Math Olympiad by ferda.gurcan


									                               Math Olympiad
Course Textbook

The Art of Problem Solving, Volume 1: The Basics.

The Art of Problem Solving Volumes 1 and 2 have been used by many of the top
students and programs in the United States since 1993. The texts offer a
challenging exploration of problem solving mathematics and preparation for
programs such as MATHCOUNTS and the American Mathematics Competitions

Course Outline

Chapter   1. Exponents and Logarithms
Chapter   2. Complex Numbers
Chapter   3. Linear Equations
Chapter   4. Proportions
Chapter   5. Using the Integers
Chapter   6. Quadratic Equations
Chapter   7. Special Factorization and Clever Manipulations
Chapter   8. What Numbers Really Are
Chapter   9. An Introduction to Circle
Chapter   10. Angles
Chapter   11. Triangles, a.k.a Geometry
Chapter   12. Quadrilaterals
Chapter   13. Polygons
Chapter   14. Angle Chasing
Chapter   15. Area
Chapter   16. The Power of Coordinates
Chapter   17. Power of a Point
Chapter   18. Three Dimensional Geometry
Chapter   19. Shifts, Turns, Flips, Stretches, and Squeezes
Chapter   20. A Potpourri of Geometry
Chapter   21. Functions
Chapter   22. Inequalities
Chapter   23. Operations and Relations
Chapter   24. Sequences and Series
Chapter   25. Learning to Count
Chapter   26. Statistic and Probability
Chapter   27. Sets
Chapter   28. Prove It
Chapter   29. Parting Shots
Classroom Procedures

• Raise your hand - before speaking.

• Stay in your seat - unless given permission.

• Remain on task - no personal business during class.

• Show respect - for all property and ideas, at all times.

• Follow - classroom & school wide procedures.

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