Sewing Projects - Make Quick and Easy Handcrafted Products with Loom Knitting

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					Sewing Projects - Make Quick and Easy
Handcrafted Products with Loom
By: Connie Isidora

                                              Are you short on time or space for sewing projects that you
                                              would like to do? Loom knitting is a simple, yet versatile,
                                              method of yarncraft that is easy to learn, quick to work and
                                              portable enough to work on where there is opportunity.

                                              What is Loom Knitting?

                                               Loom knitting is a craft that involves looping yarn over pegs
                                               on a specially made loom that fits in the hands. The end
result produces stitching nearly identical to those produced by knitting with needles, but because the
yarn stays on the loom instead of being passed back and forth from hand to hand, it requires less
manual dexterity and focused concentration to do, so it produces more consistent work with less effort
and can be more successfully multitasked around other activities. Looms can be either round or
rectangular, and they come in many sizes to accommodate various project needs. Both flat pieces and
tubular shapes are easily produced with them, from which many attractive and practical products can be

Getting Started with Loom Knitting

As another benefit, loom knitting requires few tools to get started. A loom, a hooking tool, a yarn
needle, some yarn and a small pair of clipping scissors make up the basics, which are easy to obtain and
easy to store or carry in a small tote or handbag. A crochet hook can also be handy for some products or
embellishments, but it is not a necessity. The loom that you purchase should come with beginner's
instructions, but this information, along with instructions for more advanced techniques and a multitude
of patterns and project ideas, can also be found in craft books or on the Internet. The basic technique is
very simple and quickly mastered, even without prior sewing experience, and is also safe and suitable
for children.
Sample Projects

Below are some sample sewing projects to illustrate the ease and versatility of this craft. Even with "just
the basics," a variety of useful and personalized goods can be made, and projects can often be
completed within a day, which makes this a great skill to have for last-minute gift needs. These products
can make good charitable donations as well, since they are not costly in time or resources to make.

Hats & Scarves

The simplest of hats can be made by using a round loom to construct a tube and then drawing a length
of yarn through the stitches of one of the ends and pulling tight to close up that side of the tube.
Patterns can be found freely available on the Internet to add further embellishments like pom-poms,
brims and alternate designs.

Scarves are very easily done by knitting a flat piece on your loom according to the dimensions you want.
For a thicker fabric and some interesting color or texture variations, you can knit with two skeins of yarn
at once. Just hold the yarns together as you work, and treat the combination as if they were a single
yarn in the stitching process.

Handbags & Water Bottle Holders

Both of these items are made from knitting a tube of the desired dimensions, but with a water bottle
holder, the bottom is formed by drawing one of the ends of the tube closed as was done for the hat. The
handbag, however, is formed by pressing the tube flat and then sewing the bottom seam shut with
either a yarn needle or crochet hook, much like a pillowcase. The shoulder-strap or handles can then be
knit as a flat, skinny piece and sewn into place on the bag.

Gift Bags

Gift bags are made just like the hat, except flipped upside-down. A contrasting yarn or ribbon can then
be woven through a line of stitches near the top as a drawstring to close up the bag with a pretty bow
after it is filled. In addition to making your gift memorable, it provides a bonus in being a useful item in
itself for the recipient to keep and enjoy afterward. Novelty yarns can add some extra flair and unique

Hair Accessories & Jewelry
Using thread or a very lightweight yarn and a small loom, long, narrow pieces can be left flat to be used
as hair ties, or they can be joined together at the ends to make hairbands, ponytail holders, necklaces or
bracelets. There are many interesting threads that can be used, including metallic ones, to produce a
fashionable look, and items can be further embellished with things such as ribbons, lace, beads or
charms. These embellishments can be woven or sewn into the project after the knitting is completed or
threaded onto the yarn before the knitting is started and then moved into place while stitching.

Piecing Squares

Making simple squares is a great way to use up odd bits of yarn or to make use of sewing time when you
don't currently have an end project in mind. The squares can be pieced together later with a yarn needle
or crochet hook to make a wide variety of practical things such as bedding, clothes or bags.
Alternatively, you can also make very large squares which can then be used for things like table decor or
baby blankets.

Going Further

Loom knitting is fun and satisfying, and it is a great craft for those who would like to sew more while
working with limitations. Many things can be done with just basics, but there's also room to grow
beyond the basics if it's something you find you enjoy and want to develop your skill in further. Most
stitches that can be done with traditional needle-knitting can be done with loom knitting as well, so
more complicated and artistic projects such as sweaters and stuffed animals will be achievable as you
grow in proficiency. With time and practice, products can be made with great craftsmanship and beauty
in addition to their practical value.