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									            Beat Making Software Review

Here’s a couple of reviews so that you’ll see how these various beat making
software flavors stack up against each other. Hopefully you’ll find the information

Who’s the leader at any party? Who gets the joint jumpin’? Who gets paid to
make people dance? The DJ, and today’s DJ is a performance artist.

Learn which program gives you the most bank for your buck!

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                         Dr. Drum Review

    Choosing a good beat making program is difficult, and with the plethora of
   options available it’s hard to know which one is worth your money. A newly
released beat-maker, Dr. Drum, is making waves in the community, with promises
     that even beginners can produce great beats on their first day of using it.

It provides professional-quality tracks and comes with a massive library of sounds
and drum beats, but does it really live up to the hype?

One of the most important things about Dr. Drum for anybody wanting to make it
big in the industry is that your beats are exported in 44.1 .wav file. Most beat
making programs and DAWs export your tracks as MP3s.

Although it’s widely used, MP3 is a compressed file format, and the process eats
away some of the audio quality. If you want to be taken seriously by record
company big-wigs and music professionals, your tracks need to be industry

The main user interface is the sequencer. It features 16 tracks, and each has a
dedicated column on the mixer panel at the top of the screen. Many other beat
making programs require some serious study to use properly, but Dr. Drum is
virtually intuitive.

After you’ve downloaded the program you gain access to tutorials in the online
member’s area, but if you have any experience making beats you won’t need
them. You add tracks by drawing them with the pencil tool, and then choose your
desired sound from the menu.


The massive library of drums, keys and sound effects should be enough for most
users, but you can also create your own using the program’s four octave keyboard
and integrated drum machine.

The mixer allows you to adjust the mids, lows and highs on each track, which
gives you more control over your sound. You can also pan the audio to the right
or left, and adjust the volume of each to create the perfect mix.
Every track can also be muted or played alone, a great tool for when you’re
struggling with a composition. The sequencer display splits the track up into
measures, and marks each beat with a dot to help you stay in time.


The useful layout is also used for the drum machine and keyboard tools. You can
adjust your song’s BPM with a single click, and there’s a metronome to help you if
you’re still struggling to stay in time.

Dr. Drum’s huge library of samples and beginner-friendly interface makes it one of
the easiest programs to start making your own beats with, and the professional
quality tracks you can produce put it head and shoulders above the competition.

The best thing about the program is how simple it is to upload your own sounds
and make completely original, roof-raising beats. For a comparably low price (it’s
currently on a limited term special offer) you can’t find another program that
even comes close to Dr. Drum.

               Be the Party with Dr. Drum

Who’s the leader at any party? Who gets the joint jumpin’? Who gets paid to
make people dance? The DJ, and today’s DJ is a performance artist.

They create vibrant beats and hot techno sounds so if you want to be a DJ, you
have to have the power to throw down powerful beats and bring a room to life.
You can do all that with the Dr. Drum Beat Making software.


Dr. Drum is everything you need all in one easy to afford package. It is so easy to
use, you’ll be hittin’ the clubs and making people dance right from the moment
you get started. The program comes with 3 powerful music creation tools to make
any beat or turn out powerfully edited music.

Any type of music you love can be made perfectly in no time with Dr. Drum. You
can create rap beats, hip-hop sounds, smooth R&B, Dizzying techno pop, punk,
rock, jazz, grunge, dance tunes, urban, and house or indie tracks to amaze your
friends and get you gigs at the top clubs. Make money doing what you love by
creating beats for producers and get your money on liners and royalties to boot.

There’s no end to what you can do using Dr. Drum’s all-in-one beat maker. Dr.
Drum has a beat for any genre, and thousands of sound choices in its database.

You can choose from many different drum styles and edit them all on the 12-pad
kit on the easy to use interface. If that isn’t enough, import your own sounds with
one click and turn them into polished tracks.


Dr. Drum also lets you make beautiful music with the 4-octave keyboard. Along
with thousands of professional quality sounds in the database, and the ability to
create mind-blowing FX, you can use the keyboard program to make your own
instrumentals from piano and strings to sax with dozens of instrument choices.
Switch easily with one click from one instrument to the other and turn your
computer into a recording studio.

To bring all of your sounds together, the Dr. Drum Beat Making software comes
with a 16-track sequencer that puts all of the power of the pros at your fingertips.
You can adjust individual tracks, edit and change them with simple click and drag
ability, and save it all to recording studio quality 44.1 stereo 16bit PCM .wav files.


Don’t waste your time and money on lesser programs that save your music as
MP3s that will have the industry pros patting you on the head as they send you on
your way.

Turn out killer tracks that will leave them all breathless and wanting to work with
you. Get Dr. Drum at a super affordable price and don’t just be at the parties—be
the party!
                   Dr. Drum vs. DubTurbo

With so many beat making programs available online, choosing one out of the
deluge of options seems like an impossible task.

Two of the leading beat makers, Dr. Drum and DubTurbo offer professional
recording quality, a 16 track sequencer, a four octave keyboard and a drum
machine. Whilst these two programs both offer a lot of options for making beats,
there are some key differences that set them apart.

DubTurbo and Dr. Drum both have 16 track sequencers with dedicated mixing
panels, useful for creating complex, multi-layered beats. On both programs, each
track has a dedicated slider for setting the volume, along with options for muting
or playing a track solo.

Dr. Drum surpasses DubTurbo by allowing you to pan the audio of each track to
the left or right speaker. Although stereo recording is the standard for each
program, only Dr. Drum lets you use it to its full potential.

You can have your beat pounding out front and centre, but set your melody to
play through one speaker, or to oscillate between the two. You can also adjust the
lows, mids and highs for each track through the Dr. Drum mixer, so you can shape
your sound in any way you like.


