave Maria
  Schumann, Robert             Heiss mich nicht reden
                               Nur wer die Sehmsucht kennt
  Thomas, André J.             Here’s a Pretty Little Baby

  Works Performed in Concert
  Beethoven, Ludwig            Ninth Symphony
  Brahms, Johannes             Ein Deutsches Requiem
  Britten, Benjamin            War Requiem
  Duruflé, Maurice             Requiem
  Handel, George Frideric      Messiah
  Mascagni, Pietro             Cavalleria Rusticana
  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus     Requiem
  Schumann, Robert             Nachtlied
  Verdi, Guiseppi              Four Sacred Songs

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