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                                               JOB VACANCY BULLETIN NO. 443

                                                            November 15, 2011

                                                                          Three Peabody voice students – Master of Music candidate JEFFREY
BBC - Radio 3 broadcasted Ariadne's Love by Peabody composer              GATES, baritone, a student of William Sharp; and Graduate
CHEN ZHANGYI (MM '11, Composition). It was recorded by                    Performance Diploma candidates, both students of Stanley Cornett,
London Symphony Orchestra and Eric Whitacre Singers conducted by          KRISTINA LEWIS (MM ’11, Voice), mezzo-soprano, and AMEDEE
Eric Whitacre. Dubbed by BBC Radio 3 as "Music from a choral              MOORE, soprano – were winners (out of a total of five winners) in
voice of the future", Ariadne's Love was one of the winning pieces of     the Metropolitan Opera District Auditions held at Wolf Trap, Va., on
the worldwide Abbey Road Studios Anthem Competition. It                   Nov. 6. They will go on to compete in the Middle Atlantic Region
culminated in the recording at Abbey Road Studios with sound              Finals of The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions on
engineer Jonathan Allen and the airing of the pre-release track on "The   Sunday, Jan. 29, at 2:00 pm, at the Terrace Theatre, John F. Kennedy
Choir" with BBC Radio 3 presenter Aled Jones. The program is              Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.
available for streaming online at for a week after it's            Doctorate of Musical Arts candidate CHUNG-WON CHUNG (MM
airing on 20th November 2011.                                             '03, Piano) and Graduate Performance Diploma Candidate JOANN
                                                                          MOORER (MM ’11, Voice) performed a recital at the University of
Music Theory faculty member MARK JANELLO presented his paper              Maryland School of Dentistry on Oct. 14.
"Unreasonably Melodious: The Grotesque and Bach's Inverse
Augmentation Canon" on the Music of the 18th Century panel at the         TOMASZ KOWALCZYK (BM '11, Percussion) won second place in
34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory, in October in        the Percussive Arts Society International Solo Competition. The
Minneapolis, MN.                                                          competition consisted of two preliminary tape rounds and a live final
                                                                          round. Four finalists were chosen to compete in the final round which
Pianist PATRICK MERRILL, a junior in the studio of Yong Hi                happened on Nov. 10 during the Percussive Arts Society International
Moon, won first place in the Young Artist division of the Maryland        Convention in Indianapolis, Ind.
State Music Teachers Association Competition, held in Columbia,
Md., on Nov. 13. JOHN WILSON, a master's student of Marian Hahn,          Soprano CORINNE WINTERS (MM ’07, Voice) has won the
was chosen as an alternate.                                               inaugural Mabel Dorn Reeder Foundation Prize from the Opera
                                                                          Theatre of St. Louis. The prize recognizes "extraordinary artistic
Chamber Music Graduate Performance Diploma candidate MELISSA              potential in early-career artists," and provides support for their
WIMBISH (GPD '11, Voice) won the Denver Philharmonic Concerto             continued artistic and professional development. Winters, who sang
Competition. She returns next weekend to sing with a jazz combo in        Melisande in OTSL's production of "Pelleas and Melisande" last
songs of Duke Ellington. She will return again next season to sing        season, was chosen as the OTSL 2011 artist with the greatest potential
with the Denver Philharmonic.                                             to make a significant contribution to the art form of opera.
Alumnae AMY BETH KIRSTEN (DMA '10, Composition) and                           CHRISTINE PULLIAM (MM ’10, Vocal Accompanying) is currently
RUBY FULTON (DMA '09, Composition) have been selected to                      teaching and accompanying at Kings College in New York City. She
receive commissions from the Fromm Foundation. Located at Harvard             worked this past summer as a vocal coach for the Atlantic Music
University since 1972, the Fromm Foundation has commissioned over             Festival in Waterville, Maine, and participated in Academie Francis
300 new compositions and their performances and has sponsored                 Poulenc in Tours, France, a song festival for French melodie for
hundreds of new music concerts and concert series.                            singers and pianists. Christine is a member of the Opus Nine
                                                                              Ensemble, and was a coach and performance pianist for a production
CLAIRE WACHTER (BM '75, Piano) joined the roster of Steinway                  of Don Giovanni at the West End Theater in New York City.
Artists in June 2011. She has given concerts in Taiwan, China, Korea,
and the U.S. Since 1993, she has been a member of the piano faculty           MIYEON HAN (MM ’08, Vocal Accompanying) was selected to be
at the University of Oregon. Wachter is married to pianist Dean               the pianist for the Horn and Trumpet workshops at Boston
Kramer.                                                                       University’s Tanglewood Institute. Ms. Han is currently a doctoral
                                                                              candidate in collaborative piano at Boston University.
JENNIFER NICOLE CAMPBELL, sophomore piano student of Brian
Ganz, was recently awarded first prize for her composition, Discovery,        Please continue sending your Good News to
in the Music Teacher's National Association Composition             
Competition in Delaware in the Young Artists Division. She
performed her composition for the MTNA Delaware Winner's Recital                          NEWS NOTES - OTHER EVENTS
on Nov. 12 at the University of Delaware.
