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					      Welcome To
Boulder Creek High School

  Freshmen Night
 Lauren Sheahan
 Kathryn Borgesen
 Assistant Principal
 Dawn Pace
 Assistant Principal
 Michelle Pitts
 Assistant Principal
 Rose Vargas
 Athletic Director
 Beth Thul
  Counseling Department Leader
Boulder Creek High School

 Mission Statement:
 The Boulder Creek High School Community
 will provide a safe learning environment with
 rigorous academic opportunities for all
 students to graduate as productive,
 responsible and contributing citizens.
     Our Focus

Relevance                    Rigor

Boulder Creek HS Student Achievements!

Boulder Creek High School Rated an EXCELLING School
National Merit Finalist (1)
National Hispanic Scholar (1)
National Merit Commended Students (1)
AP Scholars (3)

81% College and University Admission
 • 35% 4 year colleges & 46% community college

Major Scholarships
1 – ASU Pat Tillman Leadership Scholarship
1 – AZ Flinn Foundation Finalist
6 - AZ. Board of Regents AIMS Scholarship
66-Arizona Universities ASU, NAU, U of A
38- Maricopa Community College President’s Scholarships
Boulder Creek HS Student Achievements!

   Athletic Scholarships
    1- Yavapai College Women’s Volleyball
    1 - Phoenix College Women’s Volleyball
    1 - Yavapai College Baseball
    1 – Glendale CC. Baseball
    1 – Pfeiffer University Women’s Baseball
    1 - Tennessee State Univ. Softball
    1 - Ohio State Men’s Golf
    1 – Univ. of Colorado Men’s Golf

   Total Academic & Athletic Scholarship Offerings- Class of 2008
        $2.8 Million

   BCHS Academic Honors
   104 students took an AP Exam
   43 students took more than 1 AP Exam
   182 Students involved in Advanced Placement courses
   162 Students involved in Dual Enrollment Courses
   100% Class of 2008 Met or Exceeded AIMS
                       Academic Requirements

DVUSD Graduation                            University/College

• 4 credits of Language Arts          • 4 credits of Language Arts
• 4 credits of Math                   •4  credits of Math (Algebra 1-2,
• 3 credits of Lab Science            Geometry, Algebra 3-4, 4th year that
• 1 credit of Health/Physical Ed.     has Algebra 3-4 prerequisite)
• 1 credit of World History           •3 credits of Lab Science (Biology
• 1 credit American/Arizona History   or Environmental Biology, Earth
• 1/2 credit US/Arizona Government
                                      Science, Chemistry, Physics,
• 1/2 credit of Economics or Free
        Enterprise                    Anatomy/Physiology and AP
•1 credit of Business, Fine Arts,     Science Courses)
         Family and Consumer          • 2 credits of Social Studies
         Sciences or Technology       • 2 credits of same World Language
• 6 credits of elective classes       • 1 credit of Fine Arts

•Total 22 Credits
      9th Grade Schedule
Language Arts 1-2 or 1-2 Honors
Algebra 1-2 or 1-2 Honors
Biology or Biology Honors
Health/PE (Fitness Center or Team
    Sports or Racquet Sports )
* 2 Alternate Electives
     You have choices . . . .

Honors and/or AP Classes
Dual Enrollment Classes through Rio
Salado CC
Traditional Classes
Special Services
      Requirements for Honors

Language Arts
 Score of 90% or better on a writing sample
 Proficient reader of classic literature
 Grade of 90% or better in 8th grade L.A. class
 or 80% or better in honors 8th grade L.A.
 Teacher recommendation
 Summer Reading
     Requirements for Honors

 Algebra 1-2H
 90% or better in 8th grade math
 Teacher Recommendation

 C or better in Algebra 1-2
 Teacher Recommendation
     Requirements for Honors

Science (Biology)
 90% or higher in 8th grade science
 Must be a proficient reader of technical
 Teacher recommendation
Special Education Courses

All Services will be discussed during
your Child’s Transition Meeting in the

Systematics 1-2               Introduction to Art
Power Training                Art / Music Humanities
Spanish 1-2                   Dance Fundamentals
French 1-2                    Theater 1-2
Public Speaking*              Symphonic Band
Career Exploration *          Percussion
Media Production              Guitar
Child Development             Chorus
Information Technology
Principles of Engineering
Graphic Communications      * Students will choose 2
                               Electives and 2 Alternates!
           Student Schedules
Student schedules are created based upon
registration requests. If a student requested a
course at time of registration, the student is
expected to take that requested course.
Valid reasons for a schedule change are:
 1). Computer error;
  2). Changes needed to satisfy graduation requirements
  3). Changes required by health;
  4). Completion of summer school, correspondence, etc.
* Schedule changes must transpire within the first 5 days of
the semester.
Academic Planning Guide
  & Registration Cards

  Important information to
  help you make courses
  selection choices.
     Reading the Academic Planning Guide

Introduction to Art
This course give the students an overview of the
basic fundamental of design. It includes areas as
tools and techniques, media applications, painting
and graphics.

Grades: 9 - 12          Length: Year
Credit: 1               Prerequisite: none
           Tips for a Successful
              Freshmen Year
Student Responsibilities
– Check Powerschools
– Maintain good attendance
– See teacher for make up work
  and help
– Be on time and prepared for all classes
– Expect an average 1 to 1 ½ hours of homework
  each night
– Complete summer work for honors courses
– Take advantage of tutoring opportunities
        Tips for a Successful
           Freshmen Year
Join Athletics
      Men’s Basketball
      Women’s Basketball
      Men’s Golf
      Women’s golf
      Cross Country
      Women’s Soccer
      Men’s Soccer
      Men’s Tennis
      Women’s Tennis
      Men’s Volleyball
      Women’s Volleyball
      Swim & Dive
      Spirit line
          Tips for a Successful
             Freshmen Year
Join Clubs                      •   Key Club
    •   Acadeca                 •   Lacrosse
    •   Band                    •   Manga
    •   Behold                  •   Mathletes
    •   Ceramics                •   National Honor Society
    •   Chess                   •   National Art Honor Society
    •   DECA                    •   National Dance Honor Society
    •   Eternal Protectors of   •   Physics
        the Constitution
                                •   Student Government
    •   Fellow Christian
                                •   VPTC
                                •   Yearbook
    •   FCCLA
                                •   Young Republicans
    •   Hockey
    •   Interact
    Jaguar Pride PTA

Parents invited to join the PTA!!

Myong Covert, President
Proceed to the Classrooms for
   the Jaguar Safari Tour!
More information on Curricular
More Information on Electives available
and course requirements.
Meet with Departmental Teachers
Counselors available in the Cafeteria
Get 10 stamps on your Safari Card and
   turn in at the cafeteria for a Prize

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