The additional option brings your stereo recordings to life, and opens up a new
avenue for your creativity.

Understanding where you are in your songs in terms of bars is vital to music
composition. Without a clear indication of when your bars change, or where the
beats fall within a bar, you can end up making arrhythmic compositions.

On DubTurbo, the bar count is hidden way up at the top of the page, and if you’re
focusing on the sequencer you might forget it’s even there.

Dr. Drum’s bar counter is directly above the sequencer, which means you’re
always aware of your position within the bar. As well as this, each beat is marked,
which helps you keep your compositions in time.

Both programs feature a drum machine, which is vital for creating your own
beats. Each individual drum sound, such as the snare, is loaded up onto a pad, and
you click on the pads to add the sound to your beat.

DubTurbo gives you 10 pads to play with, and each one has its own dedicated
volume control. Dr. Drum raises the bar and provides you with 12 pads, each still
featuring an individual volume control to mix the sound within your beat. The two
extra pads mean each drum kit features two additional sounds, which give you
valuable extra options in your composition.


Whilst DubTurbo and Dr. Drum are both great for making beats, Dr. Drum has the
variety of options that sets it above the competition. If you’re serious about
making beats, denying yourself functionality isn’t an option. Dr. Drum is a
massively diverse platform for your creativity, and that fact separates it from
competitors like DubTurbo.
              Sonic Producer Vs. Dr. Drum

   With so many different options for beat making programs available, knowing
    which one is worth your hard-earned money can be difficult. Two leading,
affordable beat making programs on the market today are Sonic Producer and Dr.
                  Drum, and choosing between them isn’t easy.

    Both offer a multitude of features, a 16 track sequencer and a plethora of
 instruments to play around with. For a newcomer to the world of beat making,
 choosing one of these two programs is virtually impossible, but there are some
               key differences that can help you make your choice.

 First off, the format in which the songs are exported has an effect on the audio
quality. If you want to be taken seriously by industry professionals, your work has
                  to be presented in the industry standard quality.

Sonic Producer exports your work as MP3s, which are great for everyday use, but
    are actually a compressed format. This means that all of the data from your
original recording is squashed down so it can fit in a smaller space, and this causes
 some degradation of quality. Dr. Drum exports your masterpieces as 44.1 .WAV
                         files, which is professional quality.

    There are differences even if you’re not interested in pitching to producers
  straight away. Both programs come with a wide range of drum sounds, but the
level of freedom you have in putting them together differs. In Sonic Producer, you
                 can make your own drum beats using eight pads.


That means you can have eight different sounds, such as snare, open and closed
hi hat, kick, tom, ride, crash and floor tom. This is great for basic beats, but if you
             really want to get creative you’ll need some extra options.

Dr. Drum has a 12 pad drum machine, which gives you the option of making more
    complex, cool beats, and adds new options such as clap and variations on
  standard drums like the snare. You can also upload your own sounds to make
                    even more unique beats with Dr. Drum.

 For melodies, both programs have keyboards loaded with different instrument
  sounds. Again, both programs have a great selection of sounds, with guitars,
                 synths, pianos and everything you could want.
The key difference comes in the size of the keyboard. In Sonic Producer, you have
        a one octave (which includes all 12 notes) keyboard to play with.


Dr. Drum raises the bar by including a four octave keyboard. This wildly increases
  your freedom, allowing you to create awesome melodies which span multiple
octaves. Real pianos usually have seven octaves, so being stuck with just one isn’t

 Whilst both programs have a lot to offer the beat-maker, Dr. Drum stands head
  and shoulders above Sonic Producer. Whether it’s the audio quality, range of
drums, or the size of the in-built keyboard that sways it for you, the conclusion is


 To create truly unique, superior-quality beats, you need Dr. Drum on your side.
                         Other programs just won’t cut it.
              DR. Drum - it’s hard to beat

Well actually it isn’t because Dr. Drum software is probably the simplest way for
 DJs and performers to create and use their own beats and to develop great


 Having tried almost every route to making beats that work and get the audience
  moving has almost driven us crazy. Be it Garage Band or Pro-tools or any other
 software-based tool the problem is one of cost and complexity and results that
work. It’s the same too when you use a hardware based solution using drum, bass
        and keys to create and then try to mix them down. Not any longer!

Dr.Drum is a solution that does ‘what it says on the tin’ – it’s a suite of programs
  that enable the budding, or pro DJ to download it, look at some great video
   tutorials and be up and running within hours, no matter what your level of

 The program is compatible with PC and Mac and will run on both Windows and
 OSX, is so highly sophisticated yet incredibly simple to understand and play with
and the creators are so confident it its capabilities that if you aren’t creating great
beats within 60-days of purchase that they will give you a full, no quibble refund –
                            can’t ask for more than that.

Whilst it is a download and normally stuff like this is a one off purchase, what you
are buying into is a membership program whereby you can continue to download
                             upgrades and updates.


 In the box you get a huge array of electronic ‘hardware’ in the form of a 16-track
sequencer plus a full 12-pad drum machine and a keyboard synthesizer capable of
                               a four-octave range.

 Add to that the capability to export beats in a recognized 44:1 WAV format and
you will have venues and other DJs crying out for your services – unless you want
                               to keep it for yourself.

 Some beat creators are concerned that product like Dr.Drum can’t be any good
           because it is so ridiculously cheap – but that’s its beauty.

It outperforms many products up to ten or twenty times its ticket price – around
      $40 for a full working beat workshop – something you just can’t beat.
So There You Have It. I hope this provides you with enough information to make
an informed decision!

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