                                                                              SCENE STUDY PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP – Fells point corner
MELISSA WERTHEIMER (MM '10, Piccolo) is an adjunct flute
                                                                              theatre at 251 S. Ann Street will be offering a scene study performance
faculty at Howard Community College in Columbia, Md. She teaches
                                                                              workshop beginning Wednesday November 9th from 7:30 to 10:30
flute and piccolo to undergraduate students. In addition, Wertheimer
                                                                              p.m. for 6 weeks – cost: $60. This workshop will involve commitment
was appointed as the new flute teacher at Howard Community
                                                                              to the reading of original plays by local playwrights and rehearsing
College’s Music Institute, a community music school for all ages and
                                                                              selected scenes which culminate in a performance before an invited
                                                                              audience. Instruction in relaxation, sense memory, emotion memory,
                                                                              learning of lines through improvisations, and, most importantly,
NEIL TEVAULT (BM ’98, Trombone, Recording Arts) won an
                                                                              developing a sense of truth necessary for the actor to project an honest
Emmy Award in the category of New Approaches to News and
                                                                              reality to the audience. The workshop will be lead by Barry Feinstein,
Documentary Programming: Arts, Lifestyle, and Culture. He was the
                                                                              local director in Baltimore for more than 30 years. Mr. Feinstein will
audio engineer for NPR Music Presents Project Song, Moby. The
                                                                              incorporate the teachings of Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sanford
32nd Annual News and Documentary Emmys were presented on Sept.
                                                                              Meisner. “Acting is living in the moment and reacting truthfully
                                                                              within the imaginary circumstance.” For enrollment please call Bev at
                                                                              410-466-8341 or go to the fpct web page.
HANS KRISTIAN GOLDSTEIN (BM ’10, Cello), as one of the
recipients of the Salon de Virtuosi Award, played works for cello with
                                                                              The Music Graduate Students Society (MGSS) of McGill University’s
faculty member CLINTON ADAMS on Oct. 12 in Steinway Hall in
                                                                              Schulich School of Music announces the call for papers for the 2012
New York City, which aired on WQXR. He also won third prize
                                                                              MCGILL MUSIC GRADUATE SYMPOSIUM. Since 1986 the
(worth 4,800 Euros) at the Ljunggren Competition for Young
                                                                              McGill Music Graduate Symposium has been dedicated to fostering
Musicians in Gothenburg, Sweden. On Feb. 16, Goldstein will have
                                                                              graduate research in all areas related to music. We welcome
his concerto debut with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra in
                                                                              presentations on a wide range of subjects including—but not limited
                                                                              to—communications, composition, ethnomusicology, music
                                                                              cognition, music education, music technology, music theory,
MATT GOULD (BM ’91, Guitar) has been appointed to the faculty of
                                                                              musicology, performance (including lecture recitals), and sound
Cambrian College in Ontario, Canada.
                                                                              recording. This year, we are thrilled to welcome Emily Dolan,
                                                                              Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Pennsylvania to
HYEJIN KWON (MM ’11, Vocal Accompanying) was Metropolitan
                                                                              deliver our keynote address. Renowned for the creativity and
opera conductor Steven White’s assistant and pianist for the Lyric
                                                                              originality of her research contributions, Prof. Dolan’s interests stretch
Opera Baltimore’s production of La Traviata, accompanying a cast
                                                                              from the interconnection between musical scientific instruments in the
that included Metropolitan Opera singers Elizabeth Futral and Jason
                                                                              18th and 19th centuries to present-day indie pop and kitsch. She has
Stearns. Hyejin was also recently commended in the Washington Post
                                                                              recently completed a book project on the birth of modern orchestration
for her work with the Repertory Theatre of Washington as
                                                                              titled, The Orchestral Revolution: Joseph Haydn and the Technologies
performance pianist for Don Giovanni. The review stated, “Pianist
                                                                              of Timbre and will be delivering her keynote address on the topic of
Hyejin Kwon was a fine stand-in for the orchestra and doubled as
                                                                              “Instrumental Riots.” Proposal abstracts should be emailed by the
recitative accompanist on harpsichord.”
                                                                              13th of January 2012 and should not exceed 300 words. Files
                                                                              containing abstracts should be free of personal identification and
KA NYOUNG YOO (MM ’10, Vocal Accompanying) was recently
                                                                              appended as an attachment, as submissions will be judged
awarded the Peabody Preparatory’s “Pianist of the Year” award for
                                                                              anonymously. In the subject field of your email, please write
her vocal and cello accompanying. Ka Nyoung has accepted a
                                                                              Symposium Abstract Submission. Please provide the following in the
position at Towson University as staff accompanist and as their
                                                                              body of the email: * Name of author (s) * Academic affiliation *
official Master Class pianist. She was recently invited to perform with
                                                                              Email addresses and telephone number * Audiovisual requirements
several members of the Towson voice faculty in their operatic recital
                                                                              for the presentation. Applicants will be notified of the program
program, Viva L’Opera!, and will be coaching for the Towson Opera
                                                                              committee’s decision via email during the first week of February.
Department next fall.
                                                                              Papers should be approximately 20 minutes in length, and lecture-

recitals may be up to 40 minutes long. A 10-minute question period             ATLANTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2012 FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM –
will follow each presentation. Proposal deadline: 13th January 2012.           The Atlantic Music Festival announces its call for entries for the
Submit proposals to:                                                           Fellowship Program applicants. Submission forms can be completed<>                    directly online at the official Atlantic Music Festival website.
