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					   How to Make Money Overnight with Craigslist
               and Pay Per Leads
A Pay per Lead Ad (the advertising term for this is CPA, or Cost Per
Action) is similar to Adsense, except that the customer must enter their email, or
sometimes complete a form (such as zip code, name, phone number etc).
Sometimes they may have to fill out a small survey, or get a car insurance quote
and often will need to complete a free trial.

You may be thinking that it would just be easier to use Adsense; after all, it’s just
a click. It’s not unusual to be paid well over $3 dollars per every sign up with
some of these programs! While it is a little harder to get your customer to follow
through with everything, the profits are undeniable.

If you haven’t heard of craigslist, you can check it out at
Craigslist is a gigantic list of Classified Advertisements, very similar to the ones
you see in the back of many newspapers.

So why is Craig’s List a good marketing tool? Well, craigslist is often ranked
within the top 50 websites on the entire internet. They receive an insane amount
of page views every single month, and a large percentage of visitors on the
website are both very targeted and eager to purchase.

The single most important thing about craigslist is that almost everything is
ENTIRELY free. That’s right, free! It costs nothing to create an account, nothing
to post your ads (with the rare exception of a few categories in very populated
cities), and you can post using full html. This means that not only can you use
craigslist for simple text links, but you can also embed your own affiliate links
into banner pictures.

So here is a sample way that I use craigslist to net me profits overnight. First off,
you’ll need to sign up for a few Pay per Lead affiliate networks. Here are a
couple I like to use (several require your own website).
NEVER, EVER USE CLIXGALORE.COM. I recently lost over $1400 in due affiliate
commissions. (this one is very popular)

First, sign up for several of these websites, and find a program with a nice
payout, and see what the terms of payment are. Sometimes you’ll only need a
customer to sign up for a free trial, but sometimes that trial will require a credit
card to start. You’ll find that the less your customer has to do, the more money
you’ll make. For example, many banks, mortgage and insurance companies will
often pay more than $7 per lead, but that lead will often have to apply for a
loan, or an in depth mortgage consolidation.

Now that you have found your target program, you’ll need to go to craigslist and
sign up for an account. (you don’t need an account, but I found my ads go live
much faster, and it’s easier for other people to contact you) Once you have
logged in, you can navigate the website, and browse the cities.

Now you need to determine where to place your ad. Click my account on the left,
and you’ll notice a drop down menu on the top right on the next page. Simply
scroll to a popular city and see what your options are.
You might be wondering what cities and areas get the most traffic. According to (a website traffic ranking company), the most visited cities can be
found here:

Now that you have chosen a popular posting area, let’s see what the options are.
From here, determine what category is the most proper for your product. In
many categories, you are not allowed to post a direct link somewhere. However,
there isn’t as much stipulation when it comes to posting pictures. Rather than
write out an entire sales letter promoting your product and posting your link only
to have it removed within a few hours, try using HTML with the picture, so you
may insert your affiliate code. Remember, craigslist can’t read what’s on your
picture, so you can get away with a little more.

That’s it! Now simply sit back and wait for the money to start flowing in.
Craigslist is the same as anything else, you need to determine what product will
work best where, determine your market. Many of the customers on craigslist
are looking for deals and steals, and sometimes even freebies. The customer
base isn’t always willing to shell out direct money, so the free Pay Per Lead route
works very nicely.

This isn’t to say you can’t directly sell products on craigslist, but information
products and electronic products can be a little harder to promote. Don’t just
slap up your product or linked image and expect results, take the time to
research your customers and determine what they want.

Every now and then, craigslist will determine that what you have posted is
considered spam, or improper for the target audience. Often this will happen if
you post multiple listings that are very similar to each other. Take the time to
vary your ads up a bit, change the title around, as well as the content.

Here’s a few little secrets that I like to do keep my ads showing and my profits
rolling in. Craigslist is always changing, and always adapting to try and prevent
spam. Here are some things that I’ve learned, and I recommend you try as well.

Posting on your craigslist account can lead to all of your ads getting deleted. If
several of your ads get flagged, stop using that account instantly, and either
make a new one, or post the normal way, without an account. Always make sure
to actually check your ads to see if they went live, just because you submitted
them and got that email, doesn’t mean they are always showing. I generally
make 2 or 3 new accounts per week, although I have made as many as 30 in
one week, depending on what I am doing. Gmail works wonders for this.

How you post makes a huge difference as well. Space out your ads if you can,
and do them one by one. Don’t create all of your ads and then slam them into
craigslist at once, this is a great way to get all of them flagged. Make sure you
post in the correct area, or actual viewers will flag you instantly. You’ll get very
good at quickly saying the same thing in multiple ads without them looking
anything alike. People also seem to love the word eBay in the title as well as

If you are using hosted image ads, be wary of what company you use to host
ads. Photo bucket pictures are becoming more and more likely to get flagged, or
not show up at all. Take some time and find a few other hosting companies on
Google, or if you have a site, host it yourself.

If you start finding all of your ads getting flagged, its time to delete your cookies
and start anew. There are several free programs on the internet that will auto
deleted all or specific cookies, so certainly invest in those. I use, as well as several other warriors.

