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Moroni Scow
• Mark Victor Hansen
• Robert G. Allen

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• Samantha Ann Munroe
• Mr. and Mrs. Ericksen
• Samantha Ann Munroe- She is helpful and helps
  Michelle rich her intentions.
• Tilly- helps Michelle get her toy to the market though the
  fast track.
• Mr. and Mrs. Ericksen- They are rude and selfish people
  they want to have custody of the kids because they
  don’t like Michelle
The rising actions is her training with Sam and coming up with
the discussion to go and get her kids that she hasn't in a year
back for her mother and father in law.
Michelle's husband dies in a car accident and his parents don't
really like her, they are very wealthy and so they decide to take
custody of the kids, she goes to work at a restraint to try and
make ends meet.
The climes is when she tries to negotiate with Mr. Ericksen to
get her kids back. She gives a time period of 12 months to earn
$1,000,000 or she would leave and not bother them again. He
gives her a time period of 90 days to do the same thing. She
doesn't think that it's possible but agrees t
The falling action in this book is when they start to come up with
many ideas to get her kids back and earn more than $1,000,000
in that 90 day period.
Tilly helps her get a toy be fast tracked and then shipped. She
makes $300,000 from the toy, she makes $200,000 from
the equity on the house that she sold to the apartment owner.
The day that her money is due an hour from went the money
was due Jeremy sent out the email for the seminar to 100,000
people and they only needed 500 to sent back a response that
they would be coming because it was $1,000 a person and that
would give them the 1,000,000 to take to Mr. Ericksen. They had
well over 500 responses and were able to take $1,000,000 to
Mr. Ericksen and she got her children back.
Deer Creek, Colorado. It's not really important where this could
have happened anywhere. I don't know what time period this
took place. My guess is anywhere from 2000 up to now.
• multiple streams of on income- you have income from
  multiple places so when one comes out your not totally out of
  luck you still have money coming in from the other streams.
• poverty- you can become free from it.
• networking- expanding your network of people, so you might
  have a potential link between two people and you could
  make some money off of that.
I rate this book at a 10, because it really opens your mind
to things that you never though were possible and what
you can to apply them to your own life.


What is your deffinitons of poverty?
•   Poverty - is the lack of enough income and resources to live adequately by community
•    Poverty - the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support;
    condition of being poor; indigence.

•    Last year with the poverty percent at 13.2% hunger haunted 17 Million amarican
    famlies.yount, david. "working to feed hungry multitudes."
    N.p., Dec. 4, 2009. Web.
•   1 billion children live in poverty (1 of 2 children in the world). 640 million live without adequate
    shelter, 400 million have no access to safe water, 270 million have no access to health
    services. 10.6 million died in 2003 before reaching the age of 5 (or roughly 29,000 children
    per day).shah, anup. "Causes of Poverty."
    poverty. N.p., march 1, 2010. Web.
•   In 2003 there were 37 million people living below poverty line ($14,680 for a family of three.)
    The minimum wadge was $5.15 and hour, if they worked 40hrs a week the would make
    around $10,700.
•    In some countries poverty is bad enough that the parents break the legs of the kids when
    they are young and turn them out so when they get older and they are put out on the street to
    beg they get more sympothey and in turn get more money form they tourists. I heard this
    from Bro. Mcmulllin my semiary teacher. He learned it when he went argentina to pick up his
    son and spent a week there.
•    Todays poverty level is $22,050 and minum wage is $7.25 if someone with that wage worked
    40 hours a week they would only make $15,080 a year.scow, moroni. "poverty." head. N.p.,
    feb. 15,2010. Web. 13 Mar 2010. Using to get the figures right.
•   Today there is between 13-17% of people living in america that live under the poverty level.
 Song: poverty, Kenny Price
There's a way of life that most folks don't even know about
When the cotton crop fails and the garden dries up because of the drought
And your only clothes're hangin' on your back and they're all wornout
And there's patches on the patches on your knees
The night wind whistles through the cracks and holes in the bedroom walls
The high water comes and it takes your house barn and all
You work like a dog to raise a fat hog and he dies in the fall
It's trouble and strife in the way of life called poverty
Poverty is a broken down shack and a greedy landlord
And your money crop beaten down by the summer storm
And you never see Washington's head on a greenback dollar
Poverty is a wishing to the Lord that you've never been born
[ steel ]
Try to catch a rabbit in a knee deep snow for somethin' to eat
But all you catch is a winter cough and frozen feet
The rabbits done gone and you gotta go home without any meat
Wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't six kids depended on me
We'd starve to death a long time ago hadn't been for ole blue
Blues mold hound dog and he's a good in two
He'll catch them coons where there ain't no coons he'll see us through
This trouble and strife in the way of life called poverty
Poverty is a broken down shack...
[ harmonica ]
Poverty is a workin' six days from dawn to dusk
Seventh day is Sunday and go to church you must
When they pass their heads around you just sit there with your head hung down
Cause you ain't got between you and the devil and the deep blue see
It's trouble and strife in the way of life called poverty
It's trouble and strife in the way of life called poverty
Lot of hunger and having no food is poverty,
Not having spare cloth to take bath is poverty,
Needing a shelter but not having one is poverty,
Child's sick but can not buy treatment, is poverty,
Fainting child dreaming a mouthful of rice is poverty
Searching warmth in cold flesh in winter nights, is poverty,
Sitting with umbrella on wetting bed in showering night, is poverty,
Thoughtful mother, two mouthful of rice and three children, is poverty,
An ill, deserted mother selling her child wishing it will survive, is poverty.
A defeated and desponded mother poisoning and killing her child is poverty

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