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Larose Go Transit Presentation


									GO Rail in Oshawa

MetrolinX Interconnection Plan
  and Proposed Alternative

   Paul-André Larose, Ph.D./Physics

          A Presentation to
Oshawa Development Services Committee
         Monday 2011/02/28
Let it be Clear - this Delegation…

  Fully Supports GO Rail Service to Bowmanville

  Strongly Opposes Proposed Routing
Scientist and Transportation Expert
  CN: Motive Power & Commuter Rail Planning
  CN/CANAC International Consulting
  CN/Via Integrated Tariff
  Member: Durham Transit Advisory Committee
  Member Transport Action
  Ex-Instrument Pilot
  Cyclo-Mobility Advocate
MetroLinX E.A.
  2010/10/13: PIC
  Comments sent to
    Greg Ashby, Mgr/GO Infrastructures

Presentation Gary McNeil
  2011/01/13: Durham Joint Planning/Works
    Service Expansion: $235 Millions
    Maintenance Facility: $250 Millions
Commuter Rail to Bowmanville
MetrolinX’s Approach is wrong in all respects:
  Financially: much higher costs
  Operationally: lower crew/equipment utilization
  Service-wise: longer transit times

There is A Much Better Way
  Discussed Below

This deals ONLY with Oshawa Perspective
        MetrolinX’s Proposal
Hence, we will ignore issues such as ...
  Operating Costs
    Equipment and Crew Utilization
    Dual Rail Traffic Control Requirements
  Capital Costs
    Extremely Expensive Double-Track Overpass
  Impacts of Electrification and Clearances
  Considerations about Water Infiltration in Cuts
  Level of Service
                  A Pattern
Peterborough Commuter Line

The 3 Railway Diamonds


Now, the CN-CP Link
   Impacts of Metrolinx’s Plan
Removal of Multi-Modal GO/Via Station
  Extremely Retrograde and Contrary to Integration
     MetrolinX Air Rail Link (ARL)

Brings External Traffic into Community
  Oshawa and Bowmanville
  Both Locations Remote from 401

Limited Area Available for Station and Parking
 Impacts of Metrolinx’s Plan (2)
Fails to Recognize potential of CP Line
  Huge Potential
  North Whitby/Pickering Populations

Unnecessary Burden on Local Infrastructures
  Contrast to 407 Project

Indicates Intent for Single “GTA-East” Line
  Contrast with Oakville, Georgetown, Milton lines
         A Much Better Way
Use CN Line Up to Waverly Rd in Bowmanville
  CN-Shared or Single-Track from Oshawa

Bowmanville Station Next to and North of 401
  Much Better Access

Use Existing R.o.W. and Bridge
  Reduce Costs (“Infrastructure Recycling”)
  Single-Track Bridge Sufficient at End Station
Consequences of this Proposal
Maintain Multi-Modality at Oshawa Railway Station

Avoid Additional Traffic in Oshawa
  Avoid Parking Space Limitations

Suitable Space at Harmony/Farewell Rd

Cost-Effective in Capital and Operation
Consequences of this Proposal (2)
 Good Access to Energy Park (Courtice)

 Allows Mid-Durham Rail Corridor on CP R.o.W.

 Low Expected Rail Traffic to Bowmanville ...
   can run on CN Double track line
   NOT on CP single track line
   At best, only one additional rail line is required
                                                 Ex-Spur Track Bridge over the 401, looking East

  Ex-Spur Track Turnout Location, looking East

             Exh. 1 - The Available Railway Bridge in Bowmanville
(Ex-Spur Track Connection and Bridge over 401 - from Report by Self; Exh.12)

Wise Truism

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