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									University of Colorado at Boulder


The University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) is a flagship research university of the Rocky
Mountain Region. It has long been a leader in preparing future faculty, as evidenced by its
nationally recognized Graduate Teacher Program (GTP) that develops Lead Graduate Teachers
(LGTs) in all STEM departments. The CIRTL ideas and network build on this strong foundation
to enhance and extend STEM future faculty preparation at CU. Specifically, CU has created the
CIRTL-based Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER) under the
leadership of Laura Border (GTP) and Patricia Rankin (Physics) and is:

      extending the training of STEM Lead Graduate Teachers to include the CIRTL pillars
       and discipline-specific pedagogy;
      working with STEM Lead Graduate Teachers develop graduate pedagogy courses in
       STEM departments to broaden the preparation of CU graduate students as future STEM
      engaging STEM graduate students in the CIRTL Network through distance learning
       courses, the Network exchange program, and seed grants;

During the 2007-08 academic year 23 TIGER workshops were held on a variety of topics.
Recent workshop titles include “Pedagogical Strategies for the Effective Use of Clickers: Active
Learning, Question Types, and the Attendance Monitoring Issue,” “Conceptual Understanding
Versus Algorithmic Learning” and “Teaching with Questions: Or, How to Make Students Love a
Quiz.” Of the 141 workshop participants, 89 were from 15 STEM departments. The average
rating for the workshop sessions was 5.03 out of 6.

Professor Michael Klymkowsky, (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology), is
developing a Network course “Teaching Science and Math: Changing Student Misconceptions”
that will be offered as a distance-learning course to the entire Network in Fall 2008. Professor
Noah Finkelstein (Physics) is developing research-based materials for the CIRTL Network
Preparing STEM Faculty to Prepare K–12 STEM Teachers initiative.


University of Colorado at         Level of  Stage        Estimated     Evaluation Plan
Boulder                         Engagement (Early,      annual # of
                                (Low, Med, Mid,         participants
                                   High)    Late)

TIGER Workshop Series (7-           LM         EML           50        Post Survey, Michelle
8 workshops per semester)                                              has prepared a report (#
(2-16 participants, ave 6)                                             of participants and
                                                                       feedback data)
STEM Leads 2009-10        H    L    24 (stem     Exit interview w/
                                   lead grads)   CIRTL questions
                                                 (e.g.use materials - web
                                                 site, diversity materials,
                                                 TAR workshop) Lead
                                                 manual includes CIRTL
                                                 pillar info and activity
STEM Lead TA workshops:                          Each lead has own plan
                                                 for dept. workshops
                                                 range from 0 to 32 in
                                                 number. Looking for
                                                 leads who do a
                                                 workshop on a CIRTL
                                                 pillar. Will identify # of
                                                 workshops related to
                                                 CIRTL pillars offered.
                                                 (integrating CIRTL
                                                 ideas, but not
                                                 conducting a formal
Anthropology              LM   E       10
Applied Math              LM   E       30
APS                       LM   E       15
ATOC                      LM   E       15
Chemistry                 LM   E       30
EE Biology                LM   E       30
Environmental Studies     LM   E       10
Geology                   LM   E       10
MCD Biology               LM   E       20
Physics                   LM   E       80
SLHS                      LM   E       10
IPHY                      LM   E       10
Aerospace Engineering     LM   E       30
Chemical & Biological     LM   E       20
Civil Engineering         LM   E       20
Computer Science          LM   E       20
Education                 LM   E       15
Electrical & Computer     LM   E       15
Mechanical Engineering    LM   E       15
Fall Intensive TA/GPTI       LM   EM    150   Did 4 science
Teacher Training STEM                         workshops. Feedback
Participants                                  collected. One session
                                              on SoTL in the sciences,
                                              teaching labs, problem
                                              solving in Engr (related
                                              to CIRTL), preparing
                                              faculty for sciences
                                              (Mike K.'s, related to
                                              CIRTL) (integrating
                                              CIRTL ideas, but not
                                              conducting a formal
                                              evaluation) Feedback
                                              from SoTL and teaching
                                              science workshops will
                                              provide interesting data.
                                              Would need to modify
                                              IRB. CU team will need
                                              to determine if they can
                                              fit this into their work.
Graduate Teacher             H    ML    10    Michelle may be able to
Certificate: STEM Students                    update the eval data
                                              from this activity. (bean
STEM Department                               Want to integrate
Pedagogy Course Project                       CIRTL ideas into these
(developing courses )                         courses 81-87. (Goal for
                                              2010 +) These need to
                                              be evaluated. These are
                                              central to the CIRTL
Applied Math                 M    EML   20
APS                          M    EML   15
ATOC                         M    EML   15
EE Biology                   M    EML   20
Environmental Studies        M    EML   10    Grad student developing
(new)                                         syllabus for this course
                                              to include pillars.
MCD Biology (Bill            M    EML   20
Physics                      M    EML   15
Teaching and Learning      8   CIRTL Common eval
Science (Klymkowsky)           form for cross-network
                               courses. (May Lee
                               interviewed spring 08,
                               MCD course
                               participants. She is now
                               trying to follow up w/
                               CIRTL students.)
CIRTL into COPFF (School       Zoomerang post-visit
of Mines & ….)                 survey

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