Headphone Helper Committee 2011 report

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					Headphone Helper Committee 2011-2012
Kimberly Long and Donna Askenazi, co chairs
Committee Members: Nova Biggs, Melissa Huddleston, Shelton
Thompson, Amy Torbert, Kelley Walters
Purpose: To fill headphone orders purchased for CBS students for
school year.
Job Description:
1. To gather ordered headphone list from registration from Mrs. Cheryl
2. To purchase headphones through ACP Direct via purchase order from
Mrs. Cheryl Bowman.
3. To collect and clean teacher headphone containers and have filled all
headphone orders for the entire school by the first week school begins
in August. We also returned all containers to the teachers cleaned with
their students orders filled for the upcoming school year.
4. To continue throughout the year to fill needed headphone orders
received from Mrs. Bowman and keep school supply store stocked with
headphones throughout school year.
5. Communication with the CBS teachers and school nurse is vital
toward promoting health in school-aged children.

Overview for 2011-2012: Much organizing / ordering/ getting the
word out takes place the spring and summer before the following school
year by the chairperson. The committee is not contacted until mid
summer as to fulfill the orders and resort headphones per new
This year we may try to offer a recycling option for headphones, as per
Mrs. Bell.
The bulk of this committee work is one week before school starts and
once the teachers return to school. Headphones already need to be
ordered while and headphone containers are being obtained from
teacher rooms.
It took the committee 2 full working days to obtain the containers, clean
them and label and sort the headphones classrooms. A systematic
approach was already set up and ready before the committee accessed
to begin work. Not all the committee members were able to be there
both days and a full day. A co-chair previous to the committee working
does much preparation.
The work continues throughout the year for the chair person depending
on the students needs from health issues, continuous ordering forms for
headsets that come in, and supplying headphones for the school supply
store throughout the school year.
 Suggestions for 2011-2012: This committee does not need a co-chair
but rather someone to follow behind for one year before taking over the
chair position. It does need more volunteers (about 10) on the
committee to help label, sort and distribute this task for the entire
school. So far, we have filled approximately 380 headphone orders as of
Sept. 2011. This number will increase as the school year continues. We
had 1 more large order to fill again after school was in full swing.
Shelton Thompson will be following the process under me this
upcoming school year 2012-2013 and will then take chair position.

Submitted by: Kimberly Long, co chair

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