WIN Admin Screen by n23zQX7


									    A Brief Overview of the options within the Administration program
    Individual Students
        Student Progress and
Setup: for an individual student ‐
view individual students’ progress,
modify student information, modify
a student’s access to titles and
Placement tests, print certificates
and reports.

     For All Students
          Print Certificates: print
certificates for all students or groups
of students that have passed all
titles or a selected title. A student
has passed a title when they receive
a passing score on the Posttest as
designated in the General System
          Reports: various Student
Reports are available. Reporting is
explained in detail in the Reports

         Enroll Students: Add (enroll) individual students.
         Assignment of Levels: Assign Levels to individual students or groups based on CRC levels and
Job Profiles.
         Batch Utilities: Batch enroll students, manager and import demographic information.
         Set Classes: Provides the option to add, change or delete classes.

        Print Lists: Lists of Topics, Exercises, Groups, Areas and Classes can be printed.
        Posttest Answer Keys (PDF): a printable version of the Posttest questions and answers in PDF
        K‐8 Worksheets (PDF): a printable version of the kindergarten through 8th grade exercises.
        Administrator’s Guide (PDF): a printable version of the WIN Career Courseware Administrator’s

    Administrators (Access is available only to an administrator.)
       Manager Settings: View, modify, and add administrators and managers.
       System Settings: Modify General System Settings.
       Set Groups and Areas: Provides the option to add, change or delete Groups and Areas.

        Send e‐mail to WIN: An email form is available to send information or comments to the WIN
        Support Desk.

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