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									     Air France & KLM
     Select your preferred UK departure point from numerous local airports          Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
     that Air France and KLM have to offer. Together the two carriers offer         Passengers can begin their journey at one of KLM’s 14 regional airports
     convenient schedules to an extensive range of destinations all around          and transfer at award winning Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, KLM’s
     the world via their hubs in Paris and Amsterdam. On board you will             efficient and user friendly hub. All facilities including the Schiphol World
     experience great comfort and entertainment, ensuring you reach your            Avenue and its vast duty free shopping area are located under a single
     chosen destination relaxed and refreshed.                                      roof to make the transfer an enjoyable moment.

     Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport                                                If you are a frequent flyer, why don’t you register today to the
     Air France operates from 9 UK regional airports including London               Flying Blue programme?
     Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham to Paris Charles de             Discover Flying Blue, the unique frequent flyer programme of Air France
     Gaulle where Air France passengers can easily connect to hundreds of           and KLM that will change your way of travel. It is free to join and rich in
     attractive destinations and cities all over the world. Air France provides a   rewards. Earning Flying Blue Miles is easy when you fly with Air France,
     range of facilities at Paris Charles de Gaulle to ensure that your passage     KLM or any other associated airlines. Miles can then be redeemed against
     through the airport is as hassle free and enjoyable as possible.               flights, hotels, car rental and much more.

                                                                                    Flight Centre Says
                                                                                    Why we recommend Air France & KLM
                                                                                    A great option for those who don’t live within easy reach of the
                                                                                    major London airports. With services from 15 UK airports you can
                                                                                    forget the worries of how you get to London and instead fly to an
                                                                                    extensive range of worldwide destinations from the convenience of
                                                                                    an airport local to you.
                                                                                    Two airlines work as one giving you double the number of options:
                                                                                    fly KLM via Amsterdam in one direction and Air France via Paris in
                                                                                    the other if the timings suit your schedule the best.

12   Your Guide to Air Travel                                                                                                
First Class
La Première: Pleasure, refinement and serenity      Personalised and exclusive service at
•	A spacious cabin designed as a haven of           Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  well being                                        •	A member of La Première team escorts
                                                      each valued customer through the exclusive
•	A comfortable seat that turns into a real
                                                      facilities from the moment they land in Paris to
  lie flat bed, measuring 2 metres long
                                                      the moment they board their connecting flight
•	Specifically trained dedicated cabin crew
                                                    •	In the serene setting of the exclusive
  providing a thoughtful and attentive service        La Première Lounge, they savour incomparable
•	Creative ‘a la carte’ menus compiled                cuisine as well as special wines and cocktails
  by eminent chefs and accompanied by               •	A La Première host then accompanies each
  exceptional wines                                   customer directly to the aircraft in a private
                                                      chauffeured vehicle

Business Class
Air France Affaires                                 KLM World Business Class (pictured)
•	2 metre long spacious lie flat bed and up         •	Comfortable seats, equipped with a
  to 61 inch seat pitch                               massage option
•	Simplified seat controls and tray table wide      •	Delicious three course menu including authentic
  enough to accommodate a laptop                      local dishes, prepared specially by top chefs
•	Meals served elegantly with an extensive          •	Complimentary non-alcoholic and alcoholic
  range of fine wines and champagnes                  beverages
•	Hours of on-demand in flight entertainment        •	Interactive entertainment system,
  on a large 15 inch wide screen in 16:9 format       video on-demand and personal phone
•	Selection of international newspapers             •	Selection of international newspapers and
  and magazines                                       business magazines

Premium Voyageur Economy Comfort
Premium Voyageur (pictured)                         KLM Economy Comfort
Located between the Affaires and Voyageur           Economy Comfort, located at the front of the
cabins, Premium Voyageur offers:                    Economy Class cabin offers:
•	40% more space when compared with the             •	35 inch legroom versus 31 inch in the
  Economy cabin                                       standard Economy Class
•	38 inch seat pitch and 123 degree reclining       •	7 inch recline, up to twice the recline
  position within your fixed-shell seat               compared with the Economy seat
•	Complimentary champagne and a choice              •	Faster disembarkation thanks to its location
  of 2 hot dishes                                     at the front of the Economy Cabin
•	Large and interactive video screen with
  audio/video on-demand

Economy Class
Air France Voyageur                                 KLM Economy Class (pictured)
•	Seat reclines to 118 degrees                      •	Seats equipped with adjustable headrests,
•	Feather-filled cushion and blanket                  armrests and lumbar support

•	Food and drink specially selected for the         •	Complimentary meal and refreshments
  time of day and length of the flight              •	Extended selection of free non-alcoholic
•	Travel amenity kit that contains a relaxing eye     and alcoholic beverages
  mask, ear plugs and a refreshing towelette        •	Large choice of programmes with the
•	Personal video screens with interactive             video on-demand system on most of
  entertainment on most of our longhaul flights       our longhaul flights
                                                    •	Selection of international newspapers
                                                      and magazines

                                                                                                         Call 0844 335 0280   13

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