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					                          AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE
                               NAB AFL AUSKICK
                            TERMS OF PARTICIPATION

The completed, signed and dated registration form (Form) and these terms form the
terms on which you agree to allow your child to participate in the NAB AFL Auskick
program as described at (Program).

1.     Application to Participate

       (a)   You warrant that your child is between the ages of 5 and 12 (inclusive) at
             the time of his or her participation in the Program and agree that you must,
             if requested by the AFL, provide evidence of your Child’s age.

       (b)   You must, for each child:

             (i)    complete all areas on and sign and date the Form; and

             (ii)   pay the AFL the Fee either by cash, cheque made payable to your
                    State body (e.g – SANFL, AFL Victoria) or by completing the online
                    credit card section during an online registration.

             (the Application)

       (c)   The AFL will, subject to paragraph 1(d) below:

             (i)    process Applications until all places in the specified Program are
                    filled; and

             (ii)   send you an immediate acceptance email (or acceptance letter to
                    your Mailing Address if no email address is provided on the

       (d)   The AFL will not:

             (i)    process any Application that is incomplete, incorrect, unclear,
                    damaged or is not accompanied by the Fee;

             (ii)   accept any changes to the Application, except for a change of contact

2.     Participant benefits

       The AFL will ensure your child’s registration benefits pack will be made available
       for collection by no later than the conclusion of the last session in your Program.
3.   Limitation of liability and Release

     (a)   You understand that there are inherent risks associated with participation in
           the Program, which may result in personal injury (even of a serious nature)
           to participants and that you fully accept and agree to bear those risks.

     (b)   You agree not to bring any claim or proceeding against the AFL for any
           damage, loss or injury whatsoever that you or your child may suffer from
           participation in the Program.

     (c)   The AFL’s liability to you is limited (at the AFL’s election) to the AFL
           repaying any amounts paid by you under this Agreement or supplying or
           resupplying any Program services to which you are entitled in accordance
           with the terms of this Agreement.

4.   Cancellation, Refunds and Termination

     (a)   If you wish to cancel your Application, you must notify the AFL in writing.
           The AFL will refund the Fee in full only if the AFL receives this notice 10 or
           more days before the Program starts. Following cancellation, you have no
           entitlement to the participant benefits.

     (b)   The AFL is not liable to you for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of
           the Program being cancelled, postponed or changed.

     (c)   The AFL will not replace your participant benefits if lost, stolen or damaged.

     (d)   The AFL may terminate your child’s involvement in the Program on
           reasonable grounds at any time, including if your child’s behaviour
           interferes with other participant’s safety or enjoyment of the Program.

5.   Privacy

     (a)   The personal information that the AFL collects on the registration form is
           used for the purpose of processing your request for participation in the
           Program. The AFL may also use this information to send you football
           related information or offers. If you do not want to receive any special offers
           from the AFL’s partners, please tick the appropriate privacy opt out box on
           the Form.

     (b)   The AFL may disclose your information to other organisations for the
           purpose of processing your application, research and development and
           performance evaluation. These organisations are required to keep your
           contact details confidential and to use them only for the stated purposes.

     (c)   All information supplied to you is subject to the AFL’s privacy policy.
6.   Photographs

     You consent to the AFL using your child’s name or image (including photograph)
     in any form or medium for general marketing and promotional activities.

7.   General

     (a)   The AFL may reject or choose not to accept a registration in its absolute
           discretion, including if there are insufficient numbers to stage the Program
           or there are too many participants in the Program.

     (b)   The AFL may change all dates, session times, durations and locations of
           the Program.

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