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Revealed... "The Whole, Uncensored, even Shocking Truths about MLM that Can Save You Thousands of Dollars, Your Friends, Family, Reputation... and Dreams!" Introducing... "The 12 Critical Success Factors™ You Need To Thread Your Way Through the Hype, Schemes, and Scams to Pinpoint a Truly Money-Making, Reliable, Long-Term, Leveraged, Residual Income Producing Business Opportunity."

Dear Fellow Networker, If you truly want to secure your financial future through network marketing, you absolutely need to read this Report. I just can„t put it any other way.

Why? Because 95% or more of the people who start an MLM or network marketing business actually lose more money than they ever make! They end up bloodied casualties along side the road to network marketing success. It is unconscionable. I„m sick of it. And, I don„t want that to be YOU!

On the other hand, some people do actually make the most amazing kind of income ever conceived …

Reliable, Long-Term, Leveraged, Residual Income I know. I have traveled both roads. I have experienced both the “agony of defeat” and the “thrill of victory” in this amazing industry.

Hi. My name is Lou Abbott.

I used to be a frustrated MLM„er, doing all the things my upline (who were making millions, by the way) told me to do.

Over the last ten years I have read everything there is to read by many of the best trainers and authors in the Network Marketing industry.

I have spent weeks, maybe months all put together, at seminars, listening to trainings, attending conference calls, and participating in workshops. On stage in 1997 with an MLM where I was winning awards, while almost everyone, including me, was to end up losing money!

I worked long hours — with focus, passion, and caring…

Only to end up losing money!

Sound familiar?

The truth that no one wanted to admit was that almost everyone in our company was in the same boat! Almost ALL were losing money — some just faster than others, with the exception of a very few who made millions.

I tell the whole grisly story in my Special Report. And some other shocking stories as well!

But I was too doggone stubborn to give up. Of course, now I am glad I didn't because I finally figured it all out.

Finally, I found out, absolutely and positively, what is wrong with the MLM model that causes almost everyone but the "few at the top" to lose money.

I also learned how anyone can...

Quickly and Effectively Pinpoint a Truly Money-Making, Reliable, Long-Term, Leveraged, Residual Income Producing, Network Marketing Opportunity And, you won„t find this information anywhere else.

You see, there seem to be two highly polarized camps when it comes to MLM writers: Camp 1 - These are the people that think that all MLMs are scams, "pyramid schemes,” "product-based pyramid schemes,” etc. They, and the people that flock to this camp, may have had a negative experience with an MLM, or maybe they know someone who had a bad experience so they can only see "bad" in anything remotely resembling an MLM.

Camp 2 - These folks think all MLMs are good, lucrative, moral, "brilliant compensation,” that anyone who works for a traditional J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) is stupid or ignorant, and that a person should never say anything bad about another MLM company EVER. As with most controversies, the whole truth resides somewhere in the middle. Both camps make valid points. Both are seriously wrong on many points — wrong enough to cost you a fortune, wrong enough to cost you your dreams.

The good news? My new Special Report...

MLM The Whole Truth will detail for you exactly where that middle ground lies. It will change forever the way you “see” this industry. I absolutely and unconditionally guarantee it. You can try it out and read it absolutely risk free for the next 90 days.

Here„s what one well-known industry writer said about this Special Report…

"'My belief,' Lou Abbott says in his right-between-the-eyes Report, MLM The Whole Truth, 'is that we can, in time, change the whole network marketing industry... so that it will be close to impossible for anyone to ever get hurt in this industry again.' Good Lou. No, great! Because it's time. It really is time.

"What that will take is just enough smart, savvy and courageous men and women reading and writing information like MLM The Whole Truth that tell it like it is and- more importantly- as it MUST become, and then walk that talk.

"It's a bit odd and presumptuous of me to say this, but... I'm proud of you and your Report, Lou Abbott. Thanks. I appreciate you!"

John Milton Fogg author, The Greatest Networker in the World http://TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com

Another industry expert and trainer said this...

