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Retail Annual Contract Agreement Rates                                          Classified Display Annual Contract Agreement Rates*
Display ads will be placed online at’s Flyerboard Ad             Display ads will be placed online at’s Flyerboard Ad
Vault for a $10 service fee. Annual contracts offer the greatest flexibility    Vault for a $10 service fee. Annual contracts offer the greatest flexibility
in planning your advertising schedules.                                         in planning your advertising schedules.

                              Daily Col.             Sunday Col.                                                 Col. Inch                           Col. Inch
    Commitment                Inch Rate              Inch Rate                      Commitment                   Rate daily                          Rate Sunday
    Open Rate                 $38.05                 $44.25                         Open Rate                    $28.55                              $33.20
    $5,500                    $23.60                 $27.45                         $3,000                       $18.25                              $21.45
    $11,000                   $22.66                 $26.35                         $5,500                       $17.70                              $20.60
    $16,000                   $21.75                 $25.30                         $11,000                      $17.00                              $19.75
    $22,000                   $20.88                 $24.28                         $16,000                      $16.32                              $18.95
    $35,000                   $20.05                 $23.31                         $22,000                      $15.65                              $18.20
    $44,000                   $19.25                 $22.38                         $35,000                      $15.05                              $17.50
    $62,000                   $18.48                 $21.49                         $44,000                      $14.45                              $16.80
    $82,000                   $17.74                 $20.63                         $62,000                      $13.85                              $16.10
    $110,000                  $17.03                 $19.80                         $82,000                      $13.30                              $15.45
                                                                                    $110,000                     $12.75                              $14.85
                                                                               *not including employment ads
81% of readers say they would notice an ad more if it was in color as
compared to black and white.*
*NAA; MORI Research “How America shops and spends”, 2009 Source: NAA 2004.
                                                                                Directory of Health Care Professionals
                                                                                Reach an additional 34,000 online readers a day!

 Color Rates
    1 available color & black                        $210                       •   Prints Tuesdays and Sundays
    3 colors & black                                 $360                       •   Your expanded online listing can include photos and video
                                                                                •   Fresh content daily regarding health and wellness
 Color Frequency Rates                                                          •   Updated wellness calendar
 For advertisers using color 4 times in a 30 day period
    1 color & black                                  $180                           Rate                           2x1” ads           per insert
    3 colors & black                                 $300                           Open                           $53/week           $26
                                                                                    13 weeks                       $43/week           $21.50
 For advertisers using color 8 times in a 30 day period                             26 weeks                       $36/week           $18
    1 color & black                                  $150                           52 weeks                       $32/week           $16
    3 colors & black                                 $200                                                          $6 for each additional 1/2 inch

                                                                               Buy 2 - Get 2 Free: New Advertiser Program
                                                                               $16.50 an inch and $99 for 10,000 impressions online.
                                                                               Ads must run within 30 days. Online banner is run of site. Offer good
Put our powerful market reach                                                  to customers who have not done any advertising with the Missoulian
                                                                               for the past 12 months. Same ad, minimal changes. 4” minimum.

to work for your business.                                                     Add color to an ad for $100.

                                                                                                        66,700 daily readers
                                                                                                        75,900 Sunday readers
                                                                                                        Source: Audit Bureau of Circulation FAS-FAX, March 2011
                                                          frequency works
             Advertising frequency has proven to increase consumer awareness and retention of the sales message. Taking advantage of
             a frequency program puts your advertising message in front of those ready to buy every day. This builds impressions which
             reinforce your ad message to improve response.

             The Missoulian offers a variety of frequency-based programs which extend discounted rates to help promote your business.

                                                                             ROP & Classified Business Builder Programs
                                                                             Ad must run every day in a 30 day period. Ad cost includes ROS
                                                                             flyerboard for 30 days.
ROP & Classified Programs                                                                                                 Cost per 30 day
(Small-Space Newspaper Advertising Program)                                    Inches                                    run schedule
Minimum 2 ads/week. Ads must run consecutive weeks.                            1                                         $507.00
                                                                               2                                         $792.00
                               NUMBER OF WEEKS                                 3                                         $1,075.50
                          4      13        26             52
4”                      $167    $156      $145          $134
6”                      $249    $228      $211          $195
8”                      $312    $296      $274          $252
10”                     $385    $360      $332          $305
                                                                             Large Space Sale Flight Plan:
                                                                             Must purchase a minimum of 4 ads in a 2-week window. Ads must run
                                                                             consecutive weeks. No other discounts apply. Add color for $150 an ad.

                                                                             ¼ pg plus                (30”- 62”)          $17.20/col. inch
                                                                             ½ pg plus                (63” – 89”)         $16.65/col. inch
                                                                             Junior to Full pg        (90” – 129”)        $15.45/col. inch

Pickup Discounts *
Rerun any ad with minimal copy changes      within a 7-day period
and earn:
2nd insertion                                 20% discount                    ROP & Classified Event Packages
3rd insertion                                 25% discount
4th insertion                                 30% discount
                                                                                3-TIME SPECIAL                              $19.00/col. inch
5th insertion                                 35% discount                      Must run 3 ads in a 7-day period. Ad cost includes ROS flyerboard for
6th insertion                                 40% discount                      7 (10 or 14) days.
7th insertion                                 50% discount
Monday or Tuesday straight pickup             50% discount
*Open & contract rates only.                                                    4-TIME SPECIAL                              $18.50/col. inch
                                                                                Must run 4 ads in a 10-day period. Ad cost includes ROS flyerboard for
                                                                                7 (10 or 14) days.
Priority Placement
Section A                                     + 8%
Other Sections                                + 3%                              5-TIME SPECIAL                              $18.00/col. inch
Page                                          +10%                              Must run 5 ads in a 14-day period. Ad cost includes ROS flyerboard for
                                                                                7 (10 or 14) days.
Back Page of Section                          +15%