If you continue having problems, or just want to play it safe (or if you live
outside of the US), you’ll need to use a proxy service to change your IP. In basic
terms, your IP is the address YOU are coming from. When you post an ad on
craigslist, it shows the post as coming from your IP address. Using a proxy, you
basically use someone elses IP address. Use Google to search for a few free
proxie services and how to set them up. I recommend using actual services that
provide proxies, rather than just relying on free ones all the time.

This is where most guides end. They tell you the basic idea of how to use
craigslist, and a vague understanding of what they do. I don’t believe in that
bullcrap. I’ll show you exactly what I do everyday, step by step, and at the end,
a dirty little secret that I almost don’t want to give away.
First I log into CPAempire, (any of them will work, I generally use cpaempire and
azoogle). Look around for a few minutes under the Campaign bar and browse
the categories for something that seems profitable.

I prefer ads where all your customer has to do is submit an email address or zip
code, and are considered First Page submits. How hard is it for someone to enter
an email address? Not very, and you’ll make at least a dollar a lead, sometimes
3-5. I will post these daily in the Free section or the General section, and rarely
the electronic section.

One thing I do that I’ve noticed many other people don’t do, is that I’ll set up an
autoresponder through Gmail, using the vacation auto responder. I will make a
gmail account, set up the auto responder to say something similar to “Hey, if you
want to look at the Apple Ipod, check out my site: <affiliate link>.”
The ad you post on craigslist will not contain any type of actual link, and if you
make it appear as though you actually have something free to give away, or for
sale, you’ll still receive emails and clicks. This will help you keep your ads going
longer, and the autoresponder eliminates the need to worry about answer emails
all day. The added bonus of using a gmail account, is it makes it very easy to see
who has emailed you twice. Often people will simply respond with “is this real?
Whats the deal?”. Not only does it show their interest, but you can easily
respond back personally and make direct sales or signups.

Pretty easy huh? Other ads I like to use are highly sincere and professional
looking car insurance quotes or health insurance quote pay per leads.
Would you look at those payouts!!! The downside with promoting insurance
programs is that often you won’t get paid unless the customer gets through
anywhere between 3 and 10 pages of signups. The bonus is that you’ll make
anywhere from $5-50 per lead! The only trick is to avoid using images, and tell a
story. You’ll want to post this in the services area. I write the ad as if I am an
authority in the health insurance field, and that I’ve been actively telling my
clients to double check rates and etc using that service. People needing health
insurance or car loans aren’t going to care if it’s 1 page to fill out or 5, as long as
its free. You won’t care either when you see 50 bucks for 5 minutes of work. You
can also use the autoresponder method with this.

You’ll notice on that image above there is another program for Home and Home
improvement. This is a surprisingly lucrative area, as auto responder posts
offering help in the services area of craigslist will do wonders, or just straight
text links.

You can also sell direct products through craigslist, such as Clickbank and
Paydotcom products. I find that products regarding Craigslist itself, or eBay work
very well and convert nicely. Anything else in my opinion is a toss up, and I have
not personally ventured beyond selling ebay and craigslist products through CL.

Here’s a Dirty little secret, and one that’s not for everyone: The dating and
romance niche is one of the biggest markets on the internet. Just make a listing
in the want ad sections, using a pay per lead program for an adult dating site, or
a match making service. Using an auto responder, or the vacation responder in
many emails (gmail), simply respond to any emails you receive with a message
containing your affiliate link back to the dating website.

I post an image of an attractive (yet believable) young girl (or guy!) and list of
personality traits, body traits etc, in the personals area. Make it look like the
other ads in that given area, blending in is the key. I generally say something
about how I’m looking for a nice guy to treat me right. (this is a little off topic,
but the average guy who can’t get a girl is generally FAR too nice, and as such,
many will hone in on this. Many of the emails sent to my gmail accounts have a
“IM A NICE GUY PICK ME” attitude.)

Here is a screenshot of one of my gmail accounts after posting only 3 personal
ads in major cities, after 2 days of sitting.
Yes, that says 389 emails. Do you think if 389 people DIRECTLY CONTACTED
YOU, you could make a few of them signup for a FREE site? Probably . I do
this once or twice a week to rake up a few hundred dollars easily, each time.

My overall strategy is this: I open up excel, and I copy and paste the affiliate
links or the Images I tend to use. I label them from monday to sunday, and I
have at least 15 different offers daily (15 total for every week, not 15 new ones
daily). Every day I take an hour or two (this is where some people have a harder
time, I consider myself a relatively skilled writer, and I can write quickly and
across different subjects without losing focus) and post my scheduled ads in
random cities. This is the only area where I don't really bother with fine tuning. I
post them in what I consider major cities (basically, if I've heard of them or not)
in a random fashion, and make the ads short, and believable. I post in what I
consider to be the most proper category.

All in all, this is kids stuff. This is the kind of thing I would teach my little brother
to help him buy his first car, or get a few new video games. When I bought my
mom a new house last year, she wanted something to do pay her own bills so
she felt less guilt for accepting my money. I taught her this.

If you want to make the big money, and learn the REALLY dirty secrets, check
out You won’t be disappointed.

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