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					                               Rondebosch Hockey Herald
 ISSUE #4         APRIL 2009

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                                                             Hockey Notice Board.

Rondebosch Supporters Warm Jackets to order.

Parents have requested the Committee to re-order Supporters Jackets for this season.

The Prices for 2009, quoted by New Balance on 23 April 2009, are as follows and below is a picture
of the two options available.

Polar Fleece Jackets - Navy Blue with Gold Bosch Tree on Left hand Side:
Price incl VAT - R 193-00 Delivery 4 - 6 weeks

Waterproof Navy Blue Jacket with Bosch Tree on back and lined with polar fleece:
Price incl VAT R 366-00 Delivery 8 weeks

I need to place orders before 11 May due to a long manufacturing lead time.
Orders will be accepted an a Cash With Order basis when the order is placed.
I can have sample sizes at the Grey PE matches this weekend for people to try on.

Please notify Cindy Giger by e-mail at as soon as possible.

Cindy Giger

RBHS Hockey Development Programme for Langa Hockey Club

The hockey development program will be starting on Wednesday 29 April on the grass hockey fields in
front of the E42 Pavilion from 5 - 6pm with a roster of Bosch volunteer coaches who gave their name
to Cindy Giger before the commencement of the season.

The Rondebosch Parents Hockey Committee, in conjunction with RBHS Faculty and Hockey Coaches,
has embarked upon a Hockey Development Programme aimed at disadvantaged players and more
specifically for Langa Hockey Club with whom RBHS already has cordial relations.
Good Luck and thank you to the volunteers.

                                          Next Weekend's Fixtures
         Hockey Matches vs. Grey High School  ‐ Fri 1 and Sat 2 May 2009    

         Opponents         Venue            Field          Day             Time

U19A     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Fri 1 May       19.40
U19B     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Sat 2 May       12.20
U19C     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Sat 2 May       13.30
U19D     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Sat 2 May       9.00
U16A     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Fri 1 May       18.30
U16B     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Sat 2 May       10.05
U16C     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Sat 2 May       11.10
U16D     Grey              Rondebosch       Hockey A       Sat 2 May       9.30
U14A     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Sat 2 May       8.00
U14B     Grey              Rondebosch       WPCC           Sat 2 May       7.00
U14C     Grey              Rondebosch       Hockey A       Sat 2 May       8.00

                                                          Picture Gallery
Please e-mail your Rondebosch Hockey digital pictures with a caption and we will endeavour to publish them.

                                     Last Week's Match Results
(Captains / Coaches - please delegate someone from your Team to send a short Match Report - by not
     than 12:00 on the Monday following the match - to for publication.
                    Late submissions will be carried over to the next edition)

Rondebosch Hockey Results and 1st Team Report - 25/04/2009
[Click on the following hyperlink to view the full RBHS result schedule on the RBHS web site.]

Rondebosch 2nd Team vs. Langa 1st Team - 25/04/2009 - Home
Rondebosch 2nd's did well to secure a 3-0 victory over Langa this weekend. Langa played at a high pace
with good ball skills that seemed to be a match for our calm, structured hockey. After some good
defending, Rondebosch countered well and conjured 3 goals. Jason Giesler scored 2 while Daniel Blake
scored 1 with his first touch of the game. The boys did well to slow the game down at the back and
play with a patience that kept us in control.

Aidan Morris

Rondebosch U16C Team vs. Pinelands H S U16B Team – 25/04/2009

The U16C side had it’s first match against the Pinelands U16B side on Saturday 25th April.
Despite adverse weather conditions which made playing on grass especially difficult the team
managed to beat the B side from Pinelands thanks to a first half goal by Jarryd Son,
who got the shot past the goalie after some interplay in the D by the RBHS forwards.
Pinelands seemed happy to sit back and defend and try to hit RBHS on the counter-attack,
a tactic that did not work for them on the day. The scoreline did not give a fair reflection
of the game as RBHS spent the majority of the second half in the opposition’s side of the
field and had it not been for some very rusty finishing shots and the omnipresent Pinelands
goalie, the score would have been much higher.

Mr. Rudrich Claassen (Manager)

Rondebosch U16D Team vs. Camps Bay H S – 25/04/2009 - Away

On Saturday the 25 of April the U16D hockey team travelled to Camps Bay to play against Camps Bay
High School.

The conditions were very wet with constant rain which made playing difficult. Our team played very
well for our first game together, winning comfortably. The score at the end of the first half was
4 – 0 to Bosch. After a fairly lengthy half-time discussion, Bosch scored another 2 goals in the
second half - the final score being 6 – 0 in favour of Bosch, with Bjorn Seifritz single handedly
scoring all 6 goals.

I would like to commend the team on a great game of hockey played. I am looking forward to
further success and a great season ahead.

Zain Karodia

                    Rondebosch Hockey Parents Support Committee
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                     Committee:        Linda Kietzman              072 867 9918
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