                                                                                10-TIME SPECIAL                             $17.50/col. inch
Late Ad & Cancellation Policy                                                   Must run 10 ads in a 14-day period. Ad cost includes ROS flyerboard
Late Ad                                       + 5%                              for 7 (10 or 14) days.
Ad Cancelled After Deadline                   30% of ad cost will
                                              be charged                        4” Minimum. Minimal Changes; ads must be the same size during
                                                                                the run. Add color for $125 an ad.
Sunday rates for Thanksgiving and Christmas days
       Sizing: Column Inches                                                                  Acceptability:
                                                                                              The right to classify, revise, edit, or reject any
                                                                                              advertisement is reserved by the Publisher.

                                                                                              Errors in publication:
                                                                                              It is agreed the Missoulian is not to be held responsible
                                                                                              for errors in publication, except where corrections marked
                                                                                              on the advertising proof by the Advertiser have not been
                                                                                              properly made, and then only for republication of that part
                                                                                              of the advertisement affected by the error. It is agreed that
                                                                                              the Missoulian accepts responsibility for errors only on first

                  2 columns wide                                                              insertion of the advertisement. It is further agreed that in
                                                                                              no case shall the Missoulian be held liable for selling losses
                x 2 inches tall                                                               incurred by errors in publication.

                   4 col. inches                                                              The Advertiser assumes liability for the content of all advertising
                                                                                              that he/she authorizes for publication, and claims that arise
                                                                                              therefore may not be made against the Publisher.

    The Missoulian’s full page is 6 columns wide (9.8889”) by 21.5” tall.                     Rates shown are net:
                                                                                              No commissions apply.
    Ad sizes are expressed in column inches. To figure out the size of an
                                                                                              Rate revisions:
    ad, first determine how many columns wide the ad will be. Then                             Ad rates and sizes subject to change upon written notice.

    determine the height of the ad in inches. Multiply the number of                          Terms of payment:
    columns wide by the height in inches.                                                     Cash with order unless credit established, or monthly as billed
                                                                                              for credit accounts.

    For example: 2 col. x 2 inches = 4 column inches.                                         Right is reserved to refuse any ad or preprint at the discretion
                                                                                              of the newspaper.
    The cost of the ad is determined by multiplying the total column
                                                                                              Brokered advertising:
    inches by the contract inch rate.                                                         Multiple local advertisers are not permitted to combine
                                                                                              advertising to earn volume contract discount.
Column Widths                        Common Ad Sizes
 Columns              Inches                               Width              Height          Ad cancellation deadline:
                                       1/4 Page V          3 columns          10.5 “          Display ads may be cancelled by noon two days prior to
 1 Column             1.5556
                                       1/4 Page H          6 columns          5“              publication without penalty. All later cancellations will be
 2 Column             3.2223
 3 Column             4.8889           1/2 Page H          6 columns          10.5”           charged 30% of total ad cost.
 4 Column             6.5556           1/2 Page V          3 columns          21”             Maximum/minimum size requirements:
 5 Column             8.2223           JR Full Page        5 columns          18”
                                                                                              Advertisements continued across vertical fold must measure a
 6 Column             9.8889           Full Page           6 columns          21”
                                                                                              minimum of nine columns wide by nine inches in depth, plus
                                       JR Double Truck     10 columns+1 in.   18”
                                                                                              the additional column charged for the gutter. Retail advertising
                                       Front Page Strip    6 columns          1.5”
                                                                                              sold by the column inch to the nearest half inch. Minimum
                                       Section Front       6 columns          3”
                                                                                              ad size is one column inch. The width of ads may be altered
                                                                                              slightly during the printing process to fit the printed column
                 Ad Deadlines
                                                                                              To maximize your investment:
                 Day Published          Copy Deadline                                         All display ads can be posted on

                 Monday                 Thursday 3 p.m.                                       News style/comic style/political & issue ads:
                 Tuesday                Friday 3 p.m.                                         Must be bordered with the word “Paid Advertisement” at the top
                 Wednesday              Monday 3 p.m.                                         of the ad. Political and issue ads must follow State law.
                 Thursday               Monday 3 p.m.
                 Friday                 Tuesday 3 p.m.                                        Proof delivery:
                 Saturday               Wednesday 3 p.m.                                      Proofs will be emailed or faxed.
                 Sunday Territory       Wednesday 3 p.m.                                      Display Proof correction schedule:
                 Sunday                 Thursday 3 p.m.                                       Your ad is considered approved if corrections are not called or
                                                                                              emailed in by 2:00 p.m. the day before publication. Sunday and
                                                                                              Monday ad corrections are due by 2:00 p.m. Friday.

Contact your advertising consultant for more information        Classified Advertising   406-721-6200      
                                                                News Department          406-523-5240      
          406.523.5223                                          Circulation Department
                                                                Accounting Department
                                                                Obituaries               406-523-5267      
     500 South Higgins - Missoula, Montana 59802                Ravalli Republic         406-363-3300      

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