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									Healthcare Overview                   Dental Care
Low premiums                          Low premiums                           Universal life insurance
Choice of doctors & hospitals         Choice of dentists                     Term life insurance
Choice of deductibles                 Two covered cleanings per year         Short-term disability with accident
Most services paid at 80/20
                                      day                                    Critical-care insurance with
                                                                             cancer rider
                                      Dependent coverage available
Low prescription co-pays
Dependent coverage available
Flexible spending account (FSA)       No cost to employee                    Short-term disability
Wellness program                      One free eye exam per year             Long-term disability
                                      Discounts on materials                 Paid holidays
Health & Wellness                     Discounts on LASIK eye surgery         Paid vacations
Center*                               Optional “buy up” to add               Paid personal days
Primary care for entire family at a   dependents                             Chaplaincy program
low cost                              Optional “buy up” for full vision      LBGH discount network
Wellness coaching                     coverage, including free contacts
                                      & co-pays for eyewear                  START (tuition savings plan)
Nutrition counseling                                                         Credit union
Minor surgery                                                                Hunting clubs
Blood work                            Employee Assistance
                                      Program (EAP)                          Dependent-care FSA
                                      No cost to employee
Overall health improvement
                                      Three free visits per year,            * Please call to schedule an appointment:
                                      including initial assessment
                                      Legal dependents also covered
                                      at same level as employee at no
Offered by Global Direct at no        additional cost                          3516 North Blvd., Suite A | Alexandria, LA 71301
additional cost
                                      Face-to-face appointments with                           (318) 441-2220
Drugs & supplies offered at a very    local providers                                                Hours
                                                                                        Monday, Wednesday & Friday
low co-pay
                                      Covers a variety of work/life issues                      7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Phone support                                                                                Tuesday & Thursday
                                                                                               12 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Nutrition support
Free mail delivery
                                      Group Life Insurance
                                      No cost to employee
                                      Optional supplemental coverage

401(k) - up to 4% company match

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