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					Building the Europeana brand

Jon Purday, Marketing and Communications

Europeana v1.0 Kick-off
2 April 2009
What makes a brand ?
A bundle of attributes recognised by stakeholders…

         • Personality
           • An expressive name
           • An arresting logo
           • An engaging strapline
         • Promise
           • The scale of the contents
           • The scope of the collections
           • The usability of the website
         • Perception
           • Conveyed by the media
           • Transmitted by networks
           • Shared by word of mouth
Multi lingual, multi purpose, multi story
Human faces, big ideas
Headline perceptions
Dante to dialects: EU's online renaissance
Après Google, l’Europe lance sa bibliothèque en ligne
Online Europeana, la Babele Ue
Massive EU online library looks to compete with Google
History, culture and art go digital
Europe's Answer to Google Book Search Crashes
Europeana: lanciato il progetto di Biblioteca Alessandrina online
EU takes on Google with digital culture depository
Classic literature at your fingertips
How the European Union Joined Google's Mission
Turn interest into engagement

• Millions of hits…
•   630 pieces in the European media Nov/Dec 08
•   6,000 mentions on Google news to date
•   90,000 registrations for Europeana eNews
•   265 journalists registered for press releases
•   600,000 visits per month on average in 2009
•   Feedback
    ‘This is amazing. Absolutely amazing. You all are to be commended.’
If you don’t spread you’re dead…
Europeana’s communications model
Europeana Favella – the digital shanty town

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