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									                   Kapten Plus FAQ

What is Kapten Plus?
The Kapten Plus is a stand alone GPS unit. It is the size of a box
of matches and is controlled by voice commands.

Is Kapten Plus a product designed for
the visually impaired?
The original Kapten was designed for motorists. It was designed to
be used without a screen. The manufacturer saw the benefits of
Kapten to the visually impaired. Kapten Plus has been redesigned
to include features asked for by visually impaired users.

What can Kapten Plus do?
By using voice commands Kapten Plus can guide you to a
destination. Kapten Plus has built-in maps for the UK. It can take
your current location and guide you to an address anywhere in the
UK. You give Kapten Plus instructions and details of where you
want to go.

What are Kapten Plus's features?
 spoken turn by turn navigation for pedestrians, cyclists and
  motorists. Your route is determined by your mode of transport
  ensuring you take the most appropriate route. For example, in
  pedestrian mode, Kapten will direct you along the shortest route
  avoiding motorways and taking advantage of shortcuts through
  parks and one way streets.
 Built-in speech recognition enables you to enter addresses,
  change navigation modes, listen to music and control all its
  functions and features just using your voice. In addition to
  navigation, the Kapten Plus also has a voice recorder, MP3
  player and FM radio built-in. It is also supplied within a silicone
  case to help protect it.
 UK and Ireland maps pre-installed with four navigation modes;
  pedestrian, bike, motorbike and car
 track your movements and save your favourite and most used
 waypoint marking using "K-tags" enables you to save
  addresses and locations. You can add your own voice memo to
  each K-tag so you can navigate to it again or in free navigation
  mode, be notified when you next pass nearby
 free navigation mode provides a description of what's nearby
  including street names, crossroads, points of interest (POI's)
  and nearby "K-tags".
 navigate through several public transport systems; London,
  Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow. It can help
  you navigate through these systems with step by step
  instructions and estimated journey times. For example, if you
  are in London you can programme your departure and
  destination tube stations and it will give you the estimated
  journey time, which tube line to take and how many stops there
  are, where to change lines (if required) and how long it will take
  for each leg.
 map discovery mode enables you to explore around any place
  in the country and familiarise yourself with the area before you
  visit. Built-in FM radio which uses the GPS to find local radio
  stations. A built-in MP3 player which you control with voice

How do I control Kapten Plus?
The Kapten Plus is supplied with both earbuds and a speaker.
Both the Earbuds and speaker cable have a microphone which
you use to control Kapten Plus. You can use a combination of
voice instructions and key presses to control Kapten Plus. There is
a built-in help guide, manual and easily accessible list of Kapten
Plus's voice control commands.

How good is Kapten Plus's voice
Unlike computer-based voice recognition systems, You don't have
to train Kapten Plus to recognise your voice. If you speak clearly
and slowly then Kapten Plus will usually recognise what you are
What is the quality of the voice on
Kapten Plus?
Kapten plus uses a female voice which is clear and intelligible
even in noisy environments.

How accurate is Kapten Plus's GPS?
Like any other GPS system, Kapten Plus will usually be accurate
to within 10-30 metres depending on the number of satellites in
view at any one time.

Do I need a computer to use Kapten
Access to a computer is needed as Kapten Plus frequently is
updated with data that helps with a more accurate GPS signal.
New firmware is regularly made available to improve Kapten Plus
features. This is automatically installed if available when Kapten
Plus is connected to a computer. Kapten Plus is supplied with
Kapmanager software.

Is the Kapmanager software
The Kapmanager software has been tested with JAWs and is

How do I charge Kapten Plus?
Kapten Plus can be charged via USB on a computer or from a
USB charger. Kapten Plus is supplied with a USB cable for
charging but not with a USB charger.

What's in the Kapten Plus box?
Supplied with silicone case, portable speaker, USB with integrated
microphone, earphones, two USB cables and lanyard.

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