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Cancer .. How to detect cancer ??


                       Few Words about Cancer

To what this word “ Cancer” refers ??
    As all of us know cancer is the most dangerous disease that
   is widely known and distributed at a high rate that any one
   might suffer from, there are many reasons for this disease.

   One of these reason as it's due to genetic reasons as the
   parents may suffer from cancer or any member of the family.

How many people suffer from cancer all
over the world ??

    Do you know that there are about 8 Million people dies every
   year as they suffer from cancer as it's the highest disease that
   lead to make the people die.
Ages of possibility of affection by cancer ?
    Cancer can affect any one at any age while there are seven
   types of cancer are affecting the children only.

   According to American measurements there are 13% of
   human death is due to affected by cancer that's took place in

How to detect Cancer?

    It's very important question that every one of us must ask
   himself as how we can know if any of us suffers from Cancer
   or not.

    There are many ways to detect cancer by microscopic
   examination of human cells is the simple way to detect it.
    Many other methods like screening test, signs and symptoms
   , also medical imagining.

    Kindly note that,The fast cancer can detected the more
   possibility of treating it and get the diseased person be in a
   good health.

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