"I have one problem with this Report: It should have been written much sooner! It would have saved innumerable individuals from investing enormous amounts of energy, time and money in entrepreneurial endeavors that had little chance of succeeding. This guaranteed lack of success had nothing to do with the individuals. It had everything to do with their company of choice. Let the insights from this Report serve as your consumer's guide to protect you from inadvertently squandering your energy, time and money. The truth is: Individual success in MLM begins with wise selection of a company. This Report will help you to make a wise choice." Tom Barrett, Ph.D. www.DaretoDream.net Author of best sellers: Dare to Dream and Work to Win; Success Happens

Another wrote... “You have done it again. Your new Report is a grand slam! In your Report you have explained all the reasons Multi-Level Marketing could always be a fantastic business model. MLM certainly does draw in tens of thousands of people each year with the promise of being an entrepreneur, and the promise of great wealth. “As you are well aware most people never see those promises come true. But now the readers of your Report have a perfect roadmap that will make all the difference between success and failure for those who choose to follow your wisdom. The contribution you have made to the success of others by sharing your experience and knowledge in this Report is enormous. So many lives will be touched for the good that it makes me both proud and humble to say I know you. Remember, “Your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your „Commitment to EXCELLENCE„™ today.”

Richard Tyler Author, Motivational Speaker, Trainer www.RichardTyler.com

And yet another...

"There is no sugar coating in Lou's Report. If you want to know the unvarnished truth about the realities of the industry and how to select a company and product that's right for you then Lou's message is a must read. Until now, NO ONE has revealed what you are about to learn, so use the knowledge wisely and seize the moment in the pursuit of your financial dreams."

Burke Hedges Best Selling Author, Success Coach, Entrepreneur www.BurkeHedges.com

When I finally learned the principles that are critical to achieving that most amazing kind of income ever conceived - Reliable, Long-term, Leveraged Residual Income - we went from struggling, puzzled MLMers, to realizing true financial security almost overnight!

Here are some of the other principles and truths, that I learned in the very expensive school of hard knocks, and that I will share with you in this Special Report: All of The 12 Critical Success Factors™ - In a nutshell, this is the most revealing, stepby-step checklist you have ever seen to expose even highly disguised scams and schemes and pinpoint a Truly Money-Making, Reliable, Long-Term, Leveraged, Residual Income Producing, Network Marketing Opportunity.

The most critical condition that must be considered first or your network will eventually crash and burn no matter how hard you work, no matter what kind of great system you have. The one Critical Success Factor (#5) that when done correctly, insures the longevity of everyone's business. (It's also the one that is most universally ignored!) --See Chapter 6. The red flags that quickly let you know that trouble may be ahead for any company (including your own) and then, how to use that fact to make more money, faster than ever. (Hint: change is good, when you have the knowledge and courage to take advantage of it.)

The one Business 101 fundamental that networkers ignore 99 times out of 100 that should be the starting place for real long-term residual income, the kind of income you can enjoy

even while sipping Piña Coladas in the Caribbean. (If this is missing, it doesn't matter how great your system is, or how incredible your product is, it will ultimately fail big time!)

The most often repeated, absolutely untrue myth (repeated by MLM top dogs and MLM critics alike) about Network Marketing that will surely lead you in the wrong direction, if you fall for it too. -- See Chapter 8. The “proof” you should ask for before joining any one in any MLM opportunity.

The compensation plan principles and questions you really need to understand, and the questions to ask up front, to know if duplication, leadership, and new people are all properly rewarded. See Critical Success Factor #11.

The Critical Success Factor (#6) that is directly tied to the probability of enjoying residual income that can last "a lifetime, not a lunchtime!"

The conclusion to Solved: The Second Biggest Challenge of the MLM, Network Marketing Professional... An introduction to the most astoundingly powerful new way to build an endless stream of high-quality prospects. And much, much more...

It's all knowledge that is vitally important for you to avoid being another MLM casualty.

So what is the value of all this? Well, listen to what just some of our very first readers have already said…

Experienced Networkers Use These Principles to Build Businesses that Last a Lifetime

Read Grady Palmer's review in full. I urge anyone interested in real financial freedom to get Lou„s special report. I promise, you will not be wasting your time or money. It could save you years of chasing your dreams, and make you a small fortune. Clearly, it is worth many times the price!”