Further information:               AMF Fellowship provides
                                                                               complete financial coverage of tuition, housing, and meals during the
                        COMPETITIONS                                           four weeks of residency. The program offers gifted young artists
                                                                               opportunities to perform and collaborate with artist-faculty members
The Loren L. Zachary Society for the Performing Arts announces its             as resident artists of the Atlantic Music Festival. Fellowship
40th annual NATIONAL VOCAL COMPETITION FOR YOUNG                               opportunities are available for the following programs: Composition
OPERA SINGERS. This competition is open to Sopranos and Mezzo-                 Program, Conducting Program, Instrumental/Orchestral Fellowship,
Sopranos aged 21-33 and Tenors, Baritones and Basses aged 21-35.               Contemporary Ensemble Fellowship, Piano Institute and Seminar,
More information and application form available at                             Opera Workshop, Opera Coach Fellowship for Collaborative Pianists.                                                        The early submission deadline to submit for the U.S. and International
                                                                               applicants is December 1, 2011. The submission form and complete
THE 19TH JUENESSES INTERNATIONAL VIOLIN                                        information regarding eligibility and application requirements for the
COMPETITION will be held in Bucharest from May 12-19, 2012.                    2012 AMF Fellowship Program are available on the Atlantic Music
Registration deadline is March, 1 2012. For complete information               Festival website. Information is also available through the Atlantic
visit:                                                        Music Festival by email to, or
                                                                               by regular mail to Atlantic Music Festival, 228 Park Ave S #31975,
THE 41ST ANNUAL WILLIAM C. BYRD YOUNG ARTIST                                   New York, NY 10003. For more information, please visit us online at
COMPETITION FOR STRINGS will be held on March 3, 2012 in             
Flint, MI. This competition is open to music artists thirty years of age
r younger. For more information visit:                    8TH ANNUAL SOUNDSCAPE – Maccagno Italy July 4-16, 2012.
                                                                               SoundSCAPE is a composition and performance exchange that offers
THE 2012 IRVING M. KLEIN INTERNATIONAL STRING                                  composers and instrumental/voice performers the opportunity to
COMPETITION will take place June 7-10, 2012 at San Francisco                   collaborate with each other. Premiere performances of new music
State University in San Francisco, CA. Open to musicians ages 15-23            written by accepted composers, and learn contemporary performance
performing on violin, viola, cello or bass, this year's Klein will include     techniques, improvisation and career development strategies. For
over $25,000 in cash awards and performance opportunities.                     details, visit
Applications are due February 15, 2012. For entry procedures and
more information, please visit:                                GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS

                               OPERA                                           GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS IN CONDUCTING – Ithaca
                                                                               College. Conducting assistantships are available in Orchestral,
WASHINGTON NATIONAL OPERA DOMINGO-CAFRITZ                                      Opera/Music Theater, Wind and Choral areas. Only one candidate is
YOUNG ARTIST PROGRAM will be holding auditions for the '12/13                  accepted per area \ each year to allow for maximum podium time and
season Jan 6, '12 (Washington, DC); Jan 9, '12 (New York, NY). Call            quality individual attention from all conducting faculty throughout the
Backs Jan 13, '12 (New York, NY). Apply online at                              two year residency. Requirements: Undergraduate degree (or higher)                     in music from a regionally accredited institution, significant
Application deadline: Dec 5, '11. For more information about the               conducting experience, demonstrated ability in performance, a high
Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program, e-mail youngartists@dc-                  degree of musicianship, and the potential to lead premiere college or go to                      ensembles in superb performances. Assistantship awards are split
                                                                               between tuition remission and a stipend, which, when combined,
                   SUMMER FESTIVALS                                            typically cover the cost of full tuition for up to four semesters. The
                                                                               awards will have a cash value of approximately $23,000 over the two-
                  AND STUDY PROGRAMS                                           year degree period. Graduate assistants will function as the assistants
                                                                               to the principal conductors of the Symphony and Chamber Orchestras,
THE GEORGE SOLTI ACADEMY will be holding auditions in                          Wind Ensemble, Choir and Opera/Music Theater programs. The
London on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of January 2012 or alternatively            workload is approximately 12 hours per week. Applicants must
by MP3 for the 2012 summer school in Italy. Visit                              complete all requirements for admission, including an initial screening for more information.                             video recording of a performing group they have conducted recently,
                                                                               approximately 15-20 minutes in length. Finalists will be invited for an
                                                                               in-person special audition that will include an interview and live
THE CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL will be held in Denmark                             conducting in the major area. International applicants from non-
between August 12 and 27, 2012. Full information can be found at               English speaking countries must have acceptable TOEFL scores as                                                required for admission to the college. Apply to
                                                                               Deadline is January 15, 2012.
The Yale School of Music will hold its CHAMBER MUSIC
FESTIVAL and new music workshop in two sessions, June 21-July 1,               GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS IN CONDUCTING– The
2012 and July 1-August 12, 2012 in Norfolk, VA. All participants               University of Tennessee-Knoxville announces a Graduate
receive a full tuition fellowship. Applications and information                Assistantship available for 2012-13. It includes full tuition waiver,
available at:                                            stipend and health insurance. Duties: Assist with the conducting and
                                                                               administration of the University of Tennessee choral ensembles.
                                                                               Deadline: February 1, 2012. Applicants must submit a pre-screening

DVD of both rehearsal and performance, if possible. Only DVD disc          (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 1 2pm to 9:10pm, Fridays
or online media delivery is accepted. Selected applicants will be          12:30pm to 8:10pm, and Saturdays 8:50am to 4:10pm). To be
invited for an on-campus audition and interview. The graduate choral       considered, please email your resume and cover letter to
conducting program at the University of Tennessee features a wealth Salary is based on education and experience. No
of conducting experiences in a variety of choral settings and an           phone calls please.
academic preparation that leads to successful careers in choral music.
