GRADUATION - Catawba County Schools by yurtgc548


									Career and College:
  Ready, Set, Go!

  North Carolina’s
  Race to the Top
 Common Core &
Essential Standards
       State Board of Education
    Guiding Mission (2006)

Every student will
graduate from high
school globally
competitive for work
and postsecondary
education and
prepared for life in the
21st Century.
       Framework for Change

The Blue Ribbon
Commission on Testing
and Accountability’s
input in 2008 led to the
State Board’s
Framework for Change.
     Framework for Change

27 Recommendations:
      NC DPI’s Response to the
       Framework for Change
1. Overhaul the K-12
    Standard Course of
2. Overhaul the
    Accountability System
3. Create a new model for
    measuring school

Call for Change
Race to the Top

Four pillars of Career & College:
          Ready, Set, Go!

1. Great teachers and principals

2. Standards and Assessments

3. Turnaround of Lowest-Achieving

4. Data Systems to Improve
 It’s not just
about what’s
to be taught.
It’s about the
how’s of what
    is to be
Common Core & Essential Standards
                  District Leadership Team
       NAME                SUBJECT           GRADE SPAN
  Alycen Wilson             Math              Elementary
  Delaina Bryan
  Jeanine Lynch             Math              Secondary
Amanda Huffman
   Mia Johnson               ELA             Elementary
    Kathy Keane
   Martha Lamb               ELA              Secondary
 Jo-Nell Isenhour
   Heather Deal
  Leslie Barnette            SS              Elementary
   Regina Propst
Heather Hollifield           SS               Secondary
   Dacia Jones             Science           Elementary
  Carol Moore
   Cheryl Frye             Science            Secondary
  Stacy Lovdahl
                 District Leadership Team
     NAME                   SUBJECT              GRADE SPAN
   Neil Bolick           World Languages           General
Michaele Shugart
 Rae Thompson                   Arts               General

  Beth Isenhour       Curriculum & Instruction     General

    Judith Ray              Technology             General

   Lora Drum            Healthful Living/PE        General

Susan Witherspoon               ESL                General
   Dana Greene
  Angela Garcia
                  Information Chain

                       Leslie & Cheryl

                   District Leadership Team

Asst. Principal     Asst. Principal           Asst. Principal
@ each Elem.        @ each Middle              @ each High
School (16)          School (5)                School (7)

Grade Level            Content Team           Content Team
Team Leaders              Leaders                 Leaders

Teachers                Teachers                 Teachers
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