Purses Inspire Summer Fashion Trends by isidoradesigns


									Purses Inspire Summer Fashion Trends
By: Connie Isidora

                                              Fashion trends change too quickly for most women to
                                              follow. Fortunately, some classic style staples can help
                                              women look like they are always at the forefront of fashion.
                                              Handcrafted purses in minimalist designs never go out of
                                              style. High-quality accessories also have long shelf lives.
                                              Sometimes the appearance of cheapness rather than the
                                              actual design of an item is what makes it unattractive. A
                                              woman should stock her closet full of simple and well-made
                                              clothing and handmade purses.

Purses are the unsung heroes of fashion. A woman with a good eye will be able to choose handbags that
remain stylish even as seasonal trends change every few months. Sometimes it is hard to figure out
ways to dress up plain outfits. Carrying a fun purse with an otherwise nondescript outfit can instantly tie
the whole ensemble together. The notion that a woman's purse should match her shoes is a cliche that
is rooted in truth. Pops of matching colors or patterns give the eye a line along which to travel. Limiting
patterns to small accessories is a trademark of good taste. Restraint is a very important quality to have
when it comes to navigating fashion trends.

Some women use big handbags during the day and then switch to smaller handcrafted purses at night. A
little fur-trimmed purse can take the place of all other accessories if it has an interesting pattern on it. A
small purse with short straps that must be held in one hand forces a woman to take an authoritative
stance. It keeps her hand busy, unlike purses with long shoulder straps that can be worn across the
body. She will look less awkward in public if she has something to hold. This is only one example of the
transformative power of fashion. Feigned confidence eventually becomes real when the woman in
question has the right tools at her disposal.

When she becomes secure in her ability to choose fashionable accessories, she can try her hand at
design. She does not have to know how to sew in order to design her own handmade purses, although it
always helps to know as much as possible about the process of design. There are companies that offer
women the opportunity to choose which colors and fabrics they want used in the making of their
purses. Customers are also able to choose among patterns in different shapes and sizes. They are
effectively hiring the companies to manufacture prototypes of their unique handbag designs. They are
reaping all of the exciting rewards of becoming immersed in fashion design without having to do any of
the work.
The budding fashion plate will feel in control of her look when she carries her new customized purse.
Instead of following fashion trends set by other people, she will be sparking her own trends. She can
move on to other kinds of bags, such as messenger bags and large all-purpose tote bags. After that, she
may try taking sewing lessons and making her own clothing.

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