install jmp64 by n23zQX7


									    1. To find the JMP PRO 10 link go to:

  2. Click on link under the column:
 Detailed instructions for installation and links to the installers:
  (link to click on below):
Installation for Windows & Mac users

    3.   Enter your net id and password
    4.   Click on JMP PRO
    5.   Click on 10
    6.   Choose “Windows” or “Mac OS”
    7.   If Windows:
             a. Download JMP PRO10 Windows Zip and “save it as” to where you can find it
             b. Find it and click on “setup” (the application type file) to begin installation, install it.
             c. After installation, go back to where you found the windows zip file 10:
             d. Left Click to open JMPPro10_Win_X64.txt
             e. Go to File, Save As, and then save to DESKTOP
             f. Click on JMP Pro10 Link that was already placed on desktop
             g. Click on Open License
             h. Go to desktop and find the file that you just added in step e. and select it to open. This
                  should open JMP Pro 10 and be ready to use, however if it doesn’t, keep trying it
             i. Once it opens, it asks you for an administrator password, I bypassed it and didn’t put
             j. Then it asks to register the software, I chose to register later.

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