Project Resources Management

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					                   Project Resources Management

What meant by project Management … do you know the real meaning
                        of these words .
Many people thought that project resources refers only to project Man
               power but it’s extremely wrong !!!

                     How … ???!!!!
 Simply , project resources is a word refer to any part that can be
 affect in our project we can refer to the main project resources as :

 Yes, 5M kindly note these 5 items listed below:
 1. Man power
 2. Machine
 3. Money
 4. Materials
 5. Methods

    Yes, machine, money, materials, and methods are considered as a
    project resources in addition to the man power any of them
    considered an affective rules on our project.

    These resources must be allocated as we can in a good way to
    make the good and beneficial use of it to make a good result of
    our project and making a good gross profit to our project that lead
    to the project manager to be a good controller on his project.
We will discuss in a next docs in our site how to make
a good allocation for this resources to make the best usr of it.

                So, kindly keep in touch with us,,,

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