Global Warming

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					    Global Warming
Global warming its causes and
Rumor or fact!!
   In the year 2007 global               Global warming is real and it
    warming was introduced as a            happens everyday. Tornadoes
    hot topic. There has been talk         and hurricane storms increase
    about it since the year started.       more and more after the years,
    However, many people                   high temperature over the
    question whether it is an actual       years have increased, cruel
    fact or perhaps just rumors.           snow storms have attacked the
   There has been talk about it           north, and the glaciers are
    everywhere. Now the real               melting increasing sea level.
    question is, have you seen a           There is a difference in the
    difference in the years that           way our earth functions and
    have passed? If your answer is         goes about everyday.
    yes than you have answered
    the question.
The earth is so big that we as humans          One of the causes of global warming is the
might not possibly think that we are able to   melting of the ice glaciers. One of the most
harm it in any way. Nevertheless, there is a   important risks that we run is that 40% of
thin line in the outer sphere called the       people worldwide will begin to experience a
troposphere which is thickened gradually       shortage in their drinking water.
through and by all of the pollution in the     Many people get their water from springs,
world.                                         valleys, but if the ice glaciers are melting
                                               then there is a great deal of shortage.

Different patterns in society and in the       Global warming is not just in America. It is
environment change the way our planet          worldwide, in Peru, Argentina, and much
runs and is carried throughout time.           more places. For example in 1928
                                               Patagonia was covered in ice and now less
                                               than a forth of that ice still exists.
What is the greenhouse

   Trapping and build-up of heat in the atmosphere (troposphere).
    Some of the heat flowing back toward space from the Earth's
    surface is absorbed by water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, and
    several other gases in the atmosphere and then reradiated back
    toward the Earth’s surface. If the atmospheric concentrations of
    these greenhouse gases rise, the average temperature of the
    lower atmosphere will gradually increase.
   Reference:{ glossary of climate change terms}
Carbon dioxide has kept at a
   constant high throughout
   650,000 years. Within the last
   few years the rate has gone up

Carbon dioxide is at is higher point
   now more than it has in the last
   650,000 years.
GLOBAL WARMING: An increase in the average temperature of the
earth's atmosphere, especially a sustained increase sufficient to
cause climatic change.

   The earth’s climate has changed for years. Throughout
    history both natural disasters and human negligence have
    played a great role in this change.
   Global warming has been caused by the rising of the earth’s
    temperature which has had a great effect on the earth’s
   Many gasses such as carbon dioxide, the burning of coal, oil,
    gasses burned in industries and the general pollution of the
    world have been the cause of this warming.
   This warmth has led to the melting of the ice glaciers, the
    incredible amounts of hurricanes and tornadoes that become
    greater and greater every year.
   Technology and the amount of gasoline we use to power our
    cars, industries, houses are all burning up and are helping to
    contribute to this disaster.
   The earth’s warming increases and decreases every year due to
    the tilt of the earth’s position, it rises gradually throughout the
   Such warmth in the sun and the melting of the glaciers raises the
    sea levels which cause more stronger hurricanes.
   As hot temperatures increase the wind velocity also increase,
    leading hurricanes to have a greater velocity and empowerment.
    Their category and eye become deeper and deeper.
   Global warming is a serious case in which many factors have to be taken into
    consideration. There is great amount loss that we will have to face in the years
    to come.
   The highest temperatures recorded worldwide in the northern hemisphere since
    the year 1880 was the year 2005.
   One of the fears of global warming is that there will be an intensity in the
    temperatures were they will always be at a constant high.
   Furthermore, we might have to face heat waves and droughts in surrounding
   Global sea levels could raise up to 20 feet which can overflow many states and
    other countries. For example the island of Manhattan will be completed under
    water, most of Florida state will be under water, the Shanghais area will have 40
    million people at risk.
   100 million people will become refugees of this great natural disaster.
   The world is a precious thing
    that we should take care of for
    it always takes care of us.
    Global warming does not just
    affects the lives of human
    beings but also many animals
    that have become on the verge
    of extinct due to all the
    different temperature changes
   Unfortunately they are also
    suffering the consequences of
    our actions.
A great alternative!!
   Ethanol energy is a new and renewable          There are many other ways
    source of energy. It is a clean and more        that we as humans can help
    reliable fuel used to power your car.           stop global warming.
   One of the great things about ethanol is       We can walk more or ride
    that it reduces the amount of carbon            bikes instead of using cars.
    monoxide which plays a great role in
    global warming.                                We can replace our light bulbs
   Ethanol is made from corn. A crop which
                                                    with fluorescent ones.
    needs the sun in order to grow. This is        Turn off all electronics when
    why it is a renewable source.                   they are not being used.
   Ethanol is a new alternative to power our      Buy fresh foods instead of
    cars which help eliminate the burning of        frozen for frozen use a lot of
    gasses that lead to the pollution that we       energy.
    have today.
                                                   The most important thing is to
                                                    take action.
                                                   RECYCLE!!!
The future!!

   Fortunately, we are still in time to make a difference. If
    we all come together and put our efforts into using items
    that will conserve energy, recycle, use less gas, and just
    take interest and put effort we will be able to prevail.
   The most important factor is that we have to come
    together to make a major impact in this catastrophic
   Our textbook!!
   MENTAL NOTES !!!!!!
Gina Betances
Physics Project
May 11, 2007

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