The curriculum focuses on literature, style, rehearsal techniques, score   A35 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, CONSERVATORY CAREER
reading, and problem solving for each level of choir, and is designed      SERVICES – Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Oberlin Conservatory
to provide the student a thorough knowledge of the choral repertoire.      of Music invites applications for the position of Assistant Director,
Graduates of the School of Music hold choral positions throughout the      Office of Career Services. The successful candidate will develop and
United States in public schools, churches, and colleges and                lead an innovative program of career services for Oberlin’s 600
universities.                                                              students in the Conservatory of Music. This is a 12-month, full-time
                                                                           Administrative and Professional Staff position reporting to the
                         INTERNSHIPS                                       Director of Career Services and working closely with Conservatory
                                                                           faculty and staff. The Assistant Director will be responsible for
ARTS ADMINISTRATION INTERNSHIP – Shriver Hall Concert                      providing career advising and programming to students in the
Series. Hours: 10-12 hours per week. Compensation: This is an unpaid       Conservatory of Music. Qualifications: Master’s degree in music from
internship; Academic credit may be possible, free Shriver Hall             a school of music or conservatory; three to five years experience
Concert Series tickets. Address: Shriver Hall, Suite 105 3400 N.           offering career advising to music students or comparable experience;
Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218. Duties and responsibilities:           excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to organize
Assist with general office operations. Conduct research on current and     and balance multiple projects and to work both independently and
prospective donors and foundations. Prepare acknowledgment letters.        collaboratively; ability to work occasional evenings and/or weekends.
Participate in donor event planning. Create invitations for events.        Compensation: Within the range established for this position, salary
Assist in creation of marketing materials. Assist in upgrading             will be commensurate with qualifications and experience and includes
databases. Other duties as assigned. Requirements: The ideal               an excellent benefits package. To Apply: Submit, by US mail or
candidate will be a current college student or recent graduate of a        electronically, a letter of application, resume, and a list of names and
discipline related to arts administration, classical music, development,   contact information for three references to: Gloria Kim
marketing, non-profits, or the arts. Strong verbal and organizational      (, Associate Dean, Oberlin Conservatory of
skills are required, and computer proficiency is essential. Excellent      Music, 77 West College Street, Oberlin, Ohio 44074. Applications
interpersonal skills, ability to multi-task, willingness to learn, and a   accepted until the position is filled.
great sense of humor are highly valued skills. Interested candidates
should submit a resume and cover letter to: Ed Meyers, Director of         A32 ARTS ADMINISTRATOR -- Managing Director sought for
Operations, Shriver Hall, Suite 105, 3400 N. Charles Street,               the PostClassical Ensemble. Cutting-edge, 8-year-old DC-based
Baltimore, MD 21218. Or via email:            chamber orchestra seeks half-time administrative director. Wide-
No phone calls, please.                                                    ranging responsibilities working with Artistic Director Joseph
                                                                           Horowitz and Musical Director Angel Gil-Ordonez, including
                         JOB LISTINGS                                      budgeting, contracts, web management, marketing,
                                                                           artistic/strategic planning, fund-raising, radio broadcasts
                                                                           (WFMT; Sirius XM), Naxos recordings and DVDs, touring, etc.
Legend: cv=Curriculum vitae, MM/dp=Master's required, Doctorate
                                                                           Our thematic programming incorporates dance, theater, film.
                                                                           Close collaboration with National Gallery of Art, Georgetown
Please see clippings at the back of the bulletin for additional job
                                                                           University (our Educational Partner), Strathmore Music Center.
                                                                           To apply, please send cover letter, c.v., and any additional
                                                                           information you think appropriate, to Joseph Horowitz at
Electronic job listings of the College Music Society and League of
American Orchestras are available for on-line research in the Career
Counseling Office, including jobs in college teaching, conducting, and
arts administration.                                                                                    CHURCH

                      ADMINISTRATION                                       CH75 TENOR – Epiphany Lutheran Church - Burtonsville, MD -
                                                                           seeks a tenor to augment the volunteer choir during the season of
                                                                           Advent and Christmas Eve. Sundays - 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18 9am
A34 PROGRAM COORDINATOR – The International School of
                                                                           Rehearsal 10:30am Mass. Saturday - 12/24 - Christmas Eve 6pm –
Music. Music School in Bethesda is seeking a highly motivated
                                                                           Rehearsal 7pm - Pre-Service Concert 7:30pm – Christ Mass. Stipend -
Program Coordinator. A successful candidate will be responsible for
                                                                           $300/singer - ($50/Sunday, $100/Christmas Eve) Interested singers
day-to-day affairs of the school, and will be required to have:
                                                                           should contact Ben Hutchens, Director of Music, at
Excellent oral and written communication skills; Superior Customer
service; Detailed oriented under pressure and tight deadlines; Strong
organizational skills, and a commitment to follow through with tasks;
                                                                           CH76 TENOR – Towson Presbyterian Church has an opening for a
Punctuality, ability to multi task well; Professional appearance and
                                                                           Tenor Section Leader for the church's adult choir. The position
demeanor; Willingness to work as a team player; A continuous desire
                                                                           requires attendance at a weekly rehearsal (September through May)
for personal improvement; Maturity and personal stability; Positive
                                                                           from 7:30 to 9 pm on Thursday evenings and a rehearsal and worship
attitude and strong work ethic. Some of the responsibilities are:
                                                                           on Sundays from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Occasional concerts and summer
Registering students and scheduling classes; Organizing recitals;
                                                                           solos are part of the requirements for the position. Compensation is
Perform accurate data-entry into web-based database of student &
                                                                           competitive with other positions in the area. Interested persons should
teacher attendance; Responding to emails, phone calls, voicemails and
                                                                           contact the Music Director, Chris Schroeder at
walk-ins; Proficient in Excel, and Word. Position is full time position,

                                                                       4                                                 607-274-8000.

