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                                    PERFORMANCE EVALUATION
Employee Name:                                                  SSN:
Position:                                                       Position Control Code:
Appraiser:                                                      Date of Appraisal:
Appraisal Period:       From                                    To

Rating Scale: CO        Clearly Outstanding                   BE       Below Expectations
                        EE     Exceeds Expectations           U        Unsatisfactory
                        ME Meets Expectations                 NA       Not Applicable

Part A. General Effectiveness
             1. Positive Attitude: Presents a positive role model for students and the community that supports
                the mission of the school district.
             2. Cooperation: Works effectively with others.
             3. Dependability: Reports to work on time; is reliable for regular and overtime work; and is
                absent only with good cause.
             4. Judgment: Exhibits good judgment in decision-making and problem solving.
             5. Initiative: Recognizes needs of job and suggests ways to improve efficiency and productivity.
             6. Complies with Policies and Procedures: Follows District policies and procedures pertaining to
                the job.
             7. Use of Equipment and Materials: Demonstrates proper maintenance, care, storage, and use of
                equipment and materials.
             8. Safety and Security: Maintains proper safety and security precautions to prevent unnecessary
                or unreasonable risk of injury to self or others.
             9. Self-Improvement: Seeks to improve job performance through self assessment, skill
                development, training, and goal setting.
             10. Supervision: Effective in leading, guiding, and accepting responsibility for personal actions or
                 for those of employees.
             11. Management of Resources: Anticipates work area needs for materials, equipment, and
                 staffing; and administers projects effectively.

             12. District Technology Competencies: Demonstrates mastery of the District’s technology
                 competencies for the assigned position.

Part B.      Position Specific Effectiveness
Attach a copy of the employee’s job description. Using the rating scale above, rate each specific
responsibility/duty listed on the job description. Place the rating scale code to the left of the number on each
                Memphis ISD * 1501 High Street, Memphis, Texas 79245 * (806) 259-2443
Part C.   Employee Comments (optional)
The employee may use this section to make any comments about his/her performance during this appraisal
period or comments regarding the supervisor’s appraisal of the employee’s performance.

Part D.   Appraiser’s Comments
Employee Strengths: This section should provide supporting documentation for any areas that were rated
Clearly Outstanding (CO).

Areas of Concern: This section should provide supporting documentation for any areas that were rated
Unsatisfactory (U) or should provide suggested strategies for improvement for any areas that were rated
Below Expectations (BE).

Part E.   Overall Rating of Employee’s Performance (check one)
       Clearly Outstanding: Performance is consistently far superior to what is normally expected.
       Exceeds Expectations: Performance is consistently above standard.
       Meets Expectations: Performance is within standard and presents no significant problems.
       Below Expectations: Performance is below standard and problems exist.
       Unsatisfactory: Performance is consistently unacceptable.

Part F.   Signatures of Employee and Appraiser
Signatures indicate that the performance evaluation has been reviewed with the employee.

Employee’s Signature                Date                  Appraiser’s Signature                Date

                    Please forward original to the Superintendent’s Office.
             The employee and appraiser should retain a copy for their respective files.

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