Personalzing Fabric Handbags to Make Fashion Statements

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					Personalzing Fabric Handbags to Make
Fashion Statements
By: Connie Isidora

                                            Fabric handbags can be custom-made to match anyone's
                                            unique personality. Clothes are changed every day, but most
                                            women carry the same purses all the time. This means that a
                                            woman who has not had a personalized bag made for herself
                                            is not presenting herself as an individual.

                                            Purses as Accessories

                                             Women fall into the habit of treating their purses as
                                             utilitarian items. The daily stress of going to work or
                                             attending school can cause a woman to gradually stop paying
attention to fashion. Having handmade fabric handbags made according to exact specifications can
make women interested in fashion again. The world of fashion can feel distant to a woman when she is
no longer involved in it, but taking action and designing a handbag will instantly make her feel like she is
a part of it once again.

Purses are more than mere satchels for carrying daily necessities. They affect the overall direction of an
outfit just as strongly as shoes and jewelry do. Fabric handbags should be worn, not carried. Every
woman should own enough handbags to adequately complement all of the ensembles in her wardrobe.
Fashion is supposed to be fun. Using the same purse every day out of habit wastes the fashion
opportunities that handbags afford.

Other Kinds of Bags

Dainty little purses lend themselves easily to fashion; this does not preclude other bags from being style
staples. Messenger bags are great canvases for fashion statements because they are comprised of large,
flat rectangular panels of fabric. Any design depicted on a messenger bag is going to demand attention,
and the color of the fabric is going to contribute to the color scheme of the wearer's outfit. A student
will usually only own one messenger bag for her school needs, so it is important that she use a bag that
properly expresses important aspects of her personality or aesthetic preferences. No one should go
through four years of college with a plain, generic messenger bag when so many exciting alternatives
are available.

New moms should consider designing their own diaper bags since, as with student messenger bags, a
mother tends to only purchase one diaper bag that she then uses all the time. Her diaper bag is going to
be a mainstay in her life for quite a few years, and it makes no sense to spend that much time with a
boring bag.

Tote bags are used for shopping, school, work, beach trips and general daily errands. Many women own
several tote bags that they use frequently. These bags are relatively easy and inexpensive to make, so
personalizing them is very simple. No woman should spend her afternoons walking around a trendy
downtown area with a boring beige canvas bag on her arm. Such a nondescript bag would automatically
lower the style quotient of everything else that the woman was wearing. Bags that are used often and
for multiple purposes should be fun to carry.

Designing a Handbag

Designing handcrafted purses is not the complicated sewing project that it would seem to be. Many
companies now allow customers to decide what they would like their seasonal handbags to look like.
Women can log onto a manufacturer's website and design personalized handbags or messenger bags by
choosing which colors and patterns will be used. Women no longer have to decide against purchasing
lovely well-made handbags because the colors are not to their liking. These websites also eliminate the
difficult searches for handbags or tote bags in specific colors in preparation for events like weddings and
holiday parties.

The rules of fashion state that all accessories and items of clothing are important and warrant
consideration. Lovely outfits are frequently ruined by mismatched handbags. A woman who only owns a
black purse can make a major step toward fashion fluency by designing a brown purse to go with her
neutrals and earth tones.

Genuinely creative women may enjoy the challenge of sewing their own personalized handbags. All craft
stores sell patterns for purses and simple tote bags. A package of patterns for different styles of purses
and several varied swatches of fabric would yield a handful of brand-new handbags for all occasions.
Most women are not able to design and sew their own clothing, but it only takes minimal sewing skills to
make handbags. Plain canvas bags can be purchased and decorated with sequins, embroidery, paint and

Immersing oneself in creating personalized handbags is rewarding and yields tangible products. When a
woman becomes an active participant in the designing of her own accessories, she no longer has to play
by the restrictive rules set by editorial magazines and design houses. She may find that she has real
talent and love for the art of fashion. She can decide what she wants to wear and then create it herself.