CH77 MUSIC DIRECTOR – Part - time (keyboard/piano expertise                CT72 The School of Music at Ithaca College is seeking an
and organ required). Creative/innovative musician sought to continue       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF TUBE/EUPHONIUM. This is a full-
building music ministry, lead and inspire congregation in song, and        time tenure eligible position. Doctoral degree preferred Master’s
develop and direct musicians and singers/choir in currently blended        degree required. Interested individuals should apply online at
worship service at Grace Lutheran Church in Lutherville, MD. One  and submit the requested documents. Questions about
Sunday service, plus seasonal services, and rehearsal time. Salary is      the application may be directed to the Office of Human Resources at
negotiable. Send resume with references to                                 607-274-8000. For additional information call (410)
828-5115. For additional job information see job description at the        CT73 The Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of
web site                                         Georgia is seeking an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF MUSIC
                                                                           EDUCATION (INSTRUMENTAL). This is a full time, tenure track
CH78 MINISTER OF MUSIC (director of choirs and Organist) to                position. Doctoral degree required. Submit cover letter, vita, three
lead a congregation accustomed to musical excellence in the                letters of recommendation, academic transcript (of last degree), and a
celebration of God’s presence. Position will be available in early         list of three additional references to: Prof. David Starkweather,
2012. Responsibilities include: planning, playing and directing music      Associate Director Music Education Search Committee, Hugh
for Sunday morning worship service, conducting regular rehearsals for      Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia, 250 River Road,
adult, youth, children and handbell choirs; producing occasional           Athens, GA 30602.
special programs and/or concerts. The position will be awarded to a
person who is: a committed Christian leader; a skilled, creative and       CT74 The Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of
cooperative musician; interested in working with a pastoral staff as       Georgia is seeking an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF MUSIC
part of a flexible team to plan worship services; skilled in               THEORY. This is a full time, tenure track position. Doctoral degree
interpersonal relationships. The sanctuary organ is an Aeolian-Skinner     required. Submit cover letter, vita, three letters of recommendation,
(Harrison) organ with 1993 Hagerstown 4- manual console. As so             academic transcript (of last degree), and a list of three additional
frequently found in center city churches, our church membership has        references to: Prof. David Starkweather, Associate Director Music
been declining over recent years. The person awarded this position         Theory Search Committee, Hugh Hodgson School of Music,
should be willing to interact with the community as a whole to raise       University of Georgia, 250 River Road, Athens, GA 30602.
awareness of the church and strive to build upon the already excellent
music program. The church will assist in providing a teaching studio       CT75 The Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of
allowing for private music lessons should the incumbent wish to            Georgia is seeking a LECTURER IN MUSIC THEORY. This is a full
provide this service to the community and church. Applications to          time, non-tenure track position. Doctoral degree required. Submit
include cover letter (tell us about you); resume and salary history will   cover letter, vita, three letters of recommendation, academic transcript
be accepted until January 31, 2012. Respond to: Search Committee           (of last degree), and a list of three additional references to: Prof. David
Calvary Baptist Church 608 Campbell Avenue Roanoke, VA 24016               Starkweather, Associate Director Music Theory Search Committee,
or: Details of the position responsibilities      Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia, 250 River
will be provided upon request from same address. Please provide            Road, Athens, GA 30602.
mailers and postage for demo tapes or any other tangible information
you provide and wish to have returned. Demos and other information         CT76 The School of Music at Baylor University is seeking a Graduate
will also be accepted as an e-mail attachment. For more information        Assistant in Bassoon, Master of Music in Bassoon for the 2012-2013
about the church, music program and our city via Internet go to:           Academic Year. This is a full assistantship for two semesters. For                                             application information, write immediately to: Dr. David Music,
                                                                           Director of Graduate Studies, Baylor University School of Music, One
CH79 ALTO AND TENOR OPENINGS – The Chizuk Amuno Choir,                     Bear Place #97408, Waco, TX 76798.
8100 Stevenson Rd in Baltimore, MD sings approximately two
Saturdays/month throughout the year. The choir is an all-professional      CT77 The Department of Music at the University of Alaska
ensemble that performs a cappella music from the classical Jewish          Anchorage invites applications for a tenure-track, tri-partite faculty
tradition in Hebrew (the texts are transliterated). The choir is quite     position. Duties include teaching undergraduate music theory and
flexible with its personnel: singers are only scheduled for dates in       applied music in one of the following areas: flute, double reeds,
which they indicate that they are available. The choir is seeking two      saxophone, high brass or low strings. Visit
additional altos and one additional tenor. Singers must be excellent       for more information about required application materials.
sight readers who can sing expressively and blend well. Singers must
be Jewish. Interested people should contact the music director for an      CT78 The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State
audition and/or more information. T. Herbert Dimmock                       University, Long Beach is seeking an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF 717-439-7566.                                          MUSIC (ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF BANDS). This is a tenure-
                                                                           track position. Master’s degree in conducting or equivalent
                   COLLEGE TEACHING                                        professional experience required. Application materials should be
                                                                           mailed to Dr. Carolyn Bremer, Chair, Cole Conservatory of Music,
CT71 The School of Music at Ithaca College is seeking an                   California State University, Long Beach, 1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long
ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MUSIC EDUCATION                           Beach CA 90804. Please call 562-985-4781 or email
(VOCAL-GENERAL/ CHORAL CONDUCTING). There are two                 for more information.
positions available. Doctorate in Music Education or Choral
Conducting preferred. Interested individuals should apply online at        CT79 The Department of Music at California State University, and submit the requested documents. Questions about         Northridge has a faculty position opening in MUSIC INDUSTRY
the application may be directed to the Office of Human Resources at        STUDIES. Earned Master’s degree in Music, Business Administration

(MBA), or related discipline required, doctorate preferred. Inquiries          application system will automatically send an email to each of your
and nominations should be addressed to Chair-Search and Screen                 referees with a secure link through which to submit the letter of
Committees, Music Industry Studies, Music Department, California               recommendation.
State University, Northridge, 1811 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA
91330.                                                                         Positions also available: Buffalo State University of New York, Iona
                                                                               College, Shenandoah University, West Chester University of
CT80 Westfield State College seeks ASSISTANT PROFESSOR,                        Pennsylvania, Dean College, New York University.
