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Ongoing NETS Projects:
 National Lambda Rail
 The Quilt
 WRN - Western Region Network
 FRGP - Front Range GigaPoP
 UPoP - UCAR Point of Presence
 BPoP - Boulder Point of Presence
 BRAN - Boulder Research Administration Network
 Wireless WAN
 Wireless LAN
 VoIP - Voice Over IP
Long Term NETS Projects:
 1G Standard Service Preparation
 Campus Routing Redundancy
 Auto CAD
 Cabling Database
 Fiber Documentation
 NETS Locating
PPS Projects (with network element):
 071831 FL/CG 5 year Capital Improvement Plan
 071834 15KV Feeder Replacement WR#31054
 091880 CG2 3rd Floor Remodel
 081861 RMMA(Jeffco) RAF Infrastructure Upgrades WR#41915
 081855 Logistics Move to CG3 WR#43960,38357
 081860 ML Road & Parking Lot WR#45677
Finite NETS Projects:
10G Bison Upgrade
Industrial Switch Upgrade

 BVSD Tie-In
 Jeffco WAN
 Wild Oats LAN Network Installation
 Wild Oats Network Installation
 More FUN - FL4 Uniform Network
 NWSC - NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center
     NWSC Design
     Initial Design
     NETS Drawing and Spec.
     Final Design
     NSF Approval
NWSC Building Construction
NWSC Construction
WAN Construction
Install Skeleton Network Equipment
LAN Construction
Install: Key Network Devices
NWSC Building Commissioning
NWSC Commissioning
Install: VoIP Hardware and Phones
NWSC Operations Preparation
NWSC Staff Preparation
Install: Wireless Network and Cellular
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