--Grady Palmer Entrepreneur Lovettsville, VA

******************************************************* “As a serious, Network Marketing, MLM business builder for the past 10 years, I can really feel the pain and passion in what Lou has written. I have known this struggle from the trenches so it was so refreshing and eye opening to have someone analyze the reasons WHY so many people have fought the good fight only to see little or NO success. By using Lou's Critical Success Factors, we all receive the ability to take an educated look at the "forest" of companies from which to choose, and then to use his definitive selection process to determine which of the "trees" to harvest so that we have the very best chance of success. My advice to everyone? Read this Report 2 or 3 times. Then, look at your past experiences to see how they compare. Ask yourself the critical question, "Was it any wonder you and so many others couldn't succeed?"

--Chris Brown Fort Collins, Colorado

******************************************************* “At last, someone has written about what to look for when selecting an MLM company. I wish I had read this special report about $20,000 ago.” -Brian Cooper

******************************************************* “If you are already in network marketing as a business, or thinking about getting involved, read Lou Abbott„s Report---MLM The Whole Truth. And read it now. Network marketing is one of the most powerful business models that exists, but you need to know what makes the model work - for both you and your customers. Make the right decision the first time. It„s easy once Lou shows you what to look for.” Ward Luthi President and Founder www.WalkingTheWorld.com

Evaluate this Special Report absolutely risk free for the next 90 days.

Some have said we should charge in the hundreds of dollars for this information. For the person who desires reliable, long term, leveraged, residual income, the Report is certainly worth many times that. As valuable as this report is, I want as many people as possible to invest in and “get” this information.

Why? Because I am absolutely passionate about this. You see, in the report I tell "Jim's" true story. "Jim" was a very successful businessman, used to making $300,000 plus per year before joining an MLM company. However, after 5 years of intense full-time work, he was making almost nothing by comparison to his previous career. He had lost 5 years of critically productive income-producing time leading up to retirement. He lost his selfrespect, thinking that he was a failure. And, he lost his reputation within his valued circle of friends and family. I was really very concerned I might lose him to suicide, the depression was that bad. Fact is, others have committed suicide over the failure of their MLM businesses.

The tragic part about it is, if this Report had been available years ago...

It would have been absolutely avoidable!

You see, the company Jim, and many others, picked lacked more than half of the 12 Critical Success Factors™ that I arm you with in my Report. If he had used this standard to select a company, he would now be enjoying reliable, long term, leveraged, residual income.

So, I want everyone to read this information. I believe it will change the industry. But I can„t afford to give it away. We have huge costs of production, printing, editing, merchant account fees, support staff, advertising and more. These must be covered. We also ultimately need to make a profit. (Imagine that!)

Some people think if you have something valuable to share with the world, you should do it for free. I have even had emails that suggest that the more valuable the information, the more obligated a person is to give it away for free.

I disagree. Think about what the reverse of that logic would lead to - it would mean that the only time you should make really good money is when you have something really worthless to offer!

I believe in Win/Win business. I hope you do too. May I kindly suggest that if you do not, you will probably never make good money yourself.

So here's what we are going to do. We are not going to charge what this information may well be worth to you - not the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars - but an easy once in a lifetime investment that everyone can afford but that will, in time, after we recoup some of our initial expenses, allow us to make a fair profit. The Report, by itself, is available elsewhere, by itself, for $39. (See lulu.com.) That said, we are now offering the whole Special Report for as little as $34.75!

Or, you can choose our $1 down plus S&H option! Click here if that is your preference.

I would also like to extend some additional valuable bonuses to you so, hopefully, you can't pass our offer up!

But first, let me be very up front with you. In spite of everything you have just read, there are a few reasons why this Special Report may NOT be for you:

You are not now, nor ever will join an MLM or networking company and there is noone you care about that is.

You are in an MLM but you are not really serious about making money significan money.

You would rather spend years of your life, thousands of dollars, and cost a lot of other people money while you figure it out for yourself. You are very happy with the Network Marketing industry “as is” and you (and the people you have sponsored) are making all the money you want or need.

You are already one of the miniscule percentage of people that is making millions in MLM and you don„t want the boat rocked. (In this case, you probably don't want anyone else to read this either!) You already know everything there is to know about network marketing. (You can„t pour more into a full cup.) Are you still with me after all that?

Great. You may well be the kind of person who can use this information to make a positive difference in the industry. And, build a serious business in the process!