CHORAL MUSIC. Full-time, tenure track Choral Music position
beginning Fall semester 2012. The following documents are required                                      CONDUCTING
attachments to the application: cover letter, curriculum vitae, teaching
philosophy, and a document containing contact information for 3-5              C34 MUSIC DIRECTOR OF THE CONSERVATORY
references. Also required are three letters of recommendation and an           ORCHESTRA – San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The San
unofficial transcript for the highest degree. However, applicants who          Francisco Conservatory of Music seeks a dynamic, inspiring, precise,
do not have the ability to electronically attach these documents may           and energetic individual to serve as Music Director of the
mail them to the following address: Karen Ducharme, Department of              Conservatory Orchestra, beginning in August 2013. Significant
Music, Westfield State University, P.O. Box 1630, Westfield, MA                professional orchestral leadership experience, preferably including
01086-1630. You MUST apply online in the University's hiring                   work in a university setting or youth orchestra, is required. A graduate
system to be considered for this position. If you are viewing this             degree is strongly preferred. Review of applications will begin
position on another website, please use this application Quick Link:           December 2, 2011 and continue until the position is filled. Finalists Application deadline:               will be invited to rehearse and perform one concert with the
January 2, 2012                                                                Conservatory Orchestra during the 2012-13 academic year. Candidates
                                                                               may apply through our website:
CT81 New Mexico State University seeks VOICE                          Please send a letter
INSTRUCTOR/DIRECTOR OF OPERA, tenure track, 9-month.                           of application, current CV (including the names and contact
Teach applied voice, direct opera workshop, produce an opera or                information of three professional references), and at least one link to
musical theatre production yearly, teach music courses in related areas        video of a recent concert performance. No DVDs at this time, please.
of expertise, serve as an advisor for vocal performance students,
coordinate recruiting efforts for the opera program, participate in            C35 ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR -- Lamont Symphony Orchestra &
departmental and university committees and other university activities         Opera Theatre. The successful candidate will serve as Assistant
as assigned. Doctorate in Music preferred, Master in Music required,           Conductor of the Lamont Symphony Orchestra while pursuing a
extensive performing experience expected, bass/baritone or tenor               Master of Music Degree, an Artist Diploma, or a Certificate in
preferred, preference will be given to those with outstanding teaching         Conducting at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music,
credentials and experience in production management, including fund            studying with Professor Lawrence Golan. Benefits: 1) Full Tuition
raising and budget maintenance. Rank: Asst. Professor. Start Date:             Scholarship 2) a tremendous amount of podium time and conducting
August 2012. Send a letter of interest, curriculum vita, and six               experience 3) Master of Music Degree, Artist Diploma, or Certificate
references with full contact information. All documents should be sent         in Conducting. Apply online at Click on “Apply
as one PDF by email, with the subject opera search. CDs, DVDs, and             Now” for the intended degree program. If accepted into the final
additional materials may be requested at a later date. Do not send             round: audition, interview, and test at the University of Denver.
these materials until requested. Dr. Martha Rowe, Chair Voice/Opera            Deadline 12/15.
Search Committee, See full listing online at                        C36 MUSIC DIRECTOR/CONDUCTOR – Topeka Symphony
                                                                               Orchestra. • Qualifications: Excellent musicianship and conducting
CT82 DIRECTOR OF CHORAL ENSEMBLES & LECTURER IN                                skills; Ability and commitment to continue artistic development of the
MUSIC – Mount Holyoke College. The Music Department seeks a                    TSO; Evidence of interest and capability to undertake innovative
full-time Director of Choral Ensembles & Lecturer in Music. This is a          programming that incorporates interests of TSO musicians and
three-year appointment starting July 1, 2012, with teaching beginning          audience development; Strong interpersonal, leadership, and
in September. The position offers the possibility of renewal. The              communication skills; Bachelors degree in music required -- advanced
position entails conducting two large choral ensembles, one for                degree preferred; Significant experience as a music director/conductor
experienced singers, another for students with little or no prior              required -- three or more years of experience preferred • Application:
experience, and one small select ensemble. Additional responsibilities         A letter of application that responds to the listed Responsibilities and
may include teaching conducting, choral literature, music                      Qualifications with resume and up to 5 references with contact
fundamentals, or private voice lessons. A Masters degree is required,          information should be sent to Search Committee, Topeka Symphony
doctorate preferred. College and/or professional experience is desired.        Orchestra, 2100 SE 29th Street, Topeka, KS 66605. Also include: (1)
Commitment to liberal arts education, ability to contribute to the             a DVD limited to no more than 15 minutes in length of your work as a
wider educational aims of the Department and the capacity to reflect           conductor that includes both rehearsal and performance; and (2)
the College commitment to diversity through repertory choices are              copies of your most recent programs (three to five). You may also
essential. Review of completed digital dossiers will begin on January          identify internet-based sites where your work appears and may be
1, 2012 and continue until the position is filled. Please do not send          reviewed. The TSO will select up to 5 finalists each to plan and
hard copy material. Submit application at                                      conduct a concert during the 2012-2013 season. Deadline for with curriculum vitae and letter of             submission of application: January 6, 2012. Materials received with
intent which must include web links to a rehearsal and a performance           applications will not be returned.
