Chippenham Hockey Club Kit by alicejenny


									                                             Chippenham Hockey Club Kit
Chippenham Hockey Club in partnership with ‘The Stick Club’ is delighted to offer club kit for its members. We
offer a wide range of items to allow members choice in what they wear while representing the club. Please
note that the only item of clothing that is mandatory is the club shirt which is purchased through the club
(Ladies contact Jane Smedley). The Stick Club has both a well stocked shop based in Cheltenham, and an online
web portal. We are working on getting a Kit page on our website and once
we, as a club, have placed our first order we will then have our own section on the ‘The Stick Club’ web site
where you will be able to order kit online. In addition, the owner Bob will be more than happy to sort out any
other kit requirements at a reduced price for club members.

For the convenience of the club members we will be placing one large order in December. After this initial
order, individual members will be responsible for ordering their own kit. Before ordering we recommend you
view or try on a sample (available at the club shortly) as items cannot be returned once ordered.

If you wish to order kit in the initial group purchase then please complete an order form and return them by 1
December with payment to Jane Smedley (Cheques payable to CLHC) or Guy Barrett (Men’s 1XI Goalkeeper,
Cheques payable to CMHC).

Training Rain Proof Jacket         £34.60 (SENIOR)                      Hooded Top     £21 (SENIOR)
                                   £30.10 (JUNIOR)                                     £17.50 (JUNIOR)

                                  Pro-star Navy/Sky Rain Proof
                                  Jacket. Complete with
                                  Chippenham Hockey Club on
                                  the back, Chippenham HC
                                  logo and initials on the

                                                                        Navy Blue Hooded Top complete with initials,
Sizes                                                                   chippenham logo and crossed stick logo on the back
SENIOR: XS/32-34", S/34-36", M/38-40", L/42-44", XL/46-                 Sizes
48", XXL/50-52"                                                         SENIOR: S/38", M/40", L/44", XL/48"
JUNIOR : SY/26-28", MY/28-30", LY/30-32"                                JUNIOR: 7-9/30", age 9-11/32", age 12-13/34"
Shirt    £25 (SENIOR)                                                   Skort      £21 (SENIOR)
                                                                                   £?? (JUNIOR)

                                                                                   Mercian                   TK Pisa
Mercian Performance shirt in male or female fit.
Complete with chippenham logo and registration                          Navy Mercian High Performance or TK Pisa Skort
number.                                                                 complete with Chippenham logo and registration number
These MUST be ordered via the club                                      Sizes (to fit waist)
Sizes                                                                   SENIOR MERCIAN: XS/26”, S/28”, M/30”, L/32”, XL/34”,
MEN: XS/34-36", S/36-38", M/38-40", L/40-42", XL/42-                    XXL/36”
44", XXL/44-46"                                                         SENIOR TK: XXS/24-26", XS/26-28", S/28-30", M/30-32",
LADIES: XS/30-32", S/32-34", M/34-36", L/36-38", XL/38-                 L/32-34", XL/34-36", XXL/36-38"
40", XXL/40-42" (Please note I am a 33” chest and have a ladies L!!!)
Short £17.20 (SENIOR)                                       Training Top   £12     * MEN ONLY
      £14.70 (JUNIOR)
                                                                                       Black T-Cool training top, (no
                                                                                       black available at time of
                                                                                       photo) which doubles up as
                                                                                       away strip. Complete with
                                                                                       Chippenham HC logo and
                                                                                       registration number

       Mercian M-Tek                 TK San Reno
Navy Mercian M-Tek or TK San Remo II shorts. Complete
                                                            XS/36", S/38", M/40", L/43", XL/45", XXL/48", XXXL/50".
with chippenham logo and registration number

Sizes (to fit waist)
SENIOR MERCIAN: XS/28", S/30", M/32", L/34", XL/36",
SENIOR TK: XXS/26-28”, XS/28-30”, S/30-32”, M/32-34”,
L/34-36”, XL/36-38”, XXL/38-40”
JUNIOR MERCIAN (euro sizing): 116/22", 128/24",
140/26", 152/28", 164/30"

We do not currently have a set supplier or stock of socks for this season so please purchase your own.
    The ladies play in navy socks
    The men play in sky blue socks

Please note that for the 2012/2013 season the intention is to align the sock colour for both men and ladies to navy
blue with a sky blue stripe which will be available to purchase in due course.

Chippenham Hockey club

The Stick Club

With thanks,

Jane Smedley
Guy Barrett
                                      Chippenham Hockey Club
                                                KIT ORDER FORM

NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________ POSTCODE: _________________________________

CONTACT EMAIL: _______________________________________________________________________________

CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER: ___________________________________________________________________

                                                                       Reg                             TOTAL
     Item     Description      Colour    S/J      Size     Initials                Cost     Quantity
                                                                      Number                            COST
Rain        Pro-star          Navy/
                                                                       N/A     £                       £
Jacket      Cyclone jacket    Sky
            Hooded Top        Navy                                     N/A     £                       £
            Mercian High
Skort                         Navy                         N/A                 £                       £

Skort       TK Pisa Skort     Navy                         N/A                 £                       £

            Mercian M-Tek     Navy                         N/A                 £                       £
            TK San Remo II    Navy                         N/A                 £                       £
Mens        T-Cool Training
                              Black                        N/A                 £12                     £
T-Shirt     Top
                                                                                          TOTAL COST £

Please allow 4 weeks for kit to arrive from the order submission date of 1 December

Payment is required by cheque (made payable to CLHC) or cash with the order form. Please return completed form
and payment to:
Jane Smedley
27 Plantation Rd, Chippenham, SN14 0EU


Payment is required by cheque (made payable to CMHC) or cash with the order form. Please return completed form
and payment to:
Guy Barrett
2 Tow Path Mews, The Causeway Chippenham, SN15 3YU

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