Oh. Here's another thing I'd like to make clear... This is NOT an eBook. I don't know about you, but when I read, particularly if it's material I want to study, I want the actual book in my hand. There is something about settling in with a nice new book that just feels right. Hey, I even like the smell of a new book.

So that's what we will be sending to you (along with the bonuses).

Let me tell you about the shipping - then the bonuses.

We have a deal for you here also. It will be shipped off to you Priority Mail within 48 hours. The cost? $5.95, $10.95 outside of the U.S., whether you order 1, 2, 3, or 4 copies! So you may wish to get one or more for other people you care about.

Here are the bonuses, for ordering from this site. Any of which alone will prove more valuable than the investment of $34.75: Bonus #1 - You will qualify for access to our groundbreaking report, "Solved: The Second Biggest Challenge of the MLM, Network Marketing Professional" which includes Part II - "Attraction Marketing Systems that Will Have the Most Qualified Prospects Petitioning, Pleading, and Even Paying You to Present to Them!" And with the report, you also gain access to our, ground-breaking system - free! This is Only for our Special Report customers. (The value of this, by itself, may be priceless to you!)

Bonus #2 - You can download the exclusive interview that Andrew Khabaza conducted with me where we dug even deeper into the principles that are contained in MLM The Whole Truth. We give you simple snoops, and powerful techniques for evaluating any home-based business with the least amount of work! Download to your computer, your portable MP3 player, or you can even burn your own CD and listen to it in your car.

Bonus #3 - New- Download the exclusive interview with MLM legal expert Gerald Nehra and learn when a company is operating a legal pay plan, and when they running at high risk of being closed down! In the interview, Gerry even reveals how one Billion Dollar MLM got away with essentially paying people to recruit other people for years!

Bonus #4 - A one year subscription to our cutting edge MLM Industry News Alerts. We scan the internet daily for news that will affect the industry, companies withing the industry or cause any kind of change. (Most of us never like change. But remember, the horse of change always carries a rider named opportunity!)

Bonus #5 - 1/2 half hour of Q&A or consulting on your topic — with me or any of our extremely experienced Senior Editors!

One more thing. It„s important…

We do have a 90-day, unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. You will probably find the report many, many times more valuable than your investment in it, in fact, quite

possibly more valuable than any other MLM information you have ever read. But you are the judge! We want only thrilled customers. So if you are not delighted for any reason — including that you think the pages are too rectangular — return it to us any time in the first 90 days for a complete refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Really.

Will you order yours right now? Here's why ... You are smart. You sense from what I have said here that the investment may well make a huge difference to you, everyone you work with, and your network marketing future. You are also realistic. You also know that if you put it off until tomorrow, you will probably forget half the reasons you thought you should do it today. (We all do.) Then you probably will never buy it at all. It will just get lost in the business of everyday life. And that could literally cost you a fortune. And, if you are like most network marketers, I imagine you probably also care about people and would like to make a positive difference in this industry, while you are securing your fortune. (It is possible to do both.) So now it„s up to you. We give you the checklist that you can use, step-by-step, to identify the right vehicle - a vehicle that you can drive all the way to total financial emancipation.

But will you drive it? Take the first step today by telling us to Priority Mail our invaluable Special Report to you as quickly as possible.

Just a few weeks from now, you will either be just a little older, or you will be a little older and a lot wiser - with the knowledge that you can now build the most incredible, lifestyle-changing, freedom-producing kind of income that one can ever have, Reliable, Long Term, Leveraged, Residual Income!

I invite you to choose the latter.

Very truly yours,

P.S. I forgot to mention, this Report is also tax deductible as a business expense because it is training material. So...

P.P.S. One last thing, I mention no names of any companies, favorably or otherwise — the report is completely generic. We don't want to attack or promote any company. Additionally, there are new companies opened almost every day. I want to teach you how to understand and analyze their prospects for success, in case you or your prospects or downline want to join one of them! Then you will be armed for life. That is priceless.

Don't waste another day unarmed! Get MLM The Whole Truth Now!

Global Entrepreneur Makers LLC / MLM-theWholeTruth.com Richmond, VA 804-308-3228 Question or comment? Email me at: Lou Abbott

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