filmed from the perspective of an ensemble member. Please provide
email addresses for three individuals who will write a letter of
recommendation on your behalf. Recommendations should address
the candidate's conducting, teaching and organizational skills. Our            C37 ERIE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA MUSIC

DIRECTOR/CONDUCTOR – Gannon University. The successful                         Hilton Head), Classical Kids Concerts (in schools and public venues),
candidate will have a Master’s degree and at least five years of               Memminger Concerts (large scale chamber performances in
experience as a Music Director. Responsibilities include providing             Memminger Auditorium) and collaborations with the Actors’ Theatre
leadership for the overall artistic achievement of the orchestra;              of South Carolina (music and spoken word productions such as “Gift
conducting all rehearsals and concerts; selecting the repertoire for all       of the Magi,” “Dylan Thomas’ Christmas in Wales,” and “Beethoven:
performances; recommending appropriate soloists and guest artists;             His Women & His Music”). In addition, CMC produces the annual 4-
and working in close cooperation with the General Manager to ensure            day “Mozart in the South Festival” in September, which includes
that artistic decisions are made according to schedule and within              various chamber performances. CMC is currently looking for a
budget. Must be able to support and promote the University’s                   violinist to join the core of CMC. Qualifications include: •
Mission. Application Procedure: Submit a cover letter, a one-page              demonstrated excellence as a violinist in chamber and solo
resume, the names and contact information of three-to-five                     performance • Master’s degree (or equivalent conservatory training
professional references, two sample programs conducted by the                  and career experience) in violin performance • Familiarity of chamber
candidate, and a DVD containing only 15 minutes of footage from the            music literature • Ability to lead the ensemble and work well within
past two years which includes excerpts from recent rehearsals and              the ensemble • Ability to perform both first and second violin
performances of two contrasting works to: Gannon University, 109               positions • Ability to comfortably speak to the audience during and
University Square, Erie, PA 16541-0001. Email submission is                    after performances (to introduce pieces before a performance and to
preferred to Music-related questions should be              mingle with guests during post-concert receptions) The core violin
directed to Susan Spafford, General Manager of the Erie Chamber                position is a per-service position with a minimum of 100 services
Orchestra at For more information about                between September 2012 and June 2013 (more accurate service count
Gannon visit Deadline December 7, 2011.                        will be available in spring 2012 and could grow to 130 services for the
                                                                               season). The 2011-2012 pay scale is $100 per rehearsal and $125 per
C38 ARTISTIC DIRECTOR – Monadnock Music. The Artistic                          concert. Additional independent employment opportunities exist
Director will impact the Vision and Mission of Monadnock Music                 within a 2 hour radius of Charleston, SC including: per-service
directly in our 47 year old summer concert festival. Some of what we           orchestra performance opportunities with such orchestras as the
expect you to bring: MA or doctorate in Music or a relevant field; At          Savannah Philharmonic, Hilton Head Symphony and Charleston
least 6-8 years of leadership experience in classical music                    Symphony; opportunities to teach private lessons in the Charleston
organizations or ensembles; Demonstrated superior skills as a                  area; opportunities to perform in weddings and corporate functions
musician with proven experience with audience engagement; Must                 (not coordinated through CMC). Preference will be given to violinists
possess exceptional oral and written communication and time                    willing to establish residency in Charleston, SC. Application Process:
management skills, a strong track record of achieving assigned                 1st stage: Application Letter: must include current contact information
outcomes, and have a sense of urgency; proven ability to work on               (include address, phone and email), current resume, listing of chamber
multiple projects at any given time; Demonstrated creative                     music performances over the past 2 years (include piece performed,
competencies: artistic breadth, client focus, patron relations,                location of performance and ensemble performed with), names, titles
accountability for results, organizational sophistication, ingenuity and       and contact information of three references and DVD of live
communicating ideas. Apply to Deadline:                  performance of solo and chamber music repertoire from the past two
December 31, 2011.                                                             years showing a wide variety of styles and compositional periods.
                                                                               Recordings should be between 20-45 minutes in length. Application
                        PERFORMANCE                                            letter deadline is December 30, 2011 2nd stage: Three violinists will
                                                                               be invited to perform for one set of concerts with CMC between
P29 VOCALISTS AND SOLO MUSICIANS are invited to perform                        January and May 2012 (specifically January 31-Febraury 8; May 2-8;
The National Anthem at The President's Cup, a city-wide high school            May 11-17). Violinists will be paid the regular CMC service rate
baseball tournament sponsored by the City of Baltimore, Major                  ($100 per rehearsal and $125 per concert) along with a travel stipend
League Baseball and the Baltimore Orioles. Vocalists and solo                  and housing for the time period covering the rehearsals and
musicians are needed on the following dates: March 31, April 2, April          performances. The winning violinist will be notified by June 15, 2012
4, April 14 and April 21. Please contact Ben Hyman, Special                    and employment will begin in September 2012. To apply please send
Assistant to the City Council President at                                     application to: Sandra Nikolajevs – Violin Search Chamber Music or 410-396-1287 with interest or                   Charleston PO Box 80072 Charleston, SC 29416 or via email
questions.                                                                     (preferred) to Application letter
                                                                               deadline is December 30, 2011. Materials submitted (including
P30 CHAMBER MUSIC CHARLESTON ANNOUNCES CORE                                    DVDs) will not be returned.
VIOLIN OPENING – Chamber Music Charleston (CMC) is a
nonprofit performing arts organization dedicated to developing the             P31 FEMALE JAZZ VOCALIST – The U.S. Navy Band is a
audience for classical music through chamber music concerts and                preferentially staffed Presidential support activity whose members are
educational performances of high artistic quality by musicians of the          permanently stationed at the Navy Yard in historic Washington, DC.
South Carolina Lowcountry. CMC presents over 60 chamber music                  Members of the Navy Band are guaranteed advancement to pay grade
concerts annually of various instrumentation using its core of 12-14           E-6 after completion of basic training ($58,044/year with dependents;
musicians (violins, viola, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French       $51,240 without dependents) with a minimum enlistment of four
horn, piano and soprano). CMC is led by the Director and Founder,              years. Musicians earn full military benefits including basic pay, free
Sandra Nikolajevs, along with a 6 member board. The majority of                medical and dental coverage, allowances for housing, food, and
CMC performances are House Concerts, intimate afternoons and                   uniforms, thirty days annual vacation with pay, no lost time for
evenings of chamber music in private homes of Downtown                         sickness, free medical care and low-cost dental care for dependents,
Charleston, Kiawah, Daniel Island and I’On. House Concerts are an              inexpensive group life insurance, commissary and exchange
hour in length for an audience of 40-80, with a reception following the        privileges, and tuition assistance. In order to be considered for a live
performance. CMC also presents Gallery Concerts (in and around                 audition, please send a package containing the following: - Current
Charleston), Church Concerts (in Summerville, Edisto, Beaufort and             one-page resume with full length photograph. - CD with examples of

each of the following four vocal styles (CD should be no longer than       Severna Park, MD. Looking for a pianist to accompany and play solo
15 minutes in length): one medium swing, one ballad, one up-tempo          music at an assisted living center. The pianist will play on a grand
swing, one pop or Latin piece. DO NOT send materials through U.S.          piano in a large room. Please contact Will Hubbard @ 410-440-1622
Postal Service. Send all materials via FEDEX or UPS to: U.S. Navy          for more information.
Band Attn: Audition Supervisor 617 Warrington Ave., SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5054 Audition requirements                  P28 TRUMPET, TROMBONE, VIOLIN – Baltimore Actor’s Theatre
maintain that you be a U.S. citizen aged 18 to 34, pass the Armed          Conservatory is looking for instrumentalists to play for a production
Forces Entrance Physical, and be otherwise qualified for service in the    of Victor Herbert’s Babes in Toyland on Saturday December 3 and
U.S. Navy. Current military members and some veterans may be               Sunday December 4 at Goucher College. For more information or to
exempt from the age requirement. The Navy and Navy Band have               apply, please call Elizabeth Cameron at 410-337-8519. (Reposted)
strict appearance and weight standards. Each candidate will be
weighed and measured prior to auditioning for the U.S. Navy Band.                                   SUMMER JOBS
Additionally, musicians who are hired must conform to weight and
appearance requirements prior to enlistment. Audition materials will       INTERLOCHEN ARTS CAMP – Number of Positions: 7.
not be returned, and all expenses and travel arrangements are the sole     Responsibilities: Duties include preparing and distributing music for
responsibility of the candidate. Upon winning the audition, the            assigned large performing groups; marking bowings, numbering
candidate must enlist in the Navy and complete basic training before       measures, inserting cuts, dynamics, etc. as indicated by the conductor
appointment to the U.S. Navy Band. For more information and in             and faculty; photocopying; filing music; and attending all
order to be considered for the audition, please send your resume as an     rehearsals/concerts. Program includes a two-day learning intensive
attachment to For all correspondence          covering the basics of performing ensemble librarianship. Work
please include your instrument, position for which you are applying,       closely with the Ensemble Managers. Some evenings and weekends
and current contact information.                                           are required. Qualifications: Knowledge of classical music and jazz,
                                                                           ability to read music, and excellent written and verbal communication
P32 CHORUS – The U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters chorus is a                   skills are fundamental. A moderate level of computer literacy is
preferentially staffed Presidential support activity whose members are     essential; experience with Mac OS and applications is preferred.
permanently stationed at the Navy Yard in historic Washington, DC.         Familiarity with Finale and/or Sibelius is a plus. Candidates must be
Members of the Navy Band are guaranteed advancement to pay grade           self-motivated as well as possess the ability to work independently and
E-6 after completion of basic training ($58,044/year with dependents;      as part of a team. Attention to detail and the capacity to perform in a
$51,240 without dependents) with a minimum enlistment of four              fast-paced, deadline-driven environment are essential. Must be able to
years. Musicians earn full military benefits including basic pay, free     lift and transport boxes on wheeled carts across campus. Candidates
medical and dental coverage, allowances for housing, food, and             holding or working towards a MLS degree are encouraged to apply.
uniforms, thirty days annual vacation with pay, no lost time for           Dates: Saturday, June 16 through Monday, August 6, 2012 (includes
sickness, free medical care and low-cost dental care for dependents,       two-day training June 16 and 17) Salary and Benefits: Stipend plus
inexpensive group life insurance, commissary and exchange                  room and board. Application: Open until filled. Admission is offered
privileges, and tuition assistance. In order to be considered for a live   on a rolling basis, so it is best to submit your application early. Apply
audition, please send a package containing the following: - Current        online: Send questions to:
one-page resume with full length photograph. - A CD no longer than
20 minutes in length that is representative of your singing, including
two art songs or opera arias in contrasting languages and two musical      We do our best to provide good information in this Job Vacancy
theatre, jazz, pop or gospel selections. Send all materials via FEDEX      Bulletin. However, since the information is drawn almost completely
or UPS to: U.S. Navy Band Attn: Audition Supervisor 617                    from other sources, we cannot be responsible for its accuracy.
Warrington Ave., SE Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5054
Audition requirements maintain that you be a U.S. citizen aged 18 to
34, pass the Armed Forces Entrance Physical, and be otherwise
qualified for service in the U.S. Navy. Current military members and
some veterans may be exempt from the age requirement. The Navy
and Navy Band have strict appearance and weight standards. Each
candidate will be weighed and measured prior to auditioning for the
U.S. Navy Band. Additionally, musicians who are hired must conform
to weight and appearance requirements prior to enlistment. Audition
materials will not be returned, and all expenses and travel
arrangements are the sole responsibility of the candidate. Upon
winning the audition, the candidate must enlist in the Navy and
complete basic training before appointment to the U.S. Navy Band.
For more information and in order to be considered for the audition,
please send your resume as an attachment to For all correspondence please include
your instrument, position for which you are applying, and current
contact information.

P33 PIANIST/ACCOMPANIST – Chris-Leigh Catered Living,


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